Halfpipe | Marble League 2020 E2

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver! 16 teams compete in the second of 16 events, the Halfpipe!
    Teams compete to stay the longest in the halfpipe as they slalom back and forth. But they have to maintain the momentum without getting knocked out of balance by their opponent! Rivalries will heat up and history will be made! Will a leading team win the gold this event, or will a team in the lower half break through and contend for the championship? This one's for all the marbles! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
    Design: www.hookstone.be
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thank you so much for tuning in, what an amazing event! See you on July 3rd for Funnel Endurance at 3pm EDT / 20:00 BST. Also check out our new TikTok account: www.tiktok.com/@jellesmarbles/

      1. BlueFlag Alpha

        4 weeks passed so fast

      2. Carson_Cooper - Golf

        Brandin Bertucci has

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      4. Yellow was so sus that i had to kill him.

        Who else renember the Fan-fight that happened on 2019? oh..... limes.

      5. DonterioTeriana Newkirk

        Y'all that is crazy

    2. Brand

      me watching the O'rangers: *_OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO_*

    3. puffdanny2k

      Looks like that fly that crashed the VP debate also crashed this event - 1:18

    4. Morgan McElligott


    5. Bhagirath Priyavrat

      Heck yeah go orangers

    6. Elimeno Quite

      How can you tell yhe differences between all the marbles?

    7. Carlee Maurier

      NOT a great start to this Marble League for the Hazers this year

    8. Betadyne

      Where is team Primary ? Although Mary sucks in races, Prim has been doing excellent results there last months and they're not in the competition anymore :(

    9. Emilio Vargas

      Just started watching a few days ago. C3 for life!

    10. YNWA JFT96

      The ORangers are just beasts no matter what the competition, they don't fear anyone...

    11. pew


    12. Javier Arias

      Lets go Hazers

    13. Brady Power


    14. kangourouuu1

      I find suspicious that the old Marble League Record was at 29.49 when 12 runs went *over* this year. And one got to 29.48 as well. Change of the length of the course? Drugs on the part of the competitors? New equipment that help with friction or course-planning? What happened?

    15. Aaron Dorsey

      OooooOoooooOoooo New league record and an event win , now that's a good day.

    16. Sebastian Rojas Garcia

      As a native Spanish speaker, I can say that the best of the event was that "Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico"

    17. Nick Carberry

      Go Oceanics

    18. Lord

      4:43. There is waldo.

    19. Timbo Slice

      In the Halfpipe ... nothing rhymes with O'Rangers!

    20. Alex Cabanela

      Spoiler for the rest of ML2020 Absolutely crazy how the team in last after the second event would go on to win the whole thing

    21. Ash

      Those early finishers will not be good for Mellow Yellow. *IT WAS NOT*

    22. David Cardona


    23. Achmad Syarif Hidayatullah

      anyone watching this after final event?

    24. Shane Knysh

      Great competition, 11 of the runs would have broken the previous Balls of Chaos record with an other one falling .01 seconds behind it. So the Balls of Chaos record was #1 before the event and it isn't even in the top 10 anymore!

    25. Harris Graves

      I can't quit watchin

    26. Victoria Montes

      Any other Puerto Ricans watching???

    27. Dustyness


    28. phoexer

      Crazy Cat's Eyes!!!!

    29. Ian Williams


      1. Ian Williams

        El Fro lol good one but stfu

      2. El Fro


    30. brian ransom

      Found roldo at 4:15

      1. Ian Williams


    31. koalaswearingcoats

      Whichever team starts with marbles in the front left and back right corners have a far greater chance of victory. This is an unacceptable pattern and future starting blocks of this event should be different.

    32. Craig Timmons

      O'rangers are the best. Been a fan since 2017. Still crushing it!!!! Get oooooooooooooooooooooooooooon the bandwagon.

      1. Ian Williams


    33. Swirl

      Alright, I definitely want a Marble League video game to exist.

    34. Andrethyst

      So I only just started watching these, decided "I like minty maniacs"...Seems like I have a good choice so far. ^_^;

    35. Peter Weer

      Nice video

    36. younglink309

      It feels like the O'Rangers seems to dominate these games. How is this even possible? considering..you know... their inanimate marbles...

    37. 1kizwell

      Lucky marbles don’t need to social distance

    38. Freedom Diamond

      #TidePride One of these days, we'll do better... Also, I'm starting to think it's less of the Host's Curse and more of an Oceanics Curse :C

    39. Adam Dimes

      #shaketheground anyone?

    40. Jinyou Han

      Speeders are coming back!........ from last to 5th already, back in the championship contention with 5 events left.

      1. Jinyou Han

        Speeders take the lead by 5 points with 1 event to go😨

      2. Jinyou Han

        Speeders are now 2nd, 10 points behind O’s😱😱😱😱 oh my gosh

    41. Christopher :o

      This year I root for the Minty Maniacs, so far they have shown they are prepared for this years events.

    42. Jaycubes

      A fly flew in and i thought a marble broke

    43. Savysmarty

      Go raspberry racers!! Go hazers!! I legit love watching this with my friends

    44. Sharema Jamaludin

      Minty maniacs is the best marble but what happen to the host

    45. Augtumas Harner

      Just found out that Marble League exists. I'M IN LOVE.

    46. nforc3r


    47. Steve Hinkle

      I'm trying to memorize what Roldo looks like for the next episode.

    48. fabZ

      #Pinkies Go RR!

    49. Arrogant leaf

      Quick question is there drug testing ????

    50. Fumi Lola

      Im proud of the minty maniacs. They did good

    51. John Spencer

      O'rangers V savage speeders was best race

    52. BRADY KIM

      Goooooooooooo Oceanics! 🔵💨🔵💨🔵💨🔵💨 #TidePride

    53. BlueFlag Alpha

      This event is exciting to watch, please do more halfpipe event

    54. ChestRockwell667

      That was so much better that the last Rambo movie

    55. Nortic111

      1:03 Was that a fly or a mini camera drone?

    56. Angus Gibson

      My Speeders need to learn WHEN Speed is Key!!!

    57. Grovesie35

      Startin to lose faith in my.... The Tbolts. 😢

      1. Grovesie35

        We can get it guys, lets go Blue n' Gold!

    58. HeAl ThYsElF

      4:32 Raldo chillin' at the Starting gate

    59. Kaithe Rocelin

      The second run of the Oceanics crushed me so bad. Also feel bad for the Minty Maniacs, breaking a record only to have it broken right afterwards. At least they had the best individual marble score in this event.

    60. sonikmuff

      ZA RALDO

    61. Tarun Pasumarthi

      #GOOOORANGERS!!! 2020 is our baby!

    62. brettlexine world

      Goo savage speeders

    63. BennySwill

      This is what I've become waiting for MLB opening day tomorrow. Watching marbles.

    64. Aldo Daniel Rivera Rentería

      Is there a big air event? Mega ramp like they do in the xgames?!

    65. Mel Chan

      When you're an O'ranger but also a Minty Maniac. Bruh the only reason I switched to O'rangers was because Minty Maniacs' hiatus (and got attached hahaha). Now that they're both here what do I do??? I guess I'll just cheer for both and get happy if either wins.

    66. roman torres

      The snowballs?

    67. Vincent Öhlander Rice

      Up the O's!!!

    68. Mr. Doggo

      You should of added QuickSilver, and one I made. the color is pink and blue with white swirls the name is Cottons of candy! Made add them to another marble race 😊🤩👍

    69. Marley Griffin

      Jelle can you do a mvm for the best marble in a season

    70. Nexbex


    71. Idiotic Lifter


    72. CarCat

      Never stop disappointing me, Mellow Yellow.

    73. prog

      Ah. Every games winner donates money, so that's a tradition. I get it. I'll be rooting for the Minty Maniacs anyway. I really felt it when their new record was taken by the O'rangers just seconds after. Must've been one of the shortest lived records in Marble League history I presume.

    74. Sean Meehan

      I don’t know why, but I really feel a rivalry with the O’rangers and the savage speeders. I think it might be because when the O’rangers won, the savage speeders came in 2nd and almost got their 2nd ML win in a row if I’m not mistaken, but I still just feel a rivalry

    75. ArroZin

      Did somebody find Roldo?

    76. The Janitor

      。❅*⋆⍋*∞*。*∞*⍋⋆*❅。 IN MOMO WE STAN 。❅*⋆⍋*∞*。*∞*⍋⋆*❅。 *# ( ./ . %(,. # ( / #(((. .*( .. ((((#, ((% * ///((#, (,(((% * /////(/* (((//( , (//////,* ..,///(/ * *(//////./ *(,,///(# . .((((///(,/ *,,,///( , .(((((((/. ( ,,,,,,(( ( / .(((((((.. *,,,,****( * / ./((((((, *.*******( * / .//(((#,* ( (*/***/. * ./ ,//(/*,/ ****,, ( / * ((., #,,,( ( ./* /////. , ** / #,. (/((////#( /&/ ( , %////////. ,.% ( ///**#////&.,%/**./ (//% /// * ( //#(//##//////. //# (// ./#*//////////./ //# // * ,*. .%%%* //& //( // %%%%%%% . //& ,//% , # ( /. , #/( / . /,( . . (/(. , //% ,/ * * . **/% .* ( .. #//% ( , ,., (/( ///*/% ( . (( /. (/( * , . /(, ///, .,.. . , /// ///% ,.,, .( ( .* %%. *///%. .* ,..* ( .,,%/%(////(% *,/ ,.,.,, ,.%%%%%,............ . *# #( , ,.***/ .******,,. ..,,,,,,,, .,, ,/.*,/(%. * ********, ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,. .,(* (*******,,. 。❅*⋆⍋*∞*。*∞*⍋⋆*❅。 IN MOMO WE STAN 。❅*⋆⍋*∞*。*∞*⍋⋆*❅。

    77. Richard Charter

      "OOOOs finally die down"

    78. William B

      Lots of new records It’s amazing what improved coaching technques can do

    79. T C

      Orangers All Day!

    80. The8347135

      Green Ducks need a new coach. Thanks for the memories but it's time to go! #QUACK

    81. Chan YY

      Unknown flying projectile at 1:03

    82. The Smiling Toast

      Been an ooooooooo fan for many years now. From beginning to end

    83. Johnie Williams

      Never thought I would get so pumped over marbles but when the rangers got that world record I fisted pumped love my O'rangers

    84. John Holden


    85. Llamas


    86. Prafulla Dedge

      4:17 There is Roldo near track...

    87. Jay S

      my favorite part of this event is just seeing the color combos lol.

    88. Bukkarooo

      Finally! Love to see my O'Rangers doing well!

    89. Sarah Balcom

      Up next: the Thunderbees vs the Bumblebolts!!

    90. DoOdle Master


    91. Pootasaur

      Ooooooooooooo! Great job by my favourite boys and gals.

    92. Jake Wells


    93. Rube Wizard

      I found something *SPOILER ALERT* I found Roldo near the gate at 4:12

    94. Smudolini the Great Dragobear

      This is some nailbiting shit man!

    95. sailendra krishna


    96. Ali Yare

      I Just noticed there are birds flying around

    97. Mr.Ouest


    98. Antisol

      Philly D sent me here and im hooked.

    99. Juan Herrera

      us Momo fans are very proud people

    100. Walter Johnson

      There was like 8 times that beat the old wr. Insane!