Sand Marble Rally 2019 Race 2 - Jelle’s Marble Runs

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    The second marble race of the Marble Rally 2019 where 20 colored marbles will chase down each other on a 400 feet long sand marble run course.
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    Cameras used: 2X Sony RX0 + 1X Sony RX0 II + Feiyu tech G6 gimbal
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - Race 3 upload is expected at 12 October.
    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Logo design:
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    Terry Hankamer, FrostFlareon, Dave Knox, Lord_Gatte, Alejandro Tejada (Alayjo)
    and Quinton Franks
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    1. teddytron2000

      Hey, are you still planning on reuploading your old videos? As much as I absolutely love the ML and the Marble Rally, I still miss all of your big marble machines, small marble races, and random marble tests.

      1. Marble Man 42

        2017 Sand Rally but all separate events, Marble World Cup, Winter ML 2018 separate events.

      2. aparna surve

        Marble World Cup

      3. aparna surve

        And also your very first competition (I think so) THE MARBLE WORLD CUP

      4. 607

        Graviturf Oh! That's good to know! I thought I had unsubscribed, and thought I must have had a reason for doing so. Still, a few weeks ago I decided I'd subscribe again as I couldn't recall why I did unsubscribe. I probably never unsubscribed at all, then!

      5. Graviturf

        @607 It was deleted around a year ago by mistake but they didn't give up, started over and came back stronger!

    2. Grace I

      came here to see Rn3s glory days. hope he recovers from the surgery

    3. Herbiesainty

      So is RN3 a marble yet or is he still cheating

    4. Andreea Ionita

      i found roldo at 3:03

    5. Andreea Ionita

      the man the myth the legend #RN3

    6. Andreea Ionita

      i support two marbles (i have not watched the vid yet) #RN3 #GHO

    7. Lucia Williams

      Love Cobra's showmanship! Marbles helping marbles always makes my day

    8. jeffrey winscott

      Love rewatching these videos. RN3 is the GOAT.

    9. Monotaro


    10. Connor Haber

      foun roldo

    11. Edna Duritan


    12. Breadpiece

      Red number 3 is the 4rth marble on the list, how ironic

    13. Joe Camerer

      RN3...."Eat my sand dust"

    14. AleisterMeowley

      Dragons Egg will always break your heart

    15. dystopian sunflower

      MMM is the game

    16. Arien Helder

      red number 3 is the best

    17. Jerome McCollom

      Still more exciting than soccer

    18. Luiz Nunes

      I knew Red was going to come mad on this race after getting only 5th on the first of the season. The guy is just relentless.

    19. cookinganytimes

      this is crazy and how come i watched this vid so late

    20. Jilly Bean AMAZING

    21. Dario Hall

      How long do these courses take to make

    22. Ryan Foley

      Marbley McMarbleface was robbed! I demand an investigation!

    23. Musgrove And The Pumi

      Any chance of a behind the scenes video? If you haven't done it already, that is. It's really cool how the camera follows the action. I'm guessing it's done with a drone. Thanks for saving the world from Corona Boredom!

    24. Jancel Abobo

      Wanted dragon egg's redemption for this race...

    25. Andrew Sutherand

      Red Number 3 is a legend driver


      why do you talk about these marbles as if they are alive no offence

    27. Aes0m

      Come on Blizzard Blaster !!

    28. On fire

      Hell yeah Black knight takes second very proud of him

    29. Livrii

      #phx (Phoenix) was so dominant in the start! So sad that he ends up being 11th :’(

    30. Lawrence Watson

      Man, what happened to Marbly McMarbleface. His 16 campaign was a strong one and ever since then it's been downhill for him.

    31. M0nty5 5

      3:04 is that roldo?

    32. Mc leean

      RN3 is a beast!

    33. R F

      Gah Blizzard had a bad start. He just couldn't get up there with the pack.

    34. Juan Morandini

      Blizzard blaster 3 Quicksilver 4 Reflektor 17 Nice

    35. Cranjis McBasketball

      I've heard that Dale Earnhardt Sr. chose Number 3 for his car because he grew up idolizing Red Number 3, now I can see why

    36. thejekky_br

      I know this is decently old but rolod is in 3:13 a bit to the left of the finish

    37. Nefris Sanchez

      I think I found roldo

    38. It's Alex Again ✓

      Nerf RN3 hes broken

    39. mawande kolele

      Fan Fact: Comet is actually the youngest participant in the competition

    40. anas awady

      Red 3😍😍😍😍😍😍

    41. Damien Oliver

      I'm ready for the 2020 season

    42. Baby gacha

      Roldo at3:05

    43. Eratic Humidity 3

      When RN3 takes the lead and your focusing on 2nd place, can you put another camera man just to take a look at RN3 ?

    44. Albert Pringle

      H2 Blue ! you're killing me

    45. Musculus IV

      Tough start of the season for Dragon's Egg but he is a champion I know he'll get up there eventually!

    46. Hazman Noor

      This is where I'm trying to understand; MMM got DNF award 0 point. Yet, other four Marbles from 16th to 20th passed the Finish Line also got 0 point, same 0 point as DNF? Why can't award Marbles from 16th to 20th at the Finish Line with 1 point? Award 14th to 15th place with 2 points. There should be standard in award point to any Marbles that pass the Finish Line.

    47. Walter Johnson

      Red number three is a fraudulent doper. PED written all over his face

    48. random person362

      #GHO Go Ghost Plasma!!!

    49. Jhalil XVII

      Honestly, I'm very surprised Ghost Plasma can still race nearly good as he did back in his winning season. This most definitely will be an interesting season.

    50. archimedes

      what makes RN3 so consistent i swear the luck on him is crazy.

    51. Keith McBryde

      LETS GO RED NUMBER 3💥💥✨✨

    52. The Real Alfalfa Male - not the lame vegan one

      I'm getting a RN3 tattoo.

    53. Brickfilm INC

      Super Ball needs to pick it up, hes gotten stiff in his old age #SB

    54. p chatt

      Why is this so soothing to watch??

    55. Tim Segar

      Do DNF marbles in alphabetical order DNF:Marbly Mcmarbleface

    56. Newby Ton

      RN3 is a god at sprinting straights

    57. Carter Roby

      #rn3 showing out today! Represent!

    58. Kareem Roberts

      You gotta have another class... the S class and S+

    59. Ye Im Drip

      When RN3 has the lead he rarely loses

    60. Infinite Flight 747

      I found Roldo at the very side of the track at 3:04

    61. Adarsh chauhan

      Rn3 a great legand of all time

    62. ManUP JC

      The Goats: Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Usain Bolt, Pele, Red Number 3

    63. mommabear 07

      Where was Ronaldo?

    64. Peeravat KPR

      This is better than wrx series and f1

    65. Liz Corwin

      My dude Red Number 3!!!!

    66. Life N Stuff

      Yes I knew black knight could place if only he would do that more often

    67. TIM O'Dell

      Go Red Number 3 and Slimer

    68. Vanessa Lee

      Okay but can we talk about Cobra and how he is such a good dude! nudging ghost plasma and encouraging him to keep going till the end all while still making it to the podium himself! A hero!

    69. The Wolfpack Filmzzz


    70. Dariyon the Sauce god

      RN3 for champion 🏆

    71. The Time Keeper

      1:12 lol RN3 took top line but we so far ahead he didn't care XD

    72. Kleptic

      SLIMER needs to pick it up!

    73. vlogerhood

      GO RED #3!

    74. Yan-Heng Zhang

      I don’t know how many races there are but I like all of them.

    75. Noah M.

      Black night really had something to prove after his firsts race performance. Also conngrats to RN3, bloody legend.

    76. Beast Mode

      Red number three has been my ball from the first ever sand marble rally he was in. I didn't choose him because he has won a few in the past but I'm really glad to see him up there for this year!!

    77. death by citrus

      Marbley McMarbleface is an amazing name. The face that Greg Woods could say the whole name under pressure and without flubbing shows his skill and talent as a Broadcaster. I have mad respect for him.

    78. baba yaga

      I feel happy and pity at the same time for rn3. Happy because he got first place. Pity cause bashes about not being a "true marbel" and stuff. Keep fighting rn3!

    79. Retro

      LETS GO RED#3

    80. Carrie Deem


    81. Luke Ghazal

      Very please with choosing quicksilver and red ball no. 3!! Quicksilver could’ve done better but eh, 9th ain’t to shabby

    82. Mr. Man


    83. Harley McDougal

      RN3 is goat.

    84. Ingo Suhr

      Team Superball 4 Life

    85. Dwight Reim

      Glad to see the quickslivers in the sand marble rally miss them in the marble league

    86. Hooi W.L

      Yeah!! My Red number 3 is back!!!

    87. Fuzzy Karma

      GO TEAM RED#3!!!!

    88. IncendiarySolution

      RN3 is clearly doping, he's no even hiding it

    89. C P

      I smell corruption even in the marble race. RN3 needs to be investigated. Only this I can say. Anyone else be a hater of this marble???

    90. BFJ90

      Why have you been so delayed about uploading these sand rally races? It's a shame.

    91. Renata Suare

      When is race number 3 coming?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Next Saturday! (12 Oct at 1:00PM UTC)

    92. Tsihoarana Randimbivololon

      Why am I cheering at a marble??

    93. Hihachisu

      #RN3 showing how it's done.

    94. Firoz Hanif

      Where's race 3?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It’s already recorded, but i’m waiting for the commentary. It’s expected next Saturday.

    95. chimaera01

      Red Number 3 is the Caster Semenya of Marble Rallies. This is an unfair advantage.

    96. LA6UOA

      R#3! I'm your biggest fan!!

    97. Ray Mok

      RN3 from Post to Post, avoid collision or blockage in 1st quarter can win. Btw, who can explain why RN3 was lost (overall 1pt. behind dragons egg) in Series 2017? Why did it have a DNF in that season. Can anyone tell me why? Why do the guys always put #RN3 on the 3rd row? Roar.......

    98. Max De Leon


    99. Anxiety Sponge

      Almost triggered an anxiety attack I was rooting for dark night because summer sky didn’t make it last race

    100. Tom Oliver

      Always been with red number 3 the last 3 years!! Come onnn!