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  1. racquel fagan

    Where is Roldo, I can never find him 😔!

  2. John Higgins

    This get annoying real fast cool though

  3. peyolt2

    Que buena carrera de POLLO LOCO mi favorito 51 puntos sera el campeon y se acerca a los primeros

  4. Isaiah Banks

    Hey JELLE, do you remember that thrilling ball race + Easter egg race video you made?

  5. William Mcguinness

    I think some of pit crews didn't scout the track. That bottom lane was a killer.

  6. James Frost

    Mellow Yellow

  7. LethandLegend


  8. SR Marble Racing

    Please make a lot more of this fun Jelle!!!

  9. Qbruininx010

    Just you wait for the snowballs to come back strong! sure they will qualify next time and sure they will perform after this long period of training! always rooting for my snowballs! who's with me? #snowmuchfun #whiteout

  10. Ligieili

    Smoggy will destroy them ALL ! LET's GO HAZERS #HazeAmaze

  11. MCLegoboy

    School House Rock sang it: _Three is a magic number_

  12. Charlie Chuck

    Ghost plasma is my favorite...I went to school with him in Chicago.

  13. mn sabi


  14. Ayoo Dreamz

    Green Ducks did not even win a medal. A disappointing run this time. Refocus and come back strong. #quackattack

  15. Akumetsu02

    marbleous, just marbleous

  16. Bacon

    Savage speeders fan since day number one!

  17. Jay Ross

    Black Knight went from front row to 18th with that split lane. Wow!!

  18. Cesar Carabelli

    Is green ducks there? I don't see the icon on 0:14

  19. Josh P

    Let's GOOOOO!

  20. Sammy Newburge

    I know Oceanics were hosts this year, but how did they even qualify with Tide as their head coach in '16, '17 and '18????

  21. Matias B


  22. Decoywitha3

    Hey Jelly I'm learning to do itinerate glass and I make marbles mind if I send u some handmade ones? What's your address 😊👏🌹❣️

  23. val the bumblebee

    They look like they are running from something

  24. CreepyProduceFan 100k

    Yooooo!!!!!!! My dude comet in 4th

  25. Freakin Pekin

    fun fact: you are watching WAY before halloween but i am.

  26. Brian Robbins

    Kind of wondering if RN3 may have been on the steroids/HGH.

  27. DaRoS

    GO RN3!!! 💪💪💪

  28. northdakotagamer

    Galactic makes it into the semi finals with one of the worst times to do so only to get narrowly edged out in a heartbreaking finish by Momo Oh and fifth place because fifth through seventh is just home for team Galactic

  29. Parker Chern

    Go back to the Season 1 and tell me which should be in here slimelime or lime lime

  30. C3

    Ducktape barely holding on to the top ten... we'll take it.

  31. zeropluslessthan

    OK, my pick, Black Knight, is cursed.

  32. Worrk of Art

    Sad that red 3 didn’t win but next year champ

  33. Mir Rocks

    If you do another sand marble rally add oddball in it

  34. Mir Rocks

    If you do and others and molarity please put our

  35. ロビンソンヨシイ


  36. Omer Frank

    I think we need a Ghost Marble standings lmao

  37. Tartau Matei


  38. alok thakur

    I hoped oceanics would have won but i was also hoping for orangers

  39. Adam C

    you know its a horseshit race when a pro marble like CCE gets nerfed by a diversion. Bad track Jelle

  40. Freakin Pekin

    hmmm… these mabels have gotten fat during quarantine.

  41. Jazz Wang

    waiting for green duck

  42. Big Bull

    I am disappointed with RN3's showing this season.

  43. Brian Smith

    Anyone else Impressed Pollo Loco is solidly 5th in points/ranking with no medals?

  44. Brian Smith

    (sigh) dangit, Black Knight AND Crazy Cat's Eye were finally doing well, and then that big split in the course happened- Black Knight, CCE, Cobra, and Dragon's Egg were all having a tight competitive race, and then because of that split they all finished 17-20- Heck the Ghost Marble/Cleaner came in between 10th and 11th- that being said I enjoyed this course Layout, maybe just redo it without that obvious penalising split - congrats to Ghost Plasma, but I'm slightly disappointed he didn't continue his Bronze streak- oh well, settle for Gold and the Standings Lead

  45. Rob Keller

    RN3 you are killing me!! I know your still in your prime. I think ghost is on the Mexican supplements!!!

  46. chris molina

    That kid from Home Alone is stepping it up!

  47. rphnick

    It's a good time to be a Ghost Plasma fan!

  48. KimJiHoon

    #Teamlollipop! that was so close!

  49. Bailee Trinidad

    I thought it was finally Black Night's time to shine...

  50. 90JoeVandal

    O'Rangers gonna roll!!! Literally.

  51. nevarmaor

    CCE wus robbed!

  52. DJ

    Black Knight was robbed 😩 one route put everyone leading into last

  53. Elias Molina

    I feel bad for all the blazing fireball fans out there, a score of five and that it’s a tier (last place to be exact) kinda sucks. I wonder if BLF will get at least to mid tier soon. Team Pollo Loco for the win

  54. Edgar Guzman

    Let's Go Ghost Plasma!!!!

  55. Lam Tran

    Hi to you When you not put on 100 laps in the race

  56. Andrea Accarigi

    Gooo cool moody!!

  57. Ivan villar

    #parisgrandprix jajajaja

  58. Tomás Stizza


  59. Jack Sparrow

    Cokkk balapan neker

  60. nelsonrc

    Sweet race! Excellent job on this track. Well done.

  61. Orange Spark

    I can’t wait

  62. Sam Waldron

    this is where the season starts for Comet. its all up from here

  63. Arthur Williams

    would be ironic if the starter marble (ghost marble) got a first place

  64. endergirl1421_YT


  65. crazy pootatoo gamer

    Tbh rn3 is a lost cost.

  66. crazy pootatoo gamer


  67. A_Bird

    LET'S GO, PLAS-MA 👏.. 👏.. 👏👏👏

  68. Monique Moore


  69. Michael Thom

    Black Knight went from 1st all the way down to the bottom third, what a position change.

  70. R HW

    1:48 GTA5 speed bump 😂😂