Marbula One: Season 1 ALL RACES - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    All the marble races of the first season of Marbula One in full length, enjoy! This is not including the qualifying session - For the full Season 1 you can simply use our playlist.
    Intro - 0:00
    Race 1: Savage Speedway GP - 1:22
    Race 2: O'raceway GP - 8:10
    Race 3: Momotorway GP - 15:28
    Race 4: Hivedrive GP - 23:17
    Race 5: Greenstone GP - 30:45
    Race 6: Short Circuit GP - 38:43
    Race 7: Razzway GP - 46:15
    Race 8: Midnight Bay GP - 55:23
    Award Ceremony - 1:04:55
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - Season 2 is expected to start in autumn 2020 (under subject to changes).
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We have improved it after race 4 for better safety and fairness of the race.
    - CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19): Please check community tab on our channel! Please do NOT post comments according coronavirus. The ML2020 will start in June 2020.
    - The second race of Marbula E is expected at 3 May (under subject to changes).
    === Credits: ===
    Music: Epidemic Sound (intro) and Minos Fylaktos
    Intro: Mellacus
    Team Logos:
    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    More credits are shown in the closing ceremony.
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    1. Mark Goulet

      Savage Speeders win again...what a disappointment.

    2. Victor Yau

      I can't wait for Season 2

    3. johnny appleseed

      I love the effort put into these videos, it really comes through. I thought I was too old for marbles but I was wrong.

    4. Mario Van Waeyenberge

      Billy really messed things up for The Green Ducks.

    5. Mir Rocks

      When will the new marbula one come i check every day

    6. Alex Rogers

      Some ideas for more series : The marble 500 (meters) 24 minutes of Le Marbs Tour De Marb

    7. AKA Bladox

      Vengo después de que Ibai haya comentado esta final (ya se que llego 6 meses tarde

    8. Brandan Luc

      The best drinking game ever... just saying 😌

    9. yedi cahyadi

      Snowy - MVP

    10. Rekha Mestry

      I pick snowballs

    11. Genesyxx

      Formally requesting: 24 hours of LeMarbles

    12. The Terminator

      you should be a NASCAR commentator.

    13. Alex Rogers

      My Limers are s9 frustrating to watch, in race 4 they dropped 5 positions in the last 2 laps..... :(

    14. NATHAN P03044

      Lets go thunderbolts

    15. Jacob Canote

      Speedee is my fav marble!

    16. gryphon provenzano

      Was that an assassination plot at the razzway?

    17. Andrew VanHook


    18. Robert Hall

      What do you use for the track and lifter how do you get it too?

    19. Françisco Cabrera

      Rapidly definitely got carried by Speedy

    20. Koi Bubbles

      Orangers picked out some pretty good ones! So many times they were placed in the bottom half and they fought all the way to top 5! I’m noticing the orangers are more about placement rather than speed, most likely why orangers won greenstone

    21. Christopher Blair

      Speeders taking both Marble League and Marbula One. It's the year of the Savage Speeder.

    22. Sannidhya Tiwari

      I really appreciate you making these videos love watching marbula 1 make more of them

    23. Sebastián Griesshammer Meneses


    24. kreidas

      When will Season 2 come out? There have been many imitators to this, but only Jelle 's races seem to be the most entertaining.

    25. SlavRoblox

      Has anybody actually found Waldo the marble?

    26. Sandgate Road

      a diamond shaped marble will finish faster than 1000 year old mary

    27. AberLoch81

      Mary has stepped down as team primary captain

    28. EsKäseZockt

      This was weird but fun

    29. steff pet

      where are the oceanics

    30. AxlGates92

      Better racing than formula 1

    31. Dwight Marten

      The drama that unfolds @ 48:05 😂

    32. Yuri Vodopivec

      clementine is better than orangine

    33. Nesnej Productions

      Mary: The Raghunathan of Marbles

    34. DJ Chilly

      Son: Hey mom, can we have Savage Speeders at home? Mom: No, we already have Savage Speeders at home. “Savage Speeders“ at home: *Rojo Rollers*

    35. Derek Gann

      Snowflake is a drag on the team. Snowy pulled the team to it's spot this season. TRADE SNOWFLOAKE

    36. Craig Timmons

      God-damn those Savage speeders!!!

    37. Mafi4n7

      Any mellow yellow fans

    38. James Bodnar


    39. X-Man 2.0

      Race 1: This track has not been kind to the Savages Speeders Final Race: Your Marbula One Champions, THE SAVAGE SPEEDERS!! I’m all for The Double S’s next Marbula season.

    40. Nathan Gamble

      I was almost expecting a "IS THAT GLOCK!?" moment in the final race.

    41. Rhys Smith

      When you’re a hazers supporter 😖

    42. Rhys James


    43. Doyin Oyenuga

      What are all those dominos for, Greg?

    44. Noah Lucas

      for the Oceanics do a water part

    45. Jenna Seiff


    46. Daniel Sutter

      8 reasons why to hate Savage speeders: this series

    47. Nate O

      As a hazers fan I think that last race was bull

    48. Jacob O'Neill

      The Host Curse is real! 😲 🏠 ⚰ Edit: Thunderbolts are the exception, apparently.

    49. William Mellquist

      Did any of you hear Greg say "time for the opening ceremony" when it was actually time for the CLOSING ceremony?

    50. William Mellquist

      Maybe they should have called this "Marblio Kart"...

    51. DesielDuece16

      This is simply awesome. I can’t believe I watched this video. And enjoyed every minute of it.

    52. WebbyOyster 731

      This is better than most sports

    53. Travis Sulewski

      Limers got screwed at the razzway

    54. Travis Sulewski

      The limers always get a couple good finishes but then the rest of their finishes are 11-16th which sucks

    55. G B

      I love the orange one

    56. backup368

      47:35 not good course design.

    57. Sachithra Weerakoon

      This is the kind of entertainment I've been looking for over years.

    58. Dr. Sweetlove

      I won't lie I'm kind of disappointed Jelle didn't use Marbula 1 as a way to get the old Hubelino teams to come out of retirement. I want my Golden Orbs back dang it! #GoldStandard

      1. Dr. Sweetlove

        @Matt Miklus Yeah maybe, but I do agree 100% on Team Plasma I would want them to get another shot at competing for the Marble League or Marbula 1

      2. Matt Miklus

        Dr. Sweetlove they could work just like the hornets

      3. Matt Miklus

        Dr. Sweetlove good point

      4. Dr. Sweetlove

        @Matt Miklus Blackjacks would be nice in Marble League not so much Marbula 1 they would just blend into the track.

      5. Matt Miklus

        I enjoyed the blackjacks and team plasma

    59. Mister Gunsen

      Is nobody gonna talk about how in race on the o'raceway there was the longest struggle to get on the conveyor belt that was ever witnessed?!

    60. backup368

      Those cars are so quiet.

    61. Kenyon Blackmon

      When is this coming back

    62. Marie Prachenská

      Anybody knows how the starting line up is made? It sometimes seems like the marbles at the back does not have much chance. I mean, there are surprising changes in lead, yet still I often have a feeling like those are mostly exceptions. Any thoughts?

      1. Marie Prachenská

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Oooh! Thanks, I'll chack that out :) Your show is amazing, by the way! I respect that creativity :)

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        The starting lineup is based on the qualifiers. The qualifiers are in separate videos on my channel.

    63. Stephen

      So much fun watching Primary either bring up the rear from gun to flag, or hold a spot in the top three only to blow it in the last lap... every race.

    64. lrdefender1690

      It’d be really interesting to see a Mario kart like track where certain sections could speed a marble up or incorporate some sort of moving obstacles on the track, just a thought

    65. Mateo Andres Gonzalez Moyano

      Alguien aqui por ibai?

    66. Maddy B

      please help i have been watching these videos for 3 hours and dont know ho to stop

    67. Nytraze

      IMO Short Circut by far most entertaining track. Long straightaways and few curves, and quite a few marble took the pit lane. Almost always very close up front made for a very exciting race.

    68. Youou Tuber

      Go Speeders!

    69. Maeve McCallum

      Omg your channel kills boredom during quarantine! ❤️❤️❤️

    70. Puppenfreunde

      Thank you for this channel, this is the best sport to have ever been created

    71. Tysen TJF !

      Did anyone notice sublime started in 8th and ended each lap in 8th except the final lap in the 3rd race

    72. Harold Clark

      how does the speed bosts work?

    73. Flith

      I love your content AND YOUR INTROS ARE AMAZINGG Edit: what is your editing software??

    74. Larry Hunter

      I use PayPal for online purchases get connected so I can get a shirt. The O’rangers need my T-shirt support-!

    75. Dr. Jyoti Yadav

      41:21, it was savage speeders

    76. Cowboy B

      Welcome back to the snow flake games where nobody gets there feeling hurt and everyone gets a trophy with a reach around by the fat guy in his mom basement

    77. Leonard Zawaski

      Anyone know what kind of track that dark grey track is?

    78. Inaxi Patel

      Maybe you can make season 2 Marbul 1 this time with 32 teams and will even include Team Plasma, Golden Orbs, Gliding Glaciers, and Black jacks, the 32 teams will be split into two groups of 16, the points will be different 1st:33pts 2nd:30pts 3rd:28pts 4th:26pts 5th:24pts 6th:22pts 7th:20pts 8th:18pts 9th:16pts 10th:14pts 11th:12pts 12th :10pts 13th :8pts 14th 6pts 15th:4pts 16th:2pts DNF:1pt Instead of 1 bonus point for fastest lap, it'll be 2 bonus points then at the end the 32 teams from the 2 groups will be combined together to see who has the most points, the Razz way could also have a straight curve and a ramp

    79. Joshua Snyder


    80. Mitchell Poore

      O'rangers and throwing a lead. Name a more iconic duo. (Clem Excluded, the orange GOAT)

    81. david Lawson

      Winners: 1:Team Galactic 2:Green Ducks 3:Balls of chaos 4:Team Galactic (Again...) 5:Green Ducks 6:Snowballs 7:Hazers 8:Savage Speeders

    82. Ynz 92

      David Croft commenting F1 race starts : "IT'S LIGHTS OUT AND AWAY WE GO !" Greg Woods commenting M1 race starts : "And WE'RE ROLLING !"

    83. Ynz 92

      11:05 SMG, REZ, BLT, LML and HVE should have been awarded a time penalty for overtaking Rapidly under Safety Marble regimen. They did not care about the hazard on the track, and their behavior was really reckless and dangerous.

    84. asiandarnation

      I lost thousands of dollars due to my marble racing addiction

    85. Kyle Moore

      Extremely frustrating. I’m glad some people get enjoyment out of this but I got so frustrated by race 6 when the marble got stuck and bumped Galaxy out of the top 8 that I just skipped to the end and realized they ran horribly in the last two so it wasn’t worth watching anyways. I wish I could just enjoy this and not feel it personally when the team of inanimate objects I most enjoyed was unlucky. Oh well.

    86. SaltyMuch 679

      Mimo: actually holds a good lead Jelly: oH nO lOoK aT eVeRyThInG tHaTs GoInG wRoNg LoOkS lIkE wE gOt To ReStArT.

    87. SaltyMuch 679

      Everyone: man John Oliver was right this is amazing Me: laughs in 2016 marblypics Also me: cry’s in kobalt not being Not being able to qualify after 2016 marblypics.

      1. Dee Dubbz

        It's rough being a kobalts fan. I'll always cherish those 2 silvers in 2016

    88. SaltyMuch 679

      Me sees team MOMO in second place:YESSS 3 seconds later: HOW DID U GET TO 10th BRUHHH Me again a min later: woooo he came back to top five Mimo: think again bitch

    89. SaltyMuch 679

      Sometimes it sucks being loyal. CMON NOW TEAM MOMO

    90. diandy zhong

      I'm like it😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    91. Tejas Gokhale

      Speedy fell to the temptation of the pit lane :/

    92. T C

      Orangen - Greenstone - Masterful Return

    93. Mr Kommentator

      I'm a full on O'rangers fan and I was disappointed at the last race but a third place overall with 69 points is pure awesomeness for me! Nice race fair and square! Strong athletic work by the marbles and thanks to the production team!

    94. Cosmopyxl

      These are real sports

    95. Frixy G

      My Hazers, NOOOO, You had this! #HazeAmaze and to think we lost it our arch-rival, the speeders, ugh.

    96. Mila Gilbert

      Team Hazers all the way!

    97. HoodieSticks

      How is starting order decided? Because it seems to have a pretty big influence on the race. Is it random, or based on the standings?

    98. Shin m0h

      I wonder how the maker of these races takes the times. Does he have some kind of sensors?

    99. Monster Ensemble

      I was totally team Primary and then Mary Happened - Like she lost every race! Her teammate could even keep her afloat

    100. enilenis

      This needs a collaboration with Wintergatan.