The Classic Track is BACK - Choose Your Marble!

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 5 of the Marble Rally 2020 only on Jelle's Marble Runs! Finally, we have some great race conditions at Doornse Gat, so you can expect a lot of excitement - Please enjoy and share!
    In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sand and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
    - There's a hair on the lens of one of the cameras which we noticed after importing the footage.
    - The front cam suffered a Gimbal fail about halfway the race, blocking the other 2 cameramen to follow the action in the lead.
    - The back cam went out of focus which causing the blurry footage, this was caused because one of our cameramen accidentally pushed the AF/MF button on the camera just before the start.
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    1. Torsten Reinert

      Nice, my guess won!

    2. Redmond t

      I got so hype when lollipop passed red

    3. Saheed


    4. gamer blues

      My choices where either el captain or ductape and I'm glad I stuck yo my gut P.s. I'm new to this season

    5. steevan wong keitaro kusanagi

      never in my live ever thought watching marble rolling down a sandy hill would this exciting XD

    6. Jellyman

      Go Cool Moody! 😎

    7. Rivaldo Rehatta

      Still RN3❤

    8. Caleb Shone

      Cool moodys the one im betting on

    9. Usma Wati

      Sangat menghibur

    10. hey this is john quiñones

      i love how he can nake these rubber marbles he definately got from the 50cents machine entertaining

    11. WeebLord And Guests

      Lollipop really making its way up the overall standings on its debut season, it'll definitely make a name for itself throughout the next few races but the question stands will it be able to take home a price, or will it fall in demise?

    12. Paxton pomykal

      Rednumber3 let's go my boi comeback season

    13. Julio Perez

      Great race 👍🏽👍🏽

    14. Mohammad Irwadi Haji Zaini

      Strangely therapeutic to watch really tone down anxiety for sure especially before sleep.

    15. Christopher Wellman

      I think it's kind of amazing how many marbles I find. I always wonder who lost them.

    16. Abdiel Ortuño Pérez

      Que hermosos ver estas competencias

    17. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Well done lollipop

    18. chefdsal1

      SO GOOD!!!!

    19. MiniGreens

      Polish RN3 please, he's the best marble

    20. pHamZq

      This should be a real sport

    21. Ammon Clark

      The better sand conditions I think led to higher speed pushing people out of the track. Stay careful guys.

    22. kangourouuu1

      So dissapointed by Comet. Great start, undisputed leader position (for once). One single mistake and all crumbled to bits. A humiliatingly long side course that you just can't come back from. Even crashing, Comet still was able to regain 5 places, but for naught... Great running overall, disaster placing.

    23. Videoyearmix

      Where i can by marbles from this video??? My son loves that

    24. Pumice Mendola

      I’d love to learn your post production process. How do you do the titles / graphics?

    25. Abid Abdullah

      Justice for #RN3

    26. Dick Ge

      I was all in for red#3

    27. Dev Patel

      This is better than nascar and formula 1

    28. Alex

      what a thrilling race!

    29. NoSkillUG

      Bro I can’t with ghost plasma anymore... so many blown opportunities how... HOW?

    30. Cristina Zuniga

      I really want ghost plasma to win he was a champion in 2016

    31. Sonidos De Poesías

      What did i just watched and how can i make my whole life about this??? 🤯

    32. Paul Rispin

      Good to see RN3 back to something like his best. I do think that his best days are gone though. He needs to retire while he still has it.

    33. StijnEM

      Comet noooooo! I will always support you but c'mon dude you had it D:

    34. Josiah Kaminski

      I knew Pollo Loko would at least place.

    35. D4md Cykey

      Classic track! This brings back great memories of my very first exposure to Jelle's when it all began.

    36. josé neto

      fez É?

    37. Jake From State Farm

      Finally a good day for the Lollipop fans! (I also root for Cobra, it's rough)

    38. Ishigami Yu


    39. mattmacd2009

      Come on, who cheered when Red number 3 took the lead. Awesome stuff!

    40. Sonnychan Hustenkräuter

      I picked Lollipop and actually won! So exciting! Going to start betting on marble races now. Where can I find a bookie taking this kind of bet?

    41. Zul Fakhri Juri

      where roldo can you tell me

    42. AmericanGulp

      RN3 the myth , the LEGEND !!

    43. Robby Wells


    44. Jonas Alcides

      What a loss for Ghost. So solid in the competition hes been. I hope he has time to get back to the top. Great respect for superball, a great consistent competitor and my RN3 is finally back!

    45. Mr. W

      2:16 That’s a classic RN3 move. Still got it!

    46. Luis Baltazar

      This RN3 is an impostor, please bring back the original! #justiceforRN3

    47. Yourfavoriteanimator ?

      This is so interesting until you noticed you are watching a guy play with marbles 😂

    48. Andrew Tormanen

      Ducktape was doing so well........ :'(

    49. Giles S

      Great work from the team making a quality video even with technical difficulties!

    50. Alex K

      My boy Ghost Plasma had some amazing overtakes! I really thought he'd win, till he got stuck.

    51. FBX Cookie


    52. Rotua Fransiscus Manalu

      What type of marble the red number 3 is ? same as superball, i doubt it same like other marbles both super consistent in the front pack

    53. Turquoise Screen

      I’m rooting for RN3 beacuase I want a RN69

    54. Hannah Thom Noble

      I got my hopes up with Comet's amazing start, but I had a feeling it wouldn't last, and it didn't. Comet let the pressure of being in first get to him. Such a shame.

    55. Angus Trangmoe

      nemo is in a rebuilding period

    56. NEED A NAME M8

      It's depressing being a Comet fan.

    57. The Chicken Man

      I love these races. DON'T STOP!!!

    58. Connor King

      Go check out Max’s marvellous marbles

      1. Connor King

        It’s a good channel

    59. Latrodectus mactans

      Return of the kings. El Capitan is so happy just to be on the podium again.

    60. HUE Larry

      So unlucky for Comet, he dominated until he took the wrong path

    61. Tjeu Peijs


    62. big mountain

      My heart sank when mmm went out

    63. Dallas Orr

      From the start I said lollipop but such a rough start idk but maybe the marble gods will shine down

    64. Topa Topa

      CMO is basically BOT

    65. Liam Nixon

      4:34 Marbly McMarbleface jumped from the lower lane to the bridge.

    66. Baffled Turtle

      Finally, a good sport I can get behind.

    67. Venom


    68. Roy Garcia

      where can I find a marble like moody?

    69. Mark Serou

      I don't thing superballs tactic of staying mid pack and then trying to make a late run is working out. Sup needs to get way better on the starts if he wants a shot at the champ... GO SUPER!

    70. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Why was 2020 sand marble rally race 6 delayed???

    71. SlingSlang

      I needed this in my life

    72. Cognomen X

      I’m just happy to see red number 3 finish in the top three this season.

    73. Joe Freedman

      Ban comet hes on roids

    74. AFchris77

      Excellent race.

    75. ta gueule pour voir : j'ai une sacré bête

      it's incredible how ghost plasma changed his game since last year, coming from a defensive, blocking based playstyle to such an aggressive and complete one (he still shows some incredible defense though...). Too bad he just choked... for the second time in the season...

    76. Aj Dogz

      I'll choose cobra, not only cause its green (my favorite color) but because it's number 13.

    77. Matías Sampaolesi

      Ghost Plasma was winning some positions and then He goes out!!! It doesn't matter we will do it better next race

    78. WilsonTheNerd

      RN3 ❤️🔥

    79. Noah

      As a comet fan, this was just heartbreaking.

    80. Russ Glove

      Graphics are awesome. What card you using?

    81. Colton Alderman

      I actually jumped out of my seat when lollipop passed RN3, I was kinda upset but at least he got a good finish after a bad stretch...

    82. Tommaso Bernabò

      Finally Lollipop did it!

    83. Resurrected Sunlight

      NOOOOO!!!, Just at the end, bah.

    84. StellarX

      Used to love watching these races but the rapid switching between two different cameras is too distracting.

    85. Thomas Marcum

      good race ....the pace was much slower than most races ...keep'em coming

    86. Kxnqzi • 145 years ago

      Did u delete the marble states race?

    87. vazak11

      Gosh poor Comet

    88. tuna mert yıldırım

      Good job Fake Number 3

    89. Marvin Tillman

      SPOILERS!!!! Today's race was a rush! Weather conditions being great brought good luck to some racers and bad luck to other. Lollipop finally got their first career win with the legend that is Red Number 3 getting a chance to finish on the podium with this race. On the other hand, Cool Moody finished in 9th while SuperBall finished 4th, closing the lead Cool Moody has even more, down to 4 points! If SuperBall finishes high and Cool Moody doesn't, SuperBall takes the lead! Speaking of the placings: 1st - Cool Moody: 60 points 2nd - SuperBall: 56 points 3rd - Ghost Plasma: 49 points With that, I take my leave. Thank you for reading, watching and TILL NEXT TIME!!!

    90. Samuel Shores

      Such a good start for Summer Sky but just could not keep the momentum!

    91. CoolChannel Name

      The end of sector 1 could have a high banked 360 degree loop with the racers exiting the loop through a small tunnel. This loop would give the spectator marbles in the bleachers more time to view the racers as they race by. Some parts of the track could be lined with powdered sand to smoothen the track for greater speed. Electronic Marbles, a marble with a sensor inside that tells us how fast the marble is spinning. A marble with some kind of ferrous metal inside to allow the marble to be pushed by an electromagnetic field. Marble with an LED inside for night racing. A water plunge where the marbles jump of a ramp into a pool of water and then roll along the tilted bottom and are pushed out by the flowing water and rolling momentum where they land on a portion of track that is mesh screening material. Under the mesh is where the water is recycled back into the pool. Part of the pool underground would have a clear panel for a camera to film that feature of the track. Am I going to far with these marble ideas?

    92. markhor

      Cobra helped Comet so selflessly, respect.

    93. Mighty Cat

      Are the Limers retired?

    94. Nazlıcan Korkmaz

      Caner Özyurtlu'nun hikayesinden geldim, çok zevkliymiş hakkaten:D

    95. Steven Hippensteel

      If we keep the classic track RN3 will win the entire thing again

    96. Priest

      Come on cool moody we got it this year!, Hopefully superball races well too🔥

    97. Gnarly

      Imagine being a Nemo fan 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    98. Spencer Fritz

      Ive been in a bit of a funk lately with everything being the same evry day and just wasting tine plying video games... and then i saw like 20+ marbles race down a hill and got snapped out of it, thanks weird marble race! This was like redline but with marbles.

    99. Kamikik

      Great race from El Capitan!! We needed this finish!

    100. Daniel Astorga

      I think no one has noticed Superball. He's the smooth operator :)