Friendly Round | Marble League 2020

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, formerly known as the MarbleLympics! With two days before the Opening Ceremony, this year's host and last year's top teams battle in the Friendly Round.
    The hosts, Team Galactic, medaled last year in Block Pushing. 2019 Champions Raspberry Racers set a record in Funnel Endurance. 2019 runners-up, the Green Ducks and Hazers, were triumphant on the race track and balance beam respectively. Which team will be the all-around winner and earn their bragging rights? This one's for all the marbles! #marblelympics #marblerace #marbleruns
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffel, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thanks so much for tuning in! See you on Sunday for the Opening Ceremony and Event 1: Balancing @ (correction) 4:30pm EDT / 21:30 BST!

      1. David Martinez

        Hi Jelle, I made a new team for 2021 (ML 2020 showdown). Can you please tell me if it gets approved or not? Name: Iguanas. Color: Grass green with crisscrossing black stripes going in different directions. Members: Horn(c), Tooth, Spine, Tail and backup/5th member Spike. Coach: Lizard. Hashtag: Reptile Rocket.

      2. AmmaLeslie

        Is the event livestreamed on IRvision or on a TV Channel???

      3. ick jhin

        @Wolfeson28 yeah man im just kinda worried, so if it can be adjust the better for us and for the participants before the event begin.

      4. Ddude Gaming

        Why does the rojo rollers chant mix with raspberry racers ?

      5. Daniel Leyland

        So now i have to choose... The football club I have followed for 30 years winning the league.... Or the 2020 Marble League Opener.... 🤯 Sorry Jelles.

    2. Swizzy 11

      You should make a live version of these marble race like if you agree

    3. Marialla

      I think I found Roldo! Yay, my first time! 5:51 two in and three up from left, above the Hazers.

    4. Xystem 4

      I adore the marbles doing the wave

    5. Haze_ Piano

      I love this guy

    6. kangourouuu1

      My brain : wow, we're looking at the elite here. Also my brain : just marbles and physics. Resist you fool!

    7. Parker Erich

      Spoilers below . . . . . . Rough performance by the Hazers but hopefully it's better in the competition!

    8. markus emil

      know this, this is the most hones and whel made content on youtube. i always love it and the intensity is amazing, PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!

    9. LednacekZ

      Yay, Green Ducks are not able to win even the friendly round.

    10. Alaskan Phoenix

      Since spoilers are for the comments would someone help me find Roldo? ;-;

    11. Aa Gg

      John Oliver should be a guest commentator in the final round

    12. Steve Hinkle

      Why is this called the friendly round?

    13. Joshua Snyder

      Go Team Galactic! If I had a tee shirt, I'd wear it and paint my face!

    14. Matt Carter

      I'm enjoying this, my new sport to watch

    15. Wolf NZ Outdoors

      Had never heard about this until John Oliver mentioned it on Last Week Tonight! This is awesome. Finally sports and teams I can actually give a shit about!

    16. David Gillota


      1. Rachit Chawla


    17. tintinismybelgian

      What if the funnels were alternated (i.e. orange/green/orange/green...)?

    18. Joaquim

      4 minutes into the funnels there’s still a marble way up at the top. Why isn’t the commentator mentioning this?

    19. Cringus


    20. Alex Tsukito

      What team are you? Savage, why? No I ment football team Ohh...

    21. Mike Da Martian

      I legit just got so excited to see Razzy edge out Cosmo. Best sport ever.

    22. AmitBanai

      Sure hope this isn't a sign of things to come for the Ducks, was a real bad showing here.

    23. Anthony Barratt

      False start

    24. Ndifelani Selaelo

      Where are the yellow mellos?

    25. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

      surface chipping, how is this still a thing?

    26. Ian Brahm

      4:12 i cri

    27. Ben Morales

      Go Ball Bearings!! #ML2020BBearings

    28. John Andonuts

      Bless Greg's commentary. He breathes so much life and enthusiasm into these competitions, I don't know if it would be the same without him.

    29. Odd One

      Roldo wasn't put in untill 5:50 They showed the same spot in the audience at 1:18 and Roldo isn't there. Tricky tricky lol

    30. Bill Potts

      Go Raspberries!

    31. The Film Crew

      I wonder what team is the most popular

    32. Bolofex

      Team Oceanics!

    33. Space Ghost

      id like to lodge a protest about the Green Ducks...why do i support such losers...they promised so much early on...i bought merch...

    34. Wasmo

      I need a super high energy Korean version of this

    35. sam zitoun

      The Commentator's performance is mind-blowing.I wanna hear him commentating on just about anything.

    36. Aislin Kageno

      Hey, I think I finally found Roldo for the first time! Won't timestamp it though, to keep the fun available! :)

    37. King Breezy

      The funnels were epic!!!✌️✌️✌️✌️🤣✌️❤️😎

    38. King Munro

      I think Funnel Spinning should have 8 Hubelino funnels before the Maborun funnels

    39. Vinay Kapadia

      "You hear that correctly, the *hosts* won an event!" Greg, you crack me up.

    40. niebreknil

      Ok,I just started watching this sport event, but I'm already hooked up. But I would also love to have a second commenter. Hearing them argue about the races would definetely improve the viewing experience!

    41. pct87

      Well, I’ve found my new obsession for the days I’m bored.

    42. Peter Christensen

      Who's going to #breakthecurse this year? The one, the only, Team Galactic!

    43. Jack

      I probably spent an extra 2 minutes looking for Roldo but I can’t find him. If somebody did can you please time stamp it.

    44. peccantis

      Hazers have really put thought into their strategy for the funnels, I don't think I've seen quite so fierce delay in the eye before! Ofc that's not enough to beat my fruity bols, they have the strength, endurance, strategy, and experience on their side. That feint! /kisses fingers

    45. matthew mendoza

      5:45 a 119 on m3 from the green ducks you gotta be kidding me, they just didnt want a 340 tie with the Raspberry Racers, If you ask me that ref must be getting paid off, and for a friendly competition no less it's really disappointing

    46. KC Sutherland

      Proof that the competition is fierce as ever this year! The Green Ducks never do poorly, and yet here they are in a pretty substantial 4th!

    47. Cyber Explorer


    48. bittersweetVICTORY

      real sports cannot hold my attention but goddamn if i won’t sit down and watch marble league for three hours

    49. seattlegrrlie

      Razzy has such great technique! You know why he's captain!

    50. cuty0806

      Roldo: 2:02

    51. Malice Dawson

      Is there a wiki or fan page that will help us catch up on each teams history

    52. Everett Shaw

      I've always rooted for savage speeders and I have a good feeling about this year too

    53. Gunnar Guðvarðarson

      I kinda want a king marble, with a galaxy, can someone link me to it?

    54. Amanda Fromhagen

      How did I get here? Edit: how did I just enjoy a 7min video about marbles??!

    55. Parker Gunther

      The wave the crowd does in the beginning is the most well coordinated effort from sports fans in history, prove me wrong.

    56. Fly WEST

      lololol who is here and noticed the Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver HaHa

    57. MightyManotaur22

      Quack Attack. That is all.

    58. Claire Sharpe

      "Friendly" I dont know about that. The funnel had me sweating.

    59. Clockwork Kirlia

      "The hosts won an event!" HAH! Nice one, Greg. I'm sure that the Oceanics will live it down some day. Oh dear, Mallard! You know, the funnels aren't actually a race, but we love that classic bright-billed enthusiasm. #RaspberryRobust, of course, smooth as syrup all the way down with that cheeky little twist for flavour at the end! Razz'em, Razzy! And of course, it's the Raspberry Racers all the way! SO proud of you guys getting that Last Week Tonight sponsorship, by the way! Loved the events last year and been a fan of LWT for a fair few, so it's lovely seeing you working together.

    60. silversonic1

      I'm glad Team Galactic changed their careers from evil organization to marble racers. Just be careful in case they try to use Dialga and Palkia in an attempt to rewrite the results.

    61. TBolt

      Quack, quack, quack ... QUACK!

    62. Tijs Metternich

      Raspberry looks on steroids, they're buff af.

    63. Keith Davis

      4:32 who sucks now?

    64. gage shiley

      This is not a good sign for the Green Ducks

    65. Nathan L

      Hate that I can watch this without getting to bored! Its all about the commentary for me. Some stats [On things that could effect each event ( Room humidity, friction coefficients, weights of marbles in competition, accurate sizes of individual marbles, etc)] would be cool addition.

    66. René Christensen


    67. Ifer

      Go Hazers!

    68. 607

      Could someone explain to me why these teams were automatically qualified?

    69. Samuel Grant

      So excited to see how the Raspberry Racers will do this year!! I’m hoping my boys can take home another spot on the podium!!

    70. pyroduck

      Team galactic seems a bit uptight, but theyre the hosts so i have to respect it. Heres good luck to all players this se

    71. Thomas McElroy


    72. Aoife The Best

      im living for the galactic/raspberry fight to the death for the win

    73. Abbi Kinghorn

      13k LIVE at the opening ceremony.. I was there live! CRAZEYCATS EYES... 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

    74. Corneel

      It's good to see Raspberry racers standing strong!

    75. devin and carrie total drama

      The 1st event and my 2 favourite teams go against eachother!

    76. Sofie Tietze

      Why do hazers has that little fans on the stadium

    77. ibraheem,fahad,amna ifa

      Block pushing competition should not be involved into marble league

    78. MrFancyKiwi

      I clicked on this just to see what it was about and ended up watching it all.

    79. Thomas Blockley

      Why is this the most entertaining sport

    80. CuriosityRocks

      The Raspberry Racers fans are looking beautiful 😍

    81. kenneth lane shortt jr

      I thought I paid for no ads now this jerk is all over You Tube. It couldn't get any worse. I thought it was a false poster for the political ad and gave the video a thumbs down. Almost.

    82. madmarscha

      been watching for years and im so glad marble racing is gathering mainstream attention

    83. Dare

      RAZZIES #1

    84. Ridwan Noer

      Just here to be amused by #quackattack Still got them positive competition attitude, well done.

    85. TigerJack 177

      I font understand the event where you drop down through tubes why when you get to the end first do you lose it makes no sense

    86. ZExtra

      Team Galactic all the way, but a stunning performance by the Raspberry Racers! Cant wait to see how all of the teams will perform! Let's go everyone!

    87. Mika Hikyuu

      Much better ethnic representation and arguably better attendance than you could see in a Trump rally!

    88. a92lovin

      feels like the ducks weren’t prepared for this tradition - hopefully their training program leads into the league with more focus. such a strong first season, hope it doesn’t fall apart (or that they can at least place ahead of the savage speeders again!)

    89. Rhiannan Thomas

      YASSSS Team Razz!!!

    90. j.c man

      The amazing thing is that covid doesn't affect the crowd attendance.

    91. Bibliomaniac15

      Great competition! Hazers didn’t too great but still the balance kings

    92. Paijo

      di jakarta ada yang jual track nya tidak ya ... seru nih buat mainan sama anak-anak

    93. Owen Key

      Funnel endurance is my favorite event because of how quickly everything can change. Also #Raspberryracers4life

    94. Pyretta Blaze

      Best thing on IRvision 😊

    95. Connie Lin

      I love savage speeders #GO savage speeders

    96. Christopher Long

      Congratulations minty Maniacs superb run

    97. CharType

      Ooh, we Green Ducks couldn't catch a break in this match. Still, it's just the friendly. Those Raspberry Racers are monsters, but we can still beat them. Let's get the championship this time! #QuackAttack

    98. Magna Musica

      It was really exciting to see Razzy pulling off the feint twice in the funnels, tricking their opponent to relax and fall through. That's the kind of chutzpah we were missing in Marbula One! #RaspberryRobust

    99. Hunter Bikes

      im not sure what this is but i want more

    100. NYC Train Lover

      #HazeAmaze :)