Marble Race: Marblelympics 2017 Top 10 Highlights

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    The 10 most notable moments of the MarbleLympics (marble olympics) 2017!
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    1. Freakin Pekin

      12:12 starting of the bloopers/fails

    2. Risa Lockwood

      10:00 ah yes my favorite Marble... INJURED.

    3. Pierre De Wilde

      Music for the Bloopers?

    4. Serperior Snake

      *me the entire video* "watch the Momomomo injury be #1" *it is* "gotten"

    5. BlueFlag Alpha

      12.49 We got an invader on the track. Threat level 5


      It is a season review

    7. D_MasterKilla

      When Mellow Yellow And Oceanics Used To Be So Good....

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        and Thunderbolts

    8. Rohan Sharma

      Love the humour in the end, balance one was quite good and not starting the fidget spinner. Love your work and especially the commentary and the epic music.

    9. Eidenhoek

      ...But did the starter marble win?

    10. Suzanne Berry

      Oooo Rangers! Oooooo Rangers! Yeah.

    11. Ryan Alexander Music

      "Meanwhile the Oceanics set a new record but nobody was watching them..." That is so typical for the Oceanics

    12. Irixib!

      Poor team Galactic!

    13. Densemankat

      I feel it’s irresponsible broadcasting to not cut away when fans storm the field. You’re just encouraging bad behavior from other marbles.

    14. CBTV Gaming

      I just noticed.... in the final blooper if the starting ball didn’t get out, the savage speeders had a good start and they probably would have won it all! The OOOOOOOOOO’rangers must be in love with that starting ball

    15. Jericho Lagayada

      “a poultry 17 cm” maybe because he didn’t have a full team backing him up, eh?

    16. Michelle Brown

      what is wrong with the wisps? they rarely win any events

    17. Nik907


    18. The AViator

      My word the O’rangers are LEGENDS!!!

    19. RippinLips

      This is what I need.

    20. yeeyee chan

    21. Hey Holmes

      Speedy (Savage Speeders), Starrie, (deserves so much better than team Galactic - 2 golds here, golds on marbula 1.) Kinnowin (O'rangers), and wospy (The only reason Midnight wisps gets points) for an ultimate marble super team!

    22. Ben Kimmel

      I am definitely in camp Momo. When Momomomo was injured I felt for it. It was nice that they included it in their victories.

    23. Surfer Rosa


    24. Matt Miklus

      Please release more bloopers/fails

    25. cakeules

      Wow 2017 was a crazier time, glad the organisers improved on both security and safety

    26. Olaitan Abiola

      I live for the bloopers & fails!!

    27. Olum

      No one mentions the photo evidence of Jungle Jumpers at the pub? 🤣🤣😂

    28. stevnated

      I love that they gave him a crutch, ha ha, I can't stop laughing! How would a crutch help? rotfl

    29. Delos Incorporated

      Poor Jawbreakers. They practiced all year just to have one of their team members disqualify them in order to help out the Pinkies!! Talk about drama!!!

    30. Delos Incorporated

      Never trust a primary color

    31. Josny13

      13:40 I literally Lol'd there. That starting marble literally blocks team GALACTIC! The ones that beat O'rangers in that race by an amazing end sprint, and this marble thing is like: "Nooooope" Must've been an O'rangers fan. xD

    32. Mawile #303

      That block push was so embarrassing for Team Galactic /-\ but stealing the Gold from O'rangers was incredibly done by Starry wow sabotage by the committee, Starry won that medal rightful so

    33. S.Yamaç Ünver

      6 up in the last race! Team Galactic your fans are proud of you!

    34. srinitaaigaura

      Three 9.5s and a 10 in Archery is definitely an Olympic Champion level of performance!

    35. gladfan1989

      There's a human in a marble's world? DOES NOT COMPUTE!

      1. Matt Miklus

        We need the marble army to deal with this invader

    36. Falando e Dublando

      Man... poor Momomomo. I am a Oceanic's Supporter, but I respect his trajectory in Marblelimpics. It's so sad to think that he will never participate again... #StrengthMomomomo #MomomomoNumber1

    37. Falando e Dublando

      1:30 Very angry, cause our record was hided by the disqualification of the other team! #GoOceanics #TerrorOfThe7Seas

    38. F Weld

      never enough credit for my dude starry

    39. Lagiacrus

      1:32 Oceanics: Claim new record Everyone else: Look at Team Primary! Oceanics: ...story of our life

      1. Josh Cohen

        @BlueFlag Alpha they came very, very close to winning ML2018 so yes

      2. Nathan Z.

        @BlueFlag Alpha The Oceanics are going through a rebirth. Having won 3 straight medals and beating the O'Rangers in the Aquathlon is showing a lot of promise for 2021. #TidePride

      3. BlueFlag Alpha

        @Nathan Z. Are they ever good?

      4. Candyfire Games

        Nathan Z. Yup

      5. Nathan Z.

        Remember when the Oceanics were good?

    40. ;

      When is the next marblelympics

    41. MARABOTO03

      Man ): I’ve been a follower of this for some years now and I kinda got attached to some “characters”. Every time I get to see Mommo mommo’s injury I get the feels xD

    42. GroovingPict

      Seeing Limers performing well in 2017 and then just two years later theyre not even close to qualify for the *qualifying rounds* for the ML! oh how the mighty have fallen!

    43. glennantonio Candrawijaya

      Momomomo's memory in the fidget spinner c(risis)ollision in 9:48

    44. Tim Steinbach

      My wife and I watched this on our 1st anniversary all morning. O Rangers! Woot! Even though my our favorite limers didnt win, it was still a good showing.

    45. paul bin

      This starting ball at the end ...... I mean HES A REAL JERK!..

    46. Jeffrey Macaraeg

      Bakit yon mga tatlo ay nagstop😂

    47. MrGamecube17

      8:16 cameraman in the shot bottom left corner

    48. Dave Jackson

      R.I.P. orangers were so great to watch in 2017 not 2019

    49. OliO AKA Squekyboy2000

      either those marbles are really big or those people are reaally small i still cant decide

      1. Matt Miklus


    50. WatermelonPotatoFace

      Why does MellowYellow always win 5-meter sprint and not SavageSpeeders

    51. Juville Glenn Agias

      What's the music you used for the bloopers/fails?

    52. Colton Davis

      Why am I watching this? Oh yeah ima marble

    53. TDH

      Kinnowin won us the medal leading to us winning the marbylimpics

    54. Ross Mair

      I think you should have included the limers fans throwing stuff onto the track

    55. Parker Erich

      Team galactic being robbed in the sand race!! Disgraceful

    56. Faka Hashim

      #limers all the way

    57. Ret Marut

      what about the ball that fought it out with a spinner and won? for me that was the best moment of ML2017

    58. 01 Maverick

      I think that every time the orangers are on screen you hear the oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh

      1. BlueFlag Alpha


    59. Jeff Smith

      these make me genuinely happy for no real reason. thank you

    60. rand0mn33ss

      12:55 *booty*

    61. David Smith

      Man that was a crazy season

    62. Deone Peacham

      can't believe I'm 24 years old and just binge watched this entire series.....

      1. Karthikeyan Subramanian

        I am 45 and binge watch JMR. Its ok.

      2. StitchingGhost

        28 and just did the same with this and several other of the marble events

      3. BlueFlag Alpha

        theres nothing wrong

      4. Matt Vidurys

        im 27!!! and im enjoying this shit... this is good shit... love it!!!!

      5. Epsilon

        @Mawile #303 SAME

    63. chandan naik

      I am speechless. The best thing I have ever seen.

    64. Tristan


    65. Jon


    66. MrBeatboxmasta

      The last one should not have been a blooper. It should have been used as a scandal and that official should have been suspended for the remaining games, while pending investigation of tampering. The result should have been that they uncovered that he was part of a gambling ring and need to rig the results. Basically, if it's not your mistake, it should be part of the games.

      1. Rudy Poirier

        This is now my head canon.

      2. Mika .Okamoto

        @DethstruXioN ™ I'm sorry, Starry did not have an "exceptionally good day", she is just an exceptional marble.

      3. DethstruXioN ™

        Yeah, it would be funny to add these into the games. It is kinda useless to sabotage Team Galactic, although Starry did have an exceptionally good day, aside from this incident, but i guess it could be spun into having the Savage Speeders using precious energy and inflicting a minor injory to Swifty, because the Starting official can be seen bumping into Swifty as well, in turn causing them to lose this heat and thereby opening the door for the O'rangers

    67. SK TZN

      lol are all the marbles guys? Have only heard them being called he and not she lmao

      1. Matt Miklus

        There’s Mary

    68. yinghung man


    69. menno graafmans

      Just look at the sportmanship of the Chocolatiers. Losing the gold in archery to the Jumpers and still being so happy for them and congratulating them on their victory. It was a good year for a Chocolatiersfan. We ended in the upper half. Now I have good hopes for 2019, especially since they just managed to qualify.

    70. TheGreatEmpathizer

      Team primary aways cheating and fighting

    71. Mehrbod Janatian

      I fill bad for MOmomomo... :(

    72. Obi-Wan Kenobi


    73. FlashBack Crew?


    74. George Orwell

      Momomomo with a crutch..... :D

    75. César Rosi

      The start looked so good...but 2019 will be better, lets go #oceanics

    76. Joey Dyker

      "We had to increase security" lol

    77. Andy Chen

      10:12 what is that team on the top

    78. Aidan


    79. Lauren

      I wanna thank you for not only your time, but your effort. This has easily become one of my absolute favourite things in the entire universe, and i'm so very grateful that you allow it to exist. Can't wait for marblelympics 2019 #GoOceanics

      1. Sapanraj Devimane

        Oceanics get 16th

    80. Elijah Schor

      How did Archery Jungle Jumpers not get in the top 5?

    81. mix

      12:56 *boi he's T H I C C*

    82. Ian Productions!

      Love this and your whole channel GO SHINING SWARM

    83. Dissmo

      #MidnightWisps We are under represented

    84. TheRealTricky

      For those who wonder about doping... Don't worry the MADA (The Marble Anti-Doping Association) is on the case ;P

    85. Lady D

      *_SOOOOO_* glad we watched this even though we'd just finished watching the rest of the playlist!!! Those bloopers and fails were hilarious! Thanks for doing & sharing all this!

    86. David Jesus Muñiz Landeros

      Mellow yellow all the way baby!!

    87. Jimothy j

      Holy shit the production value

    88. Waffler DaBeast

      That was big RIP for team galactic

    89. cosmic brownie

      cant wait for 2016 gets re-edited and uploaded. i cant keep rewatching '17,,, until april,,,,,,,, but i keep rewatching it. damn hyperfocus

    90. Scott's Thoughts

      It's always one of those crazy cat's eye types causing a ruckus. May have to do a team investigation.

    91. playgroundchooser


    92. Kārlis Reijers

      Savage Speeders are overrated #O'Rangers

    93. Sam Ciesinski

      Those Primary fans need to be reeled in. Starting fights in multiple Marblelympics. Uncalled for.

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        @TheRealTricky i read it in his voice

      2. Anonymous Anonymous

        @TheRealTricky You should write fanfiction of Greg with the Chocolatiers 👀

      3. TheRealTricky

        @]-[Dx Yeah, me too... Geez, I almost forgot I wrote that :)

      4. ]-[Dx

        @TheRealTricky I read that in his voice haha

      5. TheRealTricky

        I can already hear Greg say something like this: "And this year team Primary will have to compete in the Marblelympics without their fans in the audience, due the their disbehavior in earlier Marblelympics, the president of the International Marblelympic committee, has decided to ban them from the stadium. This of course led to many objections and huge demonstrations" (good moment to show Primary fans on the street with protest banners and stuff) "but in the end the president's rule was final. We feel sorry for the competitors in team Primary of course, and we hope their fans learn their lesson, so the ban may be lifted next year." Just an idea ;)

    94. chicken bee

      Team Galactic! Team Galactic!

    95. Takunrsx

      Poor Momomomo, his career was halted so abruptoy

      1. tyinyk

        He took part in the 2018 Marbleympics, though I will admit that he hasn't been as good since getting injured.

    96. Thomas Bequette


      1. Falando e Dublando

        I don't exactly know wich one he was talking about. If was the fan invading the figet spinner colision event, or Momomomo's injury accident

    97. ShuviSenpai

      Ever since #10, I was thinking "If momomomo's injury didnt get #1, I'm gonna riot"

    98. Carl Hartwell

      lmao, I'm surprised you did'nt make that last 'blooper' part of the footage. _Oh my goodness, look at this! The starting ball has come onto the track and blocked Starry of Team Galactic! And the Galactic fans are going crazy out there! The officials have called a false start and are trying to calm things down in the stands..._

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        that starter marble must be from the future and tried to stop Galactic from winning

      2. DethstruXioN ™

        Especially since Starry had a great day, going to win both heats, it would've been very personal to sabotage Team Galactic there, since they would have had no chance to get on the podium anyway.

      3. Eric's Burner Account's Burner Account

        @Justin Humphrey indeed

      4. Justin Humphrey

        We Galactics are well-mannered, but don't ever cheat or we'll rat you out harder than a narc at gunpoint.

      5. TheRealTricky

        Reading that latter part really makes me hear Greg's voice saying that ;)

    99. TheCubicPlanet


    100. MultiSteven2011