Cravendale Last Marble Standing E3 Long Jump - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    We're back for the third event of the Last Marble Standing Games!
    What team are you rooting for? Watch now to find out who will impress during the balancing game.
    - This is NOT the Marble League 2020! The first video will be on June 18, and check the Community Tab for news!
    - The editing is mostly done by the Cravendale team, so any feedback is welcome and will be used to improve the upcoming videos.
    - The teams in the LMS have NOTHING to do with the original Marble League teams!
    We also used different marbles compared to the original ML teams.
    "Last Marble Standing" is sponsored by Arla Cravendale
    Competing teams:
    - Team Purity (host)(transparent teal with silver white)
    - Milky Madness (solid white, like Snowballs)
    - Semi-Skimmers (green with white)
    - Dairy Dash (sky blue with white swirls)
    - Freshers (lime green with teal and white swirls, like Limers)
    - Graze of Glory (blue with light blue, like Kobalts)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics / design: Merle Driver, Becky Sumner, Thom Mill and Jamie Bryan
    Filming / Video Editing: Jelle Bakker / Jodie Horne
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    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2020 and Arla / Cravendale: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Dwight Reim

      I enjoyed this I hope they do it again and with 2 more teams

    2. Metzgermeister77

      This is the happiest I've ever been to be advertised to.

    3. BlueFlag Alpha

      Freshers bad result in Heat 1 manage get back in Heat 2 to win Bronze

    4. Shane Spencer

      Graze of Glory = "Dynasty!" ヽ(´▽`)/

    5. No1fan15

      I was loving all the puns already but then the "lacto lacto man" sign killed me

    6. Ale75

      The freshers son horribles son un asco pero los banco

    7. Dawzkreat

      Let’s keep it pure no matter what!! Team Purity forever!

    8. Fifty

      Did I miss the weigh in? The participants must be different weight classes. Is there any drug testing done after the events? Graze of Glory seems stacked.

    9. Nathanael Smith

      I'm sick of people accusing me of being a "glory supporter" for cheering on Graze of Glory. I've been a fan from the start and I just love the ethos of the team and I think they're well coached.

    10. jayhay300

      I’m here because of John Oliver, I have no regrets. Go Freshers

    11. Marc Perez

      This is the least entertaining event of all the marble games.

    12. TIM BOT

      Not a lucky day for dairy dash, come back stronger 💪🏻💨

    13. Aubrey Friday

      Michael... Marble Michael... and the coach Maurice... probably another marble...

    14. Asafe Gonçalves

      You guys are just awesome!!!!! Incredible work I just love watching these and I can't stoppppp!!!! HALP

    15. Okabe Rintarou

      153 dislikes. My issue however is that the no of Total views compared to the no of likes. 350k views & 11k likes. That's something like 3%, about 3 people liking for every 100 watching. Is it becuz of their favourite teams not winning. We should still be grateful we're getting to witness these games that the producers are putting such efforts to create & Support them by atleast giving them a like 👍

    16. Daz C

      Anyone remember the football milk cup, who knew the next time we see it is for marbles lol😂

    17. Super Rhino Bros

      Timmy I feel like this is the real like Olympics but it’s actually marbles and I actually like to watch it

    18. David Debrah

      In the comments there is spoilers

    19. Diacor4Life

      I just realized he sounds just like Patrick Fabian, and now I can't unhear it xD (Patrick Fabian = Howard Hamlin at Better Call Saul)

    20. 888Grim

      Go Milky Madness!

    21. Botond Lakatos

      Why not real sand? :O

    22. Dudeman9339

      I am disappointed that you dont use real sand.

    23. Karren Seely

      I am addicted to this channel and I blame John Oliver.

    24. Andrea Maccagnola

      "You'll never milk alone" I'm freaking dying, man🤣😂

    25. Blas Niño de Guzmán Alfaro

      Clover at 4:30 !!!

    26. Aye-Htun Ohn

      1:58 "You'll Never Milk Alone!" As a die hard Liverpool FC fan, this had me in stitches! Well played. Looks like I'll be supporting the Milky Madness. #YNMA

    27. Avital Alef

      I'm not sure how much i like the idea that marbles have nobility :/ good job tho, loved it very much 💕

    28. warhawk397

      Dat marble crowd wave tho

    29. EVA_Unit_4A

      9:08 That electric votive candle just -fuckin'- kills me. XD

    30. Dr.Pepper

      I can’t wait for the marble league!

    31. TheVitamineE

      Go graze of glory go!!!!

    32. Marie S.

      Disappointing to see Team Purity lose against Graze of Glory again.

    33. maggs131

      I'm so stoked to see the freshers finally on the podium 👍👏👏👏

    34. 0=Axel=0

      The days of glory are not over for the Graze of Glory!! We are kicking ass!

    35. Guru N

      Graze of Glory is back and how!! After the poor performance in Balancing, they're back to the top of the table.

    36. Tricia E

      My question how are marbles making all those cheers in the guy commentary makes it these are real live marbles. I want to be a marble,

    37. Hos

      no keeping grades?

    38. Moesa Nesse

      Lol, so much people are liking their own comments!

    39. galacticjaron

      I feel like the event should be into soft sand, measure from the point the sand is disturbed. Too much relies on the instant replay, and we are supposed to trust the judges/camera captured the right spot? I worry about the fans attending this one in it worth it to just stare at the Jumbotron for the replay?

    40. Tom Smith

      Selling out to an industry of torture and animal murder. Unsubscribed forever, well done. Enjoy the blood on your hands.

    41. Somewhere Upthere

      Is there a fantasy league for this?

    42. Brendan M

      I am rooting for Team Purity and Graze of Glory! These videos are fantastic!

    43. BadEyeBill

      My roommates and I have been watching these live whenever we can. But we didn't even finish watching this one, the hard dirt was too disappointing and distracting. Still super excited about future events.

    44. Makar of Serenno

      I'm glad the freshers managed to get on the podium this event. I'm new to the sport so I felt a connection as they are also a new team. I'm glad to see them coming into their own. I'm not sure if they will manage a first place in their first competition, but I'd be happy with a motivating third.

    45. red eagle

      Clover is after 50 Mark begins 2 heat

    46. Máté Czink

      You deserve the 100 mil more than pewdiepie

    47. Jessica Lee

      Omg, the marbles doing the wave!!!! Also, very happy with my second choice team doing well... But, man, my Milky Madness is suffering...

    48. First Last


    49. channel whatchamacallit

      WOO HOO Go Graze of Glory!

    50. Mujahid Syed

      *"This is the last marble standing race"* I legit got scared that these games were ending.

    51. ꧁Unforgiven꧂ ꧁Gaming꧂

      Only thing I can suggest is the sand being soft so you can see the landing spot more clear

    52. Mark Creekmore

      I absolutely love these! The events are all fantastic and extremely well built. This is the only event that I think should change just a little. Add a funnel at the start so that the marbles have the ability to show there ability to grab different speeds to shoot down the jump. As it is right now everything rides just on the weight of the marble at the start and not so much there skill.

    53. João Paulo Hengstler

      Clover marble is hidden behind the white bricks at 4:32

    54. Yogha Al Hajirin

      I have a strong feeling that there are actual people betting on this marbles runs or races.. A booker here might help, though I'm not sure he'll open up and say anything to us. 🤔 🤔

    55. Adam Isailovic

      One suggestion, on this jumps, next time use the real sand, so marbles...pardon me, competitors can enjoy it as ones in Olympics, and we can see the first touch where it should be measured :)

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Good tip, we are already thinking to use real sand for the landing area.

    56. Gothic Sam

      Team graze of glory... Back at the top... People don't seem to understand the suspense in watching this games... Its thrilling

    57. Maik Zander

      Milky madness is such a led down

    58. bagged malk

      I need a marble world records in this channel

    59. Jan Christoffersen

      Really disappointed in DD here, they did not bring it this time around.

    60. TBolt

      Forza Freshers!

    61. رائد الفضاء

      Me in 1995: We're going to have flying cars by 2020 2020:

    62. ilmi Magic

      whether the trajectory is for sale

    63. aglawe1

      Now do wwe marbles

    64. Irish European Citizen

      The Mexican wave was incredible the amount of work needed for that

    65. Matthew Beard

      “You’ll never milk alone” made me smile

    66. Productions Katharsis

      Yeah congrat to the Freshers for their third place! Im crying with joy!

    67. Leo Kullander

      Graze of Glory lets gooooooooooo!!

    68. Dutch Young

      Got milk?

    69. BrianCS Video

      I love these videos and the work that goes into them. However, I wish the marbles would impact the sand more. It's less satisfying to see them bounce, than it is for them to "umph" in the sand.

    70. psychosnyder

      A bit disappointed there wasn't real sand. Top notch as always.

    71. A.N.K

      I cannot get enough of this channel. Great production!

    72. Prakhar Gupta

      Rooting for graze of glory

    73. Dikke Kaaskoppen

      Dairy dashers for the win

    74. Minalia

      This is a dumb event... of course all the marbles would get very similar distance. The only differences between each marble are extremely minor. Simple physics.

    75. Fay Poholko

      Congrat's to Jelle & Dion Bakker & the whole team. Very well done!!!

    76. 2IC


    77. Leo Devardinho

      Graze of Glory!!!! GO TEAM

    78. Phil Fra

      Thank you John Oliver

    79. MythsolverMercy

      Yes Graze of Glory! Keep on grazin’! But it’s really weird to go from the Pinkies to the GoG.

    80. Timothy Bazzell

      hahaha saw the updated staduim p[picture and i am just in awe on how many marble u have =) but i am loving the games and other videos i have watched recently =) keep up the good work and gg for Graze of Glory =)

    81. CaeserOct

      Part of me wishes these were live even though the setting up and seeing hands on screen might ruin the magic

    82. sean earl bacus

      I still can't fathom the fact that a milk company and a legit racing event company sponsored this channel hahaha Kudos man. Keep it up

    83. Guido Campostrini team SHOE!!!

    84. Obvious Alias

      You should team up with Wintergatan for something.

    85. Cyclonetti

      Dairy Dash disappointed me a little but they'll probably rise back up to the top in no time. #DairyDashForTheWin

    86. Charles Mathew Ong

      Nintendo needs to hire this man for Wii sports

    87. damon899

      Go Graze of Glory!


      Just a question. Last marble standing? Where is the elimination?

    89. Geahk Burchill

      Seems like actual sand instead of modeling clay would be better in the landing zone.

    90. Yoga Triatmojo Hadhi

      You"ll never milk alone 1:58

    91. Hot O Gaming


    92. MagneticSharks

      Milky Madness for the win, they just vibe with me.

    93. seattlegrrlie

      Strong teams, great competition. This has been an exciting challenge

    94. Joshua Knight

      Everybody one who's reading let's show this channel we support it go follow their Twitter and Instagram let's get them too 100k followers

    95. Queen Sairai

      God I love milk. Team Purity all the way!

    96. abj

      cool event but wish the marbles left their mark in the sand. you'd have to rake after but would be cool

    97. Amanda Burnham

      The sand is too hard! Wish they would've made a dent like real long jump

    98. Luke Williams

      Bring back Minty Maniacs!!!

    99. Arcel Sorm

      Heck of a competition. Graze of Glory showing there experience. I'm getting Grazey in here! I will always be a Hazer fan, but in this competition, Grazers all the way.... oh they rhyme...

    100. Pepper

      Heck ya, another victory for the Grazers, let's win this thing!