MARBULA ONE - Season 1 Intro

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    We are happy to present you the official race intro of JMR's Marbula One! Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what a quality to expect for our upcoming series. The Qualifying of the first GP will be released TOMORROW, and the Race on SUNDAY!
    === Credits: ===
    Crafted by Mellacus with a lot of love and patience for the rendering in Adobe After Effects.
    Music: "Light Utopia" by FormantX, licensed through Epidemic Sound
    M1 Branding: Pim Leurs
    Team Logos: Tim Ritz
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      A HUGE thank you to our Committee President *Mellacus* for taking the time to craft this intro! We hope you guys enjoy it! Qualifiers will have a shorter variation of this intro. *Just as a reminder:* Quali on Saturday 02/15 Race on Sunday 02/16

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        Cant wait for season 2

      2. A-PLayZ Gaming

        Jelle's Marble Runs is this original sound copyrighted? Just askin

      3. BlueFlag Alpha

        Imagine mixing the theme with F1 theme

      4. Coulter Gaske

        keep the intro

      5. Brandon Cruse

        We love youuuuuu! Unbelievable hype!!!

    2. Beltrán Martinez de Medinilla Sánchez

      This intro is better than the F1 2020

    3. Jed Albert Barbosa

      :( crazy Cat's Eyes aren't in Marbula one S1. hope they join the S2 Marbula one.

    4. George Ojeda

      When Marbula One does Formula One better than Formula One does. Well done!

    5. jester9

      GOD DAMN!! I forget about this channel for, like, 6 months and come back and see an intro like THIS? Fantastic isn't the word, I might add. The production value is top-notch!! Super excited I found this channel again!

    6. RiksK15

      This is so exciting!

    7. Marquez Moore

      What is the name of this song

    8. Teresa T

      I LOVE the new intro! The slick graphics, amazing team signs, and great music....everything! Top Notch!

    9. Jelwin G

      Scuderia Ferrari used your freakin' music🤣

    10. Clarence Constantino

      lmfao Ferrari used this on their Mugello testing vid

    11. EmiJP10

      As a F1 fan, this is absoluty Amazing!! This intro is at the same level than the original F1 Intro of 2019. Graphics, logos and even the music is similar! Excellent work!!

    12. Riley Miller

      This is so great, absolutely top of the top shelf. Does anyone know how this kind of video editing is done? I love vid editing, and I have experience in 3d modeling, photoshop, etc. Is there an online course or something? Like, HOW is this so badass?

    13. Jed Albert Barbosa


    14. Duck Duckov

      F1 crying, watching this intro

    15. Kurse

      Oh no. Where are the Oceanics?

    16. Ricey Martin

      I heard this on an ad for the German Bundesliga soccer league!

    17. Caleb Drew

      Sometimes I throw on season 1 playlist so I get to hear this song every 5 minutes while I'm cooking dinner. BEST THEME EVER.

      1. Caleb Drew

        Can I get this on repeat??????

    18. janda9950

      It was killing me what this reminded me of, but I finally got it. Sounds like the CW flash! Same high energy feeling.

    19. 100 subs no videos

      Just gotta day galactics are the most shocking team OOOOOORAAAANGERSSSS

    20. Dan

      I just can not get over how amazingly done this intro is. It gets me pumped!

    21. poo poo man with a poo poo plan


    22. LuftWaffe ME 109bf

      you are definitly living your dream mate .

    23. Josiah Choong

      May i know if theres any difference among these marbles in terms of their sizes and surfaces? Why are some faster than the others?

    24. Cock xea

      GOT has the most epic intro ever Marbula One: hold my beer

    25. CA L


    26. Mr. Meme

      Who came here from Noahsnoah? 👇

    27. Manel Abeledo

      #teamsavagespeeders forever

    28. GrindyGamer

      Noahs noah anyone?

    29. TheOriginalPoopBalls

      So torn between raspberry racers and team galactic

    30. Kingwest

      This is my ringer...

    31. jeremy1294

      This is the next best thing to watch after Formula 1!

    32. Garrett Chen

      Jelle I'm so happy I found your channel again! I had forgotten the name of it when I got a new account

    33. XxFTRx X

      Where pinkies

    34. Rushil Kaul

      I don't know why this gives me goosebumps..

    35. Ignacio J. Garcia Ares

      Eres el pu to amo. Graaaaaandeeeee 🙌🙌🙌

    36. Benilda Ellana

      the logos are cool but LIMERS got last to show up #LimeTime

    37. Moises Gamez

      I LOVE the marbula one is so cool men, eres una crack saludos desde Venezuela.

    38. simon cardona

      Gooooo hazers!!!

    39. Marco Basteris


    40. Mujahid Syed

      Where can i get the actual plain logos? I need the hazers one so i can print it. Please let me know #HazeAmaze

      1. Sidesway

        Hazers team posters and logo:

      2. Sidesway

        2019 marblelympics team logo

    41. Koneko Anzu

      I'm new to this channel!, i don't believe youtube algorithm not suggest me this, i only know this channel from share platform... Wish i know this channel from the start!!!

      1. Tomas A. Batista M.

        I will welcome you to the Orangers fan base lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORANGERS

    42. Hank

      Snowballers wya?

    43. Jordan G


    44. petros vorgias

      I just love it. Nice music. Great job

    45. roguishpaladin

      The music link in the video description is broken. I'm able to go to for the track, though.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks for report, we will fix it soon.

    46. Liam Cuevas

      Go HAZERS!!! This is so epic

    47. Joshua S

      The hype is real!

    48. Duck Duckov

      This is soooo EPIC omg

    49. Joanna Valliere

      Loved this intro

    50. steve calabro

      @Jells Idk how I am just finding this now. It's amazing. Have you considered a website for this? Maybe with a fake gamified seasonal betting or something LMK I'm a developer!

    51. TheStig22

      This looks glorious!!!!🎉🎉🎉

    52. mauricio garcia

      2020 will be the limers year!

    53. davide gentili

      Better than formula 1 intro. No joke

    54. Jett Liscano

      so they release the prototype marbles for f1 2020? :D still a great show, managed to sub, i watched this like 2 years ago the championship where o'rangers win overall (i like orange btw) LET'S GO O'RANGERS

    55. Destroyer Dotjaypeg

      How would you recommend picking a team? I really can't choose who to root for

    56. Cebo Khumalo

      watching this on 1080p 60fps is eye candy. the production value for this is outstanding

    57. CrimFerret

      When the intro for a slightly silly race series done with marbles is better than the one for for the actual race series it's based on. Really good job on this.

    58. Alejandro Pereda Martínez

      Man you should keep this intro in all M1 videos its so damn epic

    59. Dunk Meister

      Why am I excited about this? The chaos god reigns.

    60. Elton John Tubola

      I just realized that the Balls of Chaos has an 8 pointed star as a symbol....... I love it....

    61. Mark Anthony

      i wish this will b e on F1 not gonna lie

    62. Dennis Isaac Benitez Gomez

      Wait a sec... Is the Limers' track the finisher?

      1. TH Lis

        Yes... I believe that the intro is the order of the GPs

    63. Funniest Pigeon

      M1 2020 video game please

    64. Omar Campos Flota

      What happened to crazy cats eyes? :(

      1. Rizky Maulana

        They in marbula 2 soon

    65. pedroisaac 213

      That is amazing, What a intro, you're doing a great, great job in your channel. Cheers!

    66. NOOBDP

      I can imagine seeing this on tv in the future!

    67. Sachin Suresh

      O'Rangers 🟠🟠🟠🟠

    68. Anthony

      This is an absolutely fantastic intro. Great job to those involved. Looking forward to the 2020 M1 season!

    69. MacaronsAreAwesome

      It would be cool if in the next Marbula one season all of the teams qualify

    70. Trini Diaz

      This is so unnecessarily good 😂😂 other channels wish their intro was this awesome 😂

    71. Kolportiroas - Red

      Omg whoever made this it is amazing. So well done.

    72. Funniest Pigeon

      does anyone know how to make an intro similar to this?

    73. Joltran

      Glad to be back on this channel lol

    74. James Johnson

      Best team for last, thanks :)

    75. Eric's Burner Account's Burner Account

      Will this replace marblelympics?

      1. Eric's Burner Account's Burner Account

        @JustAtom Yay

      2. JustAtom

        Nope.. This is a completely new series, Marbula one (like F1) Marblelympic will still be an annual thing and M1 too hopefully

    76. muniba malik

      And I am supporting Hazers

    77. Breezy Lemon

      come on wisps!

    78. Timothy Torres

      It's like watching ESPN.

    79. Boris Callejas

      This is like some type of fantastic marble illusion.

    80. ScenarioSeven

      This deserves MILLIONS of views!!! Can't wait to see the races!!

    81. RetepAdam

      Jesus, Jelle.

    82. Lemonlemon

      A little bit sad the Pinkies didn't make it, but I'm still so excited for this!!!

    83. Marshall Diaz

      How much this intro cost?

    84. Ether Melt

      #HazeAmaze! Go boys and Haze your way to victory!

    85. Julian Rüther

      Next year the Oceanics are in Marbula 1! #TidePride

    86. 29 Jared Lee 李哲旭

      Me an Oceanics fan. Seeing Oceanincs not in the marbula one: sigh...

    87. Si1ent Hex


    88. Sweetie Rarity Belle

      Best Video i have ever seen hope its going to be good

    89. Brandon Cruse


    90. Howard Luther Gilson IV

      This will get me through until next F1 season starts

    91. Random Scottish Guy

      I was foolishly dazzled by those die cast cars for a bit. Sorry. This is real racing! And real passion!

    92. Blue Wonder

      Superb intro

    93. YellowMonkey

      Mellow yellow!!

    94. Kansas City Southern Fan


    95. sky bound zoo

      this is so good wow im excited!

    96. LimeTime Riot Crew

      Glorious! Needs more Limers though. #LimeTime

    97. Rez Speeders


    98. zolli21

      To JMR: How many laps are you planning for each course? I'm assuming that it will be different for each track?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It’s depending of the course, but mainly around 10 laps.

    99. rustblade7

      The production values are off the charts! :D

    100. logan brock