Marble League Showdown 2020 - ALL EVENTS

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and the Showdown!
    The Showdown acts as a feeder tournament to the Marble League, where 12 teams that did not qualify in 2020 compete in 4 events from the main tournament. The top 8 teams at the end of the Showdown advance to the 2021 Marble League Qualifiers, while the bottom 4 go no further. Will teams like the Limers redeem themselves after seasons of disappointment, or will an unexpected challenger win the Showdown? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace
    0:00 - Intro
    0:44 - E1 Relay Race
    3:52 - E2 Halfpipe
    10:55 - E3 Black Hole Funnel
    16:30 - E4 Sand Mogul Race
    19:50 - Podium
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Ade Odit praditya

      Where Quicksilvers?

    2. VYZYTYR1 1

      I am team GALACTIC!!!!

    3. Jamon

      Limers 'til I --die-- cry ;(

    4. Thomas babb

      does anyone know where to get good marbles?

    5. ViPo Minecraft

      Go Kobalts !!!

    6. Theresa Atkinson

      I love marbles I have marbles at my home

    7. lautax 17

      Nanananaana epicooo

    8. Asemahle Mdyeshana

      What about like, a loong relay. like the size of a full lap

    9. Jorge Cruz

      Life can be hard sometimes, but not as hard as it is for us Jawbreakers fans

    10. Ediazv5

      Q raro ver canicas compitiendo xd

    11. Carlee Maurier

      what a COMEBACK for the pinkies

    12. Ashley Sarginson

      Can anyone tell me what size marbles are used. My daughter loves these videos and I want to get some for her birthday and didn't know what size to get.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        16 mm (5/8 inch)

    13. Royling

      I'd like to submit a medical report that shows the jungle jumpers may in fact be using performance enhancing drugs. Name: Hop Team: Jungle Jumpers Race: Marble Age: Refused to say. Marble Sample. mml (stands for marble milliliter for reference) Caffeine (Stimulant) 0.1mml/L Marblinium (Illegal Performance Enhancing Drug popular along underground marble tournaments) 1.7 mml/L

      1. Mathew Urias

        They would never >:( been a fan since 2017 and they have never cheated before

    14. Pirosbor

      I have it from reliable sources that Azure of the Kobalts is on PEDs!!

    15. Jacky Li

      One of the Snowballs fans has a banner written"Minty Maniacs“. lmao

    16. Ali Shah


    17. Inaxi Patel

      You know the Limers actually finished in a much better position despite still being in the bottom 4

    18. gaming sharp 55

      Finally Team Primary does not get disqualifed in relay

    19. solo rap

      f por tu antiguo canal

    20. TheBimmyandJimmy

      Oh limers, I love you guys and you'll always have my support, but my God you guys are awful these days.

    21. Saladglove

      I'm new to all this, can someone explain the halfpipe event?

    22. mading

      18:59 why do the snowballs fans have a sign that says minty maniacs

    23. Barbie

      Aww... so glad John turned us to this game. So many fond childhood memories 🥳🥳🥳

    24. Matthew Beard


    25. Paul Ch52

      O'rangers! O'rangers! O'rangers! O'rangers! Oops. Wrong vid.

    26. 607

      Well, Snowballs are out for the qualifiers... I just have to hope the Oceanics can win the qualifiers, I suppose. :P

    27. Onika Day

      I love this

    28. Maddie Tannie

      Idk about anybody else, but I just keep rewatching this to see my favorite teams competing again.

      1. Mathew Urias

        Omg me lol I always rewatch it so I can see my jungle jumpers do good #RumbleInTheJungle

    29. Warmage Two Crows

      I thought I was subbed lol

    30. Nick Carberry

      The Oceanics did well

    31. NerfedFalcon

      Heard of most of these teams before, but I don't know the Kobalts. They made a heck of a first impression. Hopefully they'll qualify for the big league; with performances like this, they should make quite an impact.

      1. NerfedFalcon

        @Mathew Urias Huh, okay. I think my first ML was 2018.

      2. Mathew Urias

        Actually kobalts is one of the oldest teams lol. They were in the first marble league back in 2016. Unfortunately the kobalts along with the Rojo Rollers were never able to qualify for a marble league after.

    32. Herby

      The pinkies actually did good at something, am I dreaming?

    33. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      And team MOMO are the ones who got more injuries

    34. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      Savage speeders are the best of all marbles

    35. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri


    36. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      In all this marbles I think savage speeders are the one of the best marble in marble leagues becaus they won 2 marble leagues and came in the podium for the other ones

    37. SnowDiscGolf

      Nice to see the Kobalts's Black Hole total time would have given the silver in the Marble League this year. MS times: 16:10 ML times:

    38. Nathan Gamble

      7:48 Those numbers confuse me. This is added to the previous score?

    39. Luqman Halim

      Miss RN3 so bad.... will the billiards qualifying 2022 marblelympics?

    40. A.S. MB

      Oh. My.Gosh.

    41. Chika Chika

      Plzz explain me the halfpipe rules

    42. YEETmeofacliff

      These are really ruff times to be a Limers Fan

    43. Ralph That Dude

      I’m looking forward to my second favorite teams Chocaltiers and Rojo Rollers make an impact next year but that’s gonna be tough though because the rivalry between the O’rangers and Speeders is still going to be epic like it always has been.

    44. Weathered

      How do we get the Limers a new coach? Something needs to change. I here the organisation has an acidic atmosphere.

    45. Hibou Owll

      Event 2... Those Snowballs REALLY need a black line or red dot so we can see them roll. Puts a red dot on their uniforms. Cats starts running and invade the field. Okay, a black line.

    46. michael keers

      Limers can't even qualify for the qualifiers anymore looks like I'll be cheering on green ducks again next year

    47. RizeElxtric

      Am i the only one who noticed a fly at 5:51?

    48. Jasper Nicholas Lim

      Let's go Kobalts😎😎

    49. Kyle Flounder

      5:51 is that a fly that crosses the screen? LOL

    50. Mish M.

      Wow nice job Kobalts! I'm excited to see how Primary and Rojo do -- as a big Momo fan, I gotta show up for our allies the Primaries

    51. Minati Sahu

      Ah, Showdown - The marble league for consolation prizes.

    52. JaegarMaxim

      Heartbreaking loss of confidence by the Snowballs in the relay race. Once they truly learn to back themselves and move with momentum, we'll once again see the great days of the Snowball Effect.

    53. Abrar TMJ

      They gave away results at 14:33 and 15:16

    54. Tim S

      That was a tense race, and as a loyal Speeders fan I loved the overall result. It’s not often that we see such obvious tactics by the marbles, and they took a considerable risk by holding back. I’m sure the Captain was polishing his nails throughout that race. JMR thanks so much, another awesome season. I especially like the official sponsorship from John Oliver & This Week Tonight, the individual prize donations have been an excellent addition. So ... another year to wait, what merch will be waiting for us? Perhaps we could have those big mugs again, massively popular in my house!!

    55. neckarsulme

      I really like this....None of the marbles are kneeling

    56. Ramat Elegushi

      Bald baldbald

    57. Nkemdilim Eucheria Achike


    58. JMartingell

      I'm done with the Limers. Waited all year for that shambles of a performance

      1. Abrar TMJ

        From 12th to 11th. That's progress

    59. impostor


    60. Vincent Knight

      Glad to see the Jumpers made the cut for the 21 qualifiers

    61. Okariin!!!

      so happy ,that f*cking oragers didnt win gold :) Go go crazy cats eyes :)

    62. MightyManotaur22

      Limers and Snowballs. Big oof.

    63. doni ari setianto

      Wth Limers didn't make it again 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    64. Daniel van Zeller

      Snowballs didnt qualify for the ML2020 by a single point and now not even for next ML's. I'm shocked!

    65. Inaxi Patel

      That was very kind of the Savage Speeders, they sheared the trophy together and a congratulations to The Crazy Cat's Eyes who will be hosting 2021 Marble League

    66. - 2LB -

      Hello ! I am French and I am not sure I understand what the Marble League Showdown is. Are these the qualifications for MB 2021 ? Or is it something else ? Could someone explain to me please ? Thank you very much in advance ! 🙂

      1. Abrar TMJ

        Reading description can help

    67. David Bieleski

      😢😢😢Limers can't even qualify for the qualifiers, once again proving the phrase that it's not easy being green

    68. Mint Mochi

      I'm not at all a sports person, but I honestly love every second of these marble runs. I don't even think I have a favourite team, although I am sad Snowballs didn't make it through. (and no Crazy Cat Eyes at all? ): )

    69. Sudhanshu Mahanti

      Jungle Jumpers is my soul marble :)

    70. Jakob Niederhuber

      sad to see such a weak showing of the limers...

    71. Likhi viper

      I cried so much when my team won for the second time Savage speeders

    72. wingsonwater

      I would love for the scoring to have been a little clearer in these events! Obviously the officials are keeping track and we learn the results, but everything proceeded so quickly I was often left confused about what all the numbers meant! Especially with the additive times in the half-pipe and funnel events. Congratulations to the eight top teams!

    73. Welsh Lyn

      Is this real "??????

      1. Welsh Lyn

        Mint Mochi i watch Star Wars is that real to.stay safe mint Welsh Lyn

      2. Mint Mochi

        I mean you are watching it, aren't you? So is it real?

    74. Jotte Nuytten

      I really want to see a marble league with the hornets shining swarm midnight wisps and bumblebees and see who is the best out of al the insects

    75. Azure Fn


    76. Aaron Hearst

      First event, every team that starts in lane 4 finishes last. Coincidence? I think this requires investigation.

    77. Todd M

      Sorry for the turtle 🐢 sliders... Oh well.

    78. Danny K

      Cant tell if this is a joke or not

    79. Stella Wenny

      I was rooting for all the 4 teams that didn't make it.........

    80. Johnny Guillotine

      #SpeedisKey go Savage Speeders!

    81. Maddie Tannie

      Limers better make a comeback in season 2 of marbula 1

    82. Anne

      I ran secret bets on the Kobolts and made a fortune this time. hehehehehehe

    83. Francisco Villaseñor

      first event me: hm I had no idea there was a Kobalts team, they could be my favorite team from now on Kobalts: nope

    84. diogo tatauxa


    85. politos73

      I hope Rojo Rollers can make to the ML2021, we haven't see them in a very long time

    86. Angelfangs123

      I'm convinced that the Limers have something that prevents them from doing well

    87. Trey Wilkinson

      No one's gonna talk about that fly lol 5:51

    88. Justin Adams

      Nice to see Shining Swarm have a respectable showing--I fondly remember their multiple victory laps on the fidget spinners.

    89. wittay

      Hey, good job Chocolatiers. It may be the Showdown, but a podium's a podium. Proud of ya, guys.

    90. Fornia He

      Come on jungle jumpers!!!!!

    91. Jesse Graas

      It could have been worse but I was so excited for the midnight wisps to get a podium. Maybe next year 😔

    92. Michael H.

      *Kid sees Dad moping over coffee* "What's wrong Dad?" "Limers have been in a free fall for 3 years and desperately need a rebuild. " Hahahaha

    93. Carin Jacobsson

      Jawbreakers really need to do something, because they can't continue like this! So sad!

    94. Kain59242

      Pinkies! Woo!

    95. Master Trams

      Never have I been happier to have the Kobalts as my first choice team. Obvs I have been supporting the Bumblebees this year, but if the Kobalts make it to the finals of the Marble League 2021, any care for the Bumblebees will go straight outta the nearest window!

    96. senorsoupe

      Oh pre-qualifying, how I missed you

      1. senorsoupe

        After watching this, back to back DNPQ's for a couple of teams, quickly becoming the Coloni and EuroBrun of Marble racing

    97. colo

      Oh wow snowballs wont be in the Marble League... Shocking

    98. Jesse Rose

      FlyAldo spotted at 5:51 - 5:52

    99. Selix


    100. Merin

      Who else is here to watch the limers fail to qualify