Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 3 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The third marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 33 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is based on the results of the previous race.
    NOTE: There are some typos on the second page of the race results, I know about this but because of my holiday, i had no possibility to correct it in time.
    The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Epidemic Sound
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    1. Cozmic Odyssey

      I am loving Ghost Plasma. He was a beast in his prime man

    2. DethstruXioN ™

      Yay, Blue Moon finished!! ... No points though

    3. Jochem van Hees

      Deep Ocean finally managed to finish... Damn this rally is not going well for him. Meanwhile a really impressive climb up the leaderboard by Dragon's Egg, well done.

    4. Untro

      Ghost plasma is a real consistent racer, i expect him to podium this GP

    5. Cece Obinwa


    6. Renoh

      I’m an honest man H2 Blue gang

    7. AvM MusiC


    8. Mark B

      Really not a lucky fan so far. Rastafarian keeps falling, Summer Sky is still without points and Oddball only finished one race. Oh well, if I gotta choose someone from the top group, I say Ghost Plasma, go all the way!

    9. Jose Plaza

      Oh man pollo lock 🤦🏻‍♂️

    10. CHOPP3R19

      wisp of darkness is a great name, cheering them on even though im 4 years late haha

    11. Son of Kharn

      Dragon's Egg let's goooooo

    12. Tyler Nelson

      This is amazing

    13. Mike

      Marbly McMarbleface almost got royally fucked by that stick right before the finish line. Luckily Comet was there to knock him free before he lost any positions.

    14. Trisha Schuman

      Heh, the music sounds a bit like 'Phantom of the Opera' at times Poor Dragon's Egg. He was so good back in 2016. Showing his age now, smh RIP Big Pearl. C'mon girl, you can do it!

    15. Silent -M-

      cobra always gets the back start...

    16. Hakan Yıldırım

      as speed as savage! go el capitan!

    17. Eval Penguin

      i'm 3 videos in and already invested... *curse you fact fiend*

    18. Niquo EarMo

      *Pauses video* I really know they names and have a favorite now lol QUICK SILVER!

    19. caketropolis

      I'm ride or die for team Cat's Eye!

    20. OIL WAR

      What d heck is coil legos?!?

    21. Tigeral Nob Player

      Please come to indonesia. And come to my town. If you won look marbels race. Really race.

    22. Donald Trump

      Sir, What is your channel about?

    23. arlichar11

      omg at end when he almost lost it... shewwwww

    24. cowscrazy

      I really like the course design . I'd like to see a high bridge in future courses again .

    25. Jay Eff

      Uploader what’s your email? I feel like we can make some team shirts. I’d like to make a dragonsegg shirt!!

    26. Keovar

      The switchback is an interesting development of course design.

    27. Fun Things to Do with a Camera

      I can't imagine how long it would take to dig out this track, but it's an impressive piece of engineering! Great job!

    28. GO GO Ninja28


    29. Kullerkugeln - Marble Runs

      marble runs top!

    30. Brandon

      This makes 2019 track look like shiite...hes mailing it in...might as well send'em to me and i'll carry it on

    31. Cheeseflag79

      I made a bad decision betting on starman

    32. melted cheetah

      Good course from back in the day. I like the slower ones with packed group of racers - more shake ups. C'mon CCE!!

    33. Haley Faragalli

      Great commentary

    34. Jack Scorpion

      Just wanted to say I love your channel and I think you're doing a great job 👍

    35. Francis Muir

      Here's an idea for Jelle's: Add one or two stationary cameras in the courses so we can watch the full caravan go by.

    36. Cat of Many Faces

      I really love the track design in this one! Your courses just keep getting better :)

    37. chobopanda

      Who else was watching Comet climb steadily (but surely) from the back of the pack up to 6th?

    38. ZetaPlays

      I went into these rooting for starman and reflektor. I have chosen poorly.

      1. Alejandro Aste-Nieto

        Reflektor please just once

      2. Isaac N

        Starman and Snake's Tub for me. 18th place and 0 finishes respectively rip

      3. caketropolis

        I was rooting for Cat's Eye and Reflektor... it's sad but I wont give up on them!

    39. David RB

      Go Pollo Loco!

    40. everthing

      Where is red number 3

    41. LuckyLachie 01

      I wanna see more of the 2019 rally

    42. Susan Olson

      2016, in 2019?

      1. aparna surve

        Jelle bymistakely deleted his original channel while deleting his some account . That's why for the new fans , he has been uploading the earlier races which was on his original channel

    43. Tyler Tinari

      My boy Marbly is creeping up in the rankings 👀👀👀

    44. Luis Rodríguez

      I miss superball! (the soccer ball)

    45. Sandeep Mahendru

      Dragons Egg is fast!

    46. Matt Cairns

      I'd like to see the construction process.

    47. Shakeyhead

      Why is this so much better when I'm high? #MarblyMcMarbleface

      1. Connor Vosh

        i feel you

    48. Enchanted Player

      Loved this race, especially those sharp turns and turnarounds you added

    49. Undrave

      Ooh I like that bridge!

    50. I am Pete

      ...Who wants to see Red Number 3 headline a Marbula 1 team? #RN3

    51. Dracati Ducati

      I liked the over/under bridges...not sure about that 180 kink tho... Great Stuff as Always !!! #red5

    52. Rëne Rabinowicz

      And #3 ?. 🤔

      1. Rëne Rabinowicz

        @Jelle's Marble Runs . Mmm... Ok. 😔

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It’s the 2016 season, red number 3 and lollipop joined it later.

    53. Rëne Rabinowicz

      And Lollipop?... What happend?. 🤔

    54. GorgeousWig

      Hard to watch these poor showings by Reflektor...guess it's a rebuilding year.

    55. Off Colfax

      Ah yes. The eternal suffering of being a Summer Sky fan. Always just hoping for a good showing, let alone a podium finish...

    56. Cooper Clarke

      Spoiler: Super Turtle’s time was actually 2:41.19 (+7.66)

    57. DZLzz

      comet comet comet!!!

    58. LogicalWaste

      not the best showing from my boy Slimer, but i'm still waving the green!

    59. John Smit

      Dragon's Egg just took off and didn't look behind. Excellent music to go along with the race.

    60. Not Sure

      Way to pull it off Dragons Egg. Great run. Yay Black Knight, you finished.

    61. Andrew A. Hynd

      That 180 turn, such a game changer, would love to see that again!

      1. random

        Absolutely 🙌 great idea of him putting this

      2. Max Kilcoyne

        Absolutely blindsided my man marbley mcmarbleface

    62. Edu G. J.

      Come on, four DNFs and no finishes yet?


      When are you gonna continue finishing The sand marble rally 2019 races??

      1. StarHorder O S-D C F M

        the answers you seek lie within

      2. stradd smith

        it doesnt really matter but i am curious too

      3. Fellshadow

        "The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december. " - from the video description

    64. Jonesy

      Dragons Egg is defining the literature on rally, but I fear that with these great strides, we should expect to see performance losses in the coming races if this high level of athleticism can’t be maintained.

    65. Brandon

      Honestly... Does life get any better?

    66. Ryan Santiago

      What's the deal with Black Knight? Is it his training? Management? He really should be getting better results...

    67. surf247365

      These marbles are big.

    68. Ratheon Hudson

      I'm glad the track designers consider safety for these competitors. The few that leapt off the bridge took some big risks. I'd give them style points

    69. Stanley Ritchie

      Good to see a cliassic win from Dragon's Egg. He's not the most consistent, but when the kid is on, he's on. Good stuff.

    70. Pm Clh

      Ghost palsma still first!

    71. iTeerRex

      Waw that music.. it very much reminded of F-Zero.

      1. Daniel Seelye

        It's so 80's synthesizer anime music like from "Bubblegum Crisis.". I loved it.

    72. Old man huppiedos

      Weer een prachtige race Jelle, keep them rolling.

    73. SplatterFrog

      Great race and championship marbles race brother.

    74. Joshua Bull

      are there any other quicksilver fans out there?

      1. Cece Obinwa

        I wish we could see him get a podium win - not looking likely

      2. Alex Parent

        Joshua Bull haha yes! We’re few, but that’s okay.

    75. jesus antonio ochoa calderon

      Buena idea con lo de las canicas 👍

    76. Ryan Ear

      When i saw this video it ha 710 views and 71 likes

    77. Meme Master

      Comet made up the up the spots slowly but ended up in 6th. Good job comet my fav

    78. Boris Goggel

      Don t be so lazy and show us old races we want to see the 2019 sand marbel races!!! :///

      1. Shiva surya

        @IC-SHOOTGREENS YT well if he meant it as a joke then it was a poor one. Try again next time I guess

      2. zolli21

        @Jelle's Marble Runs nice! Hope you have a good vacation. Remember everybody needs a break off work every now and again even content creators.

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I’m on holiday now so i can’t produce anything until next week, but i hope to upload the remainder of MR2019 in early december.

      4. zolli21

        @IC-SHOOTGREENS YT I think Jelle said a while back that the main problem was he had to wait for the right conditions in other words it has to rain the night before so he can actually make the track properly. So the reason we probably haven't seen any races for 2019 it's because the weather hasn't gotten good enough for it


        @Shiva surya shut up he meant it in a funny way which means put a Lil effort and try to at least send 1 or 2 every week

    79. Khell

      My Super Turtle lost again :( 15th.....

    80. sulfuratus

      Ghost Plasma: in the top 5 pretty much all race long Greg Woods: 1:33

    81. Kureha Suminoya

      Mocha Madness it is the favorite marble of Cocoa Hoto

    82. brittlebrit187

      I love the old races. Back in 2016 the marbles were marbles!

      1. Grady Bohen

        ok boomer

      2. aparna surve


    83. Arq. Alejandro Martelo


    84. JasonRelaxation

      nice to see a new race but wheres 2019?

      1. JasonRelaxation

        Andrew A. Hynd well if I did I wouldn’t have asked when

      2. JasonRelaxation

        Titty Trav thank you

      3. Andrew A. Hynd

        If you look at the information Jelle provided, its right there.

      4. Titty Trav

        Racers are on a mid season break, they will be back in December/January Edit: The league also thought it was a good idea to take a break to announce the Marbula 1 teams because that league will be starting soon as well

    85. David Murillo Galiano

      God damn it Pollo Loco, we can’t do stuff like at the end!

      1. Jessica Sweet

        That costed him at least 2 places, very sad

      2. Basic Degenerate

        It was a hard fought race this one. Just glad he made top 10

    86. MagesticDemon

      Back in the day when, Ghost plasma and Dragons egg ruled the track. Than RN3 debuted in the SMR. 😊

      1. Dan Certa

        He did dominate race 8 of 2017

      2. ClQrkos

        MagesticDemon true but Dragons egg held rn3 back and beating him in the 2017 rally

      3. Brynn Kennedy

        "Than"? Or perhaps you mean "then".

    87. 5ade

      I’m sad. . . Cobra really sucks this year.

      1. Fluffy Squirrel

        Yeah, I decided to hedge my bets on Cobra too... oof, not a good showing

    88. Gueye Marieme

      3 veiws 7 like

    89. WatermelonPotatoFace


    90. Chendrawati Kurniawan

      What happened to the 2019 SMR?



      2. Kozak

        He's on holiday and will return early December, for now he's just uploading the old races

    91. Ahmed Farran

      Keep the good work up 👍👍👍👍👍

    92. Eugene Tan

      Hi nerds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Just a Random Dude

        Salutations! 🤓

      2. Jorge


    93. Louis Berryman


    94. MikeGames

      Rally time