MARBLE LEAGUE Winter Special ❄️ E5 Ice Hockey 2021

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the fifth and FINAL event of the Marble League Winter Special: Ice Hockey! This is a special tournament, a gift from us to our fans to show our appreciation and give something back for all your support. Thank you for being with us through all these times and always having our backs. Here's to a great 2021, please enjoy! #MarbleLeague #WinterSpecial
    Regarding on the number of periods: We know that in real ice hockey 3 periods are played per match. However we decided to use 2 periods because:
    1. The video will be too long using 3 periods.
    2. It's more fair for marbles to start one time on the left and one time on the right.
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      1. Augustus Lisecki

        Next time could you make the hockey pucks a bigger

      2. Closets Closets Closets Closets!

        @Grvajhcc Jehtbk I agree to this, also can we bring back Sand Rally for Marblelympics 2021?

      3. Gerbati

        Hey guys I made a song about marbles check it out that’ll be appreciate it!! 😎😎

      4. TheArtmaster67

        I wish you luck on new event of 2021, K?

      5. Random person from Wisconsin

        What size/s of marbles does jelle use for the marble league?

    2. Reza G


    3. Belial61

      Snowballs just tanked for the draft. 2022 is our year, watch out, O’s

    4. john catalogne

      I just thought: the human limpics started with the greeks, so did marble greece exist? If marble greece existed then did marble Zeus? Marble religion? MARBLE REFORMATION? *MARBLE WAR!?*

    5. Haylie McKinney

      ok so not the best year to be a Snowballs fan but I'm glad to see my secondary team Oceanics finally pulled through

    6. jnerdsblog

      Nooooo group play is so much better for this! Regardless, thank you for bringing the event back, love it!

    7. theincrediblepurp

      there are 3 periods in hockey

    8. Guilherme Correa

      Way to go hazers

    9. lamaarvelous

      Get the goalie inside the edge of the perimeter to see more saves 👍

    10. Kenyon Blackmon


    11. Ananya Kundu

      At the ceremony at the very end the music was so well timed.

    12. Bloxing Noob ZERO

      69, nice.

    13. Muhammad Irfan

      Oceanic : its about time

    14. Ain't

      at least team galactic try to reach the stars #teamgalactic

    15. Bolofex


    16. egg

      what are those type of marbles called that are sitting on the top called 0:44

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        The top ones near the starting gate are medical marbles who staff the medical tent in case any of the competitors sustain injuries, such as Starry and Momo from Ice Dash and one of the testing marbles from the bobsled race. The black and white ones sitting at the starting gate are the referees.

    17. Michael Gauthier

      That double OT from the Hazers in the first round... wow! Talk about an exclamation point to a win!

    18. Jeremy Bentham

      It's always tough being a green ducks fan

    19. stiki yt


    20. Joe The Juggalo

      I like this marble hockey set up. Different and seems bigger than the last set up. Crazy thing is 75% of the time I was cheering for a team they would loose. LOL!

    21. Canada Plays

      Wow over already gg oceanics (prob spelt wrong) as a orangers fan (2017) it was close gg

    22. Hakim Walker

      The Oceanics won a Winter Marble League while the Snowballs lost it? Hell has truly frozen over.

    23. DimenXion

      I've been an Oceanic fans since day one and this made me cry as they won.All that hard work paid off.Never give up.Hope to see them do well next year.And gg to the rest of the teams well played

    24. Casey Rubin

      Chocolatiers will be back stronger🍫💪🏾

    25. Elorex

      My favourite teams are Primary, Momo and everyone that's playing against the O'rangers.

    26. vigilantejusticevid

      NEVER A DOUBT #underwatersquad

    27. Clayton Sampaio Terozi

      I've watched it several times but I still don't understand the rules of this game

    28. Gabriel Pantaleon

      TIDE PRIDEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOO BAYBEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! #oceanics #redemption

    29. Jacob G

      Momo's once again did so-so, but kudos to the Oceaniacs. After coming in last on their own hosting, they really needed a redemption. Great to see their hard work and fall training paid off. #TidePride

    30. Anakin Skywalker

      Noo my snowballs 😭😭😭

    31. Romaine Williams F1

      I miss the indigo stars

    32. 607

      Is organ at all related to ice hockey or is this a random choice? I hope Oceanics will still win... :(

    33. AJ Ayala

      Been a fan of thunderbolts since 2017

    34. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      Bruh team galactic bottled it damnit still can’t escape arsenals trophy drought even in marbles

    35. cartograp

      This was not Midnight Wisps' season but we will prevail!

    36. Colton Judy2

      I’ll take that from the Hazers

    37. Jonathan Brown

      For the Hockey, I think a third period should be added as well as the first goal in OT deciding the winner to make it sudden death

    38. Martin


    39. Wynk S

      "Nice one timer!" spoken like a true hockey fan lol

    40. LucAlonso

      What a comeback by O'rangers

    41. Jig Concordia


    42. Dylan Stabilito

      Let’s go I was rooting for the “O’rangers” 2nd place baby

      1. Shannon G

        Lets gooooo O'rangers for the win!!!!!

    43. Pop Goes The Culture

      I was a Ducks fan on the first day I watched this channel and will be a Ducks fan on the last day! That being said, these mediocre overall standings are hard to take when you know you're a top tier team with potential for Gold every week.

    44. Nick Yeeting ButtPlugLord92

      I don't know what's happening but I love it

    45. Bartek Krzywda

      I'm proud of my boys the oceanics just watched the whole thing again. Been supporting them since 2016 the begining and look were they are now

    46. TheStrangeAlchemist

      Finally some good show from Raspberry, too bad we just missed the podium :)

    47. Adelga


    48. Curser

      regular people: lets go RONALDO!!!!!! me: LETS GO CHOCLOTIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Raving Raven

      Hallelujah! The Oceanics finally!

    50. Chris Simmons

      5:44 So, i'm using videos from several different NHL Goal Horn Creators to celebrate goals and wins for each team, and let me just say, this moment for the Savage Speeders led to 3 Washington Capitals Goal Horns playing at the same time, which was inSANE! (If anyone wants to try and recreate this for themselves, i'm using the 2018-19 Version from N2B Goal Horns).

    51. Chris Simmons

      1:28 Jelle's Marble Runs: We're goin to Overtime after the 2nd Period. Real Life Hockey Fans: Wait that's illegal!

    52. iliketoast

      As a hockey player and a Berries fan, this makes me tremendously happy. Good comeback performance by the Racers this season .

    53. Jason

      oceanics nice final score

    54. Austin Todeson

      Hazers hazers hazers

    55. Phil Pritchard

      Galactics cant get a medal for love nor money :|

    56. ariamentio

      as a hazers fan, it feels good to say that the oceanics won the marble league. proud :)

    57. Stux BC4L

      O’Rangers on the final podium and the Savage Speeders not? This was a great Marble League.

    58. Niklas

      Man, Orangers nearly pulled of a great comeback to win it all in the last couple events but the lazy start came back to bite them. But congrats the Oceanics. Huge win for them

    59. Malachi F

      I have always rooted for the Oceanics!

    60. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Please Greg woods please have the savage speeders compete in marbula 1 season 3 but replace rapidly with whizzy swiftly or velocity

    61. Sarita Shrestha

      Man the speeders worked hard but didnt get the gold is there no speeders fans

    62. S FF

      Green ducks continue to be reasonably but unremarkably alright

    63. Angela Somers

      Well done to the oceanics for getting the gold The O'rangers for getting the silver And The Hazers for getting the bronze



    65. Nick Domino

      Love you're videos 😍

    66. Derek Choate

      I never thought the Oceanics would win I’ve been a fan of them ever since the first marble olympics 😁

    67. Blaze Mon

      Lol found roldo at 0:35

    68. Alex Smith

      How come the marbles are not socially distancing

    69. Kasper Coppens

      very talanted!!

    70. A Z

      Why dont you get NHL team custom marbles and run a full NHL season with playoffs?

    71. Ulvetann

      Dangit. I am almost 50 and now I want to play with Lego again. Internet, what are You doing to me?

    72. Guillaume Pinson

      Where are my Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo's at ?? Whatna comeback from a bad first part of the competition ! Very proud of you my citrus !

    73. Lee Dawkins

      2nd AGAIN 😩😩 Orangers gona clean up in the summer though

    74. Mr Manuels

      I just discovered this channel today and I am already glued to it.

      1. Mr Manuels

        @Jacob G Ok cool

      2. Jacob G

        Its a good ride. Hope you go back and enjoy the earlier Marblympics

    75. Volker Durre

      I love this event. Maybe the magnets could be moveable not fixed in place?

    76. {CB} Stijn Nennie

      marble mania?

      1. [DS] oxzyy

        Ja ahahahah

    77. Mista Measor

      Let’s go. Been an oceanics fan for years now and we finally got a win

    78. Psyklax

      My Snowballs. Rock bottom. In a Winter Marble League. This is a tragedy. Don't @ me, Oceanics fans, we remember, but still...

    79. Patel Inaxi

      You the new shade of pink the Pinkies used, they should use it forever

    80. Darius Barnard

      Orangers=greatest team of all time

    81. Cosmic bandido

      No I go and buy some iceberg water to celebrate the CHAMPIONS!!

    82. threex1

      This was not a good marble league for the wisps

    83. Abdirahman Osman

      marble rally 2021, jelle?

    84. James Shepherd

      Why I enjoy this I do not know but I do oh so very much :)

    85. salamipitza

      every time something went the oceanics way they find a way to choke it away edit: the o'chokers stroke again

    86. Wiz Skinz


    87. verydump • 27 years ago • edited

      *John de Mol entered the chat*

    88. DrillNDeckur

      Hey, atleast Orangers podiumed!

    89. James Blackburn

      Wisps are going all the way next year

    90. Matthew Broussard

      Upset about o’rangers not taking the dub😞

    91. Ash Rucker

      Damn, galactic put up a fight but lost it at the end

    92. Muhammad Altaf

      I don't understand , can't stop crushing over Hazers . #HazeAmaze

    93. Benjamin Ward


    94. Black Flash

      #GOOOOOO ORANGERS!!! Can’t complain about second!! As long as we are ahead of the Savage Speeders!!

    95. Rook Iets

      Maat ik wens je het beste !!!, fack de mol met ze tyfus knikkerbaan

    96. Fotos & Recuerdos

      GO HAZERS🚀🎉

    97. JuJu

      am very happy that corona is not influencing everywhere. Love good sports and of course congrats to the Oceanics

    98. Gem Taylor-Moore

      YES! First time I’ve found Roldo.

    99. Ed de Jager

      Jelle +1 John -1

    100. ChurroDoughnut

      Screw the Orangers and screw the Savage Speeders.