Marbula One: Season 1 Highlights - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    All the marble racing highlights and important moments of the first season of Marbula One!
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - Season 2 is expected to start in autumn 2020 (under subject to changes).
    - CONVEYOR BELT: We have improved it after race 4 for better safety and fairness of the race.
    - CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19): Please check community tab on our channel! Please do NOT post comments according coronavirus. The ML2020 will start in June 2020.
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    1. Guigui Games 2k

      Invaded track

    2. Irvin Koh

      Pls do a S2

    3. Ján Székházi

      Hi I want to ask you if your channel continue with the Marbula 1 Championship Season 2

    4. Noelia Molina Sánchez

      The second season what time?

    5. psk

      marbula one drive to survive docuseries soon😁😁😁

    6. Christian Grimes

      where is season 2

    7. The Domino Duo

      Where did you get the track?

    8. Shane Spencer

      I would like to thank JMR. My highest compliments. This is without a doubt the most creative, and innovative ideas I've seen in months. Granted, it is strangely entertaining, and the production makes it even more so. The logistics, and hours of behind the scenes efforts, attention to detail, building the tracks, setting camera angles, scripting, announcing, all culminate wonderfully! This has been thoroughly, and surprisingly delightful to watch! Thank you for everything you do everyday!

    9. SJ

      Prim was SO CLOSE to taking the Racers' championship! So many races where he messed up the final stretch...

    10. Oak 88

      Shout out to Hannibal Burress

    11. HG Dan

      Fantastic! I loved watching the season!! So entertaining and great commentary! Looking forward to season 2!!

    12. Another Average YouTube User

      Team primary probably would’ve won if *someone* knew how to race like Prim.

    13. jejeakle

      Snowy had to be on crutches after having to carry the team all on her own

    14. Marci

      Snowy fan from the beginning


      Where did you get the track pieces and conveyor belt pieces

    16. Ton Opdebank

      Should have let MC Escher design your track.

    17. Nathan Clouse

      My Top 10 Marbula One Moments 10: Team Galactic vs Hazers in the Savage Speedway 9: Balls of Chaos vs Green Ducks in the Momotorway 8: Hazers final lap action in the Hivedrive 7: Midnight Wisps’ qualifying run in the Hivedrive 6: O’rangers’ qualifying run in Greenstone 5: O’rangers get to 1st place in Greenstone 4: Red Flag in the Razzway 3: Balls of Chaos vs Team Primary in the Momotorway 2: Midnight Wisps’ crash in the O’raceway 1: Savage Speeders huge victory in Midnight Bay

    18. kaMos

      So many highlights this season, especially for a long time Savage Speeders fan like myself: - Very good comeback in the first race after qualifying dead last - 2 exciting second places by Rapidly to get us going in the standings - the INSANE race at the Short Circuit GP with a heck of a duell for the lead and a blazing overtake by Speedy and still finishing third despite a woeful pit strategy with 3 entries into the pitlane - the amazing qualifying for the Midnight GP with Speedy besting everyone by .4 of a second while the rest of the pack was only 1.2 seconds apart each other - the almost start to finish victory by Speedy in the final race, heading the field by over 3 seconds at a point and therefore taking the deserved Racers- and Team-Championship, overcoming a 14 point deficit in the final race. What an amazing first season, I certainly am looking forward to future projects, it will be awesome!

    19. King Keet

      Where can I get my Savage Speeders championship hat?

    20. Md. Zulkafli Sufri

      Season 2 please!!

    21. mema0005

      Wow Snowy and Prim are being held back from glory by their teammates. They should form a team called Primarily White

    22. Wolfborn8

      Savage Speeders. Starting last, finishing first!

    23. Drago Bulic

      Can we bet on this ?

    24. Ry-Man Gaming and stuff

      Actually I like how the Green ducks finished Billy had a win and Mallard came second in the last race great job hope there’s a season 2

    25. Charne

      Where are my bolts fans at? #ShakeTheGround

    26. Mark hicks

      i normally like this but, who edited this crap?

    27. Tank Pacqikcao

      Too much space and positive straights are often. Red Number 3 would wipe the floor with these marbles. Speedy RIP.

    28. BeerPizzaAndWeed


    29. Jesse Cooper

      anyone else find it hard to pick a team to support because they're all so cool?

    30. invisiblekid99

      John Oliver brought me here. And I'm so glad.

    31. Luiz Nunes

      Hazy is just not good enough. If we had Smoggy in the lat race we could have won.

    32. Matthew Henning

      Is this on draft kings?

    33. ႽტოპႠႬiႶ' ᗰOᗪᴢ

      The audience consisting of a glass ball has eliminated the hall ✌️

    34. Arnaud Ménard


    35. Brandon Escalon

      I’m new to this thanks to John Oliver. Is there any races where the track is a bit more dangerous for the marbles ? Like randomly placed trap holes, ring of Fire, pressure hoses, etc ?

      1. Ruben Caballero

        there's sand rally (with different racers) or the annual marble leagues usually have 1 or more outdoor events

    36. rlemieux13

      I picked the Speeders after Speedy finished last in qualifying at its home track.... What a comeback! Someone jump on the rights to the movie. "Savage: The Speedy Speedster Story"

    37. Tyler Spear

      Very triumphant watching the Savage Speeders go from last place in the first race to first place in the last race. I'll be a fan forever.

    38. Douglas Burk

      this is simply FUN innocent...cute,...

    39. Zefrom

      Smoggy is insane, Hazy not so

    40. james Davey

      Look. I don't mean to be a jerk, but Clem really held Orangin back this season. I hope the Rangers are at least considering giving Clem some retraining before Marble League.

    41. Jan Rupert Alfeche

      The Hazers were so inconsistent. They're gonna have to make adjustments if they want to secure a P1 team win in the next season 😤

      1. Josh Cohen

        In the first half of the season they never finished below 4th and you're calling them inconsistent

    42. Miguel Rosa

      Man this channel has grown

    43. Ahbleza Ah Blaze Ah

      I’m here because of Last Week Tonight!

    44. Sarah G

      3:36 (safety marble deployed): "A potentially dangerous situation by the conveyor belt...!" I can't. I just can't with this, guys.

    45. Dallas Orr

      Disaster at razzway

    46. Dallas Orr

      How can I get a marble in this league

    47. Rayburn Neal

      High. And it's amazing.

    48. wait what

      This should be on tv

    49. Mappy McMap

      Last Week Tonight! John Oliver

    50. Poob Pizza

      just got here from john Oliver

    51. Afif Eddie

      Waiting for second season

    52. Brandyn Gonzalez

      Why is Mary so terrible! #TeamPrimary

    53. Jireh Choo


    54. Tiago SkateRock

      11:50 Huge crash and many lives are lost. Supporters claim for new security in races.

      1. Josh Cohen

        What? Nobody was even injured, let alone died.

    55. Some guy who may or may not be a serial killer

      Been a savage speeders fan since day one, Never been disappointed.

    56. andres felipe fernandez

      You make the craziest and funny videos a live your videos and effort that you put on it thanks for being one of my favorite IRvision channels

    57. Victoria Y

      Ok listen, everyone talking bad about the Limers, saying they’re not a fan anymore or whatever, just listen. We actually did well for the majority of this season. If you go back and start from the beginning, we pretty consistently held and finished around 7th or 8th, we even got 4th at the O’raceway. That’s a lot better than the 15ths and 16ths we’ve been seeing in other events before this. Isn’t 16th to 6th a pretty drastic improvement? That kind of improvement doesn’t happen overnight, they clearly worked really hard for this, because they cared about giving us a good performance in this event and it showed. People said they didn’t even deserve to be in this event and they were determined to prove those people wrong. It was the Razzaway incident that made it all come crumbling down. If you’ve been a Limers fan for a while, you know how easily they get shaken by that kind of thing, how much it messes up their mindset. If you go back and watch that race, you can see we were set up for a great showing. Limelime qualified in 6th, and when the race started the first time you can see how in the zone he was, he got into top 3 almost immediately and continued to perform well going on down. Limelime wasn’t even part of that incident, he was ahead of it. But when the race had to be restarted, any focus he had was gone, and he predictably fell down to 15th, Midnight Bay was even worse. But if not for that incident we could have finished well, rode that momentum into the final race and end up with a decent overall standing. So I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen their improvement and I’m eager to see what they’ll do the next time they compete. #Limetime forever!!

    58. RAYZØN

      midnight is so pretty but always lose :( i vote for he , when he ends 4 in one race im screaming

    59. michael brown

      Please go back to sand racing 😅

    60. Ana Guillo Frias

      Thxx crack 💪🏻

    61. Alberto Royo

      This is amazing, congratulations from Spain. Keep going!

    62. Mamba

      My boy Snowy has to be in a better team tho

    63. Abraham Juárez Castillo

      love your content

    64. Cesc Boix Baró

      Ibai lla os

    65. Álvaro Loredo

      Gracias crack

    66. dani perez

      Viva ibai

    67. Dred Cava

      Que grande, me encanta esto

    68. Ryder Tetreault

      Still firmly believe the Hazers were robbed because of the false start in qualifying

    69. Dopamint

      Thanks for this event Jelle and Dion, it really took your channel to a whole new level in my opinion. I loved the MarbleLympics and rallyes, but this fast paced marble action with the intro, fantastic new designs for the logos and raceway flags, and well crafted circuit designs were really a pleasure to watch. Thank you very much for you work and dedication. Cant wait for the 2020 MarbleLypics and the next season ofr Marbula One.

    70. David Walls

      Only one thing is secure in this world- The Lord Jesus Christ; sports are gone amongst many other things.

    71. Baby Xe Explores

      The adrenaline rush! More races please! Lets go savage speeders!

    72. Christian Hellstrøm

      Where is crazy cat eyes?!

    73. RocketMagnetUK

      Hopefully Mary was just having a bad season yet clearly will struggle for a Roll next season.. even as captain. Genuinely hope it was just bad form, I'm not sure the sport could handle another betting scandal.

    74. Mozart'z Plays

      You actually need a Marbula One Anthem hahaha I LOVE MARBULA ONE

    75. Tobi Augusta

      How are the Times and positions taken during the race?

    76. brian band

      Someone may have asked this but where did you get the track from? It’s brilliant!

    77. JohnHardcore

      Petition for 24 Minute Le Marbles Endurance race and every team sends 3 racers so 48 marbles and an at least 30 meter track

    78. ALEXIS 97

      TEAM ORANGE❤️🇪🇸🇪🇸

    79. Fran Murillo

      Savage Speeders are way beyond the rest of the teams. Can't wait for Marblelympics 2020 to see the whole team together again. #SpeedIsKey

    80. InvisibleTeeth

      *bases it on F1* *races play out like IndyCar instead*

    81. Cowboy 85

      What we all want. Season 2 Season 2 Season 2 Season 2

    82. joel williams

      I don't why, but all your videos are the most relaxing fun time. And that means even more now. So thank you

    83. Luis Tiago

      Mellow yellow dont win ;-;

    84. Rémi Lievens

      what a great season :) was amazing!

    85. Coulochonou


    86. akataj

      JMR: We've improved the conveyor belt for fairness Speedy in Q8: I'm about to end your whole career

      1. Josh Cohen

        It was still fair

    87. evilolle

      Jelle.....You have now reached the Danish news: Not that it was news to me, I've been here for quite a while.....Thanks for all the fun and exitement!

    88. Landon Miller

      Could someone help me with finding this type of track? Are they stock parts purchased somewhere? I found quercetti's marbledrome, which are almost identical, except all the pieces are ribbed, and these appear smooth. Also, did Jelle and Dion create the striped edge pieces and speed boosts? I would love to see a behind-the-scenes video that would enable marble-racing enthusiasts to build their own tracks at home!

    89. Drew Kilheeney

      I've never seen a highlight reel show off the third place finisher as much as the winner

    90. Treluk

      Un grande jaime

    91. Taylor Gang

      Marble race is awesome

    92. Alex Ingham

      team galactic had a great start but then they just went backwards towards the rest of the season cant wait for season 2

    93. Ether Melt

      Savage Cheaters falsifying their qualifying run and denying the Hazers the gold they deserve. #HazeAmaze, Go home Savage Cheaters!

    94. Lisa Bunney

      Been with ya since that sand race.

    95. Domino Reaction

      1st Savage Speeders Wins from the marbula one. thank you for mellow yellow, orangers, rojo rollers, thunderbolts & rasberry racers

    96. Joseph Yanklowitz

      At least the limers were there they sucked but they made it

    97. merienda

      What happened to marblelympics?

    98. Round the World Kid

      I, as a Galactic fan, am still upset with Starry. Personally, I think Galactic choked worse than the Hazers. It's the final race of the season, we have a chance at victory, and STARRY GETS 15TH! SERIOUSLY?!

    99. Leonhard Schlager

      can't wait for S2 race 1!

    100. CMDRZero01

      Bring Back Tide Pride!!