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    This marble machine has 400 colorful 10mm marbles which makes its way through some acrylic glass sheets with holes before dropping on objects which makes ASMR like sounds.
    It has a wheel marble elevator to bring the marbles up and 2 tipping containers which releases a large amount of marbles at the same time.
    Building time: 131 hours (spread over 2 months)
    Number of marbles: ±400 in 8 different colors, size is 10 mm.
    Dimensions: 122 X 42 X 40 cm (±40 X 18 X 17 inch)
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    More marble news:
    Facebook: jelleknikkers/
    Twitter: Jellesmarbles
    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Makrana Marble

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    2. Makrana Marble

    3. bowling plays cool lanes

      I love these marbles

    4. Isaiah Banks

      Jelle, let's hope your videos get more likes.😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄

    5. Hannah Rose

      I love everything you do. Please make an 8-hour video of this to sleep to. I'll up my Patreon pledge.

    6. edoedward

      Beautiful Chaos...

    7. Derb Gentler

      I'd call this song *"Ode to John Cage"* ! ^^

    8. Derb Gentler

      I really *like* the pure sounds!

    9. stunt chicken

      Anyone else's GF put her clothes back on and leave before the end of that video?

    10. Saxavet Qurbanov

      Uə biraz çox misket tap se abunə olmikam

    11. Exodia1986Necross

      LoL ……… you call this ASMR 🤔 I call it SUICIDE …

    12. Clockwork Kirlia

      I keep expecting to hear Wintergatan music as I listen to the crank turn... Now there's a crossover. Wintergatan halftime event whenever he finishes the MM2? I love this relaxing stuff.

      1. Clockwork Kirlia

        @Jelle's Marble Runs :D YAY! Thanks for telling me this! I need to catch up on watching the design process... Also, I just watched the Marble League 2019 and it was very weirdly excellent which I think was the goal.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I hope to let Wintergatan play the soundtrack of ML2020

    13. Lavendeer 201

      0:39 lunch time in highschool

    14. Butacup Pucatub

      This is calming and relaxing. I even got worried some marbles were forgotten before the tray tipped them down. I noticed there are two trays... whew!! Thank you for making this channel and for sharing the magic of marbles worth us all. I’m not a weird git when I’m in this channel ❤️❤️

    15. theplush toygamer96

      Me: How many marbles do you have? Jelle: *yes*

    16. hi_ddeulgi

      Is this supposed to be a migration ?

    17. Wendy Griffin

      Those full trays tipping is like unlocking the door for a Black Friday sale! 😂

    18. liamgavs

      Marbleympics training

    19. Wellynton Richard


    20. Amber Perhacs

      YOU DID IT YOU ADDED ASMR . LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I love this channel btw. It's a favorite

    21. Ben Pocock

      Petition to turn rain into marbles, I’d love to hear that hitting my roof when sleeping 🥰.

      1. vlogerhood

        Counter point: OW

    22. Andrew Blechinger

      Not one of your better ones. Quite a number of them got stuck, and it wasn't always possible to jar them loose, like with the yellow one on the pachinko board. Here's hoping the next one is an improvement!

    23. Vs Ready

      It’s a bit loud

    24. Team BBB

      SO beautiful and SO relaxing! Thank you ❤💙💜💛💚💗

    25. David Brown

      Run the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.

    26. Levi McGlinchey

      Worst ASMR ever 😂

    27. Nick Bryant

      Watching this eating fruity pebbles

    28. WildForestFerret

      Is there any possibility of you doing one of these without the metal bits? The sounds of the marbles hitting metal is slightly unpleasant for me, but the rest of the sounds are really very pleasant.

    29. lunarscout

      Love that wide shot from about 2:37 where you see the whole thing. Please consider uploading a really long, single wide-angle shot of one of these one day. I could watch that for hours.

    30. AudiosErgeon Music

      I’m guessing this is good stuff 🤔 I can’t argue about marbles they are super cool n stuff!!!

    31. Carlos Luna Pizarro Guerra

      Nope... not ASMR

    32. Patrick Dorion

      already a billion times better than wintergayten

    33. TIM O'Dell

      Marble Musical Theater

    34. Adam Sharp


    35. Sunshine

      Very cool and addictive.😀 A tv program in Mexico, where I live, recommended this channel. Greetings!😀

    36. Newby Ton

      0:49 Lonely I am so lonely

    37. Noah B

      At 3:13 there's a yellow marble that just surfs along the divider up top. What a pro.

    38. TrueRblxYT

      The word ASMR isn’t my favorite, but the video is relaxing

    39. TVA Recordings

      Hey Jelle, wouldn't it be nice if you're mixing your creations with Lego Mindstorms (Programmable Lego Robots you can build. Includes Color-sensor, Eye's, etc).

    40. Hayden TA

      Why do I find this oddly satisfying

    41. Nyarome 2

      0:14 Screw: Am I a joke to you?

    42. Jaydoggy531

      I'm an avid fan of your various races. But stuff like this was what originally brought me to your channel, and I'm glad the whole crew still builds displays like this. Keep being you.

    43. Charles Peklenk

      Didn't you use a similar layout for the tiny marbles in the table?

    44. Son Gohan 飯

      Now I want to get one of this. Great work, one of your best, man. 👍

    45. Brandon Wheeler

      More longer ASMR type vids please. Just as soon as I thought these couldn't be even more relaxing

    46. Lisa Dooley

      Those are some skittles marbles and they are very sharp and beautiful!! I love them!! Maybe you can make a rainbow marble league with brand new teams and events!!! I would watch that!!

    47. Lyrici17

      So calming.....

    48. LogicalWaste

      The Limers would still find a way to be in last place...

      1. JoAnn White


    49. 607

      I thought this might be a reupload of an old video (I found out recently that your channel has been deleted), but it's actually new! I'm excited to watch it, now! Reaction: I love the randomness, and the fact that it takes up so little space! I also like that sometimes there are a whole lot of marbles rolling at once, but there are always some rolling. :)

      1. 607

        @JoAnn White Yeah, someone explained it to me recently in the comments of another video, but I forgot the details. It did explain why I wasn't subscribed anymore; I had been wondering why I unsubscribed, but it turned out I hadn't! You can see that this channel is new by going to the About page. I do wonder what happened to it!

      2. JoAnn White

        Wait, this channel was deleted?

    50. HansHorstJoachim

      It's fun to watch marbles compete, but it's really satisfying to watch them relax in their freetime

    51. Marble Grooves

      I love the timing! Two different waves of marbles being released but yet, there is an escape hatch at the beginning for solo marbles to venture the course so action is always happening!

    52. 5MadMovieMakers

      Looks and sounds amazing!

    53. Electric Koolaid

      I'll take Oddly Satisfying for 600 Alex


      Is like one of the top 3. Achieves you’ve made

    55. Brandon

      Jelle had sex with a beachball....these are his children....

    56. Omega Gamer

      3:34that red marble in the middle of the screen just skipped both tilt & pours and went over the middle

      1. Omega Gamer

        yeah 🤣🤣🤣

      2. F 134e

        The only fastest way 😂

      3. JoAnn White


    57. StarRocks1000

      Why is the world of marbles so satisfying to watch? I feel like I could spend hours seeing this! 🌈

    58. Not Sure

      This channel has spawned a lot of imitators. Check them out. None can compare to Jelle's Marble Runs. Well done and keep up the good work.

    59. Efmo


    60. The Antiaircraft

      Those rainbow marbles at the bottom are saying: *Yay! That was fun! Let's do it again! Let's do it again!*

      1. JoAnn White


    61. JonatasAdoM

      So shiny

    62. Progressor

      I noticed there was a bit of a tendency for yellow marbles to get stuck. Maybe they were missing a bit of red. #GOOO'rangers!

      1. JoAnn White


    63. greenseba

      This is great! and you are amazing Jelle. Thank you. 😊

    64. Synchos

      I wanna eat them! They look so tasty!

    65. Hauntzer

      how is this ASMR For anyone oh god it hurts my ears

      1. greenseba

        Well it is for me, though I had to turn the volume down a bit cause it was too loud.

    66. Mari Mauleon

      Jeles you are the BEST

    67. hjucvyo

      when you have multiple tipping containers in the same location, do you ever consider placing some of the marbles inside one of them to make them more offset from the start or do you prefer to just place all of the marbles near the elevator?

    68. Nicholas Medich

      This one is one of your best. Not the largest, but constructed in such a way that one can actually watch the entire thing.

      1. JoAnn White


    69. Chill x Retro Gaming

      At 0:49, that poor little guy is stuck on the plinko fall board. Someone should help him or call his mama so he wont be in trouble. Haha, just kidding... No but seriously, someone should help him.

    70. Randomdonutguy

      dats cool

    71. rob yam dam

      When reading the title I thought Greg woods was gonna whisper to us for some reason

      1. Dog Go!

        Hello guys, i'm Greg Woods, and today we are going to take a look at the rainbow marble machine

      2. Inaren Commander

        (Quietly) And the marbles are rounding the corner, a red one is in the lead, but blue is coming up fast...

      3. JoAnn White


    72. Old bold and Brash

      Why is this the most satisfying thing.

    73. james sawyer

      This is satisfying

    74. Pm Clh

      I have a good feeling about rainbow team during the next olympics, they are training really hard!

      1. Pm Clh

        @Andrew Blechinger Young generations are always full of hopes!

      2. Andrew Blechinger

        Marble League are 16mm, Sand Marble Rally is 25mm. These are 10mm, so if you want to extend the metaphor, these are just junior marbles on a playground.

    75. X-90


      1. X-90

        @Jelle's Marble Runs well maybe I should.

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Someone should post it there. I’m not allowed to post my own videos on Reddit.

    76. X_ Eraser

      coole knikkerbaan Jelle

    77. The Wazza

      An hour long version of this would be much appreciated :O

    78. Lessinath

      You should make one of these where it's just the long shot with the whole thing visible for like half an hour, because that'd probably be the most relaxing thing ever.

      1. Nevir202

        Had the same thought

    79. Fingering Things ✔️

      Love your videos Jelle, keep it up!

    80. Michael

      this is so hypnotizing and relaxing to watch

      1. greenseba

        Bam ❤️

    81. po pi

      Here's a thought: Since these vids ain't too long, they would make for really cool 'Half-time shows' in the Marble League/Marble Rally.

      1. JoAnn White

        Yup :)

    82. Joshdoingthings YT

      Me:asmr videos suck Also me:I like marble Also also me:this isn’t asmr,there is no obnoxious whispering Some other guy:(whispering)why are you making a comment on an asmr video you silly? Me:because I can

    83. Awesam 114

      The production quality of all of your videos boggle my mind.

    84. Kaze_Senshi

      Me after watching this video: My happiness is immeasurable, and my day is saved

    85. read Is good

      ML,s junior racers training camp

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      At this point a collab With wintergatan is requested Nice vid btw

      1. 7636kei

        inb4 one day it's _Wintergatan_ offering a collab

      2. Marius Binet

        @greenseba ok I didn't know thanks for the link

      3. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I also want to let Wintergatan play the Marble League ceremonies music on its MMX. However, i failed to contact him because he is unreachable by email.

      4. greenseba

        Idk if you have seen this one, but if you haven't, there you have it. :) Starts at 7:57

    87. Kureha Suminoya

      a minute of silence in memory of the stuck marble 0:52

      1. Calabi Yau

        he's dead now

      2. King Capybara


      3. Jazza BigHits

        The yellow or black one? Nevermind the black ones gets unstuck

      4. Jordan Minor


      5. read Is good

        He just chilling

    88. AnaGit

      seriously impressive

    89. Noah Harper

      Fasted I've ever clicked on a video

    90. Noah Harper

      Fastest I've ever clicked on a notification

    91. ItzOs4n89 1st

      I Like Marble Machine

    92. Eurovision Cyan

      Everytime I think of rainbow, I will imagine the world is a peaceful paradise where everyone is equal no matter who you are But that's not happening in here right now in Hong Kong :(

      1. Brandon

        Suck it up....shoulda stayed with britain...dont cry about it now....

    93. Mabille Racing


    94. Sun Yu Chieh

      This channel is so underrated. It really deserves more suscribers

      1. JoAnn White


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      Cool marble run The best way to start the afternoon

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      It’s just fantastic how you can make thousands of machines out of some marbles and work Jelle, you truly are the “Marble Master”

      1. Lisa Dooley

        A Grosclaude-Evans yes they are!!! Marble Masters!!!

    100. Chile J