MARBLE LEAGUE Winter Special ❄️ E1 Ice Dash 2021

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the first event of the Marble League Winter Special: Ice Dash! This is a special tournament, a gift from us to our fans to show our appreciation and give something back for all your support. Thank you for being with us through all these times and always having our backs. Here's to a great 2021, please enjoy! #MarbleLeague #WinterSpecial #2021
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Wow what a race! 🤩 Could you please share and like this video to let people know about the Marble League Winter Special? 🙏 Thank you so much! Jelle, Dion and team JMR

      1. Adrian Marquez

        @Sindre Nygaard Sørensen There wasn't a qualifier

      2. Sindre Nygaard Sørensen

        Was there a qualifying round to enter the Winter League Special this year? I can't seem to find one. Just wondering about how Limers are doing. It's just not the same without your favorite team, you know?

      3. Raygan

        Will Smoggy do a meet and greet?

      4. Orel Lusilao Lumba

        @Adrian Marquez you welcome

      5. Adrian Marquez

        @Orel Lusilao Lumba bro, AWESOME!!!

    2. HJ 617

      When can we start betting on these?!

    3. Eliza i

      these camera angels and zoom-ins are on point 😂😂😂 the team hashtags and slogans are hilarious too lololol 🤣

    4. Kyanite

      Midnight Wisps are a different team when it comes to winter special, LETS KEEP THE DOMINANCE GOING

    5. Jesse Caron

      This is soo dumb yet i watch every épisode 🤣 Love it

    6. art19194

      Please do marble ski jump

    7. Atharv Shrivastava

      Bro you are doing very hard work to entertain. Verryy good

    8. Hegemon

      #crazycatseyes 💞💞

    9. Bone Gem

      Snowballs and Chocolitiers are my favs

    10. Muhammad Irfan

      What a close competition

    11. Jon Beckham

      Just partook in some vitamin vaping and watched the whole video. I really am speechless.

    12. Pierre O'Connor

      Being a Team Galactic fan is hard... Always good but never good enough

    13. y ch 1

      Waste of time

    14. Vinay Kapadia

      Smoggy got off to a slow start, but really hauled marble there at the end. Just a little longer course and he might have had gold. #HazeAmaze

    15. ShadowNinja

      Are Momo fans taking new followers? With my jungle jumpers out I need a new team to root for

    16. matt

      we gotta keep putting in blue eye for these speed events !! #eyesontheprize !!CCE

    17. Izzur Rohman


    18. Mason Pitcher

      The fact the The Thunderbolts qualify and always finish last is sad. Why can we get one good season.

    19. Megan Sendatch

      This entire channel is ART

    20. Super Thunder

      I remember in the 2019 marbleympics that the raspberry racers cheated in one of the races and got first place just with a warning im still pretty mad they took a race from team Galactic like that

    21. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      The sidemen really introduced me to this golden channel

    22. Jaii1234

      my bois CCE did it les go

    23. Charan Vijay

      I'm new to your channel buddy....but the content here is top notch. Love your videos and superb effort. Keep it up and thanks a lot for the content 🙏

    24. Prod. By 50


    25. Oliver Sadler

      I'm a mellow yellow fan 😐😂

    26. Ooh Horror movie

      Do a custom sidemen race

    27. Dee DoubleU

      Mate you are so epic. The talent involved to make marble racing entertaining... what a legend!

    28. Aby23

      My love for this channel cannot be expressed in words. This videos always make my day😀

    29. Internet Mouse

      The Olympics in quarantine :

    30. Stan Jurgens

      Red number 3👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    31. Crystalguysnl Nl

      Yo jelle je was op marble mania was het daar leuk?


      GOOOOOOOOO HAZERS!!!!!!!!!

    33. Jem

      Glad to hear Momo’s okay!! Can’t blame him for being cautious given his history. To come away with a bronze, too - truly fantastic. Well done, Momo!

    34. Turquoise Screen

      Never heard of a 1080p50 quality before

    35. K Dill

      So how long till EA comes in takes, and ruin this??

    36. Dee Landers

      How did I get here and how the heck did I lose 2 hours. Is there a way to purchase an Orangers Jersey for the Mrs. She used to call me a fool now she too can call herself a fan.

    37. Epic Adam

      The Pinkies are back

    38. Joshua Johnson

      No mellow yellow

    39. Franco Alejandro Gonzalez Torres

      No limers :(

    40. Rui Moreira

      Incredible races, what a rush!

    41. Zachary Snyder


    42. Kyo Kurosagi

      hmmm, I wonder how marble medical check on OTHER marble?

    43. Brandon Hutsell

      Man this is so damn good KEEP IT UP!!

    44. Archie dog

      Wait, WHERE ARE THE LIMERS??!!

    45. Kyle Sutcliffe

      Placing my bets on Raspberry Racers!!!!

    46. Brandon Shafer

      Of course the Oceanics have to dash my hopes in the first round 😭

    47. Willem

      Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Blue Eye!

    48. August Pitatties

      I love the O'rangers team cheer lol

    49. H. Helm

      Love for his fans and their encouragements made #Quacky wander off to their side - throwing away a sure victory.#lovedetour #greenducks

    50. C.S.R

      Sand marble rally! Please do more than just one tournament this year! They are so fun! *Red#3* is my favorite!

    51. Charan St Luc


    52. Tyler Rolnick

      green ducks always giving me the hope from the first race

    53. Zane Shoning

      Is this supposed to be Marble League 2021?

      1. Jeremiah Clemente


    54. Laura Humphreys

      I miss the Limers :'(

    55. Ghoomly


    56. The King Crab


    57. Andrei M


    58. DinoMaster

      I join again to see oceanics throwing immediately

    59. krowking123

      LETS GO RASPBERRY RACERS!!!! Edit: 4th place finish, I’ll take that!!! Consistency is the Raspberry name of the game!!!

    60. Cheetahgirl27

      They are not doing my team😢

    61. mat parsons

      The effort that this guy puts into these videos is nothing short of incredible.

    62. Miguy 613

      I’m so sad I just found this channel

    63. Rivaldo Rehatta

      Raspberry and Red Number 3 fan here 😊

    64. Scry Pipe


    65. Azraelle

      Team Momo: gets ML record, still comes in third. But hey, at least they're doing well for a change, despite that little medical mishap.

    66. Mr. Steee

      Shot on iPhone Was it. it looked like it

    67. GD TYATL

      It still seas 2020

    68. GD TYATL

      Is this marble pics 2021

    69. Tim Fearon


    70. Xairathan

      Is there a Marble League equivalent to the White Sox curse? Because I feel like someone out there has it out for Team Momo. Glad to see they're still in shape even after so many years in the league. Here's hoping for a season without injury for anyone

    71. Rory O'Kane

      Seeing Red Number 3 at the Meet and Greet made this video.

    72. Lea Ho


    73. FERNANDØ

      Good start for Snowballs #SnowMuchFun

    74. Austin Sherman

      Lets go crazy cats eyes!!!

    75. sick0arabmonke

      i didn’t check on this channel for a while

    76. Aniyah Parker Nelson

      Do all these videos link up? If so, which order are we supposed to watch it in? By the way, I love these videos =D

    77. TyTReDEyEs FPP

      The hottest innovation in decades 🎯💯❤ This is my new guilty pleasure in the wild world of sports

    78. Diyo Muyumba


    79. Mystery_1011

      So is the marble league 21 or just a special

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        Just a special.

    80. Carlos Valenzuela

      Where is John oliver

    81. Piotr Grzyb

      Where is Mellow Yellow?!?

    82. Ryan

      Thunderbolts- we suck again!

    83. Kevin Tramell

      Why is it not called the marble-lympics anymore?

      1. Kevin Tramell

        @Jelle's Marble Runs well that is a serious bummer.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Because the IOC declined it.

    84. aaron silvera


    85. Adnane Amara

      That jump by Blue Eyes was lit. He is a veterant athlete and he knows how to win his races.

    86. Gabe St.pierre

      As a thunderbolts fan........*all I feel is pain*

    87. João Paulo Adler Gomes da Costa

      6:18 - I was very surprised at the jump by Blue Crazy Cat's Eye. I am in Awe by the fact that he still got second in that semifinal, and even went to win the event! Well done, Blue! On a more serious note, I think there is reason for Cat's Eye (or any of the marble's teams, actually) to lodge a formal complaint on the organizing committee regarding this event. Please consider: The hop was almost surely due to the a defect in the course, or the presence of a grain, or something similar. It could have had serious consequences for any marble, derailing their race or even making them leave the course! Fortunately none of that happened, but one must consider the safety of any marble in all races.

    88. Matthew 2400000

      Oceanics picking up where we left off.

    89. Preston

      Wait where are my jungle jumpers?

    90. Diver Dhal

      o'rangers won but it was stolen at 04.46 belief me it's true i have the evidence stop the steal

    91. Chinua Nwokedi


    92. Sean Jackson

      I notice there is no mask wearing. I hope all of the fans have been properly tested.

    93. Lumierre

      I'm really glad there is no pandemic in the Marble Universe. Look at that full stadium. It's been a while since I saw one in any sports though.

    94. 4inchesofpleasure

      LOL Clementin gets the 4th best time yet we don't make it out of the Group Stage 🤦🏻‍♂️

    95. alberto garcia riego

      The two marbles starting first and second were getting first and second place in the race... So not a good system

    96. The Berry Bunch

      I think the savage speeders have gotten top three in every marble league and winter marble league

      1. The Berry Bunch

        I think there the team that has the most medals in both leagues

    97. 10 Kayed

      Orangers luv u

    98. thewceend

      De enige echte MarbleRun. SBS pleegt pure plagiaat. #TeamJelle

    99. Ethan Mendiola

      Slip sliddin' away reference to Paul Simon👌

    100. sheheryar danish