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  1. Jeff Breslin

    well done billy and well done to all the racers

  2. Geography with Jaxson

    minty maniacs are a team and the purple stars are indigo but yay rassberry racers my favriots

  3. Gwenan Evans

    Go CCE!!! 😃

  4. DeadlyJaguar89

    Clementine is bad at Marbula 1 but the oranges are pretty good at the marblympics

  5. The Wrecker

    Why is this so entertaining lol

  6. erleena nur hassan

    Yay ocenics get third place at GP11

  7. cikif

    OK it's time that you upload new Sand Marble Rally races now

  8. Cecilia Maleaves

    This is the best thing that I have ever watched on IRvision. I can't wait for marble league 2021

  9. jAc jAc

    I had to turn my monitor upside down to see my favorite team to win this race and my second favorite team to be second! Good job! :D

  10. Prabhu Jo

    Please country added please this is not bad but.... Country marble race is very very interesting and enjoying happy please

  11. RyanSpacePineapple

    i like to imagine this is the daily routine for the marbles at work

  12. TheBimmyandJimmy

    Great work on this season of marbula 1. Cant wait until season 3.

  13. RextheRebel

    I guess I still don't get the point of Q2.

  14. MelecieDiancie

    timestamps, if you want to watch a certain race or part 0:00 trailer - Minty Mania - 0:38 intro 1:18 lap 1 3:05 lap 6 (red flag) 4:15 lap 6 (post-restart) 10:04 lap 23 (final) - O'raceway - 11:51 intro 12:57 lap 1 21:12 lap 19 (final) - Hivedrive - 23:11 intro 24:06 lap 1 31:30 lap 14 (final) - Aquamaring - 33:40 intro 34:19 lap 1 42:03 lap 20 (final) - Tumult Turnpike - 44:05 intro 45:18 lap 1 53:01 lap 16 (final) - Arctic Circuit - 55:09 intro 55:05 lap 1 1:03:46 lap 18 (final) - Raceforest - 1:05:55 behind the scenes 1:07:40 intro 1:08:45 lap 1 1:16:43 lap 15 (final) - Momotorway - 1:19:22 intro 1:20:17 lap 1 1:27:51 lap 18 (final) - Palette Park - 1:30:06 intro 1:30:53 lap 1 1:37:07 lap 23 (final) - Misty Mountain - 1:39:00 intro 1:39:41 lap 1 1:43:02 lap 9 (yellow flag) 1:44:46 lap 13 (red flag) 1:45:50 lap 13 (post-restart) 1:47:58 lap 18 (final) - Savage Speedway - 1:49:51 intro 1:50:22 lap 1 1:56:49 lap 15 (final) - Midnight Bay - 1:58:58 intro 1:59:39 lap 1 2:07:05 lap 15 (final) 2:09:08 outro & credits

  15. Nano Fox

    Me: This is just a bunch of marbles, how can this be entertaining? Me 3 hours later:OMG THE SAVAGE SPEEDERS STOLE THE WIN!!!

  16. HAZER_Batz

    I’ve already watched every M1 race at least 15 times (besides midnight bay 🥲) but that thumbnail is too enticing not to click on! I hope you guys do these for the marble league

  17. Zaidon Ribeiro Cooper

    it aint fair sea is a ocean which means my carries alotta water

  18. Air Hadoken

    Where has this Rapldly been all season?!?!?! Jeez, what a performance after it wasn't possible to win in the overall standings...

  19. Shauna Valentine

    come on savage speeders!!!!!!

  20. Tylerdigger2020 Productions

    *If U can rock the dance floor u can rock the surf!* - DJ Cadence, Club Penguin 2013 Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam

  21. Kyle Belanger

    Always cheering for #SavageSpeeders!

  22. Стефан Сайфутдинов

    Another brilliant work by JMR! What a season it's been, especially for the Savage Speeders: from that scary injury of Speedy and painful Rapidly's races to the silver double! A shoutout as well to CCE for their convincing victory this season! Marble League, here we come! Go Savage Speeders! #SpeedIsKey #Marbula1 #ThankYouJMR

  23. lucas Henneke


  24. Gordon Hamilton

    Amazing support by the o'ranger fans

  25. Kent Mullen

    Minty Mania was not a good GP for me, a Minty Maniacs and Savage Speeders fan #MintCondition #SpeedIsKey

  26. Mathijs Schinkel

    knikker go zoom

  27. I Sylas Krizm I

    My boy Cool Moody is losing his momentum. I need some more podium wins!

  28. I Sylas Krizm I

    Anyone else notice that Cobra has a silver medal and not a gold, even though he has 20 points, meaning only 6 previous gold winners before this race?

  29. I Sylas Krizm I

    Cool Moody got bamboozled

  30. I Sylas Krizm I

    Ma Boi Cool Moody. He’s had a good season so far, hope he keeps it up

  31. Mets4WorldSeries

    Personally, I'm still annoyed about Misty Mountain (ruined Team Momo's chances) but overall, I'm very proud of Team Momo and happy because of what Jelle and his team produces. Keep doing what you're doing!

  32. F King

    As a Balls of Chaos fan, I just had fun being a part of this. We don't compete so much as we just play. As an Oceanics and Raspberry Racers fan, though, I revel in the Speeders losing, but I have to congratulate them, and especially Speedy, for a dramatic season and determined comeback. Rewatching that first race at Minty Mania, I had forgotten about Speedy's mishap in the conveyor belt. He could have chosen to retire from racing altogether at that point, but instead, he takes second in the individual standings, and he and Rapidly took 2nd in the overall team championship. I don't gotta like 'em, but I gotta respect 'em. Hats off to the league, and Jelle's Marble Runs, the Marble Master, for another entertaining chapter in the revolution of Marble Racing.

  33. Derik5Numbers

    So when is the draft for new players XD #RasaberryRobust

  34. RextheRebel

    I feel like if there are so many marbles that fall out or stop really soon into the race it should just be restarted. Kinda ruined the whole rest of the race to be honest.

  35. lol games

    Where whas momo?

  36. somedo

    2:31 last (minty maniacs) 13:41 first (minty maniacs)

  37. Matthew

    Thank God this is finally over (havent watched a single race nor watched this video) Just happy to finally get back to the proper marble videos!

  38. Dominik Weber

    I really prefer the old intro music over the new one

  39. George Kappos

    OSEANICS = GREECE ❣❣❣🇬🇷❤🇬🇷

    1. Minos Fylaktos

      Δεν το είχα σκεφτεί ποτέ! 😅

  40. Erik Jost

    Is so amazing i love you 💖💖💖💖💖

  41. Wolfie 1

    Red Eye this season was the Marc Marquez of M1

  42. Cassidy Ward

    You guys put so much work into this and it looks so amazing! Thank you for this amazing compilation of the whole season!

    1. Bored af


    2. Bored af


  43. BlueFlag Alpha

    As an Orangers fan, it's hard to sit through two hours

  44. scervydogg12345

    It woul

  45. SMG11 // Slitch Productions

    M1 S2: Wow ML2021 you are coming in june ML2021: Yes

  46. Will Mellquist

    2 hours of AWESOMENESS!

  47. Derek Polischeck


  48. Mystical Mixes

    How did you get the track pieces??

    1. Mystical Mixes

      @Minos Fylaktos oh, ok thx

    2. Minos Fylaktos

      Quercetti makes them. Not sure where to get them though.

  49. Shannon Dahr

    CCE fan over here!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  50. Shannon Dahr

    I love you guys. No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than watching marbles race. And the commentary!!! Hats off to Greg Wood the Howard Cosell of the marble racing world.. ❤️❤️❤️

  51. Minos Fylaktos

    Thank you Jelle for this wonderful season!

  52. Plxsh404

    Click Read More at your Own Risk We have earned 2 consistent podium finishes overall to 1st, now 2nd. Very good consistency by the Savage Speeders by staying at the podium overall. Also congrats to the Crazy Cats Eyes for a well deserved, and dominant victory over everyone.

    1. Edus Drawings

      I really take the 2nd place as of it would a first, they had some dnqs, some dnfs, an accident on the first race... Still they managed to get a 2nd overall place, that is actually an incredibly great comeback that mantians the high hopes for ML2021 and Marbula One s3, and I hope every speeders dan feels the same i do about the 2nd place

  53. leo Paul audignon

    I was watching " marbula 1 season 1 all races " just this morning This vidéo is a good surprise

  54. Frank Fitzpatrick

    I'm very happy that track defect got worked out on the first run and injuries were kept to a minimum right away. Safety First!