The Classic Track is BACK - Choose Your Marble!

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 5 of the Marble Rally 2020 only on Jelle's Marble Runs! Finally, we have some great race conditions at Doornse Gat, so you can expect a lot of excitement - Please enjoy and share!
    In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sand and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
    - There's a hair on the lens of one of the cameras which we noticed after importing the footage.
    - The front cam suffered a Gimbal fail about halfway the race, blocking the other 2 cameramen to follow the action in the lead.
    - The back cam went out of focus which causing the blurry footage, this was caused because one of our cameramen accidentally pushed the AF/MF button on the camera just before the start.
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    1. Turquoise Screen

      I’m rooting for RN3 beacuase I want a RN69

    2. Hannah Thom Noble

      I got my hopes up with Comet's amazing start, but I had a feeling it wouldn't last, and it didn't. Comet let the pressure of being in first get to him. Such a shame.

    3. Angus Trangmoe

      nemo is in a rebuilding period

    4. Garød 21

      It's depressing being a Comet fan.

    5. The Chicken Man

      I love these races. DON'T STOP!!!

    6. Connor King

      Go check out Max’s marvellous marbles

      1. Connor King

        It’s a good channel

    7. Latrodectus mactans

      Return of the kings. El Capitan is so happy just to be on the podium again.

    8. Larry _ TL

      So unlucky for Comet, he dominated until he took the wrong path

    9. Tjeu Peijs


    10. bryan g

      My heart sank when mmm went out

    11. Dallas Orr

      From the start I said lollipop but such a rough start idk but maybe the marble gods will shine down

    12. Topa Topa

      CMO is basically BOT

    13. Liam Nixon

      4:34 Marbly McMarbleface jumped from the lower lane to the bridge.

    14. Baffled Turtle

      Finally, a good sport I can get behind.

    15. Venom


    16. Roy Garcia

      where can I find a marble like moody?

    17. Mark Serou

      I don't thing superballs tactic of staying mid pack and then trying to make a late run is working out. Sup needs to get way better on the starts if he wants a shot at the champ... GO SUPER!

    18. heather binyon

      Why was 2020 sand marble rally race 6 delayed???

    19. SlingSlang

      I needed this in my life

    20. Cognomen X

      I’m just happy to see red number 3 finish in the top three this season.

    21. Joe Freedman

      Ban comet hes on roids

    22. AFchris77

      Excellent race.

    23. ta gueule pour voir : j'ai une sacré bête

      it's incredible how ghost plasma changed his game since last year, coming from a defensive, blocking based playstyle to such an aggressive and complete one (he still shows some incredible defense though...). Too bad he just choked... for the second time in the season...

    24. Aj Dogz

      I'll choose cobra, not only cause its green (my favorite color) but because it's number 13.

    25. Matías Sampaolesi

      Ghost Plasma was winning some positions and then He goes out!!! It doesn't matter we will do it better next race

    26. WilsonTheNerd

      RN3 ❤️🔥

    27. Noah

      As a comet fan, this was just heartbreaking.

    28. Russ Glove

      Graphics are awesome. What card you using?

    29. Colton Alderman

      I actually jumped out of my seat when lollipop passed RN3, I was kinda upset but at least he got a good finish after a bad stretch...

    30. Tommaso Bernabò

      Finally Lollipop did it!

    31. Resurrected Sunlight

      NOOOOO!!!, Just at the end, bah.

    32. StellarX

      Used to love watching these races but the rapid switching between two different cameras is too distracting.

    33. Thomas Marcum

      good race ....the pace was much slower than most races ...keep'em coming

    34. crinqclxvds

      Did u delete the marble states race?

    35. vazak11

      Gosh poor Comet

    36. tuna mert yıldırım

      Good job Fake Number 3

    37. Marvin Tillman

      SPOILERS!!!! Today's race was a rush! Weather conditions being great brought good luck to some racers and bad luck to other. Lollipop finally got their first career win with the legend that is Red Number 3 getting a chance to finish on the podium with this race. On the other hand, Cool Moody finished in 9th while SuperBall finished 4th, closing the lead Cool Moody has even more, down to 4 points! If SuperBall finishes high and Cool Moody doesn't, SuperBall takes the lead! Speaking of the placings: 1st - Cool Moody: 60 points 2nd - SuperBall: 56 points 3rd - Ghost Plasma: 49 points With that, I take my leave. Thank you for reading, watching and TILL NEXT TIME!!!

    38. Samuel Shores

      Such a good start for Summer Sky but just could not keep the momentum!

    39. CoolChannel Name

      The end of sector 1 could have a high banked 360 degree loop with the racers exiting the loop through a small tunnel. This loop would give the spectator marbles in the bleachers more time to view the racers as they race by. Some parts of the track could be lined with powdered sand to smoothen the track for greater speed. Electronic Marbles, a marble with a sensor inside that tells us how fast the marble is spinning. A marble with some kind of ferrous metal inside to allow the marble to be pushed by an electromagnetic field. Marble with an LED inside for night racing. A water plunge where the marbles jump of a ramp into a pool of water and then roll along the tilted bottom and are pushed out by the flowing water and rolling momentum where they land on a portion of track that is mesh screening material. Under the mesh is where the water is recycled back into the pool. Part of the pool underground would have a clear panel for a camera to film that feature of the track. Am I going to far with these marble ideas?

    40. markhor

      Cobra helped Comet so selflessly, respect.

    41. Josh Farrar

      Are the Limers retired?

    42. Nazlıcan Korkmaz

      Caner Özyurtlu'nun hikayesinden geldim, çok zevkliymiş hakkaten:D

    43. Steven Hippensteel

      If we keep the classic track RN3 will win the entire thing again

    44. Priest

      Come on cool moody we got it this year!, Hopefully superball races well too🔥

    45. Slump -_-

      Imagine being a Nemo fan 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    46. Spencer Fritz

      Ive been in a bit of a funk lately with everything being the same evry day and just wasting tine plying video games... and then i saw like 20+ marbles race down a hill and got snapped out of it, thanks weird marble race! This was like redline but with marbles.

    47. Kamikik

      Great race from El Capitan!! We needed this finish!

    48. Daniel Astorga

      I think no one has noticed Superball. He's the smooth operator :)

    49. mike de carlo

      Congrats Lollipop.....well deserved win!! Your hard work paid off

    50. WakaTP R6

      I don’t like the double roads, too random. Like quicksilver was in top 5 and suddenly in the last 5.. it isn’t a skilled feature imo and is more about luck that anything

    51. Quentin Braesch

      SPOILER ALERT !!! Tooo bad for rn3 i want he WIN now pls

    52. Edmund Cordero

      I hope this is the start of a marvelous comeback by rn3 he messed up by the near end but still it was a good run compare to his previous races. Lets go rn 3

    53. olaf setans

      never know marbles was going to make me cry of happy for that team work getting those 2 who stock back in the race

    54. Bio Crash

      YES, EL CAPITAN'S BEST FINISH OF THE YEAR, this looks great!

    55. Christopher Long

      Congratulations to lollipop what a finish

    56. Toma Klinc

      Why are this year's tracks so bad? Not only the conditions but the track layouts and obstacles, this was the only track that felt like the marbles were going smooth and weren't almost stopping every 2 meters. I am convinced that the reason for these races where the top 3 always felt like it was RNG was the way they built the tracks. In my opinion, this is the worst season of SMR.

    57. The Sharp Shark Gaming

      Cmon blizzard blaster hasn’t had 1 good finish in this season!

    58. SquirrelMiester

      Why are there so many RN3 simps?

    59. originalph00tbag

      Summer Sky just can't seem to hold position this season. I love her daring and aggressive racing, but it seems to be more risk than reward this year.

    60. Mr Z

      My Cool Moody!!

    61. someones userz

      Better than f1

    62. MAGIC! CLAW!

      I like this. The track is very consistant which is a feat in itself. I had thought it would be drag races. This is much better. People could totally gamble on this if it were clear PVC tubing track. Get a government grant and say the tubing it's for an engineering study.

    63. The Shark

      And here I was thinking comet was actually gonna get top half

    64. Chinmay Bhatt

      I'd you look at the marbles closely in the beginning when they are lined up at the start, before they start to run, you can see that RN3 doesn't have the hole he has had at the bottom. Has there been a change to the RN3 marble? Did he go through a surgery?

      1. Mk

        Yep and he has performed poorly ever since the beginning due to slow recovery. At least we saw improvements in this race though

    65. Chinmay Bhatt

      I don't want to sound like a choosy bugger but can you please change the RN3 merch design? I am a big RN3 fan and had promised on one of your older videos that if there is any RN3 merch in future I will. Buy it. But the design just looks super dull and that is stopping my from buying the merch. I suggest have a small RN3 marble pic as a logo on any merch and it will work just fine. Simple and less is good. Just like the Nike check mark. RN3 is a legend already, just his marble pic is enough.

    66. John Smit

      Lollipop really licked this one.

    67. Erebus Von Mori

      Aaarrgh, pipped at the post.

    68. Sofia Lara

      Im rotting for red RN3

    69. Jonathan Porter

      Yo! Looked to me like there was some shady "agreeable calculated measures/maneuvers" from some of the other racers, who intentionally caused Ghost Plasma to suffer that DNF. I'm not naming any marble or marbles in particular, but if you go back and watch the race, and the recap in slo-mo, you will see that GP getting bumped off the track doesn't appear so innocent as previously thought. Not to mention how two other marbles that had also been stuck right next to him, miraculously broke free and continued to race, yet ultimately ensuring Ghost Plasma's fate. Conspiracy? I believe so.

      1. Fausto Hernandez

        Oh the plot thickens! Is that Lollipop and RN3 pushing GP off the track? 😲 @4:40

    70. Mateo Perez

      GRANDE que capo

    71. john smith

      this is where i come for my sports in 2020, because its nothing but non stop action, thank you

    72. Richard Taylor

      I thought it was fake RN3 this year till now but he's back in shape after too much indulgence during lockdown

      1. Mk

        RN3 had a surgery during the lockdown period to fill up his hole, haters said it was giving him an unfair advantage. RN3 is still recovering that's why he didn't do well in the first 4 races.

    73. Team Pacific and the Multi Swirls' Marble Runs

      Dear RN3,I'm proud that you got 2nd,good job.On the other hand,YOU COMPLETELY BLEW A GREAT CHANCE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still, you did...sort of a good job getting 2nd but this isn't what I was expecting from A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Team Pacific and the Multi Swirls' Marble Runs

        No offence, by the way.

    74. Arthur Williams

      I want the starting marble (ghost marble) to be an official sand marble rally competitor

    75. Captain Owederon


    76. Javixx

      espeectaculares carreras de canicas un saludo desde españa jajajaja

    77. Justior

      I really thought Summer Sky would make it to the podium this time. Next time maybe, Summer Skyworks SO hard for it.

    78. Iam noone

      Outstanding performance. 2020 What a whacky year know I'm watching marbles raceing.

    79. Nerdfighers DFTBA

      Oh Summer Sky, why must you always start out strong then make a mistake on the steep parts? :(

    80. Jerry Francis

      Yeesssss... Finally RedNo3... A podium. 👍👍👏🍀👏👏👏 🏁

    81. lilliths revenge

      omg i hate watching most sport, but this marble racing!... this is real entertainment! XD

    82. Chip

      Feel so bad for Ghost Plasma after doing all that work to get into third place, but, still in a good position in third

    83. TrocaNero

      Nice race! Not the best race for Moody, but still top 10 finish and he is still in the top spot overall. Great for Pollo Loco to be top 5 and stay in 7th overall. Also what a comeback for Red Number 3! And poor Comet, he was doing so well!


      Your hill has the most tracks I have to say! It's my second fav. thing in the channel, only behind the Hazers! #HazeAmaze

    85. Paksu En

      Have you change your cameraman?

    86. icouldwinarabbit

      Great race! I was starting to feel like rooting for Lollipop in the Marble Rallies was sad choice. I needed this win!

    87. iwanabana

      Great work on.the course, jelle!!!!

    88. Xystem 4

      Okay Crazy Cat’s Eye, what the heck was that.

    89. LoL _

      Red#3 till I die!!! Red#3 till I die!!! Red#3 till I die!!!

    90. randomdude476

      Pollo Loco is tied for 5th without a medal!

    91. kronos P2

      RN3 yay

    92. Ivan Henley

      YES! Red Number 3 back in fine form! There's my champ!

    93. Derpy Hooves

      To the left of this video was the Hacksmith testing plasma-lightsaber. So naturally I gotta watch marbles rolling down the hill first.

    94. Big Sky Neal

      Lollipop licked them all! WTG!

    95. Black D l Bra

      The G.O.A.T has returned #rn3

    96. vlogerhood

      RN3 on his previous form would never have let that happen in the final straight. He always had amazing accelerations in the straights. It is clear he isn't coming back to his former glory, even with this better result.

    97. Theresa Atkinson

      I love this

    98. Samuel Bourne

      This channel sucks now

    99. Chris Knowles

      seriously comet what the hell man.

    100. Alfredo Avila

      Alguien aqui por IBAI?