Marbula One: Short Circuit GP (S1R6) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the 6th Marble Race of the Marbula One! (formula 1 for marbles). IMPORTANT: Marbula One season 2020 WILL CONTINUE despite the COVID-19 situation! Everyone at JMR is safe and we were able to record races 7 and 8 already. We are also close to finishing production of the end ceremony, so there are no cancellations expected! Please enjoy, leave a LIKE and SHARE this race with our fellow sports fans who sadly have almost nothing to watch at the moment!
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    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - Season 2 will start in autumn 2020 (under subject to changes).
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We have improved it for better safety and fairness of the race.
    - CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19): Please check community tab on our channel! Please do NOT post comments according coronavirus. There will be no disruptions expected. We recorded race 7 and 8 already.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound (intro) and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during track preview, podium and end)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. krushna ratnaparkhi

      I watched the race first watching speedy.. Then watched again watching Snowy.. And then again watching Shock.. It's all so interesting.. Best race and best track ever.. ❤❤

    2. Ashok M A


    3. Hogan #1



      6 races for watching Snow Winning...I think Snowy was really crazy, when he got first, he roles!

    5. YeetY 17

      hornets need a new drivers!

    6. YAF Gods Gift

      i remember cheering on the i rangers as a kid. ahhh back in simpler times

    7. Jeigh Tee

      I'm a happy Thunderbolt right now. 2 consecutive silvers. I guess lightning does strike twice.

    8. José Luis Quezada Meza

      Sin ibai comentando no es ello mismo dios!

    9. Aaron Dorsey

      Fastest lap of the day, I guess that's the silver lining for the O'rangers. I'm still a little disappointed in Clementine"s performance.

    10. Peppa Pig Meme lord

      T3-t8 are hard on the marbles

    11. Motorchan

      I am one of #SavageSpeeders fans but Snowy did a great job here..

    12. Cityfan1000


    13. City of Gold and Lead


    14. James Roberts

      Just test Speedy Please

    15. James Roberts

      Destory Snowy and prim

    16. Bumblebee

      Yellow's performance was really disappointing. They should have sent Yellup instead.

    17. BlackPiano

      🤨How does ANYONE come across one of Jelle’s videos & then dislikes it?! I’ve always loved his videos and watching how he improved over the years putting tracks & events together. Simply amazing. Got me over here cheering some frickin’ MARBLES & having “favorites”. 🤦🏽‍♀️ The only upside to this 2020 catastrophe is that these gems are being recognized by more people. Thanks to John Oliver, as well!

    18. Sassiermeat Pro

      Hazers goooooooo

    19. kurt hudierez

      My speedy, Great effort buddy

    20. Carmen van der Graaf


    21. Carmen van der Graaf

      #raspberry racers

    22. Levi World

      When The Marbles Are Zooming By The Stands Look On Top Of The Green And White Tower He's Right There

    23. Aidan Mason

      Me when I see The Orangers come 10th::((((((( Me when I see the Orangers have the fastest lap:)

    24. Roucool


    25. Daniel Dunlap

      Of course Hornets almost finished last.

    26. William Vila vila


    27. PhoebeRaven

      It's all coming undone for the Hazers...

    28. nathan labrouche

      Snowy marble of the day #snowballfirst

    29. Anshul Kumawat

      I don't follow the Snowballs but that Snowy dude can do better with another team. He's got talent.

    30. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before the start of the race) Well Vespa, here it is race day. Now look, you had a decent qualifier, but damn girl you can do this! You didn't get to this level by sitting back, now get in there and help your team! With Hive on the mend, the Hornets are going to need both of you to step it up!

      1. Shane Spencer

        Vespa what happened?!?! Did you panic when Greg announced your name at the beginning of the first lap? What the hell? It's pretty rough being a Hornets fan right now. Best to hang up the jersey for this season. it's over.

    31. Pootasaur

      Clementine needs to step up. Orangin put on a clinic last time and she was terrible today

    32. Viral Media

      Esto es de hace 3 meses y no hablo ingles, pero snow que bien lo hiciste la re ptm

    33. CuriosityRocks

      Impressive win from Snowy 😁

    34. Sean Plympton

      Why substitute Oringin for Clem? Oringin was on a roll.

    35. min bannister

      Not the O'Rangers best day but..... OOOOOO OOOOOO!

    36. Sophia Harvey

      We might not have gotten podium spots, but 2 fastest laps so far? Goooooooo 🍊

    37. slime gamer


    38. p4kno tv

      Thunder bolts

    39. Super Saiyan Wilch

      Limers didn't do a good job of tracking their fuel consumption...paid for it by running out on that last lap! Pit crew boss shoulda abetter job, I hear he's on the hotseat for that mistake.

    40. Ola Bergvall

      What's with Speedy's obsession with the pit lane?? It was a bad call first time, learn from your mistakes man

    41. Aer0n1x

      Snowy's like : SPEED ! I AM SPEED !

    42. Russell Dominy

      That's more like it snowballs! Snowy, you're our hero and our future.

    43. Jordy Garcia

      Sometimes it’s hard being a Team Primary fan because they either do so well or so bad 🙃

    44. zog zog

      14 Laps! How do the marbles maintain concentration for all that time?

    45. René Christensen

      where can all this be bought? this is great!!!

    46. Ariel ramirez zambrana

      Why am I so hooked up to this?

    47. TOBAR Apprentice

      I would rather watch this than most of the crap on TV. Really well done! Thoroughly enjoyed the race, now a subscriber!

    48. Sean Fagans

      Thunderbolts got onto the podium twice? What sorcery is this, and what do I need to do to keep it going in the 2020 Marblelympics?

    49. Dirk Schmidt

      Has someone ever mentioned that the intro is fucking awesome? No? well, it`s on me then....... the Intro is fucking awesome. Well done Mellacus

    50. Mateus Camelo

      Snowy is the better of Snow runners

    51. Shawn Louden

      Alright, I gotta cut ties with the Green Ducks. #GoBolts

    52. never mind

      snowy :D

    53. Joe Piazza

      I think I gotta disagree about this being one of the best designed tracks. It's a good idea but there is way too much funnelling. Anytime a marble has a chance to get a good lap it gets bottlenecked and cant come back. Those splits are way too unfair if I'm being honest.

    54. DjSquirrel33


    55. Dr.Pepper

      Savage speeds fan here.Much better race than last one,

    56. Gem Harper

      So good! Never stop doing these.

    57. Gem Harper

      Fast track

    58. Jonathan VanDuzee

      Why is this so entertaining

    59. Kyle Flounder

      The last race was ruined for me by the O'Rangers' win, this race honestly made up for that disappointment though; I love an underdog taking the lead, and Snowy did just that. I'm usually Team Galactic or Thunderbolts but let the Snowballs have it!

    60. striker9909

      It's so hard being a Limers fan. Do you guys think it is the Marbles fault or the fault of their team? I feel like their setup is never right for the tracks.

    61. striker9909

      It's so hard being a Limers fan. Do you guys think it is the Marbles fault or the fault of their team? I feel like their setup is never right for the tracks.

    62. Andrea Aiazzi

      are the track elements custom made? can't find a store that sells them

    63. Jul Mur

      speedy has so much potential but makes many reckless moves. Thats gotta be addressed

    64. John K

      Where do you get these supplies from?

    65. BakeBreaks

      What an absolutely putrid performance by the last for most of the race and doesn’t even finish...they better perform in R8 or I may have to change teams

    66. Thelk641

      3rd... well, we didn't expect much when the season started with a last place on the first quali, but the team has nailed down the performance department, now they'll have to work on the reliability : going thrice in the pit-stops in a 14 laps race's too much and costed us the win ! Still, 1st overall, the performance is there, the superior top speed was obvious down the straight, let's hope the season finishes well !

    67. Ilham

      Snowy form 14th place to first place... wtf wkwkkwkwk :v kocak

    68. Omnihil777

      Anybody noticed what a marbelous race Smoggy of the Hazers had? 8th-12th-14th-11th-8th again, 6th, back to 14th etc etc That Hazer's HOT! (I'm a Hazers fan, does it shine through, maybe?!?)

    69. Darth Sand

      Was Team orangers looking for new Team

    70. Josh Melanson

      Smoggy was working like a dog in this one. Seems to struggle getting on the belt every now and then.

    71. Braeden Willey

      I'm happy with the two points but a pure speed course has never suited the O'Rangers. Clem is also one of the oldest competitors, poor choice in the line up IMO. Look at what they did last week, the more technical the track the better we do. We can still make a podium finish in the standings. GOOOOOOORANGERS

    72. Maura Burns

      I had to scroll through thousands of comments to find someone who actually found Roldo, but by god I did it! Thank you to @bssa for having the correct timestamp AND a description! In case you are looking for him and find this first, here you go: 6:53-6:55 On top of the tower in the inset video on the upper left. Very brief and hard to see!

    73. dragon1736

      Wispy held their own for a long time, but then they fell behind :( Get it together wisps! #FearTheNight

    74. Phil Tremblay

      surprised on how little athletes take the inside line on T3, would make sense that that creates more speed than the outside!

    75. McMatthew99

      I normally root for the Limers and they are normally some of the fastest, but this was an embarrassing performance

    76. Flame777

      5:30 0_0

    77. Arrash

      I don't blame sublime for his atrocious performance. He never really recovered after that pit lane in lap 1

    78. tom Ofek Shlomai

      Disappointing performance from the green ducks, as a ducks fan I'm not enjoying this season

    79. IsebelleVrille

      So nice to see Team Snowball in first for once :D I knew they could do it

    80. Elijah Bachrach

      Hazers lost their lead, but thank goodness they at least they placed in the top 8, or I was switching over to team galactic. Also, way to go snowballs! You surprised me.

    81. OD

      Dude! They did our boi Speedy so dirty

    82. Matthew Mannion

      My sister just went on a goddamn tirade about how much she hates these videos and those who watch them.

    83. Samuel Darden

      I have no idea how this man makes this so extremely interesting

    84. Theo Fleig

      I know he didn't win but can we just appreciate this amazing 7th lap from speedy 4:01

    85. Francesco Migliaccio

      Snowy spotted at KKK meeting last night

    86. Doc Dan

      Where can you purchase these tracks?

    87. Saul Goodman

      This track is the Monza of Marbula 1: The Temple of Speed!!!

    88. Milko Migneco

      what a great runner Snowy is! excellent race, my favorite marble! great work you guys!

    89. Ray Lopez

      Snowy: hey guys, do you think that was a SMOOOOOTH OPERAAATOOOOOR, SMOOOOTH OPERAAATOOOOOR?

    90. Ray Lopez


    91. Sony Ant

      Im A Hazer Forever

    92. zgamer200

      Snowy has so far finished 3rd, 9th and 1st. If only Snowflake weren't dragging us down so hard we may actually be leading this thing, but Snowy's win today has put us into striking position for the title if we can continue to do well in these final couple of races. #WinterIsComing

    93. Izzat Ilmin

      Snowy finally wins its maiden race. It was almost there for the first race, but gradually quiet out at the back of the line for the rest of the season. Got pole on 4th race but couldn't capitalize on it. Was happy that he finally arrived. Is it weird that I found myself cheering for a marble in front of my computer?

    94. CEO

      I thought this was going to be the race were the Midnight Wisps would finally get a podium...disappointed

    95. Quarantine by the sea


    96. s'lian yong

      Do the "teams" post the grams of the marbles?

    97. Maximilian Pollux

      Where are the my ducklings? Quack Quack

    98. Rsktek

      Finally, my moment as a snowball fan has paid off

    99. jfmm99

      When Speedy went down pit lane on lap 1 I was like..."Nooooooo! Wtf are you doing????????"

    100. Kryzs Kornhell

      I would love to see the safety marble. 😁