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    This mini marble machine has 6 different track modules and has a simple hand-driven 3d printed marble gear lifter. I made it by myself somewhere in 2014 and i found it back during a cleanup of my studio.
    It uses 8mm steel marbles from bearings.
    Dimensions: 16 X 11 X 8 cm
    NOTE: (please read this before posting comments!)
    I know that the gears are not well mounted, so it will come loose after several turns. However, i'm planning to build a new base with motorized lifting system which can fit all 6 modules at the same time. Some modules also needs some finetuning.
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    1. JackOS 555

      Reupload your modular marble runs

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      How did you do it? It's really nice!

    3. 7474Studios

      I don’t get how people dislike this, you clicked to see tiny marble machines and that’s what you saw

    4. JoJo Vang

      The white is a short description of what Jelle does!

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      Please I love marble so make more and sell at Amazon or something

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      Is this how all marbles train to be Olympians?? Very good training devices.

    11. MagicTurtle643

      So cool.

    12. Mega Ascension

      You should find a way to make these things for a merch shop. I bet they'd be pretty popular!

    13. Newby Ton

      2:18 this could be useful as a background prop if someone were to make a movie about a society of marbles

    14. French Mapping

      Wait This Was Created A Week Ago? But It Felt Like Its 12 Years Old!

    15. periurban

      A graphic illustration of sensitive dependence on initial conditions within a gravity well.

    16. Darrel Pinkston

      Stick with what brought you to the show..... This ain't it

    17. Rinus Onink

      Hoi Jelle, heb je misschien er nog een STL bestand van? Dan kan ik hem ook een keer printen op mijn Ultimaker 2+.

    18. JonatasAdoM

      Perpetual ASMR machines

    19. JonatasAdoM

      This video was so relaxing.

    20. Fun Things to Do with a Camera

      Great DIY project.

    21. XanthinZarda

      What an adorable use for 3D printing.


      Ball bearings training

    23. Professor Roundbottom

      I'd bet this is as much fun to make as it is to use!

    24. William Arnold

      Denha, anybody?

    25. Kim Lindsey

      This is amazing! So simple yet so complex!!

    26. Haley Faragalli

      So cool!

    27. mrRexninja

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    28. Round Lake Railfan

      If only there was a way to combine those modules into a big marble run.

    29. Bryan

      I was really hoping they'd all be connected together at the end!

    30. Toure Evelyn

      Hey when you get the kinks worked out, please post a video showing so. This would be a cool trinket toy for the store I work for, I could order some for our stock. 😁🙏🏾

    31. Rowdy Wong

      This is honestly the most satisfying thing I've watched today.

    32. Double Glock

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    33. Mil Cooke


    34. Keldor314

      The little shaft on the drive gear where you put your fingers looks really delicate. Did it break at any point?

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    36. Messatsu Goshoryu

      Didn't know this was an ASMR channel

    37. smegskull

      You could 3D print some really complex routes for this.

    38. Super Nova

      This is so relaxing

    39. Veirdonis

      I wish we could get 3d printer models for these.

    40. Juviegar

      The refs of the tournaments need enjoyments too.

    41. Dakota

      I wish this was for sale with all the different attachments I’d love that

    42. Losing My Marbles

      This doesn't look homemade at all; it looks very professionally constructed. Between this & the marble theme park, I'd have to say you've got some awesome fabrication/construction skills.

    43. Reid Beier

      If you were to market and sell official Jelle's Marble Runs/Marble League track pieces and kits I'd DEFINITELY be in to purchase those

    44. Trie Gustiawan

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    45. tradewins

      Dude you are seriously demented...but in a nice way. I'd like to order the complete unit with all attachments. Sincerely, Captain Queeg

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    47. Bryan Dial

      These all feel very inspired by GBC modules... Which I am not complaining about... I love GBC and would love to see if they could ever merge fandoms.

    48. JCL Kaytwo

      yet another alternative title: "how to get thumb pains in just five minutes"

    49. Régis Santos Araújo


    50. Michael Hoadley

      I saw "marble machine" and initially thought this was a Wintergatan vid.

    51. lvcsslacker


    52. Keith Varner

      I had a Tomy Run Yourself Ragged ball bearing game when I was a young child in the early 1980's. I would like to see you make a similar game.

    53. B3skar

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    54. Logan

      saved for when I have a kid and a 3D printer and kid in about 12 years

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      It's calm and therapeutic.

    56. Daxton Anderson


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      Jelle's Marble ASMR.

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      Hmm the thumbnail changed 🤔🤔

    60. GroovingPict

      wouldnt the third one be better if it tilted the other way instead, ie away from the feeder rather than right back towards it?

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      3D printable would be awesome

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      Have you seen Matthias Wandel's marble machines? They're pretty good too!

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    65. TorstenCX

      make a race out of it! Only two marbles! The first to get 10 rounds wins!

    66. TheRealTricky

      A good place for Oceanics to practice, so the team will make improvements next year :P Okay, bad jokes aside, this is really cool....

    67. Damon Rice

      3d print this module system and take my money please! Create a base to link them all together

    68. Jackson Sheeman

      This would make a fantastic toy! My favorite module is the suspended track, that one is mesmerizing to watch!

    69. TheBomberos08

      Why do I always feel sad for the marbles queuing while the one coming back from the ride are the first to jump in the wheel?

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      This just made me think of a potential event ... Time Trials.

    77. A. Hunt

      This is AMAZING

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      Love this! This would make some great merch

    80. Old man huppiedos

      Een leuke Mini Modular Marble Machine heb je gemaakt.

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      Anyone else here saying Ooooooooooooo like they are cheering on the O'rangers?

    82. FREE 4554

      this has to be a toy, i need this in my life

      1. FREE 4554

        @CoyoteRys to be fair, Legos are smaller then those.

      2. CoyoteRys

        Makes a great gift for ages 2-3. Not a choking hazard in sight.

    83. Gonzalo Romero

      Cool. Just replace the hand lever by a small electric engine, and you have hours and hours of fun ahead!

      1. Juan Rial

        He says he'"s working on exactly that in the video description. And it'll also be able to hold all the modules at once. Here's hoping for some updates on that in the not too distant future.

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      A theme park for young marbles to play

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      1. Bethany Porter

        That’s sounds cool

      2. Leigh Anne Barnes

        Bethany Porter It’s a band that’s making this really big marble machine instrument with like a guitar, a vibraphone and drums. It’s really cool, look ‘em up!

      3. Mark Dowdy

        @Bethany Porter Wintergatan is a band from Sweden that made the Marble Machine viral video a few years ago. All of their music is a capella (no human voices). Nice music too!

      4. Bethany Porter

        What is wintergaten?

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        @Jelle's Marble Runs Love this idea! What a collab that would be!

    88. teddytron2000

      Almost forgot about this one! Thanks for bringing this one back!

    89. therawkhawk64

      Another alternative title: "Training Device for Future Marble League Competitors"

      1. Julian T

        More like a training device for ball bearings for future Marblelympics, or Marble League Showdown, as the host prefers.

      2. schrodingers cat

        I was thinking school sports day in the marble universe.

    90. Lemonyrhus

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      1. Greyson

        @Ben Manning And for the collision event!

      2. Ben Manning

        Lemonyrhus baby ball bearings training to clear courses.

    91. Shuda Himatsu

      Cant wait to see this on next marble run Olympic

    92. theplush toygamer96

      No joke, I think you should sell some of these mini marble machines. Just a little idea.

      1. theplush toygamer96

        Well, it would make sense to make it all at once, so that it wouldn't be as short. Plus now I think about it, it would be hard to make a duplicates after duplicates, it would take a lot of time.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I won't sell it, i will first make a new base with wheel lifter which can fit all 6 modules at the same time. It will be used for my future museum.

    93. Meg.A. Byte

      The main protagonist - nails!

    94. captnduck

      Mobile Marble Machines, for when your on the go and need to destress. You could prolly sell these hah

    95. • T•S•S•M•V •

      You should mass produce these. I can see tons of people wanting one of these to call their own 😄

      1. Alex Fiegly

        @Jelle's Marble Runs but your fans want one made and marketed by you I know I do

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It can be a nice idea, but there are many other related marble machine sets on the market.

    96. Kureha Suminoya

      C'est passionnant

    97. cmdraftbrn

      olypmic marble training courses

    98. Phoenix & Toad

      wow I love your channel! it's so awesome!

    99. Lumakid 100

      It looks like this is 3D printed. If it is, can you upload the files to thingiverse and give a link? I want to make these.

      1. Lyre Paradox

        IIRC, there are a ton of marble machines on Thingiverse.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I made it in 2014, i don't know which file i used. Only the gears and blue gear holder is 3d printed. The track modules are made with wood and some metals.

    100. Hibiya Plays

      The funnels are my favorites~ Whether it's in your marble machines or in the marble league, I just like watching lots of marbles spinning around, not really knowing (at the beginning) which one will fall down first ~ I guess the randomness is its appeal? Then again, just watching them spin around is also nice~ Out of all the ones here, the funnel is my fave! 😁

      1. Troy Snaith

        I totally agree, I used to spend heaps donating to the ones in supermarkets.

      2. Bryan Dial