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    All the highlights, team profile and lore about the Savage Speeders Marble Team performing in various seasons of the Marble League (MarbleLympics).
    NOTES: (please read this before posting comments)
    The Savage Speeders didn't use any doping, we tested them and all results are negative (no doping found).
    MARBULA ONE: I'm currently testing the course, but I need to wait until delivery of the Starting Gate, when i have the Starting Gate, then i can record the M1 races. I will upload more Team Highlights videos until the release of the first M1 race.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. Bhogeswara Rao Vutukuri

      Savage speeders is the best and going to come with the championship in ml 2021 and marbula 1 season 2

    2. Abhijit Zimare

      OG speeders fan since 2016! Boys have smashed it!

    3. mulkytool

      It's a dynasty baby!

    4. Marley Griffin

      Why did they stop doing these

    5. Marley Griffin

      There the patriots of marble sports

    6. J Jardinico

      just gonna say savage speeders is the winner of marblympics 2020

    7. Sixte Albisetti

      Now you need to add the M1 win and the ML2020 to keep this video updated

    8. Michaël Dorfman

      Longue vie aux Fonceurs Sauvages !


      This proves that the Savage speeders are the best team in ML history. #SpeedisKey

    10. matsujonen

      I noticed teams seem to gang up on my hazers whenever they get a chance..... ##HAZEAMAZE

    11. Harrisonthegr8

      You should update it and include Marbula 1 cause we woooooooon #savagespeeders

    12. Falco Bro

      i really do love the green ducks but savage speeders are the best and my favorite. but the savage speeders AND green ducks havent been doing the best in the 2020 marblypics. Can i get a rip

    13. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Marble rally 2019 closing tray

    14. AC - 06DJ 845830 Dolphin Sr PS

      #SpeedIsKey Let's go savage speeders!!

    15. Element

      Can you please do one of these on mellow yellow?

    16. Alana Banana


    17. Dominic Saunders

      #speediskey @Liam

    18. Gareth Savage

      #SpeedIsKey #GoSpeeders #SavageByNameSavageByNature

    19. McMatthew99

      I'm a Limers and Porche fan but I'll hand it to the Savage Speeders, they know what they're doing

    20. Angus Gibson


    21. Elijah Kisner

      Who is a savage speeders fan comment down below NO HATERS

    22. James Crewdson

      I wasn't initially a Savage Speeders fan but their professionalism is incredible and they do the basics right. Combine that with the stand out talent of Speedy and Rapidly and they're a great team to watch in any event!

    23. Lorenzo De Dios

      Thanks Jelle for these highlights. 😊 #SavageSpeedeeeeers!! 🎉

    24. otnat2094

      Okay I have a genuine question. The O'rangers fans cheer is pretty distinctive, hearing the crowd Ooooooo every time they appear, but I also noticed a distinctive high pitch whooping sound that happens whenever Savage Speeders come on... am I right about that? And if so, do we know what the reasoning is behind the choice of that particular fan cheer for this team?

    25. Elijah Kisner

      Savage Speeders biggest rivals O’Rangers Mellow Yellow Thunderbolts Hazers Green Ducks Midnight Wisps Oceanics and Raspberry Racers

    26. [BC] Diffuse雪花飘飘北风萧萧

      This is why they're my favourite fast boi also green ducks my second fav

    27. Sebas Grajeda

      I started watching this channel like 2 years ago and got addicted so I decided to stop then John Oliver reviewed it and decided to come back. Savage speeders where always my favorite and always will be LETS GO SPEEDERS LETS GO.

    28. idris achille

      They are not cheaters #speediskey

    29. Eduarda Zanella Chiquito De Castro

      waiting for 2020 Marblelympics

    30. Tyler Almquist

      Now we need an update to this video (Spoilers for Marbula 1 Season 1 below) Hope to see some Marbula 1 highlights, So happy we won! That last lap almost killed me when Speedy started losing his lead on Mallard. Let’s do it again next year! #SpeedIsKey

    31. Lagiacrus

      Im here from the Final Marbula One race! The Speeders did it, they won the championship, but not only that: Speedy made first place in the race, winning it personally, and also collecting the gold of the individual Racer Championship! That means that in one Race, the Speeders took home not one, not two, but Three individual wins, which are the race victory, Speedys individual Victory as the best of the marbles, and the Overall Championship! Insane, and i was there when it happened!

    32. KANTAPAT Game

      Hazer no...

    33. Latrodectus mactans

      After this Marbula One, we're champions again. :D Never forget that speed is key.

    34. Dirk the work Nowitzki

      Who’s here after they just won marbula 1, been my team since day 1 #speediskey

    35. Claire Beaumont

      I love savage speeders I have been going for them for 3 years and they just won M1 Season 1

    36. Andy Chen

      Podium finish for 3 seasons(1st, 2nd, 2nd). 1st for marbula 1.

    37. Erick Silva

      Sin duda este es el mejor equipo de la historia

    38. collin alvarado

      Been a Savage fan for years, they're all so amazing.

    39. Cookie150g

      My dude, I'd actually pay to see any of this in person XD

    40. Kimberly Weiss

      Does anyone know why Mary is doing so poorly? Does she possibly have an injury? I worry about her.

    41. Elijah Kisner

      These guys are from The U.K.

      1. Elijah Kisner

        I take it back

    42. Robert McGarry

      Always a force to be reckoned with. Those savages....

    43. willlis13

      We need one of these for RN3

    44. Adamaaa aaa

      J saw this now let’s goooooo savage speeders we will get em next year. Screw u orangers

    45. Panda Paw

      Team mo mo highlights

    46. Jbad11_42

      You gotta love it when savage speeders fans come out of nowhere when there's a video about savage speeders... come on people yall seen the last 4 years, I've literally the only one.

      1. Rg 2045

        Jbad11 42 no kidding it hurts seeing the speeder hate

    47. Hafiz Azizi

      I love Savage Speeder!!!!!! Jelle, I AM ON MY KNEES, BEGGING YOU TO INCLUDE SAVAGE SPEEDERS IN MARBLE RALLY AND MARBULA ONE🙏🙏🙏 Would love to see RN3 vs Savage Speeders coz they're both fast man! Please Jelle I'm begging man🙏

    48. Joao Pimpinatti

      My team

    49. Arianna M.

      Why am I so entertained by this

    50. Nancho Party

      It's amazing how marbles can have their own attributes, strengths, and weaknesses in ML. You'd think they'd all perform about the same, but no. Savage Speeders are freakishly good at speed-based events and middling at everything else. It's amazing how a handful of marbles lived up to their name!

    51. Nightingale Dreams

      Savage speeders and definitely my favourite and then it's midnight wisps

    52. Its_ AidanJ

      Do the 2020 marblelypics soon

    53. Timothy Torres

      "SPEED IS KEY!" - JackSepticEye.

    54. Brendan Fitzpatrick

      I'm so glad I was blind, coming into watching this sport. I saw the 2019 E3 Balancing only about nine months ago and before it even began I thought, "I like the Savage Speeders, not just because of their name, but their colors are freakin' amazing!" Lo and behold, they're one of the top dogs! Let's keep it going!

    55. Armilus Anastus


    56. Tedster

      Orangers and Savage speeders are the true dynasties of the marblelympics.

    57. Jason Stark

      I hope we can get one for the Thunderbolts soon. But I know we aren’t the best in league so I can wait. Love your content!

    58. TrailsVonMudder

      yeah sure but Lance Armstrong never tested positive either, so

    59. Amaz Girl

      When is the next marblelympics

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I expect in may 2020

    60. Sour Typhoon025

      I never thought the day I a 20 year old is going to be watching marbles racing ans subscribing to it because no one else on youtube makes quality entertainment anymore.. it's all pandering to vulnerable audiences (99.9999% children most the time.. .0001% mouth breathing morons that buy that bath water girl channel stuff idk anymore what people do).

    61. henny setiawati

      Try to make more highlights after Marbula 1! Try to make OOOOOOOO'rangers and the Rojo Rollers!!

    62. Dave

      *glares at Savage Speeders* Is there a anti-doping policy in this league ?

    63. Vorona Sira

      Can't wait for Oceanics' Team Highlights.

    64. Merin

      Savage speeders are the patriots of the marble league

      1. Elijah Kisner

        And not cheaters

    65. chazmode234 Young

      I’m all chocolatiers and I don’t like the savage speeders but have mad respect for all of their winnings

    66. Denki the Lustrous Luxio

      My favorite team. Where my allegiance lies. The fastest team in Marble League history. Savage Speeders fan for life! #SpeedyVictory

    67. ilham wijanarko

      I wonder which team's manager will be sacked (fired) next year.

    68. Steven rubio

      wow, i... I don't have the words for describe this. The most original IRvision channel in the world.... wow, really wow. you, my friend, you so very original. I'm suscribe and like in all videos IRvision needs more channel like this. you are the best, really, YOU ARE BREATHTAKER, my breathtaker. sorry if I made a mistake, my english that's not professional, I'm mexican, greetings to Monterrey.

    69. B.J.V. Dimafelix

      I do really love the Savage Speeders, they are so strong and very fast. Wish they train so hard and good luck! #SpeedIsKey Little fact: All names from the given team ends with "Y"

    70. Forekinle

      Man do the savage speeders have a cool past!

    71. NATHAN SIU

      Go Sav speeders their my fav team

    72. Sean Dolan

      Ooh. Tour de Vellis! Never herd of that! What is it? And will you bring it back?

      1. StarRocks

        Apparently, it's Le Tour De France, but focuses on the capital city of Vellis (Paris). The Speeders are French, BTW. 🥐

    73. COZO

      This is the best thing I've stumbled upon in a long time. I love it

    74. Hawk

      where is rasp..? our champions..????

    75. Thibaud Ollivier

      Savage speeders

    76. sAYwaTT1000

      If you added some epic music to these videos it would be sooo perfect

    77. Alexandru El

      Mulțumesc, Costel!

    78. Tim Stoddard

      Oh man I hope there is an O'Rangers highlight reel, gotta route for my team!

    79. Will C

      would love to see this done for all the OG teams from 2016

    80. Corwin still lives in 2010

      Best team in the game

    81. Noah Harper

      Do the midnight wisps! THIS IS AWESOME

      1. Noah Harper

        Yeah, the wisps are so cool!

    82. NeatNit

      No link to teespring in the video description? Not cool. Had to go clicking around just to find it. What's that, I could have just typed it in? No way. Damn, all of the team shirts look so good. And I can't get ALL of them! Which should I pick?

    83. Johnny Twice

      Savage Speeders hate them.. but they have the best team

    84. Tath a'Rion

      A respectable team in a respectable sport.

    85. Ozan Alp Dede

      If i am not wrong Savage Speeders has won the title twice not once

    86. Maria Chrzanowski

      Honestly I'm kinda done with the Savage Speeders doing so well. They shouldn't be allowed to qualify for ML2020.

    87. Scarlet Raptors

      Bro when will u upload the marblelympics 2020 qualifiers

    88. Manos

      I hope this is the first video of a series!

    89. MrKevBurns


    90. Ethan Crawley

      Savage spenders gang where you at?

      1. Ethan Crawley


      2. StarRocks

        Right here, Mr. Crawley! #SpeedIsKey 😊

    91. _avds

      #hazeamaze but you now, this savage speeders are always fast!

    92. -

      Speeders be savage!

    93. Tincho Ramos

      I can't wait for the highlights of Melllow Yellow! Cheers from Argentina! #KeepItMellow #KeepItYellow #GoMellowYellow

    94. Mike Symons

      Happy memories...

    95. Undrave

      Ah I see... starting with the most hated team so it's all up from here ;p

    96. MrMp33420


    97. DAGATHire

      following Savage Speeders since foreverrr!!!! sometime we get jipped! But im okay.... im okay... i think im okay.

    98. wizzolo

      my fav team, specifically I'm a fan of Whizzy

    99. RainbowDonutCat

      Who is ready for the ML this year? Just me? Okay.

      1. Nathan Clouse

        RainbowDonutCat yes or it’ll be Season 2 of the Noceanics

      2. RainbowDonutCat

        Nathan Clouse I hope so, they were horrible last year

      3. Nathan Clouse

        RainbowDonutCat I Hope Oceanics qualify but don’t do horrible again

      4. Terry Hunter

        Oh god MEEEEEEE!

    100. 3L4CKN167H

      I'm momofan but the Savage Spedeers are just cracks