Marbula One Season 2: GP7 Raceforest RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    Who will get the win today? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
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    1. DJ Žanis

      The camera work was quite terrible :(

    2. Sparky

      I have to do this in school, but I don't do the work I watch this instead B)

    3. Hudson K

      Watches drive to survive once.

    4. Chickenwang24

      Yellup moving up!!!!

    5. Jude Amogabe

      RED EYE IS MY FAVE...But I cant forget team just hurts that they aren't what they used to be

    6. OzwaldCobblepot85

      This was such an exciting race! As a Snowballs fan I was thrilled to see ❄Snow storm jump 11 places! Wow!

    7. Derek Arredondo

      RIOT! Reply chain "🔱 &🔦" PITCHFORKS ANDTORCHES OUT EVERYBODY. Not even a fan of any other team but oceanics but RIOT

    8. Chris Michels

      Seriously Billy, did you forget that you're in a race?

    9. Joey Cross

      Love how Ocean went up to second at one point, shook between the midspots for most of the race, then fell to 12th by the end of it. 😑.

    10. Mees Verkoulen

      Wow snowstorm form 16th to 5th amazing

    11. Saul Tigh

      What are those track pieces from?

    12. HoodieSticks

      It's been so long since the Raspberry Racers were top contenders, that I wonder if Razzy deliberately started falling back after the yellow. Maybe she knew she couldn't win, so she just wanted the chance to be a kingmaker of sorts.

    13. Eka Fidel Mohammad

      Why tf you keep the camera on razy at the the couple last laps????

    14. Izzat Ilmin

      Good job Snowstorm

    15. Gamecrab101

      I think if orangin takes one on one tutoring with clementin to work on his corners and turning he will be lethal because clementin is kinda slow and orangin is fast

    16. Snownout

      2021 has been a rough time to be a raspberry racer fan so far. Least we crushed hockey for the gold

    17. Ryan McNeal

      Bolt killing it again!!! This is a much better season then last year.

    18. mulkytool

      I don't blame Razzy one bit, gotta fight for every minor victory, even if its just not getting lapped.

    19. Chris Stocks

      Wospy what are you doing mate?

    20. Marvin Tillman

      SPOILERS!!!!!! What a race! Sorry I am late folks, but this race was amazing! Grand Prix 7 of Marbula One Season 2 had amazing highs with Snowstorm, Pulsar, and Yellup of the Snowballs, Team Galatic, and Mellow Yellow jumping over 5 places each to depressing lows with our pole sitter Rima of Team Primary dropped 13 places. The Battle for first was long match of back and forth with Red Eye and Speedy and Razzy throwing down to shake things up as well. The overall scores have changed too, with the Thunderbolts jumping into 2nd place with a 3rd place finish and the biggest jump/drop being a tie between the Savage Speeders jumping 4 places into 7th place and the Snowballs jumping 4 places into 11th place! All of the other changes in overall score are small but make a difference with 9 drops and 6 jumps. With that, I say goodbye to you until the next Qualifier/Grand Prix. TILL NEXT TIME!

    21. Drew Benner

      Never been more embarrassed to be a Raspberry Racers fan - and that's kind of saying something...

    22. Marie Kuelbs

      Me a Raspberry Racers fan 👁👄👁

    23. fallen_egg

      I’m going insane I’m watch marbles race lmao

    24. Mr Worldwide

      You really should do a tik tok

    25. Aisha and Za unicorn sprinkles unicorn

      when is the momoterway qualifiers happening

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Premiere just opened now.

    26. Hani’s world

      Any problem.because no premiere is gp8 qualifications today right? I am sending in this because there is no other video that is latest than this.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Premiere launching soon. Please check channel homepage or notifications.

    27. TT-lover

      Looks like Crazy Cat's Eyes are back to their top shape after that disappointment on Arctic Circuit. Also great job Yellup, finishing 6th today. I was scared that we won't see him in his top shape after that incident. But Billy... Maybe he was a bit cocky after that win on Arctic? I hope to see him in better form next time, what a disappointment.

    28. furrybumper

      Can we propose some form of budget cap? The cat's eyes are so dominant, it's not fair for the other teams. I'd suggest reduced time in the wind tunnel at least!

    29. kambing hitam

      speedy at 2nd, rapidly is hopless.

    30. joosee_sc


    31. HAZER_Batz


    32. Ariel Ortiz

      FIMR ( Federation International of Marble Racing ) M1

    33. Alex Fotland

      I just wanted to understand what this is, but it is strangely captivating.

    34. Voltage Digital

      Hell yeah! GO THUNDERBOLTS!

    35. D D

      Wow. Pulsar didn’t screw up for once. Until he lost 3rd place, that is.

    36. MightyManotaur22

      Billy really dropped the ball in this one

    37. Jen PW

      Well between this and the Ice Hockey event we now know what the Racers specialty is: body checking other marbles

    38. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Good job red eye

    39. nebr1/6 usanebr

      these races are wild. too much fun, and the science. wow

    40. Wendy Snelgrove

      Snowstorm comes from 16th to a quite respectable finish. Surprising, and elating!

    41. Zaperator 44

      Red Eye is a MONSTER, one of the greatest now on...

    42. CIRCLE K

      nice video It's the same way I'm making a video, please visit my channel :D

    43. Azhan Mursyid

      Crazy cat's eye have more points than ball of chaos, mellow yellow, limers, oceanics, minty maniacs and jungle jumpers combined!

    44. Ferdinand Darbon

      I am so proud of being a CCE fan right now.

    45. Theodoros Maheras


    46. The Grind

      Where can I get your standing seating so my Father in law can showcase his marble collection like how you show your stadium of denizens?

    47. Víctor Tonatiúh Romero López

      Waiting for the race no.8

    48. Jovan Rafael

      Razzy: i was 1 lap behind red eye/speedy..... how about u? Snowstorm:Well, i started last and ended up fifth somehow.....

    49. Jackson Buller

      Pulsar performed freakin' well this race. #ReachForTheStars

    50. Totalx

      This is the first race ive watched this season. Did the Hazers not qualify :,( I still got my thunderbolds though

      1. Totalx

        @Jeremiah Clemente they have been so consistent, what a shame. Thanks though. I haven’t watched marble events since last summer I’d say, but this kinda rekindled my interest in it😂

      2. Jeremiah Clemente

        In the qualifier videos, which aired before this race, Smoggy did not qualify.

    51. OrangeCRUSH 480

      Heading into the second year. How is it not painfully obvious to everybody else that these tracks drastically favor certain marbles over others how the raspberry razors consistently get their asses kicked on these tracks while being one of the best teams when it comes to water sand and ice races is absolutely absurd

    52. Memewind_Gaming_420

      GP7 ENGINE, GP7

    53. raf

      Once again #eyesontheprize

    54. Odio

      Speedy is just carrying the Savage Speeders

    55. Marble Run

      Nice race!

    56. HardRockSalt

      Boy I wanted Razzy to be lapped.

    57. Tyrell Samuels

      Gave this a dislike. There was a certain bit of information at the end that I wish I didn't know.

    58. Gal Dagon

      Razzy is my spirit marble.

    59. Jack C.

      Oh no! I've been away for a while, but will be sporting my Midnight Wisps shirt next time! #WeGotThis

    60. Alan

      If Crazy Cat's Eyes keeps winning, i'll quit

    61. Shubham Kanojiya

      OMG... This is so damm satisfying ♥️🔥🔥

    62. Tecwyn Jones

      As a Galactic fan myself, I'm glad to see that Pulsar has learnt from Stary: held off at the qualifiers and rolled right into 4th at the end. Gotta maintain that energy for the big day! #ReachForTheStars

    63. Centersphere

      Did RDI and SPDY end up filing a complaint? I mean, RAZ was absolutely not complying with the blue flags, in my opinion.

    64. Cordelia Cullen

      Hurray Crazy Cats Eyes! MVP marble is def Razzy, controlling the race from the rear 😂

    65. King Roboshi

      red eye is going ham this season

    66. foluso famokun

      I absolutely love your videos only one problem.......... Post more videos please I love them

    67. Joe The Juggalo

      Hippo Cats Eyes! Red Eye did a awesome job. I feel bad for Razzy though. At least they stayed in there and not got lapped.

    68. dmann7143

      At this point I'm just happy if the Wisps get a top 16 :P

    69. Dj McGonigal

      You know I can't help but feel that JMR needs to update their track system. Bill's tracks at Racing Marble's League just flat-out look better. The way his track pieces connect seamlessly to each other just looks cleaner and more professional than the system Jelle's is still using. JMR has such incredibly cool track designs and their events are so well done, it is a shame that the track system itself is falling behind.

    70. Jack’s Marble racing

      Where do you get your track

    71. KentoCommenT

      BRO if I find out that MARY sneaked into this race I'm gonna launch her INTO THE STRATOSPHERE!!! Those are times that Rima would never achieve but the egg which is Mary has perfected over the years! PLUS FIFTEEN SECONDS?!!?

    72. Stan Vanhie

      Limelime had several problems in T8 at the right of your screen 6:00

    73. Остап Породко

      Not even dissapointed with o`rangers. it is just expected this season. Some other teams are just faster. hope for next season

    74. Mohd. Fahd

      Team Galactic closing in on their favoured 5th spot as usual. If only there was a trophy for finishing 5th. 😪

    75. Brandon

      This track is so trash lmao!!!! Why is there areas where you can get stuck at???

    76. Marwa K

      is this what it takes for the raspberry racers to finally be shown on camera?

    77. togawe

      Wow after a great run in Q1, Red Eye really pulled off an amazing race here! Props to Speedy for a great challenge, and to Razzy for fighting hard and not giving up!

    78. Gian Frances Cruz

      Should've been a black flag for Razzy or a penalty

    79. Alex O

      Jelle's is really onto something with this!

    80. Angela Somers

      When will you have a new banner?

    81. StrangerThanString

      Good run by Pulsar!

    82. newironside

      What a hype race. Congratz to Redeye and hats off to Saftey Marble. I wouldn't have the courage to do what he does.

    83. Cedric Sealy

      Speedy for Hall of Fame

    84. Cedric Sealy

      Crazy cats eye are hungry!

    85. Timothy Torres

      Thunderbolts get the podium and the Kobalts stay in the Top 10.

    86. Timothy Torres

      This series needs F1 sound effects.

    87. Leo

      Me as a CCE fan during last laps: -Move your @$$ Razzy -Thank you Razzy -Damnit Razzy!!! -I love you Razzy

    88. louielouie95

      We Need A Desert Race

    89. louielouie95

      I Would Love A GP Race In The Desert Or Underwater

    90. at0micsheep

      The stadiums in the videos are what impress me most

    91. Jennifer Hayes

      You are AMAZING for what you do. My 4yr old son has pretty severe autism and has been obsessed with your marble races for almost a yr now. Literally NOTHING can calm him down when he gets upset and we would just have to wait it out. That was until we came across your videos. I can put on one of your races and no exaggeration within seconds he's focus on the races and it pulls him out of the emotional crisis he gets into. As a mother whom wasn't prepared for the Autism bc he wasn't born with it. It progressed after he 2nd yr vaccines. So I was literally in tears every day bc just not knowing how as a mother I can calm and soothe my child is devastating. You truely have been a welcomed staple in our daily lives. I can't thank you enough for how you've positively impacted my family and made life so much more enjoyable. My little man will be turning 5 in a few weeks and we decided to give him a marble birthday party and hoping that he's drawn into the using them in real life. In my heart of hearts I know this is gonna open such a huge door for him as far as calming him down and finding sonething that will excite him get his head and hands working together. All that being said, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea where to even begin as far as where to get marbles. I had NO IDEA just how much all of the marbles stuff was gonna cost. As having a child whose developed severe autism spending that kind of money is not an option. So i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, so I can still have his marble birthday he's so looking forward too. I sincerely from the bottom of my heart and my families hearts we can't thank you enough for the calm that you have brought into our lives. I'm gonna leave my email bc I won't remember to check back at this video for the comments. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

    92. S FF

      Was not Billy's course this Worst qualifying weve seen from him and then dropping so many places in the actual race It's a miracle we are still in a podium spot overall

    93. Kellan Ogle

      I got green ducks all the way

    94. Cassandra Nugent

      Anyone else think that Razzy should have a grid drop in their next race? Just me?

    95. Nathaniel Espinoza


    96. Turtle

      Anybody else notice green ducks fell 11 places in the first lap?

    97. Francesco Bianchetti

      What a battle! I'm sad for Rima and team primary, my fav team! 😥😥😥

    98. Tom Witty

      I don't mean to cry foul, but have the Cat's Eyes been checked for performance enhancers?

    99. Matt Gieseke

      I thought 2021 would be the year of the Oceanics, but turns out it’s just back to business as usual

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        It is their first year in the Marbula One, so maybe they just need some experience (like ML 2016, where they placed 10th). Either that or they are saving it for the Marble League 2021.

    100. Alang Koyoss

      I'm really looking forward to race 8