Marble Race: "MarbleLympics" 2017 Qualification

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    The qualification round of the 2017 MarbleLympics (Marble Olympics, Olympic games for marbles)! It consists of 4 disciplines (Events) where 16 teams will compete for 12 qualification spots.
    The Savage Speeders, Thunderbolts, Team Momo and Mellow Yellow are already qualified and doesn't need to participate in this round.
    The 2017 edition of the Marblelympics is the second one to be hosted, featuring the 16 teams from 2016, plus four new teams (Shining Swarm, Midnight Wisps, Quicksilvers, and Jungle Jumpers). To decide which teams get to compete in the championship, qualification rounds are held to test the abilities of the teams. However, the four best teams from last year (Savage Speeders, Mellow Yellow, Thunderbolts, and Team Momo) are given an automatic bid to advance. The other 16 will all compete in four events, aiming to get as many points as possible; better placement in each event earns more points, and the 12 teams with the most points get to move on to the main event.
    Unlike the championship events, the 2017 qualification events only have a single round to decide the ranking of the teams. Furthermore, the four events selected for qualifying have been picked to ensure that only the most well-rounded teams will advance.
    It begins with a team event, the Relay Race; all four marbles of a team compete in heats of four teams, each racing down a portion of the track before bumping the next marble along. Rankings are decided by how long it takes the final marble to cross the line.
    The second event is the famous Sand Marble Race, where two heats of eight marbles representing their teams race down a winding sand track, with the fastest marbles getting more points.
    The third event, Block Pushing, requires the entire team to push a block as far as they can down the track (the block in qualifying is also smaller than the one used in the main event).
    Finally, there is a test of endurance, the Funnel Spin; eight marbles at a time are placed into a series of funnels, and must stay in them for as long as possible. Marbles that last longer without dropping through the last funnel will receive more points. At the end, the points are tallied, the best 12 teams advance, and the Marblelympics can finally begin.
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    1. Inaxi Patel

      You should make the 2017 Friendly Round for the following teams here: Savage Speeders ML17 champion Mellow Yellow ML17 runner up Thunderbolts ML17 3rd place winner Team Momo Hosts

    2. mading wang

      Weird feeling seeing Team Momo auto-qualified

    3. BlueFlag Alpha

      Midnight Wisps first year in the league with bad performance. Look how far they come since then

    4. Maddie Tannie

      It's so weird seeing future Green Ducks fans in the stands. Little do they know that they will be cheering one of the most legendary teams.

      1. Hotdoginator

        Lol. 12th place😂

    5. Iron Rider SLSM

      Midnight wisps are my favorite team with Team galactic as my secondary.

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        Fear the night

    6. MzyraJ

      *Sighs in relief in Oceanics* #tidepride

    7. Andrew Knickerbocker

      Wow! Back when he had to use his hand! Retro!

    8. A.K.A.

      THE KOBALTS!!!

    9. AlgoMarbler

      1:06 the limers and kobals tied wow

    10. FamousHotdogs

      Awww, back when Master hand was a thing...

    11. Dustin Remington

      Noooooooooooo. Balls of Chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Caroline A

      I can't believe Team Galactic was able to hang on during the Funnel Spin to get 2nd! They looked like they were going to get last for a bit!

    13. Abraxas

      It's incredible that, looking back, the production quality of this channel was this high so early on. I'm also surprised by how much of my suspension of disbelief is held in support staff marbles like the referees, medics, security, and especially the one who fires the pistol.

    14. Jerome Maiquez

      heartbreaking to see my boys balls of chaos fail to qualify 😔

    15. stromgol666

      john oliver fans are awesome

    16. Pepitka123

      So there was a time when Pinkies were in good shape

    17. DethstruXioN ™

      Solid qualification for Team Galactic, kinda sad to see Balls of Chaos not making the cut, but the newcomers are kinda cool as well, i like the Quicksilvers and Limers.

    18. Corina Kuipers

      Your creative tough but thats locisch Edit:because the maker is dutch

    19. James Bailey

      Watching this playlist for the fifth time this year

    20. Steve's English Time

      What happened to the Minty Maniacs?

    21. Mawile #303

      I N E E D an animated something of this

    22. Swazi

      Why Balls of chaos Why :(

    23. Baalf Games

      Midnight Whisps and Quicksilvers just barely snatched qualification from the jaws of defeat! What an exciting last event.

    24. Rayven Hitt

      I really liked this "condensed" series of events; all 4 events were really cool too, some of my favorites! Fun, easy to follow and varied. Shame about the 4 eliminated teams... Well, except for Snowballs. Proud of Galactic for ensuring a Top 5 finish. Impressive from Pinkies, great way to start the competition for them - getting that momentum! Hate to do it, but I gotta give credit to the O'rangers for the consistent performances in this qualifying event.

      1. Connor Vermaut

        I respect your dislike for the O'rangers, but you can't be dissing my team Snowballs like that.

    25. Xenon Streets

      I honestly hate being a Limers fan

    26. Chasse

      2:09 shows the teams from the Hubelino Tournament and three made their way to the Marble League the Minty Maniacs, the Black Jacks, and the Golden Orbs (formerly Golden Wisps). The Golden Orbs and the Black Jacks failed to qualify while the Minty Maniacs made it all the way to the Marble League.

    27. n T n

      Cerulean's been screeing the Kobalts for a whileee mann

    28. Starfire Storm

      It's really, really hard to be a Balls of Chaos fan

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        Or Yellow in 2020

      2. Victor Yau

        Try being an Oceanics. #noceanics 2019 sucked

    29. Nick Heebsh

      I don't like the qualification thing. As a Snowball fan you're basically telling me not to watch the rest because they were leading the funnels and got kicked down three to finish last.

    30. Odin Sørensen

      Damn, and Snowstorm made such a dramatic performance in the dirt race, too.

    31. Prince Hudson

      Cuattro has one t.

    32. Akane Ishizaka

      Rojo rollers😭😭😭😭😭

    33. CHOPP3R19

      gonna be cheering on the midnight wisp if they qualify

    34. Awesome54356

      With the Limers poor performance in the last year’s events, I was scared for them, but I was so glad they clutched that spot for the main competition. So proud!

    35. Awesome54356

      With the Limers poor performance in the last year’s events, I was scared for them, but I was so glad they clutched that spot for the main competition. So proud!

    36. Michael Ibrahim

      It’s hard to be a Kobalts fan sometimes :(

      1. DJ Chilly

        It’s even harder being a Rojo rollers fan

    37. Tiny Toon


    38. Brandon Nero

      Damn when the liners fell straight through in that last event My heart sunk 😭😭😭😭

    39. King Munro

      I'm watching this one to see the Pinkies do well!

      1. Vijay Ratan Singh


    40. Angela Somers

      3:02 a pony

    41. Zamal Hossain

      There's when kobalts and rojo rollers 'DNQ' started.

    42. Pedro Hernandez

      I am devastated that my Rojo Rollers didn't qualify :'( back to the drawing board and figure it out! For these MarbeLympics I will be rooting for Jungle Jumpers. Don't get it twisted tho, it's still Rojo 4 Life!!

    43. Cerulean Seal

      Continuing my binge with ML17. Excited to see my O'Rangers and Jawbreakers still in but a huge shame for Kobalts. I guess I should pick a 3rd team to root for? In that case going Quicksilvers as my 3rd. As always Primary team is O'rangers! Can't wait to see how this year turned out. Definitely a raise in quality from 2016 already

    44. Nathan Clouse

      At 2:46, I just love how one member of Team Momo, Mellow Yellow, Savage Speeders and Thunderbolts are watching the race Edit: At 3:41, it says “Silver Swarm” instead of “Shining Swarm”

    45. Carmela Castro

      My Fav JMR Marbles Team Is Da Thunderbolts

    46. Pekka Rinne

      Little did the O’rangers know.........

    47. randomdude476

      1:00 Why is nobody talking about how close the Limers and Kobalts are? Who won that?

    48. Thomas Bequette

      My favorite event.

    49. b and c gaming

      1:15 please call us orangers😥

    50. b and c gaming

      1:15 please call us orangers😥

    51. Jonah Splittgerber

      looks like the ones in last were good at staying that way

    52. Gnitteg Dellort

      Noooooooooooo! So shattered my Snowballs missed out. They always fall just short!

    53. Matthew Fortner

      Anyone else a #TeamGalactic fan from the start?

    54. Anitha Kirush

      Go, go, go OCEANICS, your the best-known team ! 👑😎

    55. Cameron Rishel

      How was there no interference call about the Rojo Rollers in event 2!!?? They were shoved off!!!

    56. Bradley Walker

      There's a great gaggle of globes here.

    57. Alex Karas

      It's wild to see how much bigger and elaborate each marblelympics gets. To think I'm so sucked in I'm watching old marblelympics now all because of one random video on Facebook. Also #GO'rangers!


      Back then, when the Pinkies where actually good.

    59. Steffen Viken Valvåg

      He wrote Silver swarm instead of shining swarm

    60. Claud Reindl

      I didn't watch the whole video but I hope that the crowd is under control. Almost scary to watch some times...the fights, throwing trash onto the course...gets really ugly at times!

    61. JFC Marblez

      If the standings went 1st: 16 pts. 2nd: 15 pts. 3rd: 14 pts. etc. then the final standings would be: 1st: Pinkies (45 points) 2nd: O’rangers (44 points) 3rd: Oceanics (42 points) 4th: Team Primary (39 points)* 5th: Team Galactic (39 points)* 6th: Shining Swarm (39 points)* 7th: Quicksilvers (38 points) 8th: Chocolatiers (34 points) 9th: Jungle Jumpers (33 points)* 10th: Limers (33 points)* 11th: Midnight Wisps (32 points) 12th: Jawbreakers (28 points)* 13th: Balls of Chaos (28 points)* 14th: Kobalts (27 points) 15th: Snowballs (24 points) 16th: Rojo Rollers (16 points) *Tiebreakers are resolved by the event “medals.” I'd like to point out how close the Jawbreakers were to being cut, only being saved by their win in E2. And the Midnight Wisps did worse than expected, with their win getting them from 15th to 11th, a mere 4-position increase. And notice the O'rangers. All I can say for that outcome is OOOOOOOOO.

    62. J Vera

      3:45 Silver Swarm instead of Shining Swarm

      1. Liam Gervaise

        Good eye

    63. Morten Holdt

      Rojo Rollers are like Liverpool FC in the start 2010's: a banter team.

    64. CezrDaPleazr

      The qualifications were amazing to watch!

    65. Parker Erich

      Lots of interesting new teams, but I think I'll keep an eye on the Jungle Jumpers. Obviously my heart still belongs to the Jawbreakers, Thunderbolts, and Savage Speeders. But perhaps there's room in my heart for a fourth team?

    66. Hario Tri Wibowo

      #TeamOceanics since MarbleLympics 2016

    67. MoreBroke ThanEven

      wow my SNOWBALLS out!!!

    68. Troops3


    69. Kolportiroas - Red

      COME ON ROJO ROLLERS Spoiler alert Oh no 3rd let’s hope we can still make it. Almost overcame the snowballs for second I also welcome the new teams and good luck to them. Even the other teams good luck 9th let’s hope we can do better to secure OH NOOO WE WEERE AHEAD MOST OF THE RACE BUT AT THE VERY END NOOO Ahhh tied for 12th. Come improve improve Ohh it’s a good push not good enough for our group tho let’s see how this ends and let’s hope it ends well 13th and 16th in TOTAL NOO THIS IS NOT GOOD Oh no a really bad time and it seems like we are not gonna qualify 16th oh man how have we failed to qualify this year. And so horribly and embarrassingly

    70. It Log

      This is our year pinkies. Goooo pinkies!!! #pinkiesfanforlife #pinkiesfansince40minsago

      1. It Log

        2nd event not bad. Lesgo to the actual events already.

      2. It Log

        1st event already gold baby!! 2016 is behind us now bois

    71. Haiku Metzger

      Spoilers O'Rangers had a strong qualifying round. We're back, baby!

    72. Cebo Khumalo

      i wanna support the pinkies again bit they were a mess in 2016 mable Olympics😂😂😂

    73. Zobelle C

      Oooh I like the midnight wisps

    74. Jeffrey Child

      I just started watching these and somehow I've become a hardcore jungle jumpers fan

    75. Adopted Sons Music

      what video software do you use?

    76. Tomas Christoffels

      Sad day for Balls of Chaos :(

      1. Peräkylän Teimo

        I feel you. It's also my all time favorite team :/ I hope their future is bright

    77. Harry Rispin

      The cobalts have got to drop their 4th team member. He just lacks pace. They may have won their heat in the block push but they can't afford to carry a team member in the final

    78. white bread

      Where's the triathlon style?

    79. zoutigbad

      damn i love this keep up the work!

    80. The Bourne Network

      Oh how different things would've been had Rojo Rollers not misjudged the corner and went too far.

    81. Mattheus Sardinha

      Não sei como vim aqui parar más é bem bancano

    82. Caleb Byrd

      Don’t mind me asking, but what do you use for your long tracks for races and block pushing? Thanks!

    83. Mc leean

      Rojo Rollers always disappoint.

    84. M.D. Bell

      i dont like the hand

    85. John Brizzolara


    86. Nytheris

      Ok this is incredible. I can't describe the joy I felt when the Quicksilvers took second place in the Funnel Spin after being so close to not qualifying.

    87. Jim Fase

      At 1st I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the series it is showed up on my feed but I'm actually enjoying it keep up the good work it's oddly satisfying

    88. Gabriel Fonseca

      I'm just here re-watching all the videos because why not?

    89. Diego G

      Super underated

    90. a g u s

      Pinkies: Valu Team Primary: Martina O'rangers: Enzo Oceanics: Juanse Shining Swarm: Mateo Team Galactic: Joaquín Quicksilvers: Ciro Midnight Wisps: Luz Jungle Jumpers: Agustín Chocolatiers: Lucia Jawbreakers: García Limers: Santiago

    91. Gordon Richmeier

      As a rojo rollers fan, this just hurts

    92. Shadow Clod

      Also what happened to the channel?

    93. Shadow Clod

      Oh this is before he didn't put his hand in it... Interesting

    94. Nickel Mickel

      Pre-deletion views: 6.7 million

    95. Doctor It

      Man only 2 of my three teams made it. Snowballs RIP

    96. Wiktor Adamiec

      So dumb but i love watching it

    97. TG Maps

      More entertaining than the real Olympics

    98. RafaByrd ‘

      Don’t mind me an English comment

    99. Xgabe Howard

      Picked 4 teams, all 4 lost.

    100. SOULSEEKER 123