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  1. Geek Dimension Studios

    Don't mind me; just a Hazers fan rewatching this to remember when we were the favorites going into this season.

  2. Luca Colonnese

    Red Eye was so far ahead they thought about stopping to wash the windscreen for better podium photos.

  3. Tim Segar

    Yay I got second in race 3 now I got 7th in race 4!

  4. Rob Philipson

    looking like its going to be a long season for limers fans again, team really needs a shake up

  5. Lía Iriarte


  6. Brickbattle Anirvan

    i want those

  7. Johnny Nguyen

    John Oliver sent me and I'm already in deep.


    Drivers eye hahahahaha

  9. Josh Leffel

    The third race, if they discount the time that Hazy and Mallard lost because of the conveyor issues, then one of those two wins that race, and clutter might get third. Also, the marble that ran on the track during race 7 looks a lot like crazy cat's eye from the sand rally series.

  10. Marble Games Official

    By far the best marble racing channel!

  11. krushna ratnaparkhi

    O'Rangers are so freaking bad at Morbula One.. Sadly.. Speed has never been our game..

  12. riri5pink

    Wtf THE FANS WERE FIGHTING. They should be removed. ‼️‼️‼️

  13. Rif Alf

    Padahal sering nonton gw, tapi kenapa baru tau sekarang kalo ada sirkuit di Jakarta 😭😂😂

  14. Maden0413

    Rapidly... You gotta get your act together, speedy's back is about to break on how much he is carrying this team c'mon man

  15. Maden0413

    The skill difference between speedy and rapidly is kinda scary 😬

  16. Cooper Stevens

    Good ole galactic. Can always count on finishing between 4-8

  17. Aj Renz Bulambot

    can i buy some

  18. Anthony Moncada

    Lets go naranjitos de Valencia

  19. nathankay

    Billy Ocean!

  20. Ibrahim Fun World

    1.28 million subscribers

  21. Ibrahim Fun World


  22. glom

    Physics majors be like “according to my calculations Savage speeders win”

  23. Yamil Lopez

    I love rn3

  24. Lee Is Cool

    I like this track. I like the long straight with the speed boost.

  25. Nytician - Everstead Game

    Absolutely marbulous... ;)

  26. The Great Waffle

    This should be on T.V.....

  27. Derek Polischeck

    Qualifying Minty Mania Q1 Host Minty Drizzle Minty Maniacs 1st in Q1 Yellow Eye Crazy Cats Eyes DNQs Clutter Azure Hop Minty Drizzle Q2 Winner Speedy Savage Speeders Q3 Pole Smoggy Hazers

  28. おのでらこさき

    IF only Minty Maniacs didn't choke on some events they could've won the entire event. Anyways, 4 Gold medals this year is not bad after not qualifying last year. #MintCondition

  29. S0dfish

    Damn you Gus Sorola. Now I'm addicted!

  30. Bijoy Roychowdhury

    Loved the humour at the end.

  31. Niwyt

    Eu sei que grande parte da torcida do Hazers começou a torcer em 2019, então vou explicar pra vocês, o Hazers é isso aí mesmo, é um time que sem a arbitragem e a mídia não seria nada, possui eliminações vergonhosas na Marble League, sempre foi uma piada. Esse time é uma piada.

    1. Orthrus

      I know that a large part of the Hazers fans started cheering in 2019, so I will explain to you, Hazers is right there, it is a time that without arbitration and the media would be nothing, they have some shameful eliminations in the Marble League, it has always been a joke. This team is a joke.

  32. Ted Zeng

    @Jelle's Marble Runs From when I write this, 1.28M subscribers!

  33. Von Thomas

    I'm honestly not surprised that the Oceanics got 9th when they won the qualifiers and are hosting the event. #TidePride #Ridethewave

  34. Tracy Joy Andronek-Fiandaca

    Hello! My daughter loves your videos and wants to make a run of her own. Can you direct me on where you get your tracks and marble belt lifter? I have looked around and haven't seen anything like them, thank you!

  35. Diego Cruz

    MY Name Is Diego

  36. adam toth

    so I was thinking... on the events where only one marble competes, before they compete vs each other for the comp, you could make the team compete vs each other and pick the best marble per event to represent the team. idk just an idea

  37. Cobi

    the commentary is much better this year

  38. Need2connect

    Is this a joke?

  39. Jan activity

    All Limers fans put In the comments L

  40. Simon-Charles Guerin

    So nobody is talking about how team momo is especially bad in qualification but incredible in the race? They start 16 and go 1

  41. theplush toygamer96

    uhhh, I spy, eyes.

  42. Tony Caron

    Let's goooo speeders were my pick and I was scared in the first half of events ngl

  43. Derp Leader

    Yay! O’rangers

  44. Derp Leader

    O’rangers?? O_O

  45. W M

    Yo this is wild man.

  46. Dwight Reim

    Miss the quicksilvers

  47. Cody Johnson

    It seams so riged but I can't prove that it is

    1. Bhavya Mahakali

      Well why would they do that.

  48. Kevin K

    This is more exiting than formula 1

  49. Jacob Woodbury

    greeat race thunderbolts!

  50. Alex Russet

    I honestly just feel bad for the Rojo Rollers at this point.

  51. Jacob Woodbury

    Great quali runs Bolts!

  52. -chino D-


  53. Paul Dugdale

    Is this was what rich people do in lockdown?

  54. Wiksolop72

    After finding out the Minty Maniacs are hosting this season, it's a good thing I have a backup team to root for in case of a host curse lol. Let's go Haz.....oh.....oh noo. It's going to be a rough season 😅

  55. PapaYote TV

    allez les juifs

  56. Kyle Alexander

    Did i really just watch marbles go in circles for 10 mins and enjoy it?

  57. Sean Shepherd

    I just can't fathom what leauge planner thought "most of the field is stuck" was a good inclusion for the opening this season.

  58. Yandiツ

    I think the skipper’s launch can be affect by the movement of the grey potion of the track, which could change a marble’s ability to catch distance as it rolls up the ramp. Maybe if it could be tied down, then there would be less situations of weak pushes and launch offs.

  59. Joseph Likeman

    I'm so proud of our Bumblebees this season

  60. thememedoggo

    It's not a black hole It's white Not trying to be racest

  61. josé neto

    fez É?

  62. Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

    Why am I so invested in some marbles? Lol

  63. Agutos Jeis

    where are the midnight wisps?!!

  64. Agutos Jeis

    Nice midnight wisps

  65. Dally Zain

    Kenapa harus jakarta?

  66. Soomin Yoon

    I’ve been recently introduced this channel and I decided to support Hazers because I like their colors. Now I realize that they’re just a Williams or a Haas

  67. Hugos Hobbies

    Did'nt know I needed Marble Races in my life. Ozzy Man brought me here. It really looks like fun to set up a course, place some bets and look what happens.

  68. King of Railfanning canada

    Nobody: Black Friday:

  69. Omar Vallejo

    Yes! CCE is my team since 2019! I'm so happy they're doing so well!

  70. Jacob Duvall

    we watched this yesterday

  71. Keith Davis

    Where's Mary at? She still alive? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  72. Jonas x

    It hurts to See the orangers down in 13th Place

  73. azam J


  74. GuernseyTube Or Mini Crewmate

    Him: for newcomers I d- Me: thank you I am not a beginner