Marbula E Race 1 "Paris" - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs & Formula E

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    Welcome to the first qualifiers and marble race of the Marbula E project! 12 marbles representing the real Formula E teams will compete with each other on a course with a conveyor belt, to allow multiple laps and even more exciting racing.
    === ATTENTION: ===
    Please read this first before posting comments!
    - This series is a commission from Envision Racing for a crossover between JMR and Formula E
    - There's another commentator as usual: Jack Nicholls, the commentator of the Formula E.
    - Some marbles have the same colors as the our M1 or ML teams, however there is no actual connection.
    - The Marbula E project is in no relation to our other series!
    - This video is edited by the Formula E team, the graphics and different as in the Marbula One.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Jack Nicholls
    Editing: Formula E
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    Formula E: EnvisionVirginRacingFormulaE/
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    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2020 and Formula E: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Simply Adia

      Did no one read the description? Jack is just here for the Formula E project. Greg hasn't been fired. I think Jack did a great job for someone who has never done commentary for marble racing!

      1. Arnhelm Krausson

        I think Jack did a very good job. Greg is perfect for Marble League, but is a little too calm for Marbula racing. I think Jack's commentary would have sounded even better with more and louder background audio.

      2. Doyin Oyenuga

        whta AUDI

      3. Simply Adia

        @TheWiiMote yes, I feel like Greg just gives the marbles their own personalities! Lol like he'll say something like "Blue Comet had a rough time at the qualifiers!" and it's just so funny to give them life! Lol

      4. TheWiiMote

        @Simply Adia Oooooooh thanks for the correction 😁 even if I still prefer Greg's commentary, you can really feel the enthusiasm in this commentary, which I think is really good.

      5. Simply Adia

        @TheWiiMote I said his first time doing marble racing. Most of the other comments have been pushed to the bottom, but when this video first came out, there were a bunch of comments saying he wasn't doing as good as Greg and yes, we all know Jack is a professional, but covering actual racing and then covering marble racing are two different things. You can tell Greg has a feel for the sport whereas Jack was coming in brand new to the experience of marble racing. I'm sure if Greg went and did commentary on a Formula 1 race, he would sound out of his element as well until he got a feel for it. 😊

    2. Henry Woodward Kohlmeyer

      My picks are Venturi and Audi.

    3. Connor Petrie


    4. Sue Lynch

      @Jelle's Marble Runs. You should do a V8 Super Mars. Australia greatest race Bathurst (Mount Panorama) (aka The Mountain). It would be a challenge to build it for sure but it would be glorious. You would have to include gravel at turns 1,2 to keep it interesting

    5. Pio Nolasco

      Jaguar and ROKiT VENTI RACING are my favs

    6. Lee Shackelford

      Sorry, his voice is so irritating......couldn't even watch a full lap by even one marble in qualifying...

    7. Christopher Blair

      They really are desperate to get people interested in Formula E aren't they? Joking aside it's awesome they collaborated like this.

    8. Florian Bischoff

      this is actually way better than the real formula 1,e or whatever

    9. DjezGaming

      GO VENTURI!!!!

    10. Kakuros LP

      Mercedes 💪

    11. ezm8 pro

      Mercedes fan

    12. veronica bakker


    13. Ainul Fadlan

      I don't know why I watch it like a real serious race

    14. Paul Lessard

      Commentator blows. The other guy is 1000% better.

    15. Emilio Cuevas

      I want some merch, thanks.

      1. Emilio Cuevas

        For free, cheers.

    16. Thomas Gibbons

      I just watch for the crashes.

    17. Doğan cumhur Guven

      Türkish subtitle thankyou guys thankyou

    18. Firdaus ddos


    19. nandof7

      I don’t believe i’m watching this!!

    20. kosmaslemo

      Go, Jaguar! Surprised Pikachu face

    21. Muhammad Fakhri

      "little bit of contact"

    22. lars van de vooren

      Even here they win. Damn

    23. Blue Fury PRODUCTION

      This mercedes is like the real f1 car cause itz bloudy DOMINANT

    24. Rube A secas

      Mercedes gana hast en canicas

    25. Julius Mark Arragona

      Next time please include team radios 😂

    26. OtakUwU

      Damn I was hoping Envision would win 😔

    27. Aditya Arun

      It's crazy!! Amazing!! Breathtaking.. kudos guys.. well done 👌

    28. RannopicK

      What happen here

    29. BKbIRD

      I'm supposed to be sleeping right now, but what am I doing instead? Watching the Marbula-E World Championship instead of course!

    30. Scott Machaser

      I came here becoz of Joe Rogan... lol

    31. ArchieAnimationsYT

      Me: *I'll watch this. Actually fair racing, it's completely equal* Of course Mercedes still win

    32. Doyin Oyenuga

      NOO AUDI

    33. Xavier Farrar

      Going for Mercedes Benz EQ


      I try to pick a few. Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW for me Edit: I chose well

    35. Daniel Cole

      Shem is a big virgin

    36. Super Andy Music

      German manufactures have really fast cars, which is something I did not know. Perhaps that may be the reason as to why Mercedes are strong.

    37. Judah Sh

      I like Dragon just cause then mercedes. Jaguar looks like a minty maniac... fav. 4 Olympics

    38. Persiah 777

      Mercedes (Wisps) win!

    39. Giles S

      Really amazing that this is an actual thing! I do miss Greg a bit, but Jack did a great job

    40. Markus Moen Furulund

      Marbledurance racing 2 hours of le marb

    41. Brady Power

      go techeetah!

    42. Danielle

      Mercedes always does best out front with a cooler engine.

    43. Alex Cline

      Go nio 333!

    44. Iron Engine

      **Puts Electric Angel**

    45. 15 Zachary Jochen Nuesca

      we wanted Jack,you delivered. i wanted mercedes to win,you delivered. we wanted a great race,you delivered. THANK YOU! :D

    46. Jennyverse

      Actual Formula E is on at the moment, and it's muted while I watch this xD

    47. firebigjer

      Nio 333 cuz i love 3 #threetimesthreequalnine

    48. Gina Santare

      Where is Greg???? Not as fun to root for a real car as my fake marble team, and the sound balance is off. I wanna hear that sweet sweet “ooooooooh”. Disappointed by this, which sucks bc I always need more marble racing.

    49. 15 Zachary Jochen Nuesca

      nevermind im supporting Jaguar and Mercedes

    50. 15 Zachary Jochen Nuesca


    51. 15 Zachary Jochen Nuesca

      wait nevermind im supporting Jaguar

    52. 15 Zachary Jochen Nuesca

      Im supporting Mercedes,Jaguar and Nissan.

    53. 15 Zachary Jochen Nuesca

      this is what i watch when im bored. Do you too?

    54. brettlexine world

      Go geox dragon

    55. Ruben Alexandre

      Even here ... Mercedes

    56. Callas Huang

      Watching this race brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Let's roll!'

    57. phephe2 game

      Techeetah will win this season

    58. Just someone Else


    59. Sup Boys

      Gregs commentery is much better

      1. Sup Boys

        Okay that makes more sense sorry Jack.

      2. Hutt Productions

        Thats because Greg has been doing this for years, jack is new to marble racing but he is the commentator for the actual formula E in which he is very good

    60. Jesus Du

      Parent Shaun : Let’s GOOO BMW

    61. World of AMEISO

      Far more entertaining than Fomula 1.

    62. Diether Santos

      0:14 Epic Song Than F1

    63. TlalocW

      I know this is getting actual sponsorship from Envision and John Olivier, but do the car manufacturers actually send in their own marbles?

    64. Shane Spencer

      Still very strangely entertaining. Nice change of pace having Jack Nicholls call out the play by play. Well done.

    65. Casey Etzkorn

      definitely going to be supporting nio or bmw. closest to my thunder bolts and oceanics

    66. Sir Fryingpan

      Greg woods is good but this guy's accent takes gold

    67. Joseph Banks

      Can we taken a second to notice BMW when from second last for most the race to jump up into 1st

    68. Lloyd Ives

      excuse my language but this is fucking brilliant :) thanks

    69. FlareZero

      Maaaaaan, Mercedes win even here ahahaha, they are everywhere XD

    70. bobtube81

      wheres chevy orange

    71. Jason Wilbert


    72. Adarsh S N

      I don't want to say this, but looks like being the hosts got into Envision.

    73. Mitu Raj

      11:41 that was marbleous stuff from Venturi

    74. Mitu Raj

      Venturi 😍😍😍

    75. JayTh3Fox

      Am I the only one who expected Greg? This dude Jack scared the living hell out of me 😂😂great commentary regardless! Amazing!

    76. Martin J

      .....2035 this tiny speed pod racers have become earths final challenge into winning the EarthCup2035.

    77. Felipe Alo

      wtf is that

    78. Maru Raba

      Got 30 dosh on techeetah

    79. Kategari

      Poor Envision - sponsors of the race but what an absolute disaster showing in this race.

    80. Andres Paez De la garza

      Wow! I’ve never done so well at picking a marble without seeing it run at all! Go Mercedes!

    81. Alfredo The Gamer

      How Do You do The Intro

    82. gabriel eufrasia

      Who is supporting Mercedes, cos I am!!!

    83. Yoshua Espínola

      Subtitles in spanish. Please

    84. Alfredo The Gamer

      How Do You Do That

    85. Star Bright

      Just stumbled across this today and I'm stoked to get to watch a full season of this!

    86. Ertio 2008


    87. membu chibuzormembu

      What an Intro!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    88. Jack Obora

      Techeetah hitting the wall off the conveyor killed their momentum and they never recovered.

    89. Shicheng Rao

      Dragon for the win, in honor of Dragon’s egg

    90. DaveAnna Hatlestad

      I cheer for whoever is in first😅

    91. Ola Bergvall

      I used to watch a lot of F1. This is better

    92. Damian Austin

      This is brilliant

    93. Funkopedia

      This is different/./.

    94. Callum Ormond

      As a Ferrari fan why Mercedes why!!

    95. GiddyGaming


    96. phthisis

      Great race, made even better with a loud cheering crowd in the background XD

    97. Timothy SLM


    98. Tony LaMorte

      Exactly how does one race prep for this type of race? Can't believe I am going to say this but,... Do you polish your marble?

    99. Vinicius R.

      i found a reason to live thank you

    100. Lord Raiden

      What the phuck shaeffler!?!?!? Middle, rear, middle?? That Audi had no forward bite!!! You making the 4 rings look bad bro.