Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 7 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 7th marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 20 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is randomized.
    NOTE: The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      WE HAVE NEW MERCH! Head over to and suit up to support your favourite Marble League teams for 2020. You can also use the promo code "FREESHIP" for free shipping in the USA until 29/11/19! And WELCOME to all the Fact Friend fans! This is the re-upload of an older tournament, but there will be new content really soon!

    2. Spongyface2000

      This just isn’t the same without BLF.

    3. Tommy

      poil loco

    4. AleisterMeowley

      I root for Red Number 3 because I’m not an idiot. I also root for Dragons Egg because I am definitely an idiot.

    5. DethstruXioN ™

      Slimer creeping his way up from within the ranks, it' snot over yet!

    6. AvM MusiC


    7. Timustard

      Let big pearl win so i can go to sleep

    8. JRobbin3

      What a battle at the end for 3rd! #TeamPolloLoco!

    9. Liekki Animaatio

      Fact Fiend lads where you at?

    10. Nick Grade

      This channel is awesome. Thanks man

    11. Life N Stuff

      Black knight will win someday... someday

    12. Nero

      Where’s the 2019 rally content?

    13. pRAWd

      I’ve been rooting for pollo loco from day one mark my words he’s a winner

    14. Haley Faragalli

      Nice job

    15. Luis Rodríguez

      I hope this channel doesn't get affected by COPPA

    16. Ryan Penrod

      New team; The Big Wangers

    17. Jessica Sweet

      Great race for Pollo Loco, YEEEY!!!

    18. Jerry Kinnin

      So fun to watch.

    19. Studiepie

      What happened to your old channel

    20. crab lord

      These are from 2016 right? Then why re upload?

    21. Capa0607

      dragons egg fan!!!

    22. Renaldy Haen

      Press F for Silver Bolt

    23. Michael L Walker

      Welp. This is glorious.

    24. Alex Bianchi

      Kinda sad that Karl didn't want to sponser a team

    25. notforsale today

      Yo Fact Fiend sent us, can we a team called "Big Wangers"?

    26. Saran K

      Came here after watching a fact fiend video

    27. Apple Song

      5 lo

    28. Green Meat

      Finally! Go you Green bastards!

    29. Colonel Shlomo 'Jerkface' Nambnuttz

      We're all waiting for a statement from Montoya for his alleged use of vaseline.

    30. Luca Hadwiger

      Are there winter olympics ? And whats with the injured ? Are there any paraolimpics coming ?

    31. joshua bennett

      I really like the concept of you eliminating marble throughout the season. You should do that for sand marble rally 2020 if you survive coppa.

    32. Kai H

      It’s well made but I don’t get it yet.

    33. matthew morano

      Thank Karl Smallwood for bringing me to this intriguing sport

      1. Thaddius onethousand

        They have previous years lympics as 1 continuous video per year. Just let them run

    34. ApollosRoman

      No crazy cat's eye huh? Shame

    35. Derpy Hooves

      Karl Smallwood sent us. Makes me very happy to see that places like this still exist on youtube. A stupid idea executed so well, it becomes an awesome event for thousands of people to enjoy. Brilliant.

    36. redah domingo

      How is this not an Olympically recognized sport. Enthralling

    37. Darshan M

      Why can't you try to make a animated movie, out of this creativity?

    38. Caelestis Nox

      Came here from Fact Fiends with Karl Smallwood

    39. Marion Duldulao

      Can you make a sand marble rally track creation video? I would like to see the grade elevation and track length these marbles have to go through.

    40. Matt Neufeld

      Fact fiend fans? Let’s get the Green Screen Fiends in as a team. And coloured greenscreen green anyone? I think they could be contenders in the future. In fact I’ve heard rumours that Fact Fiend and it’s parent company Big Wangers have been in contact with the governing body of the Marble Olympics (1:05 in the Fact Fiend video). Let’s see what the Green Screen Fiends have got!!

    41. Matt Neufeld

      I’ve been rooting for starman since the beginning, let’s hope he can hold on to his recent decent placement in the top 10 over the past few races. I’ve seen lots of progress from this guy and would love to see him come out on top. #standforstarman

      1. Glen

        He actually got stuck at 1:17 but managed to continue. Close call!

      2. Valentin Münch

        Me too! 😊👍✨

    42. Gianina Rubio

      Saw you on fact fiend must say I like what you are doing

    43. savarast

      You made the big leagues! You were covered by Karl from Fact Fiend!

    44. Ben Wilson

      A tilt lens might be cool to try

    45. EpitaphTransmits

      So when are we going to see The Wangers Team?

    46. Serenity Sky

      Fact Fiend brought me here

    47. EpitaphTransmits

      Fact Fiend brought me here

    48. Christopher Johnson

      Fact fiend brought me here

    49. Stroke Gaming


    50. Darth Star Killer

      THE WANGERS are coming for gold in 2020

      1. Dragon Slayer Ornstein

        Yay Go Wangers!

    51. 241hnd

      I can't find any of the 2016 sand marble races after the 7th race.

      1. Cooper Clarke

        These videos are being reuploaded.

    52. Chase H.

      Thanks Adam and Karl

    53. LEGO Rocket Raccoon

      Looks like the Fact Fiend fans are starting to make their way over.

      1. Chrono Red

        Checking in.🙋🏽‍♂️

      2. M. K.

        Nah, this jerk ruined my sleep way before Big Wangers Inc.

      3. g3ars97

        That would be me as well 😂

      4. Polopony20

        Already a fan of both

      5. Stefano Torres

        Thanks to the Wangers, I found out a sport I can get invested in.

    54. _SSeth_Abram

      I honestly can't believe this is a thing

      1. Hhnn2

        That's what the media was saying when they react to esport

    55. Cédric Hellemans

      The comeback of slimer is real

    56. vargen1414

      Karl Smallwood Sent Me

      1. catty122

        Not sponsored

      2. catty122

        vargen1414 shhh

    57. Mike Kazz

      Quick question is there a memorial for any marble that get shattered in an event?

      1. Mike Kazz

        @creamedcorn thanks didn't know the rally ones were different, I just saw the collision event and that just made me wonder, and thanks for replying.

      2. creamedcorn

        As far as I know, there haven't been any shatterings yet. The sand rally content are done with super balls and don't shatter, but the Marble League (formerly Marblympics) uses glass marbles. There was a break during a previous event, but nothing to shatter them.

    58. Miguel Diaz

      What is this channel? In the words of Carl Smallwood, "Did I have 9 beers without realizing or is this real life”

      1. creamedcorn

        This is a channel for marble races and related content of marbles. It's a passion project by two people who just love marbles.

      2. Matt Neufeld

        Yeah fix that before he blocks you on Twitter ahaha

      3. kurokaze511


    59. John Smit

      I had a feeling this race was going to be messy and it was with Slimer winning.

    60. Eshaan Thakur

      Valterrie it's James

    61. MythsolverMercy

      Big Pearl is making moves! Top tier marble athlete!

    62. Mr.E

      That video ended pretty abruptly lol. You cut off greg woods

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        The commentary wasn’t longer...

    63. statement leaver

      Go Slimer!!!! When are the jelles marble team events coming back? I think you should name the next new championship *Glass-stone-bury*

    64. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      Being a cobra and Phoenix fan is hard

    65. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      Go fantasy !!!!

    66. LogicalWaste

      #SlimeTime! Great win.

    67. Adam Moore

      Go Summer Sky! Good racing everyone!

    68. Lightning Fast Racing

      Yesssss Go Big Pearl and Pollo Loco, Good Recovery for us to get the podium, and Ghost Plasma had a good performance! Things are getting intense...

    69. Jon

      Another great race

    70. Flare

      Nice bounce back from GP

    71. Daniel Cimino

      Being a Silver Bolt fan is a depressing existence

      1. Neekotine

        @enzoli23 I still believe in deep ocean :')

      2. Daniel Cimino

        @enzoli23 oooooffff

      3. enzoli23

        haha, try being a Deep Ocean fan :D

    72. Question Mark

      I love IRvision

      1. catty122

        Haha haha 🤣 don’t let them here you.

    73. Jimmy Donohoe

      Ghost plasma gang, wya? We just gotta keep finishing ahead of dragons egg and we got this in the bag!

    74. Aleksandra VV

      Go 69

    75. Carlos Pontes


    76. Regan Packwood

      ok I am a cooler... ever one I pick does s#itty Silver Bolt

      1. TheWinterOwl

        You and me both! I was pulling for Quicksilver and Silver Bolt because I think they might be brothers. Last event Quicksilver was eliminated, and now this...!

    77. TIM O'Dell

      Go Ghost Plasma

    78. Graviturf

      Imagine if Graviturf had marble runs!

      1. Graviturf

        @Jelle's Marble Runs it's a funny football show on IRvision

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        What’s Graviturf???

    79. Colin Brooks

      Poor start by Marbly McMarbleFace that he never recovered from... Oh well!

    80. cikif

      For the first time since I've been watching this channel, the marble I supported (the greenest marble in the race) finished on top. Go Slimer!

    81. Ayo Reyes

      I miss superball

    82. Daisho

      Could you please post Pollo Loco’s Tie? It seems interesting. Thanks!

    83. Eu Também Das Favelas

      Pollo Loco made a nice recovery run

    84. Carter Minecraft and More!

      Where are the rest of 2019 sand marble rallies

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I hope to start recordings within one week

      2. statement leaver

        Sounds like we have Fount ourselves a Red #3 fan!!!!

      3. Lightning Fast Racing

        Yup always check the description ;)

      4. Carter Minecraft and More!

        Thx didn’t see that

      5. DimitriPilot3

        read the video description ;)

    85. Game Town

      You are so good! I wish I could do this some day, thanks for being an inspiration to me😄😄😄

    86. Basic Degenerate

      Damn Pollo Loco got me nervous on that last stretch

    87. Holt 0216

      2 views but 94 likes....?

      1. Cooper Clarke

        IRvision is drunk I swear...

    88. tree bum

      2 views hmmmm

    89. Kristinn Örn Guðmundsson

      NO Silver Bolt R.I.P.

    90. Thesty Cleese

      Slimer is alive. It knows how to block, knows how to take the outside line to overtake. Slimer is alive.

      1. Tyler Durden

        Heard Slimer saw Ford vs Ferrari and now is training for Le Mans.

      2. Lightning Fast Racing

        The Prime of Marbles like Ghost Plasma, Pollo Loco, Phoenix, Dragon's Egg, Marbly McMarbleface, Slimer, and many more

    91. StamfordBridge

      Big Pearl doing well here.

    92. Bob 3

      no views but 62 likes?

    93. GuestOfNavy

      IRvision drunk again No views with 53 like

    94. menno graafmans

      El Capitan started amazing. But he kept falling back. Even though this is three years old, I'm still exited as all hell.

    95. Jonah Deegan


    96. Khell

      Super Turtle is finally a fast turtle 😋 not the fastest, but who knows what the next race will bring? 🐢🐢🐢🐢

      1. David Lund

        #turtlepower Was proud to see my boy 🐢 up there with the leaders this round. I think he was banged up before the break, but now it looks like he's in peak form. Hope he can keep this momentum and climb the leaderboard

    97. Dylan’s Kingdum

      El Cap keeps losing spots, think he’s due for a tuneup or tire rotation

      1. William Cruz

        @Dylan’s Kingdum lmfao!! 👍

      2. Dylan’s Kingdum

        William Cruz lol I was thinking the same as well as a front end alignment due to all the pot holes, might keep him off the walls and up front more 😂

      3. William Cruz

        Probably a tune up. After so many yards you'll eventually get some wear and tear on some parts.

      4. PET


    98. Arq. Alejandro Martelo

      Great finish Pollo Loco... 👏👏👏

    99. J.D’s Diecasts

      No views 22 likes 🤔🤔🤔

      1. J.D’s Diecasts


      2. BoredMarcus

        are you new here? learn youtube, it takes 3 seconds to google this. it's a long known phenomenon. views are not updated as fast as likes, so videos can have more likes than views, especially when they are freshly uploaded.

    100. Grant McCollum

      I Really appreciate you loading the older videos 👍

      1. statement leaver

        I miss Roldo lol