Halloween Marble Race 1 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The first Halloween Marble Race where 3 LED Golfballs will compete in a long race. Only one of them can win! (it's recorded in 2016)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: "Ghost Stories", provided by Epidemic Sound

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    1. Joshua Johnson

      I always look up the jack-o’-lantern I knew he could win

    2. rudra malik

      Marble runs wow 🎃

    3. red eagle

      noo eye demon lost !!

    4. Victor Gelis

      Wow, that Halloween race was amazing! The LED marbles, the dark track, and as usual the commentary... just perfect 😍🎃

    5. lokos talel

      it will be more better, if there have something like 'street light" at the side of road/path

    6. Simon Wright

      A thing is that I have a marble run for it is very great

    7. Vitória Amaral

      Eu só queria uma legenda em português

    8. Luke Smith

      He said it is eye of the demon three times

    9. Luke Smith

      He said it is eye of the demon three times

    10. Luke Smith

      He said it is eye of the demon three times

    11. macroevolve

      Do a LeMans style race. I bet if Marbly McMarbleface and Dragon's Egg team up they would win

    12. PET

      Gotta love the commentary

    13. Progressor

      It's a bit unfortunate there were many parts in the sand track where take overs were impossible, because it was to narrow.

    14. creamedcorn

      If it could be possible, international races would be cool if it involved community members setting it up in their area across the world.

    15. jimpoppin

      my money is on eye of the demon..

    16. Robert C.

      Dang this was recorded 3 years ago

    17. Dinesh Pillay

      Headless horseman

    18. See, the thing is

      What a great course! I really appreciate the extra effort of making all those clear structures for the lit up marbles. Killer run! Tytyty!

    19. FlippyFFS

      Zo, dat was spannend zeg! Heel leuk met die lichtjes en kleurtjes!. Goed gedaan Jelle

    20. Anthony Steban

      Woo! Jackolantern!!

    21. Aditya RaviShankar

      LOVED IT!! I want more

    22. 5MadMovieMakers

      Glow-in-the-dark marble races look SO COOL!

    23. Rollermonkey1

      That was one heck of a tunnel in the sand. ;)

    24. SmelliestTrain

      That was a good race.

    25. Tim Moyer

      0:59 activates my Siri

    26. Jamie Tipton

      Dang Eye of the Demon was so close! I'm rooting for that spooky speeder.

    27. Hayzy Horses

      I liked the inside part, it was awesome. Man, I love everything you guys do!

    28. RaiKageRyu

      THat last minute steal from Jack

    29. Dan TheMan

      Jack oooooooooooo lantern!!! Let’s goooooooo oooooooorangers

    30. boRn_N_DA_80s

      I'm gonna need another angle to see how will of the wisp was able to restart...I'm calling foul play.

    31. Flame Standish

      Your commentary makes this video even better. Thanks for the video.

    32. fuzzygenius

      This was super fun! What a cool idea!

    33. Juan Jose


    34. DangerSmoog

      Poor Will of the Wisp! I'll keep rooting for you!

    35. Insect Hunter

      I don’t know why this was so interesting but it was! :)

    36. Richard Docherty T

      Simply fantastic.

    37. Virna Albasi


    38. Newby Ton

      That transitions from the sand to the track is clever

    39. monomakes

      Wow! The production on this one! :) Great visuals for the final section.

    40. Old Guys Rock!!

      Duuuude! Pass the bowl ! I could watch this all night! Duuuude!

    41. Kliffom

      I won for the first time 😱❤️

    42. Souf A2M

      If Eye of the Demon had a number 3, he would have won the race.

    43. RodFSH

      me: watching greg: ...Marina Bay in Singapore... me: *AHHHHHHH WE'RE FAMOUS MAYBE THEYLL HAVE A MARINA BAY RACE IN MARBULA ONE AHHHHHH*

    44. MrTheZMAI

      I love that Marina Bay comparison

    45. Dr. Shadox φ

      We lost but it was fun. So thanks you anyways

    46. Varun Hebli

      Is this a re-upload?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Yes, it’s from 2016. We will reuploaded the other halloween races soon.

    47. Knight Loltrec

      Eye of the Demon!

    48. ShawnBlaque

      Damn, good race eye of the demon. We'll get em next time

    49. rober rivers

      I liked this a lot

    50. The Tactical One


    51. PsychoGames HD

      Glow in the dark marbles?

    52. tom fields

      Now THAT'S entertainment! Red #3 would have smoked them all.

    53. Son Gohan 飯

      Amazing work. Happy Halloween to everyone.

    54. waterandafter

      Was will o the wisp set back on course by the human hand of fate?

    55. StarRocks1000

      A marble race with... golf balls? How cool! Happy Halloween, Marble Maniacs! 😄

    56. John Smit

      I thought Eye of the Demon might have something evil up his sleeve. He almost took the race.

    57. Easternborder

      Will o wisp didn't stand the ghost of a chance.

    58. Andrew Bennett

      I was right! I win! Whoo!

    59. Jaden Backer

      Anyone else realize that this is the same video from last year. I still loved it though

    60. Justin Tang

      Was there a cut at 2:02? I would prefer to think not.

      1. Marcel de Jong

        Of course not 😏

    61. Samuel Davy

      Loved the mechanical section at the end. Maybe could you bring that into other sand based races please. 🤞

    62. Alex Snitzer

      Man, I am so glad I got season tickets for Marbula One before the price skyrocketed on the resale market.

    63. Seesaw41

      Is this nowaday commentary? Or is just the video from '16?

      1. Seesaw41

        @Jelle's Marble Runs ok

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It’s from 2016

    64. Lazy Mode

      I don't know if that BOO is scarying the racers or BOOING them

    65. Jimmy Page

      This was just awesome!!!

    66. Angel Jamais


    67. Rinus Onink

      What kind of marbles are these and where to get them?

    68. crazylife ofme

      Plot twist of the century 😂😮

    69. Katherine

      Jack O'Lantern displayed mad skills at the end

      1. perfect stranger


    70. William Scott

      this same from last year wasn't it? oh well still fun!

    71. Romeo Lajh

      i am sure that blue marble was pushed :)

    72. CM Wolf Magic

      I loved the holiday themed race, hope to see more!

      1. CM Wolf Magic

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Yas!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        More halloween races are coming in the next days, please stay tuned!

    73. Daxton Anderson


    74. Kenny

      That Blue Shell hitting Jack o' Lantern really made the race.

    75. JimShadyUK

      This is not only charming, but you get totally sucked into the whole spectacle. I believe the marbles have trouble seeing where they're going. I believe witches are providing the aerial shots. They play this absolutely straight and it works so well!

    76. Winslinator

      The dancing skeleton at the end sounded like he was saying "SMOKE WEED!!"

      1. Steve Finnegan

        "Smoke weed! Smokin all the weed!"

    77. Colin Loat

      Visually beautiful, well done.

    78. Conner P

      Good ol Jack O for tha win fella.

    79. Salty talking sodium

      Words cant express how much I enjoyed this. The switch after the tunnel? Genius.

    80. BobaFatt316

      What an awesome race!

    81. Ovaliño

      Amazing effect bro

    82. Frostlord1

      It’s scary how good this video was

    83. FoxyProductions

      Please do more dark indoor races. As long as it's safe toe the marbles competing it's so exciting to see!

    84. Denis Charbonneau

      Please do one with the Star Wars theme !

      1. Denis Charbonneau

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Probably a few hundred white marbles (the Stormtroopers) AND a big black one (Darth Vader) running after a gold one (C3PO), a brown one (Chewbacca), a few oranges (the rebels), and the rest of the friendly Star Wars characters (you get the idea !) Through a Death Star giant maze ! The lucky ones escape through a hole in the middle ? Could look like Bespin the Cloud City

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Good idea, I have already plans to do that

    85. Denis Charbonneau

      'Jack-O-Lantern' is an expert because he light his way ahead as he goes !...

    86. Zimbabwe Champion

      I was spooked

    87. Atheist Edge

      Very creative. Cheers.

    88. Mil Cooke

      Very nice!

    89. Unoriginal Name


    90. TaShawn LOVE

      I freaking loved this omg

    91. Mr.E

      Those were some wierd looking marbles

    92. Dawzkreat

      That tunnel transition was amazing! This Halloween race could've been a test on a new course and the fact that they raced at night was really risk taking. Like someone else said it's good to know they made it through the course safely. It'd be cool to see tracks like that but who knows what strings have to be pulled to see the main racers on it. Those three marbles must've been pretty skilled to change there rolling style from night-sand to night-industrial.

    93. Brice Pilard

      Go Red N3 !! Oh wait !

    94. Matthia Gryffine

      This is beautiful

    95. Travis Love Benson

      Yaaaaas my boi JACKOLANTERN!

    96. Justin Frazier

      That is amazing

    97. Eric Widder

      Every marble I ever pick gets stuck. I'm cursed.

    98. Gabriel Fonseca

      Spookydelic course!


      Imagine the regular marbelympics and sand rally racers in this track


        @Timothy Jackson and the marblelympics ones could do the first part

      2. Timothy Jackson

        I'd like to see how the Sand Rally Marbles would do on tracks like the one starting at 2:00

    100. ProjectCambrian

      That was....Awesome!! I find myself wanting More Please!! There's two weeks to go until Halloween so there's time to put together an New Annual Halloween Series!! More glowing marbles, wider track to accommodate a 6-8 marble monsters race series. Tweak the sand track and keep the indoor segment..but make it a little longer. That's my humble Halloween wish list Jelle! Fun as is though!! Keep them coming!!