Marbula One: Season 2 INTRO and LAUNCH DATE!

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    Season 2 of Marbula One RETURNS Saturday 07 November for a 12 GRAND PRIX season! Every GP, 20 teams fight for one of 16 grid spots in a brand new qualifiers system!

    Please enjoy this preview of the all new intro for season 2! While featuring a highlight reel from significant moments of the past, it will be updated over the course of the season to open the new GPs in a new style. It also functions as a quick recap of all the moments leading up to the race and we really hope you like this direction!
    20 teams will fight for the championship and one of the 16 starting positions for each GP, in a refurbished and improved Qualifiers system. Season 2 will have a total of 12 GPs: 6 before Christmas and 6 in early 2021 after a short winter break. Both classic and brand new venues are waiting to be visited by our racers in the new season. More details coming soon, stay tuned!
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    Created by Mellacus Media in Adobe After Effects.
    Music: "Elysium" by Edgar Hopp
    M1 Branding: Pim Leurs
    Team Logos: Tim Ritz
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    1. Bobo

      ... And here I am, hoping Balls Of Chaos has a breakthrough. But then again, they are called the "Balls Of Chaos", not the "Balls of Consistancy."

    2. Hunter Ghidoni

      Nice! The day after my birthday!

    3. doni ari setianto

      Hope limers can get more podium in this event

    4. David Ricardo Rodriguez Castro


    5. Neil skywalker

      Quite gutted when you abandoned the marbula E after a few races in the summer, glad you are finally doing something with it.

    6. Axle Envy


    7. Bulk Dominoes


    8. Syaidi Rizduan

      Me when I heard that CCE will be in the second season: Oh yeah Savage Speeders, Orangers and Minty Maniacs are also in the second season. Me: Oh no

    9. Elijah Ward

      The hazers would’ve taken the title if they didn’t have a bad quali, and then a dismal race. Lets hope that the hazers are gonna win the M1 season 2 title

    10. Wito 123


    11. Maarten van Helden

      Let's be honest, there is only one team that can and will win and that will be the Savage Speeders! Great racers this year and a title to defend, it will be epic!

    12. Erik Skole

      24 min of la marb...,...,......,..please

    13. Garry Cohen

      Why I missed out all of the notifications? 🤔 Anyway, I'm a long living fan for Team Primary and I believe the boys can deliver a proper fight in the standings and survive the cut. #PRIMARY4LYFE

    14. Jafari Blackwood

      Season 1 and Season 2 in almost one year :-/. Seems legit

    15. Mod Sparky


    16. Oscar Micó

      By the way this is all part fo the Ferrari Master Plan™

    17. 75knives

      This season is gonna be crazy

    18. Shikhar Gupta

      I wonder if Lewis HaMarbleton would be given a seat this season.. Seems a promising driver..

    19. Áleister J.R

      If O'rangers can keep a consistency like the one they had during the mid-time of last season there's no one that can take this one from us! G🧡 🧡'RANGERS

    20. _ theproishere_

      I have been fan of savage speeders for over 3 years and i am still a fan #savagespeeders all the way

    21. Asbjørn Young-Groener

      This is sesongen where Balls of Chaos isn't going to suck, I just feel it. Oh come on please don't suck, don't suck. We need this you round sons of glasses... GO BALLS GOOOOOOOOO!!!

    22. Inaxi Patel

      Maybe instead of 2 separate videos just like in Marbula E you can do 1 long race insted

    23. Pablo Alexis


    24. Joshua Kunzer

      actually had to watch the video twice because I was too busy enjoying the highlights montage and missed when the start date for S2 was.

    25. Jorge mamaladze


    26. Rico Salvan

      So sad not to see my Rojo Rollers 😭

    27. Ligieili

      Smoggy will destroy them ALL ! LET's GO HAZERS #HazeAmaze

    28. Bacon

      Savage speeders fan since day number one!

    29. Cesar Carabelli

      Is green ducks there? I don't see the icon on 0:14

    30. Josh P

      Let's GOOOOO!

    31. Matias B


    32. Decoywitha3

      Hey Jelly I'm learning to do itinerate glass and I make marbles mind if I send u some handmade ones? What's your address 😊👏🌹❣️

    33. Parker Chern

      Go back to the Season 1 and tell me which should be in here slimelime or lime lime

    34. Jazz Wang

      waiting for green duck

    35. 90JoeVandal

      O'Rangers gonna roll!!! Literally.

    36. Tomás Stizza


    37. Orange Spark

      I can’t wait

    38. Xander Gardecki

      Go cats we will win the cup I. Our 1st seaosn

    39. Thunderlightning 5

      I’m so hype for minty’s first formula

    40. IcyFrostin

      go minty maniacs

    41. Rakibul hasan

      Go go oceanics 🏆🏆🏆🏆

    42. Latrodectus mactans

      Speed is key folks!

    43. theillusorylife

      Come on you Limers!

    44. Carlos Alvarado

      Attack mode and sand! Count me in!

    45. Ryan DeShetler

      So no one is going to talk about the O'Rangers? Fine, then I will. LET'S GO ORANGERS! 😂

    46. Kousuke Takahashi


    47. Danyaal Mussa

      How come there is no oceanics?

    48. Recon47

      I hope Team Primary cut Mary. Complete embarrassment last season

    49. tlaren

      Oh boy, I can't wait! Come on Oceanics, you're stronger than this! You pulled off surprises during the Marbleympics, you've got the guts to make it in!

    50. Se La Juve Fosse una persona

      Rip Rojo Rollers M1 s2 dream

    51. Pikminfan67

      I wish the Ducks good luck!

    52. Se La Juve Fosse una persona

      For the next season do like a UEFA Nations League intro

    53. Твой одноклассник Валодя

      I hope at 2 season you'll make more laps, AND TAKE AWAY LIFT TO START/FINISH STRAIGHT. Good luck)))

    54. Jafari Blackwood

      About the new qualifiers system Is it going to be like F1 where the have Q1 Q2 and Q3? I'm curious.

    55. RexR28


    56. ricky Pendrey

      Which nation do you think each team would represent? I feel oranges would be Australian midnight wisps French.

    57. Bayu Aditya

      I need marbula e

    58. RetroCarton

      Can we acknowledge the fact that at 0:03 the Limers are still last

    59. TheWindowsCollector Windows 11

      yezzzzzzzz i can't waittttttt

    60. Daniel F


    61. Fikus80 Popelka


    62. The Red Marble


    63. Martin Mornár

      Finally! Crazy cats eyes are in! 💛

    64. Tyler

      The savage speeders are looking forward to another 1st place overall

    65. Doggo _YT

      Looks like my favourite sport is back hopefully Thunderbolts do good this year #SHAKETHEGROUND

    66. Doggo _YT

      Sad to see the rojo rollers aren't in it this year I always had high hopes for them any recommendations for another team to support P.s I have two teams Thunderbolts and rojo rollers (already gone)

    67. choirboy25

      Can’t wait for my Hazers! Let’s go!!!

    68. John Crandall


    69. Jarooosa

      Midnight Wisps have been working on a new aerodynamic design which is even more spherical. Expect some good results this season.

    70. Ameldan Calippo

      There will be the usual bias against the Jungle Jumpers.

    71. Ball Racing

      Season 2 Teams: Balls of Chaos, Bumblebees, Crazy cats eye, Green ducks, Hazers, Jungle Jumpers, Kobalts, Limers, Mellow yellow, Midnight wisps, Minty maniacs, Oceanics, Orangers, Raspberry racers, Savage Speeders, Snowballs, Team Galactic, Team Momo, Team Primary, Thunderbolts

    72. Brian Smith

      Nice- I enjoyed greatly the 1st Marbula 1 season -- don't neglect Marbula E though- that has turned out great as well, especially the actual British Race announcer pairing with Greg Woods

    73. Lila Fajariyana

      Get ready savage speeders become the champion again!

    74. Justin Adams

      Can't wait! #HazeAmaze

    75. Lucas Cochrane

      Savage Speeders

    76. Jarrett Smith

      I sincerely hope you guys bring back the Winter MarbleLeague it's been two years, and yeah I kinda miss it.

    77. ricky Pendrey

      Go go galactic!!

    78. will landis

      Savage speeders are going to win because they are Jelle’s favorite team

    79. Berk Alpman

      how can i buy this equipment? just like elevator

    80. Lucas Moss

      Now I have a feeling that Marbula One is something that happens semiannually, as last season was about 6 months ago.

    81. Punic Wars

      gooorangers go!!!

    82. Marco. Umhang 86

      7 November wtf

    83. Jayson's House

      Is Red#3 racing with the Rojo Rollers this year, or are they still estranged?

    84. Stuart Mease

      Jelled marble runs is the best

    85. 148 Race

      This looks soooo good and it is so close! I looking forward to new quali system.

    86. Eilidh the sloth

      Go midnight wisps!!!!!

    87. Fran Berrios

      Savage Speeders, keep the momentum after winning the marblelimpics. This is your season boys!!

    88. Un_ Noticed

      Do I see the Orangers in there?

    89. tokajer38

      Marbula E?

    90. Sarita Shrestha

      This is where savage speeders will shine they will defenatly win they are the best

    91. BlueUnknown

      Oceanics need to do good for their average performance on ML2020. Anyways #RideTheWave!

    92. Pølar

      Thunderbolts lets get it

    93. Angelina Munoz

      honestly i dont caer about s2 for speeders i feel happy

    94. Greg Bridges

      I'm so excited for this

    95. lil strawberry

      put red number three and quick silver in in quick silver is my favoirte marble ever

    96. ta gueule pour voir : j'ai une sacré bête

      too bad the hornets didn't qualify, they just missed an opportunity to finish last for a 3rd time in a row

    97. John Joseph Brady

      does anyone notice that at 0:03 when he says "around the turn" it's onbeat with the music in the background?

    98. McEvilOne

      Does this mean Marbula-E is dead?

    99. Aaron Tilton

      Season 2 after just 4 races of season 1?

    100. Luke Wilson