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  1. cowscrazy

    Still really dislike the new pinkies... They not Pink enough

  2. Kyle Thompson

    O,rangers get innnnn!

  3. Janine Ferraz

    That's I call *#RollingThunder* lol, Thunder going to the podium showing why is the captain Go Go Thunderbolts!

  4. Rybros

    Everytime O'rangers do something The audience : *OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

  5. Eratic Humidity 3

    Out of all the victory ceremony soundtracks, this one is the best, pls use this for ML2021. Anyways that was a disapointing finish for the thunderbolts, but at least they are still in 2nd, I hope they can do an amazing job at the ice skating. Go Thunderbolts. ⚡⚡⚡

  6. Tahroo

    Much better track, well done! If possible, longer tracks next year? Maybe even themed by hosts?

  7. Nathan Cruz

    You should add trees. Make this event more of an obstacle through two ridges of the san Francisco mts of Flagstaff AZ :) Terrific content

  8. Ogreman222


  9. Maxime Preval-Ducolombier

    first 20 seconds of the video: "the Oceanics lead the standings" yeah that deserves mentioning

  10. GBMN

    It's great to see the Minty Maniacs getting back into shape after their dreadful Marbula One performance. This is beginning to look a lot more like the Minty Maniacs from the Summer Marble League that I fell in love with. Their resurrection might be too late for the winter league (although I think mathematically still could win given a freak scoring), but their time will come.

    1. GBMN

      Yes it still can be done. The easiest way would be if the Maniacs win, Oceanics end up 10th or lower and the Thunderbolts don't get second. But the Maniacs can also win if they end up lower. Soooo... You heard it here first 😉

  11. Stephen White

    it has been a grim start to the winter event for O'Rangers fans but we will be cracking out the Cointreau and Sunkist tonight.

  12. Jake Breckner

    Yeah, Balls of Chaos in 7th for this event!!! Woo!

  13. stebopign

    finally! orangers!!

  14. Justin Mullen

    Oooooo rangers baby! Finally got a dub. So proud of you guys, great practice is showing ! Let's get back to back and have a wild finish to marble league !!!!

  15. RGamer

    That camera view at the start showing to the first turn is really cool.

  16. Lynn Eaton

    I would love to see the pinkies acutally give a care in the world about this

  17. Pablo Leiva

    My green boys all in the top 5! Lets keep it up!

  18. Thomas Love

    Go O’Rangers!

  19. CURSE YOU...Jordan!

    Pretty bummed that both the Savage Speeders and Raspberry Racers don't even have a single medal between them. Even if they win gold the next round, and even with all the top contenders coming in last, the best they can hope for is 2nd. Oh well.

  20. Cryoganol

    I love how the ads are part of the content

  21. Wesley

    Even though these are pre-recorded, I feel like it was fate that the first winter event I watched is where my team got first. OOOOOOOOOOOOO

  22. Zachary Williby

    Never doubted my Orangers!!!

  23. heyjubes

    I think I may switch my allegiance over to the Test Marbles...can we be the Testes?

    1. heyjubes

      the Test Marbles #unsungheroes

  24. HeyYohei

    I became a fan of this channel when they did the Formula E collaboration last year. And you guys keep your awesome work ! Thanks !

  25. Rahul Pandey

    OMG we are in 1st place and with only 1 event to go #tidepride

  26. Falcon7Faith

    Oooo, my four favorites are in 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th and all have a chance of winning the whole thing! Never before have all my favorites done so well consecutively! :D

  27. Partial Artist

    Well, the Pinkies came in 8th. That's pretty much a podium finish for a Pinkies fan.

  28. themuaddib

    Sad that the CCE's are out of the running for a gold. Such a strong start came to nothing. :(

  29. matt fathead

    could you tell me what kind of track that is? I might like to build a track for die cast cars

  30. Nyst2

    Turning the bobsled upside down made it race better. Amazing.

  31. Raymond Fagan

    Oooooooooorangers! Nice one! At this point I was just hoping they'd finish top half, now they have a chance to make the podium. Idk if they can catch the Oceanics tho, they look tough...

  32. Benjamin Klinger


  33. Thundercat

    This would be great on ESPN 8, the Ocho

  34. Thundercat

    Lol, LOVE the marble that got injured during the test and had to go to the medical tent

  35. P P

    Man, Hazy really needs to pull the team together. Our focus has been in the clouds this year.

  36. Caleb Y

    Is there a P. Floyd on the Pinkies? If not, maybe that's what their missing?

  37. Panthera Leopon

    As a CCE fan, I'm disappointed, but not surprised at the recent finishes

  38. katsomeday1

    I miss the Gliding Glaciers

  39. Ian Peters

    Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it's O'Rangers time.

  40. Eric Alexander

    As a green ducks fan, I have to live with my team finishing 4th or 5th in everything and never quite making a podium.

  41. NicoAW

    the O'Rangers will have to pull off something historic to win this, but we now have a chance, rooting for top 3 but never say never!

  42. Nathan Wright

    As a Green Ducks fan, I just wanna say: DANGIT! We were SO CLOSE to being on the podium!!!

  43. Timothy McCormick

    Win or lose... I'm for Team Galactic.... ALL THE WAY!

  44. HenryManson

    "no ice was melted during this event"

  45. SASHTv

    The marble eye view down the course was amazing! This is so far better than most of the stuff on IRvision. Also GOOOOOOOOORANGERS!!!!!

  46. Good Bruh Moment

    I really hope the thunderbolts win the championship this year. They have a good run this year

  47. Abhinav Srivastava

    Come on Savage Speeders!!!

  48. E. Banger

    Cancel the Olympics? No biggy, we got marbles to see us through this!

  49. cikif

    hıısand marble rally pls

  50. Neuclear Fish

    What kind of marble is fresh?

  51. Don Brewer

    This episode has the highest production value of all of them. Holy cow this is fantastic! Also, gooooooooooo Hazers! #hazeamaze

  52. Sakura


  53. MCLegoboy

    Alright Minties! That's what I'm talking about!

  54. James Parayno

    Thunder Bolts Fan who else?

    1. Good Bruh Moment

      Over here. I hope Thunderbolts defend their top 2 spot. So far they have a good run.

  55. Eli Crespin

    If you’re an O’ranger fan, grow up

  56. Rob .Knightly

    O C E A N I C S

  57. Caramel Kaya

    Does anyone else miss the old Raspberry Racers logo?

  58. Eduardo Barbosa

    Team mimo is cheating lol???

  59. nic ancelin


  60. LeCaNiVideos

    Would be nice to have a checkpoint or two so you can see where in the run each are losing/gaining on the leader!

  61. Izman

    Such an awesome track. No, awesome everything.

  62. wakeupthebear

    Always a great team. A team to beat. Always in the mix and top ten. Way to go Team Momo! 5th place over tough competition. Big thumbs up from Me.. It's obvious how hard you train with the other teams. It shows in all of your performances. Teeeeam Momo! Team of the year...

  63. Devilishly Dutch

    A typical ending for the Green Ducks, feelsbadman #QuackAttack

  64. E Forrest

    hot damn the Minty Maniacs with two podiums on the bounce have leapt right up the table

  65. vlogerhood


  66. Eduardo Barbosa

    Please delete yellow eye???? speedy died and just red flag????????? respect where?????????

  67. Eduardo Barbosa

    yellow eye has turbo and nitro??? vin diesel would notice that...

  68. Eduardo Barbosa

    yellow eye is cheating, its so obvious, please fix

  69. Eduardo Barbosa

    yellow is cheating, please fix for next thanks

  70. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

    Come. On... ..just come on. .. savage speeders ..... Can't win but don't let oranges win the champion ship..

  71. Ross Busher

    It’s time to O-hhh.

  72. Chris Odrzywolski


  73. Toad Howard

    Is that bobsled 3D printer?

  74. Joey a

    My Savage speeders arnt into it this year.

  75. David O'Meara

    I do miss the outside tracks for I this event!! #orangersarethelegends

  76. Reinhard von Lohengramm

    Let's GOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!!!!

  77. Just Rusty

    I get motion sick watching the marble's eye view.

  78. A

    Ahh Hazers really choked on this one, gotta get back up there my marbles!

  79. Varizen87

    I was kind of hoping the Jamaican team would make an appearance this year, but I heard there was problems with their coach putting weights in the bobsled. (Some of you will get the reference. If not, google is your friend.)