TOP 10 Marble Races 2020 of Jelle's Marble Runs!

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    The best marble racing moments of 2020!
    Thank you so much for your incredible support, your kind words and contributions to our community in this year. It was a tough one for sure, and we wholeheartedly wish to each and everyone that their 2021 will be better again. We will surely keep doing what we do best and provide you with our special form of entertainment, a beautiful universe and a wonderful community where you will always be welcome. Here's to a better year, we love you guys! ❤️ #Top10 #HappyNewYear
    NOTE: The Marble League Winter Special 2021 E1 is scheduled for 2 January 2021, this is because Greg Woods had a holiday break. And because of the lockdown in the Netherlands, our production capacity is quite limited which cause that we need more time to produce the videos. And we don't want to hurry to avoid mistakes and bad quality.
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    1. Vasi27

      Time to check CCE for PED's.

    2. Simmons Stuff

      I can’t wait for the marblympics

    3. areyoubeingforreal

      half these videos are just the o’rangers choking

    4. Rigan Alam

      is that your marbles wow its very a lot

    5. Ian Lundquist

      Orangers and Snowballs always lettin me down!

    6. Typhoon

      I used to watch you years ago and found you again after the sidemen video and the videos are still so good and entertaining

    7. Julia Parker

      I can't believe the Hazers and the Oceanics beat the Yarble Yellers' record, that was a great run by the Yellers.

    8. 10 Kayed

      Oooooorangers and to the others i lov ya 😳❤

    9. HunterBeatBilly98

      4:19 hold up, was that the commentator from robot wars?

    10. Card Man

      This video duration is 2020 😮

    11. Jakeukalane Milegum Firisse

      I am already excited for 2022.

    12. sol rash


    13. Stewen W

      Absolute Hazers fan here.

    14. Gabriela opalearecza Jimenez Ruiz

      Que haces jugando ortrabes canicas y anonde esta red number 3

    15. Lightningcode


    16. OneFat Burrito

      Shoutout to Fulham

    17. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷


    18. Dallas Orr

      Orangers fans keep believing were going to prevail

    19. Odio

      Can you please clean up the playlist section so I can watch through all the different leagues and races

    20. Michael Furlong

      Look at the duration

    21. Josiah Natan

      Noice the title is "TOP 10 Marble Races 2020 of Jelle's Marble Runs!" and the video lasts 20:20 when kewl

    22. shadowscribe

      Cravendale games! Me: what? This year? Nooo, nooo...

    23. Varius Kidd

      What a great year! Lots of twists and turns. Perhaps 2021 Summer Marble GOLF...?

    24. aurtura pal!

      That win by Jaguar was insane!!!!!

    25. joel hardeveld

      The f*ck have i stumbeld upon now thiz is awesome

    26. Ryan Creary

      The video is 20:20 long

    27. Fireteambrav0

      i like that the video is 20:20 long to end the year right

    28. Akash Shah

      19:33 Fans: "That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen!" Oceanics: "so it would seem..." 'Foggy's a pirate intensifies' Edited cause grammar

    29. djyanno

      The triathlon should be in nomination for most exciting sporting event of 2020 whatever the sport

    30. Andrew Wolverton

      Greg Woods: "The marbles are looking sharp today" And that's not easy for smooth, round objects ; )

    31. Balltrack - Marble Runs

      Wow very nice Track i Love the Videos 👍👍😁😁

    32. Derek Polischeck

      Jelle when is Winter League 2021 what time today

      1. Michael Blumenthal

        MLWS E1 is on Jan. 9 due to technical difficulties.

    33. rvestalmd

      The Seoul race was the single greatest sporting event I have ever seen.

    34. Derek Polischeck

      2021 Marble League Hosts Crazy Cats Eyes Auto Qualified Savage Speeders O'rangers Minty Maniacs Bottom 4 Turtle Sliders Snowballs Limers Jawbreakers

    35. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Fun fact: 2020 also has the length for 20:20 on this video.

    36. Snack

      either on purpose or a coincidence but the video is 20:20 long

    37. king andrew polo

      Video length is 20:20

    38. Louisiana Kidd

      The Savage Speeders owned 2020!

    39. kcolloran

      I'd have rioted if anything other than the Hazers come back in the triathlon won.

    40. Lenny Face

      Here from the Fact Fiend video.

    41. California

      The duration is 20:20

    42. Paxton Thayer

      I feel like Momo and the O’rangers have a rivalry stirring. There have actually been 3 photo finishes just between those 2 teams.

      1. 10 Kayed


    43. Josue Gonzalez

      GREAT JOB Jelle’s Marble Runs! You guys have gotten so far even when you guys lost your channel (I could never comeback from that) Go Green Ducks 🦆

    44. Jcgirl 302

      I like how the video is 20 minutes and 20 seconds

    45. Parker Chern

      Look how long the video go’s on

    46. Windows 10

      Today is 2021!

    47. Rockin' Ben

      Appropriately, the length of the video is 20:20

    48. Gaming Time

      create a second league for marbula 1 which would be called marbula 2 and then the top three of marbula 2 will be promoted to marbula 1 and the bottom three of marbula 1 will be demoted to marbula two like in soccer

      1. Finish Line Racing

        Good idea

    49. Thomas Houser

      Notice how the video is 20:20

    50. funkymonkey787

      Sidemen collab in 2021!

    51. Big Fan

      Thank you for helping out so many people including me this year. We've been under lockdown for so many months, I don't know where I'd be without you. Thanks, Random guy from South Korea who also like Sanjay S

    52. Justin Gibson

      Nice to see foggy represent the hazers at number one💪💪

    53. Particle Mane

      Watching a video about marble runs in 2020 that is 20 minutes and 20 seconds long. It was posted 20 hours ago and has 20 thousand views. It is now 2021. Is this what an omen feels like?

    54. Pablo Aldana

      The video is also 20:20 minutes long what a convenience

    55. picolo989

      Excellent representation by my Hazers in the top races of 2020... Just need to elevate the low lulls to finish at the top of ML or for the Races. #HazeAmaze

    56. Angus Nelson

      OMG!! This is like a HAZERS appreciation video

    57. AgravaineNYR

      Thank you for a happy place in a sad year. Here's to new events in 2021.

    58. Peter Kettler

      I am so sick of the O'Rangers gettin' screwed...Messin' with my heart man...LOL...I have to agree with the comments below, this was an awesome way to pass the time this year...I prefer the team events as to the Marbula1...but they are both neat

    59. Travis Halky

      Haze Amaze

    60. Froggary

      I have only just noticed the sign in the background at the end of the funnel endurance final: Kobalts will rise again! #InOurElement Petition to host ML2021 Kobalt Kolosseum (Maybe we can host ML2022?)

      1. Froggary

        I probably didn't make that very clear. The bit on the sign said: • Kobalts will rise again • #InOurElement • Petition to host ML2021 • Kobalt Kolosseum I just added the bit in brackets at the bottom.

      2. Froggary

        Yeah I knew that I was just pointing out what was on the sign and hoping that a successful ML2022 bit might go through.

      3. mary smith

        CCE is hosting 2021 #eyeontheprize

    61. Froggary

      As a Minty Maniacs fan I was jumping around the room at the funnel endurance gold medal moment (watching it live)

      1. Froggary


      2. Derek Polischeck

        I'm also a Minty Maniacs fan

    62. Andrew Lloyd

      Happy New Year!

    63. Nicky Gravestock

      Love these but the race where yellow eye was 1st the ENTIRE race, not dropping once was not even an honourable mention? Still love it though

    64. HoodieSticks

      The Hazers' triathalon win was probably more hype, but I was low-key hoping the Hazers' match against the Wisps in Team Aquathlon would show up. That was the one where the Wisps shut down the Hazers' underwater dominance by body-blocking them.

    65. Cowsmec

      man, how did the standings improve the way i wanted.

    66. TempestDK

      Really? ... no mention of Minty's incredible win from last place start in the Marathon? :O

    67. Rabbit Corn

      Lol I was always curious. Do you just have a pretty large house and therefore the space to do all this?

    68. JK Dudette

      My fave moment probably has to be the Racers dominating the Hurdles in the ML2020, and Ruzzy the reserve actually winning. Such an amazing moment. Here's to 2021 - and to more marble action. Keep up the good work Jelle.

    69. Fluffymiyster

      As a Minties fan, my #1 pick would be the race in which we went from bottom of the barrel 16th place to somehow finish in first. These are "just marbles" but I actually got teary-eyed with joy :) Marbula One might not have been good to us this time around, but it's moments like that which help to remind me that we're not a team to be counted out. We'll reclaim our glory. Watch out 2021! #MINTREDEMPTION

    70. pooknuckles

      The way your so into it and serious reminds me of my childhood, i love your content bro, keep doing it its great.

    71. Crimea 57

      They’re just marbles, yet I’ve watched, and rewatched, every episode. Thanks for the entertainment and distraction in an awful year!

    72. ralach

      Oceanics! 2021 Will be our year! :)

    73. CaserDJT

      3:46 Orangers did outstanding here, from being the closest to finishing in the last funnel, they somehow single handedly took out Balls of Chaos, Green Ducks and the Savage speeders in quick succession, would of been the best play of the year if he had pulled home the gold medal Still one of the best plays of all time tho

    74. Tyler Larsen

      Jelle, thank you so much for helping us get through the worst year of our lives. I've been addicted to this stuff ever since I found your channel a few years ago, and it helped keep me from going insane during these trying times. Happy New Year from Canada, and pray that 2021 isn't even a fraction as bad as last year was.


      When is the next marble league

    76. Chad Simplicio

      Looking forward to the 2021 Winter ML, the 2nd half of M1 & MR, then the "trip to the Crazy Cat's-Bah" for the 2021 Summer ML.

    77. Ironwolf Studios

      I consider finding and subscribing to this channel to be the only genuinely good thing to happen to me in 2020. I honestly don't know what I would have done without you guys. Probably lost my marbles... Thanks for making sure I would always know where I could find them. I can't wait to see what you guys do next!

    78. Yuki39

      I’m so glad that John Oliver brought this into my life. I thoroughly enjoyed watching every event in Marble League, and for each one me and my sister waited for the upload with anticipation. It’s delightful to see these adorable little marbles careen down the lanes! Doesn’t hurt that the quality of filming and commentary are pretty top-notch! Seriously, good job to the crew. Here’s to a great new year of marble racing! 🔵⚪️🔵

    79. Desi Chang

      The Triathlon never gets old! #MomoStrong!

    80. Avery VanNynatten

      Wow momo got the best play, I'm so happy

    81. Gaming with Avirup

      Hey Love you Jelle Marbles Runs. 💓💓. The commentator (Greg Woods) is just awesome. You must go to Guiness World Records

    82. Troy Jerron Bautista

      I can't wait for the plans for 2021 especially Marbula One Season 2 and i'm still curious about Le Marble. But anyways Happy New Year Jelle and keep up the great content.

    83. Jon C17

      Did the marbula one end already? I thought we still had alot left?

      1. Jon C17

        @Chad Simplicio that's good. Was wondering what had happened to it.

      2. Chad Simplicio

        2nd half of the M1 season should be soon, as well as the Marble Rally.

    84. Scott Hayse

      Man! I love my Hazers!!! That last win definitely was the best moment of the year for me!! Deserves #1 100%. Best race ever!

    85. Dj McGonigal

      Just a great year all around for Marblesports. Thank you so much JMR team for delivering such great events all year long. Between JMR, Fubecas, and Racing Marble's League, I have truly had a full year of terrific marble races and competitions. Can't wait to see all the great events 2021 will bring.

    86. Galang Nusantara

      Thanks for all the entertainment!

    87. Owen Kroeyr

      Thanks Jelle. Can’t wait for the rest of Marbula One, the Marble Rally, and the winter marble league. Happy new year!

    88. Patronux


    89. Connor Fouts

      It can’t be a coincidence that the video is 20:20 long

      1. 148 Race

        2019 top 10 is 20:19 mins long.

    90. Jan Rupert Alfeche

      Wow, Billy really took that "Two Marble race" comment personally. 😬😂

    91. Nyza Stillwater

      Thank you for giving us such wonderful entertainment in 2020. Looking forward to even more in 2021!


      2020 Was ok, but with your help, it was good! The quality of your videos is next level. And I love hazers and u put them in (almost) every scene. Loved it :D Sub & Like Guaranteed.

    93. Happily Insane

      The video is 20:20 perfect!

    94. The Lucky Titan

      Another great year as always Jelle! May 2021 be even better!

    95. JTM-inc

      Good stuff! Can’t wait for next year!

    96. 1989worms1

      Happy New Year, JMR!

    97. Kim Lindsey

      Thank you Jelle, Dion, Woodsie, the whole JMR Team, Premium & VIP Spectators, Patreon supporters, everyone who has bought merch, John Oliver, Cravendale, Formula 1, and ... well, EVERYone who has had a part in making 2020 a super year for marble racing!!! These marble runs have been a bright spot of joy to the whole world during a time with so much stress and sadness. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to better times ahead! :-)

    98. Matt Rett

      When it was Team Momo on #1 I was like “LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

    99. Natural Harmonia Gropius

      Excited for ML2020 resume in 2021, hopefully Orangers' comeback. Anyways, happy new year to your team, Jelle's Marble Runs

    100. o Random

      Its already 2021 for us, so Happy New Year!