Marbula One Season 2: GP4 Aquamaring RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    Who will get the win today? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
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    1. Martin Floquet

      Green ducks clearly have the pace but they need to resist to those high pressures situations if they want to contest for podiums and wins GO GREEN DUCKS !!! #quackattack

    2. M1N1_ Gsmash


    3. kangourouuu1

      Pulsar 1st place at every Qualifyings : 3rd in Q3. Pulsar in 3rd most of the race : loses 6th place 5 seconds before the end. Somehow I sensed that it would come to this.

    4. Jeremy Weimer

      well well whale

    5. Holden Lester

      This is definitely my favorite track I've seen. The high speed part is great and the way you go through the split after is super awesome

    6. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Good job red eye

    7. Matt James

      Bolt would've been first if not for that conveyor exit.

    8. Muhammad Irfan

      Dominating performance by red eyes

    9. northdakotagamer

      Pulsar made me hope and now I hurt

    10. Sporek

      Wow! Red Eye's performance in this race was truly astounding! I have more respect for that marble than for most athletes out there! 👏🏆🥇🍾

    11. françois D

      I love the concept !!! Why nobody do the same in France ! A new future dream for me !

    12. Abel Uhegbu

      Well this is just disappointing for Oceaniacs and even I can say and I'm an o'rangers fan

    13. Joe Warren

      The effort you put into these videos: I applaud

    14. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      Typical team galactic from 1st to 7th

    15. Jack Thurgood

      What a performance from Bolt showing why he’s number 1 to Shock!! Thunderbolts need a bit more race consistency and the win will come! #RollingThunder #UpTheThunderbolts ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    16. Art Thingies


    17. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      The host curse is only broken when the host wins

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        Or Second Place, just like what happened at the Short Circuit last season.

    18. Shrikar Somayajula

      When is the next qualifying

    19. Aaron Biehler

      lap one red eye move at 100mps (meters per second)

    20. Biquul.e

      Red eye did very well than before, lets go Crazy Cat Eyes. #EyesOnThePrize

    21. Andrew Stepp

      Rip to oceanics fans, I’m a boc fan and it was fun to see the balls of chaos fail but still beat the oceanics

    22. Payton Wright

      If you look closely you can see how much effort this guy puts into his content. The high quality transitions, and the names and times of the marbles in the left. You definitely put the most work into marble runs. Great job 👍!

    23. Welsh Wizzard

      Billy ocean 😂

    24. Lightningcode

      where is yellow mellow?

    25. Lightningcode

      Orangers still is not winning???

    26. Amir Ahmad Astor


    27. Brokegoat89

      I'll buy a shirt if we can replace Rapidly with Whizzy. I've already said just because he's coaches son doesn't mean he's a good marbleet.

    28. Brokegoat89

      Man I'm a huge Savage fan but Redeye might be a better marbleet than Speedy

    29. Flarzoint

      This sounds like it would be a great intro or ending to a show like the 100

    30. Morgan Bradshaw

      I'm about to give up as a primary fan

    31. Sev Gaming

      *being a Balls Of Chaos fan is the hardest.*

    32. Joris Hutchison

      My top 3 teams were all in the top five! A great race

    33. Abid Abdullah

      Its been frustrating to watch ORANGERS LIKE THIS

    34. Defcool

      Am I the only one to think that this is like the spa of Marbula 1 ? A super fast sector where there are accidents

    35. Juan Embeita

      Mimo = Argentina

    36. Arjay MArquez

      Can we sub Kinnowin instead of Orangin for the O'rangers? It's breaking my heart to see them at the bottom of the standing 🥺🥺🥺

    37. Kuwi

      any bumble fans?

    38. Command

      I got scared in the beginning mimo

    39. DMT51

      POST RACE INTERVIEW JOHNNY MARBLE: Congratulations on a marbelous win here today. You really showed your speed out there. How are you feeling? RED EYE: Well I need to thank my team first off. We are just supporting each other on both sides of the garage and I think its making us such a strong team. This win means a lot and I just cant tell you how excited I am. JOHNNY MARBLE: A hard fought win today and it comes with a fastest lap so you must like that. RED EYE: Yeah the team told me I got fastest lap and I think that helped me push for that win. I wanted it and I wasn't going to let it slip away. I had a shot at the last race but it wasnt meant to be. Today it was. Woooo!! JOHNNY MARBLE: Enjoy this win Red Eye and we will see if you can repeat it. Thanks for joining us today. For Greg Woods and everyone here in Marbula 1, Im Johnny Marble and we will see you again soon for Round 5 in the Marbula 1 World Championship. So long.

    40. Tom Lemerand


    41. Bridget Lee

      Im with the wisps and speeders, but so far this season they are the versions of prim and mary. Both Wospy and Rapidly have get back in there, Wispy and Speedy cant do this alone.

    42. Carol Tomko

      Crazy Cat’s Eyes!!!! Hurray!!!

    43. Michael Secrist

      Azure getting carried by Cerulean... Kobalts management needs to step in!

    44. jimmy hell

    45. GodsButtMonkey

      Team Galactic was robbed!!!!

    46. Joe The Juggalo

      Man them Crazy Cat's eyes are definitely dominating this season. Especially with this last race pretty much giving them and entire race lead over Team Mono in 2nd place

    47. Ðraconas

      CCE are like the mercs of marblula 1. Insane performances so far

    48. Patrick McDonald

      Pulsar was doing so good but he gassed at the end needs to work on that cardio.

    49. Abdul Muqsit

      What a performance from Bolt. Although he came out with silver medal, He should be proud

    50. I play U pay

      Solid performance from Cerulean!!!

    51. Jacob Guerrero

      The fact I can sit here a cheer for a marble in insane

    52. Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus

      i slightly resent having to celebrate a 5th place from wispy, but compared to some recent performances from wospy, it's pretty good. #wospyout

    53. Blake Singleton


    54. Emir Wat Tabor

      Rapidly is a huge disappointment for the Savage Speeders. We should just use Speedy.

    55. nogem1

      Absolute clinic by Red Eye. Thoughts and prayers for Yellup

    56. Rebecca Bedore


    57. Karolis Vilkaitis

      Red Eye in this race was the equivalent of a Mercedes in Marbula One :D

    58. Zachary Dannatt

      Tough being a limers fan 😔

    59. Kuusik 100

      I have always been on cce... so there we go

    60. T iford

      More honest work from the bumblebees

    61. OddKoopa

      Mimo was disappointing. How does he mess up one of the easiest tracks after winning at the O’frickin’raceway

    62. R Miopic

      Not a fan of 4 'racers' being eliminated through quali

    63. peccantis

      In Kosmokrats Aquamaring, tide turns you!

    64. Quartz 99

      Let’s go Kobalts!

    65. Andy Schofield

      Oh my goodness I'm out of the loop! Time to binge this series from the start!

    66. Sergio Bosco


    67. Wyo Laskan

      I still haven’t decided which team I want to support All I know is I enjoy these races

    68. T J

      Not a good day for team momo. Have they peaked too soon? Burnout already?

    69. Agamdeep Singh

      Some times red eye reminds me of red number 3 , they both show some crazy moves for lead .

    70. Elite Mango

      Bumblebee gang🟡⚫️🟡⚫️

    71. Alex marble

      I am really mad how O'rangers 20 point lead got evaporated In event 15 collision

    72. Alex marble

      Been a subscriber since less than 1k subs

    73. Tstormer

      The orangers need to make a substitution

    74. Jop Kuijpers

      Jelle please fire Rapid... he holds the team back...

    75. Joana Ameixa

      Did anyone ever find Roldo? 😂 Please help me out

      1. ZP Almeida

        Nevermind. I found him. 4:01, in the woods, with the Oceanics dudes.

      2. ZP Almeida

        As an Hazers and Yellow Mellow fan, I had time to look for it the whole race. Couldn't find it. #hazeamaze

    76. Mario Wenzel

      Soooo, Billy Ocean also running :D

    77. Subkhan Nur Rizky

      Where is snowy?

    78. BUFU1610

      Pulsar had 1st briefly and got screwed over a couple of times trying to overtake to get back there, still a decent race! #TeamGalactic #ReachForTheStars

    79. Hanh Nguyen

      Aw come on Mimo. How could you do worse than Lemonlime? The Limers are terrible. Everyone knows this.

    80. Bryen Graver

      #boltnation Hell yeah we'll take that! Though two unnecessary bobbles cost the win, that's still a solid top 3. Wohoo!

    81. Brandon Wheeler

      Eek. Not the showing we want Team Momo...

    82. Connor Fouts

      Pulsar had a nice lead to start but has got to learn how to keep the lead like red eye. All around good run for galactic! Good way to show off skill of speed but just has to keep up the consistency!

    83. Chris Schell

      Oh man Pulsar falls back to 7 th😬

    84. Seoul Exploration

      Yo, that intro gets me going!! So much epic!!!!

    85. Heiliger Strohsack

      You see how good the Bumblebees really are when they manage to be 3rd without one single podium.

    86. maximo vilgre

      crazy cats eyes the new mercedez

    87. maximo vilgre


    88. FreezingHot

      I am convinced that The Crazy Cat's Eyes team is Mercedes and Red Eye is Lewis Hamilton and Yellow Eye is Valtteri Bottas :D look at them: 4 races and podium on each one, fastest on the straights and good turns. they really are Mercedes :D

    89. Mark G

      I LOVE seeing more speed, some of the races were a bit slow in my opinion, but this one was really great.

    90. goldcoin9

      Rapid isnt doing that good this season.

    91. Mark Loftus

      Speedy is now Prim, Rapidly is now Mary from Season 1.

    92. Jaro J

      Bumblebees are a good standing team, but we can never make the podiums, like 4th, 7th, 4th, 4th, my god 4 is our lucky number

    93. Theo TamTM

      go green duck

    94. Carlos Rivera

      It’s kinda hard to see Hazers’s results. Last year trophy got lost in the last race and now they’re not even in the top 10

    95. Zea M-H

      Honey you were so close to the podium!!!!!! Better luck next time honey

    96. Salvador Armas C.

      hey jelle i´m new

    97. enbywhale 1312

      crazy cat eyes are definitly on drugs

    98. Dime3x

      Does anybody know the intro song?

    99. Luca Colonnese

      Red Eye was so far ahead they thought about stopping to wash the windscreen for better podium photos.

    100. Tim Segar

      Yay I got second in race 3 now I got 7th in race 4!