Marbula E Race 5: NEW YORK M-Prix (Formula E with MARBLES!)

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    Welcome to the 5th qualifiers and marble race of the Marbula E project! 12 marbles representing the real Formula E teams will compete with each other on a course with a conveyor belt, to allow multiple laps and even more exciting racing.
    === ATTENTION: ===
    Please read this first before posting comments!
    - Marbula E Race 6 New York has been taken offline due to a copyright claim and multiple issues in the video.
    - This series is a commission from Envision Racing for a crossover between JMR and Formula E
    - This video has double commentary starring Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls.
    - Some marbles have the same colors as the our M1 or ML teams, however there is no actual connection.
    - The Marbula E project is in no relation to our other series!
    - This video is edited by the Formula E team, the graphics and different as in the Marbula One.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls
    Editing: Formula E
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    1. Not You

      A Le MArbol (Le Mans) race one a year would be cool! 24 hours of racing. Wonder who would win.

    2. Aryan's wonderworld

      8000th like.

    3. Mohamad Riyaadh

      Commentary sounds very professional

    4. Lucas Wilcox

      where did you get those tracks?

    5. HITMAN 360

      Love porsche!

    6. Derek McClelland

      i like your marble runs

    7. Derek McClelland

      audi:who is that techeetah:its me.

    8. Sporek

      Where is London GP❓😟

    9. The Overtons

      When is race 6? 😃

    10. Ciro Giliberti

      quanti eventi sono?

    11. JBBZXY

      Rip race 6?

    12. Your favourite Fish

      Supporting bmw is hard i guess

    13. Ivan Perez

      Where is RACE 6?!?!?!?!

    14. Clyde Veigas

      When will Race 6 Premier?

    15. The Saint

      Good job audi!!

    16. Paolo Guerrero

      Where is the Marbula E Rac 6: London?!?!

    17. PicNic004

      When is the 6th race taking place? Have the marbles arrived at their destination yet?

    18. Pernell Brodie

      Nissan needs to fire their crew chief.

    19. Jörg Albert Königseder

      Go Techeetah!!!

    20. Vanilla •

      I'm impressed with Jaguar handling. They look smooth on the corners.

    21. Spacemaster 13

      I love y’all 💜💜💜

    22. Ismadi Mohdnor

      Now marbula E at past marbula 1

    23. XMorbidReignX

      TMW you're more invested in Marbula E racing than you are with F1 at the moment

    24. Stuart Monks

      How long did it take to make the starting credits :P

    25. kenthehobo

      Will you repost the London race?

    26. lookingatyouforever

      Cant wait for Race 6! Huge supporter of Porche since race 1!

      1. lookingatyouforever

        @Ollie Fuggle Well...damn! What a bummer..

      2. Ollie Fuggle

        Look at description

    27. Théo Tuerlinckx

      Mercedes thank you so much for this job, nice season, hope to see you in Jakarta again

    28. Morgan Bradshaw

      Does anyone know what happened in the last race or has it not happened yet

      1. Ollie Fuggle

        Look at description

    29. Unicorn Bunny

      Where's the link to race 6? Cant find video.

      1. Ollie Fuggle

        Look at description

    30. Nelson Fischer

      Me @ race 1: What the hell is this?! . . Me @ race 5: GOOOO DS TECHEETAH!!! 🥉🎉


      The ones that lead laps were BMW I, AUDI, TECHEETAH and PORSCHE

    32. Nic3Guy Gaming

      whoa!!! OMG HE IS NOW A REAL DEAL!!!! congrats Jelle!!!

    33. mgfan81

      Mercedes win the first race, and then think they can just sit back on it...that's what happened.

    34. Bryan Foster Poloni

      Let's go Techeetah!!! Amazing racing, i see Marbula One and Marbula E in the last two days. I love this kind of racing. From Chile, Congrats!!! I hope to see Santiago Race.

    35. Ana Ibarra

      Why did you delete Race 6

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        they still havent reupload

      2. Suntan Ironman

        @FoxyFan13 Entertainment Ah, I see. Thank you.

      3. FoxyFan13 Entertainment

        @Suntan Ironman of this video

      4. Suntan Ironman

        According to what description? (And thank you for answering, if you know the information.)

      5. FoxyFan13 Entertainment

        @Suntan Ironman according to the description there was copyright issues as well as editing issues. I’m hoping that they will fix and reupload it after the Winter Tournament is over.

    36. Lil Pizzarollz

      What marble are u guys with? I'm always with porsche

    37. SIDYfe4r

      Supporting Nissan in Marbula E, feels like supporting Williams in F1 😭

    38. CuriosityRocks

      Great race 😁

    39. DY

      Not a competent use of the advantage by mahindra, next season perhaps

    40. Satrio Wahyu

      Nissan needs to change their marble for sure. 😥😥😥

    41. Luka Vukovic

      Thank god Mercedes isnt first at least there... Coming from Ferrari F1 fan 😁

    42. Mohamad Firmansyah Umati

      when the next race? Go Techeetah

    43. Steve Zeoke

      I had to comment because they were at 66...

    44. potatopotatoe

      When Greg said, 'the marbles have had some time to prepare for this' 💀 how does jack not burst into laughter? 😂

    45. IVÁN Pallardó

      Marbula E is the BEST competición of marbles! Do It most fast than others competititions NIO333 and TECHEETAH are the BEST

    46. DiscoSamurai

      Is Last Week Tonight still a sponsor?

    47. Toreetmon

      This track was very tight, and very difficult for the drivers!

    48. Bearwolfrider

      Wait I’m from Iowa. What part of iowa are you from

    49. SuperPepperMint


    50. Marie-Julienne Pradal

      It good because I like Porshe

    51. Bayu Harnanto

      They named "dragon" but run like snail 🤦

    52. Daniel O'Connor

      Am I the only one who reaaly wants to know how these are recorded?

    53. nriqueog

      I can't IMAGINE the drama going on right now in the Mercedes Benz pit? OMG!

    54. buffalo wt

      Exciting racing, amazing commentators, and great quality. I just cant seem to get into this series for some reason.

    55. Just relax. Everything ́s fine!

      this is just for analytics! because the content stands for itself...

    56. ShapeShifterMinizen1

      Sad to see Andretti motorsport team struggle to keep the pace up with the other marbles, hope there would be a new season for them to find more time for testing. Their marble definitely has the pace and the speed for the title!!

    57. keith hughes

      Porsche looked amazing on that qualifying lap

    58. SyriusStar Multimedia

      This is so perfect that it must be proof that the entire universe is intellectually and intelligently designed. These 2 announcers are a little too perfect.

    59. Brian Smith

      Marble League is the BIG draw for Jelle's (rightfully so) but now we're getting Sand Rally (my Fave), the end of Marbula E, AND the start of Marbula One Season 2 - Great Time for Marble Racing !! -- This Track was well done, especially Liked the Cam at Track Level at that turn

    60. Brian Smith

      Marble League is the BIG draw for Jelle's (rightfully so) but now we're getting Sand Rally (my Fave), the end of Marbula E, AND the start of Marbula One Season 2 - Great Time for Marble Racing !! -- This Track was well done, especially Liked the Cam at Track Level at that turn

    61. Sven Müller

      Hmm. How often did they run the race until they got Mercedes bad enough for a thrilling last eprix....Same with orangers in the marbleleague. Im out of this. Definetly enjoyed it more in the past when it was about performence and not drama

    62. WebTheSnail

      Audi might be 10th, but at least we're not Nissan.

    63. JoserPoser

      Mercedes at 69 points? It was all planned

    64. valveman12

      I'm watching marbles roll down a track...Man, I hope this pandemic is over soon! What next? Watching wallpaper change color...😈

    65. Rexthegeck Gaming

      Someone tell me when the next race is plz

    66. Matěj Horný

      so frustrating watching nissan fail again and again

    67. DontRobMe13

      whoever decided to use this camera shot deserves a salary raise! Great angle, great shot. you can see the marvelous speed of the racers

    68. Jarrod Adamson

      Oof Mercedes

    69. J W

      Everyone flaming Envision but what about Nissan guys? Also how did we fall so far that we ended up last this race?

    70. Corliss Emery

      I think Joelle should partner with F1 and have Will Buxton co-commentate

    71. Atlas

      This is so great every time!

    72. Anthony Barratt

      Also NIO 333 are 5th were doing well.

    73. Anthony Barratt

      What went wrong with BMW i This was their worst performance

    74. AntiTheory

      Man, why does Techeetah always have to choke when in 1st?

    75. cyphr sphyr

      I find myself cheering a little too much for a fraking marble hashtagAUDI

    76. MrSaywutnow

      Wow, Jack wasn't pulling his punches with those remarks about Envision. I would've expected that kind of commentary from James Hunt.

    77. OneMorning

      Where to buy colored marbles? I can't find anything

    78. AppleLauda

      I miss formula e (I love it when the cars do burnout before start)

    79. Cameron Webb

      There is no way the New York circuit look like that. Way too difficult with the wrong kinds of corners

    80. TehWhiteTiger

      When Marble D1 is more diverse than actual F1

    81. Warren Victor

      whats popping

    82. TSA Brawl Stars

      !OMG! porshe and audi are my fauvorites!

    83. Latrodectus mactans

      As an Audi fan who kept getting crushed, this was the moment I had been waiting for so long. :D

    84. Richard van Henegouwen

      I’m sorry to see there’s no masks and social distancing in the stands

    85. Styles Marshall

      Y'all remember when we all just watched these as a joke? I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I take marble racing more serious than everything but football

    86. da0ud

      What are the odds for nissan to finish in the bottom 3 in all races...

    87. willeodsson

      Yeah, Porsche!!!!!

    88. Gabriel Moreno

      just imagine how hard this is to edit

    89. Travis Ingram

      i never expected to love marble racing so much. you guys are amazing

    90. Ekin Topuz

      12:52 I'm sad the camera cuts during the great takeover of Jaguar

    91. Vico Yandiansyah

      come onn, more this video😍😍😍 continuous the marbula E🔥🔥🔥🔥

    92. Kiel Meakin

      Why is Legal Eagle doing voice overs for these races?

    93. Jeff Allen

      Anyone else get deliriously happy when Jack uses Gregisms like "penultimate?"

      1. Rosetta C

        He does that all the time when calling Formula E. If I didn't know better I'd guess Greg might've picked it up from Jack!

    94. Rayan Perera

      Are all the marbles the same size weight etc.? Is it a spec series? and what are the differences between the marbles if any

    95. Gautham Roopesh

      Mercedes thought it was Marbula 1 in they beginning, then they realized it was marbula e

    96. Ashley Singh

      this has got to be the best marketing on planet Earth, to get people excited about Marbles racing, the precision commentary/lore, the attention to detail in the stands/tracks, the collabs, sponsoring by Tonight with John Oliver, all over watching non sentient objects racing around a track that can theoretically be constructed by high school student with Lego and sandpit, it's so good... and yes i'm a customer! Keep rolling!

    97. Lazy Mode

      I guess we need to dis the host marble to get better

    98. Jan Gee

      ah yes

    99. Dustin H

      Definitely my favorite series of marble racing. It's a shame it doesn't get the attention the other series gets. Seems to be months between races

    100. Colin Helpio

      When will Formula E return to us? 😥