Marbula One Season 2: GP1 Minty Mania Qualifying

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the first pole, and along with that an extra point, for the Minty Mania Grand Prix? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:10 - Q1
    5:20 - Q2
    6:25 - Q3
    7:20 - Results
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thanks so much for watching, hope you enjoyed! Fans of teams that didn't qualify this week: don't despair! All 20 teams will start for the qualifiers each week.

      1. fabian meijer

        #hazeamaze, love it.

      2. srinitaaigaura

        You should include the elevator too since a good run into it and off of it makes a huge difference during the race!

      3. Stalin Mao

        So the bottom four don’t race the Sunday?

      4. BlueFlag Alpha

        I love the new intro

      5. Sarita Shrestha

        A great start for the savage speeders !!!!!! They were great!!!!!!!!!

    2. TheStabbyBrit

      I've got my O'Range juice ready! Let's do this!

    3. Jeremy Weimer

      ye so confusing

    4. c_albinson games


    5. Patrick Lewin

      Haven't watched yet but Go O'rangers! lets see how my fav team goes!

    6. tesk4a

      The new system's a little confusing, but i love it all the same

    7. Rivaldo Rehatta

      Red Number 3 and Raspberry ❤

    8. crilu0510 YT

      Ibaiii donde estas?

    9. Flarzoint

      Bruh smh, you deserve more subscribers, here's some love and a subscribe from me :> keep it up

    10. LJ7

      I won't be watching this season 😡 one bad run and we are out! #justiceForTheMintyMainiacs

    11. Stephani Moss

      imagine you're doing your qualifying lap and the marble who started after you passes you. Ouch -_-

    12. Mtk Macktheking

      Where are the wasps

    13. jaden moore

      how did you make the track anyone know cause this is sick

    14. Derek Polischeck

      Yellow Eye Vs Speedy Clementin Vs Shock Starry Vs Prim Razzy Vs Minty Drizzle Wospy Vs Limeline Snowy Vs Clutter Yellow Vs Mallard Momo Vs Sea Azure Vs Hop Hazy Vs Bumble

    15. Christopher Lowe

      Never Count out Yellow Eye. A relatively new team amongst giants, you can tell that they've got a great youthful energy about them. Despite making some rookie mistakes, Yellow Eye really pulled through in the end with great athleticism. What an outstanding finishing speed! Like many CCE fans, I bet White eye must be very pleased with Yellow's performance.

      1. Christopher Lowe

        Lets hope they keep that momentum for the rest of the GP.

    16. Shelley Graham

      Feels likes an actual programme. You've done so well! Keep it up

    17. Ishaan Panaser

      Needs more subs

    18. JJToasT

      Oceanics 🐐

    19. Koudjo

      dude this is amazing

    20. Emmitt Slevin

      For marbula one season 3 I’d love the qualifying layout to be like f1 and you could do a side series where you got real f1 teams and drivers

    21. MechaHawk

      I remember watching this channel like 2 to 3 years ago and it was amazing then and it's still amazing now.

    22. kaylee and roy chavez

      7:12 he might have been 4th be she is 1st in jumping

    23. Duke Joseph


    24. Try not to get angry

      As a primary fan what am I to do now when Mary is up I know for a fact we don’t make the race

    25. Joe Manjarrez

      Orange team - Jaime Alguersuari Gracias crack

    26. Xx WaffleBean xX

      I love how these video can never get old or boring. You never know what's gonna happen and the tides can turn right under your nose. It's so captivating, and better than almost all the things I've seen on the Internet!

    27. StijnEM

      What is it with Galactic getting best of the rest?!

    28. Manuel Moya


    29. Geek Dimension Studios

      Don't mind me; just a Hazers fan rewatching this to remember when we were the favorites going into this season.

    30. Derek Polischeck

      Qualifying Minty Mania Q1 Host Minty Drizzle Minty Maniacs 1st in Q1 Yellow Eye Crazy Cats Eyes DNQs Clutter Azure Hop Minty Drizzle Q2 Winner Speedy Savage Speeders Q3 Pole Smoggy Hazers

    31. W M

      Yo this is wild man.

    32. Barnett Gaming

      Pinkies need to make a comeback they were 🐐

    33. samuel barnes

      I find it very funny that speedy was in the lead but failed to do a proper railing then fell behind like at the very end he couldn’t slow down and slammed his head and was dazed for the last lap

    34. Keith Davis

      Imagine not even getting qualifier on your own track. We all know what time it is: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    35. Jhonatan Cuero

      Por favor Ibai y Ander casteen la segunda temporada

    36. Devin Whittemore

      I gotta say, I think I’m a Smoggy fan. Seeing the adversity it had to overcome was truly inspiring. I expect good things from him this season.

    37. XBEANHEAD 000

      Can you pls do a 2020 marblelymics

    38. JackFrost


    39. Ketimporta sapoperro

      Todos los hispanohablantes en el chat, espameemos a Ibai para que reaccione a esto porfavor.

    40. Lady Pip Flemmbini

      Okay. Here we go. Focus. Speed. *I am speed*

    41. Sara Vossler

      What a shocking performance from Minty Drizzle!

    42. Delta

      G A L A C T I C

    43. srinitaaigaura

      You should include the elevator too since a good run into it and off of it makes a huge difference during the race!

    44. Max Dietz

      Midnight whisps always gonna be number one but I’m starting to like the kobalts

    45. Zehan Azani

      Go go go orangin....

    46. BlueWolfe

      Its a real shame for Minty Drizzles first race, i know he can do better! Lets get some wins behind our belts! GO MINTY MANIACS!

    47. Alexander Wijaya

      Gotta admit, I'm not 100% sold on the new quali format given the whole 'bottom 4 elimination' thing. Seems a bit too harsh, all things considered. Still, it's worth seeing it play out this season before making any judgement. Nice to see Smoggy start off the year right though. H🌫️A🌫️Z🌫️E🌫A️🌫️M🌫️A🌫️Z🌫️E!!!

    48. Tumford

      Lol are you sure smoggy isn't submachine gun

    49. Niggle _16

      It‘s like the Formel 1 qualification🔥 very nice

    50. Bibi51497

      Very happy to see that the host curse continues this season

    51. DirePants

      I call Oceanics this season! ;)

    52. Mr Sparky monki

      Close one there! #WillOfTheWisps

    53. Bijoy Roychowdhury

      This channel rarely disappoints. Race track is great!

    54. ismaelituu

      Hay que decirle a ibai que castee la segunda temporada :)

    55. Ville Turunen

      An segregated audience? SMH my head.

    56. Fabian Gallo

      ojalá esta segunda temporada la comenten Ibai y ander. (I hope this second season will be discussed by Ibai and ander.)

    57. Lloyd FS

      Aww...PRIM! At least you managed to qualify, but you can't continue to cut it close like that!

    58. Dallas Fletcher

      Ill miss the wasps, but move my love over to the bumblebees

    59. tack


    60. Venom

      Bottom 4 :(

    61. Owcałowca

      Red team... LIKE

    62. Slutty McTits

      Oh hell yeah, my boy Smoggy getting right back to where he belongs -- the top!

    63. Ewa Ulińska

      I really loved the posters for marble teams you made for the first season of Marbula One. Is there a chance that you'd make more, particularly for teams which didn't qualify for the previous seasons?

    64. RextheRebel

      Wow. Balls of Chaos are already out? Guess I won't be following this season.

      1. Mathew Urias

        Balls of chaos will only not be in the next race. Tomorrow their gonna try to qualify again.

    65. Jorge Hernandez

      Let´s go Green Ducks, never you´ll fly alone!!!

    66. Sir. Rektz

      Have you heard of racing marbles? He has awesome content. :) The first set of races just finished!

    67. Bam Adebayo

      As a snowballs fan, I congratulate the Savage Speeders because of their sustainable achievements. #SnowMuchFun #SpeedIsKey

    68. yonitm24

      goooooo limers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. PhoebeRaven


    70. Gus the Dog

      Watch out, the hosts curse is back

    71. Roodz14

      Savage Speeders gang WHERE ARE YOUUUUU!

    72. Joshua Clarke


    73. The Greyson

      Arriba orange

    74. The Greyson

      Vamos jaime

    75. Christopher Heim

      I'm really enjoying this years Qualifiers!! Big improvement! Well done

    76. Chopo_CT

      IBAIII!!! COMENTA!!!

    77. Dev Patel

      savage speeders are the Mercedes of the marble world

    78. Dev Patel

      here we go boys!!

    79. A Jones


    80. Sir Rikktee

      Had Hope for Clutter all the way. Damn. Hope we can comeback next race. #BallsofChaos

    81. Tom Serhan

      I will always stick with Jungle Jumpers even though they lose everytime

      1. Mathew Urias

        Sameeee. I’ll never leave them! Let’s goooo jungle jumpers!!!

    82. Zephyrbal

      The king of Marblesport returns

    83. DJ Chazzy Chaz

      Why can't the balls of choas ever win anything!!!!! Even just a top 3 finish!!!! 😡😡

    84. Naked Raptor

      This is some amazing production compared to your vids from even a few months ago. You should consider bringing in a 2nd / color commentator next!

    85. Aushesh Styles


    86. 17_Faiz Ir


    87. Edward N. Driskoll

      A1. Love these races. Haha

    88. Brian Smith

      First off, great track - second, THIS is why Jelle is the BEST in Marble Racing, constant progress and evolution- I was pleased with how things were, but Jelle has made Marbula even better- I'm someone who watches the qualifiers, and they're good, but also somewhat repetitive- this new format makes it a series of mini-races before the actual race, and for future races, the Points Leader (or maybe a few in the top bracket) could miss a race or two because of Lackluster qualifiers, makes things more interesting - also, the Host Curse strikes again, not only did the Minty Maniacs fall in the bottom 4, they came in Dead Last, it's so bizarre at this point

    89. Vee Nay Nay

      OMG??? Are we back from the tragic performance in Marblelympics 2020? #HazeAmaze

    90. brandon blankenship

      OMG!!! Your marble is just the cutest thing I've ever seen ❤❤❤

    91. Boss


    92. Ryzheborodyy

      Goooooooo Ducks!!! #QuackAttack!! Lets forget the last tournament, this is better

    93. Jetse Brienen


    94. Robert Friel

      Why did the qualifying round become so complex?

    95. Derick A

      #hazeamaze. Good to see Smoggy holding true to his form from last season. Hopefully The Hazers can bounce back from the mediocre performance from the Marblympics.

    96. Zea M-H

      Lets go snowballs bumblebees and raspberry racers!!!

    97. ZanraiKid

      BoC can’t be disappointed if you don’t qualify 😔👈

    98. demon hunter

      Raspberry racers We ain’t doin too bad this year but crazy cats eyes are looking good after that first race

    99. jaxspelarn


    100. Christopher Bittinger

      LET’S GO SMOGGY!!!!!!