Marbula One Season 2: GP2 O'raceway Qualifiers

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the O'raceway, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:10 - Q1
    7:02 - Q2
    8:40 - Q3
    9:59 - Results
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    1. Max2200

      so glad Oceanics made it

    2. Low6 MAZ3

      I forgot who I used to support so I need a new team any ideas??

    3. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      Team galactic always get robbed

    4. Patrick Lewin

      O'rangers! O'rangers! O'rangers!

    5. silly sully

      how did i end up from watching UK drill to this

    6. Kristine

      That ad was real sneaky

    7. PsychedeliCon

      Cats Eyes are fricken Mercedes. So annoying. :/

    8. Mark-Zuk

      I love how the ads are part of the content

    9. Neuclear Fish

      What kind of marble is fresh?

    10. Chris

      These races are amazing Also, 1000th comment

    11. Mooga Mooga

      I would have imagined that being in their home-turf, the Orangers fans would’ve been a LOT louder.

    12. Droopy95mkDS

      How could I watch all this with so much interest this far ? You are a genius

    13. Derek Polischeck

      Cerulean Vs Honey Rima Vs Minty Drizzle

    14. Christopher Lowe

      The First half of the Qualifier for Red eye was really demonstrating his dominance and experience as a team captain. Q3 was just an embarrassment. As a team captain he really needs to buckle down, focus, and stick to the fundamentals. I'm sure he'll get a talking to from the coach.

    15. Alex Snitzer

      I still feel like there should be some sort of pit stop system.

    16. SweetSideOfFries

      Okay Red Eye's Q2 comeback was INSANE!

    17. Amber Mauer

      Wispy made up for Wospy's unfortunate performance on the previous track.

    18. Mimi Unoriginal

      I finally understand why people watch sports

    19. Bijoy Roychowdhury

      Loved the humour at the end.

    20. Keith Davis

      O'Rangers be like: Oh, you think you know? Sand, son. Someone sabotaged the track, that's why the O'Rangers didn't get in the top 8

    21. Matt Miklus

      Thank goodness that Mary isn’t in this

    22. Jamie Brown

      honestly the O'rangers have been painfully underwhelming. hope they pick it up soon. Been die hard fan since the beginning but its getting hard to keep supporting when the other teams are so electrifying

    23. 10 Kayed

      Bro I love u guys that are watching who are new and who that commented . competipn is so awesome i love all marbles no hate 💓

    24. 10 Kayed

      I love oooooorangers

    25. Cris Espinoza

      Even though this is old news, glad to see Billy do so well. Go Ducks!!

    26. Alexander Wijaya

      Watching the Hazers is painful. Pole in first quali, shat the bed in the race. In second Quali, they didn't even make it out. Gah! CCE is doing insane, all things considered.

    27. arPos Kraft

      well hopefully we do better at home then in last race oooooooooooooooooo

    28. Jeffroo Turantula



      HELP ME Where Can I buy a track like This?

    30. Mexalen81

      "Sign me up! Well, I have to be here anyway.". Thanks Woody. XD

    31. KC Sutherland

      My two main teams did pretty poorly last round. Let's hope a homefield advantage helps!

    32. Halfrican_TV

      My ducks looking good this year. Lets get em boys! Quack!

    33. Jedimaster76

      I am disappointed with being a Hazers fan right now. Looks like Hazy is choking again

    34. TheXtrafresh

      what the hell happened to Minty Fresh there on the startline?

    35. Catrin Josefsson

      when wispy took first place

    36. DirePants

      Dogshit Quali :,( But at least we get to race :)

    37. Mr Sparky monki

      # your favorite team in the replies! #WillOfTheWisps

    38. Stalin Mao

      Not good enough from the Hazers as usual.

    39. Pro Last

      Can i buy the track

    40. Audiowave Music

      #TidePride Gooo Oceanics!!

    41. capri1722

      I just scrolled through the entire merch store and I didn't see any Galactic merch :( was especially excited to get a mask

    42. vorpuss

      I love Marbula ONE is there any cycle of race ? Every day or every week one ?

    43. Buzzer b

      why two at a small intervall?? do everyone in a big intervals, or one by one, i dont get it.

    44. René Allergak

      Just because you called it marbula 1 it's a MUST to watch....and also because you are dutch. Marblympics is also master

    45. Denkar11

      No Oceanics in your teespring merch? This is blatant discrimination against water based marbles!

    46. Ebeee

      Jesus,i feel like i should do way too much then i should when trying to get in to this fandom(btw im not saying i dont like marble racing,but i feel wierd when i try to talk in this fandom.).Where do i start?

    47. Patrick Suyo

      woah yeah!!! #fearthenight #willofthewisp #nighttime

    48. Pieter Van Kommer

      Nederlanders laat je horen!!!

    49. PandaKingGaming

      Team galactic let's go

    50. Cesar The Salad

      Imagine racing in a Formula 1 track and suddenly getting a Dakar desert rally section out of nowhere

    51. lefty77713

      As a Minty Maniacs Maniac, these qualifying failures are heartbreaking.

      1. Ryan Cox

        Marble League seems to be more our speed

    52. JustanOrdinaryGuy

      Dude I think this is the Green Ducks' season!!! They all have been performing very nicely since the first GP!!!

    53. Milan van Dijk

      The Hazers are letting me down man...

    54. Daniel Lang

      Great run by Billy! #QuackAttack

    55. AwesomeElliot 018

      Wait so new teams qualify each week

    56. wololo10

      Where's red number 3?

    57. Vardaris

      Last year's starting music theme was so much better, sometimes I play season 1 videos just to listen to it.

    58. AJ Schlemmer

      Wisps pole two season in a row, lets GOOOO

    59. Professional Dumbass

      I'm extremely disappointed of Ruzzy. Couldn't have done worse

    60. Serkan Dal

      There was a blocking to Rima. Where is the penalty. I think stewards are sleeping !!!!!!!

    61. Jordan Patras

      The only place in the world where fans can enter the stadium with no COVID-19 restrictions.

    62. Dan Roth


    63. Greg Tees

      Rezzy needs dropped. surely we have faster.

    64. Greg Tees

      Comeon Rasperry racers?? again!!!.

    65. Candy Meow

      Great job, Limers, great job...

    66. Marble Master647

      Leave a like if you like marvels let’s see how many fans we have🦎 👇🏽

    67. Eric Umbarger

      I like this course. That second to last turn (the 45°) really makes or breaks you. the Ones that could squeeze by without climping all gained massive time benefit in that last straight away

    68. Molandria

      commentary not paying attention at the start. xD

    69. Sandeep BS

      Where is yellow eye who won the last race

    70. tijl.c

      Wow, Hazers just saved the Oceanics, very unfortunate for them but a nice consecutive qualification for the Oceanics. Keep it up 🌊🌊

    71. Keagan Miller

      Man Thunderbolts are consistent like always. Consistently letting me down :(

    72. OneNamedLucas Speedruns

      how are the limers consistently so bad

    73. Priest

      Really hope my wisps can improve 😅. Edit: well damn, wispy must have heard me, we must take advantage of this poll position!

    74. Mr. Piwate

      Go midnight

    75. pedro pc

      Lets give our hearts at the race. GO SAVAGE SPEEDERS

    76. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

      Minty Maniacs will SO be getting some pep talk from their coach after the race.

    77. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

      Let's go Cerulean, Mimo, and Billy.

      1. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

        Billy ALWAYS does amazing on this track. Even though he missed out on pole, I predict a top 8 finish in the real race. #QuackAttack

    78. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

      Ruzzy did all those bumps of the walls in the third sector, and I knew he would not get pole. I just didn't know he would fall to LAST!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

        Orangin also dropped a lot.

    79. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs

      With Rima and Minty Fresh it looked like a race right away. Rima is fast! P.S. or is it Minty Fresh that is slow?????

    80. Theo and Tornado's Marble Runs


    81. Ethan Cordray

      I think Billy figured out that the second spot is actually a better starting position than the pole, thanks to that quick left turn. He sandbagged for the second spot every time, and it paid off. I hope his teammates are okay with that though, since pole is worth a standing point.

    82. Ryan Willis


    83. Jacob Black

      WISPS!!!!! LET’S GOOOO!!!!!

    84. Jack C.

      Really exciting races! Glad to see the Midnight Wisps making a better show of it this week :)

    85. Else Went

      Hazers and Minty Maniacs, like myself, just don't really care for marbula racing as much as the real games.

    86. Emory Daniel

      Good effort by Pulsar, let’s do this tomorrow! Go Team Galactic!

    87. David 4rancibia

      Godammit hazers, WHY???

    88. crazymonkey0518

      I don’t like this new qualifying race, its completely unnecessary

    89. Christopher Long

      crazy cats eyes you're the best I truly believe you can beat the rest! GO CRAZY CATS EYES!

    90. Paxton Thayer

      You need to be a CCE fan to know that green eye is the worst and red eye is the best at racing

    91. Gryphon AMX

      Me before race 1: "I think I'll cheer for the Hazers and the Limers this round." Me after qualifying of Race 2: "You're a mean mistress, 2020."

    92. Mitchell Crouch

      This new qualifying system is really dumb. The marbles are interfering with each other's qualifying. Also because you're awarding POINTS, this is not a qualification, this is a race.

    93. Italo Marcos Tamazzo de Oliveira

      Let's Go team momo 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    94. Ivan Mujica

      Yes, pulsar! Keep it together! Get us in the points!

    95. حسام 777


    96. Jetse Brienen


    97. Kiersten Penney

      As a minty maniacs fan, I am becoming increasingly used to disappointment

    98. Matthew Hall

      Let's go ducks!!

    99. striker9909

      Limers... dead last. Its gonna be a long season..

    100. Enrique Marques

      Put the name of teams, not the name of racers, please