Marbula One: Greenstone GP Qualifying (S1Q5) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the 5th Qualifying session of the brand new Marbula One! (Marble Race, Formula 1 for marbles). IMPORTANT: Marbula One season 2020 WILL CONTINUE despite the COVID-19 situation! Everyone at JMR is safe and we were able to record races 6 and 7 already. We are also close to finishing production of race 8, so there are no cancellations expected! Please enjoy, leave a LIKE and SHARE this race with our fellow sports fans who sadly have almost nothing to watch at the moment!
    This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of the Green Ducks, Greenstone! Held in a time trial format, the qualifying will determine the starting grid for tomorrow's Race. This is the first GP with the improved conveyor belt to prevent falls and injuries.
    - We will adjust the qualifying format slightly for the next race, releasing lesser marbles at the same time. Thank you for your feedback!
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during qualifiers results)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Huda Rambe

      Thank you Jelle, for shedding light onto our lives during the times of uncertainty and boredom. May the best racer come out on top. #HazeAmaze

      1. Battlehawk 62

        #quack #greenducks 🦆

      2. Will Lawson


      3. Diamante2016 Lol


      4. Mooshoe 281


      5. big salad



      monaco two

    3. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before the start of the race) Hive put a little excitement back into the conversations again down at the pub. Everyone was buzzing over the way he battle up from 16 to 7th and finally cracked the top 10! Granted the Hornets haven't been setting any kind of blistering pace, but it looks like the team has finally combed out of the rough.

    4. Funkopedia

      Mary needs a little wipe and polish.

    5. V1LK1T4

      Like si vienes por Ibai

    6. Platypus117

      You gotta bench Mary she's destroying Primary's chances of winning.

    7. Hyper


    8. Vina Lao

      I really hate this trash

    9. Vina Lao

      So dumb

    10. HRL_01

      See, this is why females cant participate in motor sports.

    11. zgamer200

      Snowflake has uh.... Not been great for us. The only thing getting #SnowedOut are my hopes and dreams for this season.

    12. P Schein

      Y on earth would u call the green ducks track greenstone and not the racequack


      Team Galatic!

    14. Vanessa Pierson

      why do i hate duckstone track so much? LOVE this sport tho

    15. Tom Wobus

      Wellcome to the swamp boys... #quackattack

    16. BUFU1610

      OMG, Mary needs to get a grip!

    17. Shelton Golden

      Why do they even let Mary race?? It's clear her life is in a downward spiral after the divorce and drug relapse. She can't seem to concentrate on the road!

    18. Renske Dunnewold


    19. Alex Corrado

      love it. love all of this

    20. Liamo

      The snowballs have been so unlucky, always on pace until the final few corners where they always make a mess. Hopefully things get better

    21. chypriote

      Mary is just too bad, we need to replace her with Rima or a new pilot #FlyingColours

    22. Thechezbailey

      Mary is terrible.

    23. Aunt Martha

      Awesome to see such a contrast! Yellup is so smooth, Orangin is so fierce, both of them are so FAST. The race is going to be special.

    24. Cat thomas


    25. Alessandro Di Michele

      Mellow yellow💛💛💛💛💛💛

    26. Ein Nudelauflauf

      Well as a #Galactic fan, I am a bit disappointed. But I think it just shows how hard todays course is. I would suggest some changes, more focus on technique, less focus on speed. Go #TeamGalactic

    27. J

      Vengo de parte de Ibai a darte apoyo 👍

    28. CheerleadingIsTheBest


    29. Aqua of the SilkWings

      Am I the only on team Limers? #LimeTime

    30. Ahmed Habib

      2 weeks ago and broke the 600000th sub? Now youre at 753k😂😂😂 atleast the quarantine is doin good for some peoplw

    31. Natalie Bernier

      Mary is kiiiiiiiilling me! But I believe in Red Yellow Blue!

    32. Cris9003

      All my hope and support to O´Rangers!!!!

    33. Iker Sevilla

      Snowballs snowballs snowballs is basic is beautiful Viva Ibai y viva España, si no se muere por coronavirus

    34. Emanuel navarro

      Like si vienes por ibai

    35. Ivan Mendez

      Aqui por Unai ondulado.

    36. Mauro Díaz Terol

      ibai estuvo aqui

    37. Pedro Alabart

      Good Game

    38. zhebi17

      Venimos de parte de Ebay, ibai si estas leyendo esto te cambio mis orejas por una pc.

    39. Lucas Martinez

      Aca, apoyando de parte de Ibai desde Argentina crack

    40. Don Simón Bolívar


    41. EMGREEDY


    42. Miguel

      Gracias desde España amigo.

    43. CSGOHeadshot

      IBAI CRACK !

    44. NaviHH

      ere un grande

    45. Pablo


    46. C.J joya

      Go Team Momo :(

    47. Hugo Gomez

      When the qualifying tracks are better than the actual race tracks haha

    48. Witzs Aruse

      Amo a los hazers desde Costa rica

    49. Angel


    50. Murdokdark

      Mary is a disgrace to her team

    51. Pablo Cervantes Arias

      Momo has a chance to get some good and needed points. #GogoMomo

    52. Iker Auzmendi Esparza

      Vamos, Ibai. Hay más carreras ya!!!!!

    53. President Rez

      Ora gets always fast in quali but not in race

    54. Arie Patila

      Yellup 1st on qualification? Oh boy here we go! Yellow will keep it mellow guys!! #keepitmellow

    55. Joel Quispe Chambi

      Aunque ne ingles me encanta ....

    56. Mateo Velez

      desde este momento es mi deporte favorito

    57. KentoCommenT

      Where is the Primboi?! Mary's too pale when it comes to speed.

    58. Chuck Norris

      This is more than professional. This is a passion

    59. Mujahid Syed

      Mallard: *starts lap*. Crowd: "Quack, quack"

    60. ricardo luna

      why un My entire life Ive never seen this before.... the Best races!!!

    61. Miguel Mendez

      I clenched my chest when orangin hit the bump to bring it home that could of won it for him :(

    62. minerbean

      Soooo tired of Greg. He clearly is knowledgeable on marble racing but he cannot keep his fondness for the orangers in check #NoooooooRangers

    63. Tempest

      Team Galactic for life

    64. Ridwan Noer

      Damn, Mallard is having a lil burnout moment? Can there be player substitution with Billy? This is not the time to lose focus, Green Ducks!!!!

    65. Keekman Harmon

      This nigga lime lime tripping he placed 5th on the last race and again come on bro

    66. Keekman Harmon

      Let’s go lime lime turn up 🔥

    67. Allan Cadenhead

      So, what track does Jelle use?

    68. Jackson Goerges

      I am beyond grateful that marbles can’t get Covid-19

    69. jasonike13

      Some of these teams are struggling with adjustments to coarse conditions.

    70. Aaron Ceballos Mateu

      Can you do more videos like this please

    71. NerfedFalcon

      Marbula One: Oops! All Corners

    72. DQQUAST

      why would we start Mary! she’s been technically horrible and Prim has been elite

      1. Parfaith

        Mary seems lacking the speed and her line is off...would it possible that she has too much grip for Marbula One track? If so, she should go Sand Rally

    73. Gideon Torode


    74. Cameron Wielenga

      Rapidly botched that by taking pit lane at the end.... sigh

    75. Jose Castaneda

      Vamos Thunderballs!!!


      Fan desde españa!!! Team momo

    77. Katrina Midgette

      It’s going to be the next new major sport

    78. rakss

      the pitstop line is bad (no need pitsop), just imo

    79. Steven Collier

      I have to appreciate how much sound goes into the editing. Not just with all the cool team chant additions, but with the crowd reacting to times and great commentary, it would otherwise be the sound of a marble occasionally tapping the plastic walls of the track. Love the ambiance!

    80. Justin Hang

      Is it possible to try to recreate formula 1 tracks for the next season?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I need to 3d print new track parts to do that.

    81. im daisy btw

      idk man o'rangers have quite a history, they're always on top, hard to beat. but I have faith on my raspberry racers

    82. persona non grata

      NFL memes page brought me here. I absolutely love this lol. I never thought I would be invested in marbles but here I am and I can't stop watching. Go Team Galactic!!!

    83. Thirst Fast

      Dude you seriously need some of that super-slow-mo of marbles going over the rumble-strips. That would be amazing.

    84. Thirst Fast

      My hat goes off to whoever scored the opening sequence. I really love how it has been nailed. That s*it get's stuck in my *HEAD!*

    85. Victor Mitchell

      Great race, unlucky Mary

    86. Bruno de Clerck


    87. Colmcille Carberry

      Come on you rangerrrrrsss #oooooorangers

    88. Rising Peter

      Will be a relegation/promotion system when the Marbula 2 come out?

    89. I’m the dumbest person I know

      Ever since hivedrive, I don’t trust any of the hornets. I CALL SHENANIGANS

    90. Troopah

      Thanks Big Rona

    91. hamoIQ

      Best series on the interent

    92. hamoIQ


    93. Noah Gollnick

      Finally a home GP... exited to see the Race! #ducksducksgo

    94. Padin Spi

      You're a genius, thank you

    95. Justin Hineman

      I was sent here from Reddit and I am not disappointed.

    96. Yashiri Santiago

      What a rough season for Mary man... she really needs to get it together

    97. Yashiri Santiago

      What a rough season for Mary man... she really needs to get it together

    98. Kingwest

      I shouldn't be into this, but you got me hooked.

    99. Hemas Faisal

      Quite disappointin result by starry but we will make it up on the race 🔥 #ReachForStars

    100. Rein PoGo

      Im team primary all the way but seriously Mary you need to step up your game! Dead last in this qualifyer and dead last on the hivedrive last week! We are still 5th overall but that is all Prims doing. If this keeps up we might have to swap her out for Ima next season :/