Marbula One S2: GP8 Momotorway Qualifiers

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements. This time we will return to the Momotorway!
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the Raceforest, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    NOTE: We apologize that we launch the premiere one hour later than expected, this is because Mellacus was busy and we were busy too in recording the GP9 race.
    However, we are working forward to ensure that we will release the next races on schedule.
    We are also searching for reinforcement to boost our quality and capacity.
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    1. ItsChamp

      Just want to say, Marble league 2020 should have won sporting event of the year.

      1. Jc Serquiña

        @Hirsch Vagish go to Fubeca's Marble Runs. They have a marble version of NASCAR.

      2. GreatJAVImello

        @TheMellowYellow so true

      3. Byvenic

        @Hirsch Vagish You want to remove a team because they're doing well for a season? Quit whining and enjoy the race.

      4. TJATAW

        @Austin P Yes sir, that's it.

      5. Austin P

        Marbles have effectively completely replaced athletes for me. No whining, no politics, just the love of the game

    2. Pedro Lacerda

      Unbelievable how such an amazing team like CCE can't get a single Pole Position. But anyway, LET'S GO CAT'S EYES

    3. Martin Cloud

      To be honest, i don't really like the elimination in the qualifiers. Because if you run one bad lap, worse starting position is bad, but you can still do something about it. If you don't even participate in the race next day, it's painful and you basically have no chance of catching up to other teams. I hope they change it in Season 3 in the future.

    4. Marco

      No #QuackAttack on this track :(

    5. Ethan Cordray

      (catching up on the races I missed) Wow, Team Primary is now making Greg cynical. What a season we're having!

    6. Jack Manley

      Glad to see Imomola back on the calendar

    7. Coltman 5

      Shock what are you doing

    8. Joe Glasgow

      Hey i’ve suggested this before but of course wasn’t even noticed but that’s understandable I guess. You should make this a daily fantasy sports. I am 100% serious and i would play. is one sporting event i would trust most. Maybe you could do the weekly race live and do the scoring similar to Nascar I suppose on Fanduel. Maybe we could talk about some thongs. I’m very serious

    9. Scruffy


    10. Art with OC

      Greenduck supporter here. They shouldn’t have made Billy run twice in a row. He was gassed. That’s what cost us the points on the last run. #quackattack

    11. Ferdy W

      This quali is a shock to me. Hope Thunderbolts can stay at the top

    12. HuskyHeroine

      Glad to see the Hazers qualify again. It's been a rollercoaster for them this year but I still have hope that we can pull off something spectacular! #HazeAmaze

    13. Francisco Bustamante

      GO GO KAOS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    14. Katarjana

      What's crazy cats eyes cheer?

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        It’s a general Lee horn. You’ll hear it when Yellow Eye makes his run.

    15. Chickenwang24


    16. Rice Potato

      Even though it’s at 15th the minty maniacs back to back qualify

    17. Javier Ortiz

      Hornets back plis

    18. Stephani Moss

      Can anyone explain the difference between green and purple times to me? I'm so lost.

    19. MCLegoboy

      Let's go Minties! Keep qualifying!

    20. Odio

      Why is it that Speedy is so good and Rapidly is so bad

    21. Simon King

      Even though the Jungle Jumpers have struggled this season, us fans always have their back!

    22. DiabeticMan

      Do my eyes deceive me? Mellow Yellows actually polled this GP? Let's go! Hope they can replicate this success at the race!

    23. Ross Farqhar

      Let's go Green Ducks!

    24. Tincho Ramos

      FINALLYY!!!!! SO GLAD FOR THE YELLOWS!!!! Congrats!!! #KeepItMellow #GoMellowYellow

    25. koko.meeko

      not a great time to be a raspberry racers fan :(

    26. Kimberly Quinn

      That's my Snowy! Way to do us proud ❤️

    27. Joe The Juggalo

      Good job yellow eye for making pole.

    28. housemonkey321

      Why Shock, why have you forsaken us! Boooo

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        Well they didn’t do that well at this race last year either. They finished 13th and did not score any points, and this was Shock running the race.

    29. Manuel Moya

      We are not a middle standing team! It's pathetic to see Clemetin so low in the ranks. I hope management can juice in some investment next year. #OoOoOoOoOoOo

    30. Potato_King693


    31. Izzat Ilmin

      Surprise qualifying result for the Snowball. Is the rest has done the team wonder? Looks like a stronger second half performance from Snowstorm ans Snowy. Hopefully will consistently ends in points.

    32. BlueFlag Alpha

      Yellow on pole. Lets get the win tomorrow

    33. WB •ALPHA

      Nice one rapidly good luck to all team and to savage speeders 💪

    34. Ferdinand Darbon

      Once again, I can proudly say that I am a CCE fan

    35. Billy S

      I love the stupidity of this, brilliant!

    36. Junkai Wong

      Wat time is the real race. I don’t want to stay up till midnight and get nothing

    37. BK Pyrexx

      Great job Mello Yello!

    38. Tiger58

      Good to see Snowy taking the qualifying seriously, but how will this affect the in race strategy?

    39. Luis Silva

      Finally a little bit of happiness for the Mellow Yellow fans, C'mon!! This races are the best!

    40. 21stCenturySchizoid-D

      Clutter has given us hope for some turn around. I hope he can bring his A-game. Does he have an A-game? He better find it. 😂

    41. Nic Tails


    42. dawg_gone

      As much as I enjoy your work, the opening visuals give me a headache and I have to skip them each time.

    43. Paul Minor

      love it

    44. TrailsVonMudder

      I am so happy that Greg took my advice and focused on the transfer spots! So much action this session and you absolutely nailed the call, Greg! :)

    45. Carla Wijermars

      Ik vind het knap wat jullie gemaakt hebben. Ik neem er mijn petje voor af.

    46. Stephen Hargreaves

      I love that you got a marble's name wrong and put a correction on screen.

    47. Rollin' Marbles

      How do you make those tables that keep the score?

    48. Tony Wagon


      1. Tony Wagon


    49. Always SUFC

      Lets go MY 🟡🟡

    50. S44HIR_ A

      Have you tried using mighty beans??

    51. Maximilian Flügel

      Best of rollosport!

    52. Kai Undwichtig

      I have a good feeling for snowballs this race

    53. Addison Wayne

      Im sure tommorows race that mallard in the lead in the momotorway grang prix

    54. Mattias Karlsson

      YES! Yellow takes the pole! I am so happy right now.

    55. Limixl

      Maybe the 2021 marble league could have archery come back to the marble league they could use the thing they use to make the marbles jump in the high jump and instead of needing to jump over something they need to hit the bullseye as close as they can

    56. squaffle_

      Damn a bad day for The Thunderbolts and Thunderbolts fans, we'll get it next race! #Thunderbolts ⚡⚡⚡

    57. JavierSamuel8

      It's so difficult to say who's better between Yellow Eye and Red Eye. My vote goes to YE

    58. Jude Mitchell

      Ffs I've been waiting sooo long for Mellow Yellow to actually do something in this series

    59. Brian Fitzsimons

      Thank you Mallard for flying.

    60. Sporek

      Good job my buddy Yellow Eye!

    61. Marvin Tillman

      SPOILERS!!!! Another qualifiers has come and gone in Marbula One Season 2 and the return of Momotorway has brought about other returns as well. The Crazy Cat's Eyes are back in the top 4 along with the Balls of Chaos when they got pole in season 1, but some firsts have come as well. Hop of the Jungle Jumpers finally qualified for a Grand Prix, getting 8th place. Yellow of Mellow Yellow also got his first ever pole position and our host, Team Momo, will start from the bottom of the pack in 16th. The Grand Prix tomorrow is going to be on fire and I hope to catch it live! TILL NEXT TIME!

    62. Bruce Rout

      Snowy just keeps showing he's a pro.

    63. JK Dudette

      CCE have clearly got this in the bag. I'm not expecting anything big from the Racers after Ruzzy's poor performance today. Makes me question yet again why they chose the alternate of the ML team to race. It feels like I say this a lot, but... We'll be back. #ReturnoftheRacers 🤞🏻

    64. Jackson Buller

      freaking hyped for tomorrow

    65. Threadoflength

      So Momo are the literal opposites of last season. Start poor -> finish strong vs Start strong -> finish poor. Mimo lucked out that Shock had an absolute shocker, but i don't expect anything but to see her dawdling around at the back like she did at the Aquamaring and the Arctic Circuit. CCE are unbelievable. They are looking to complete the most dominant single season of any team in any series in JMR history. Crazy indeed.

    66. Odb718

      You gotta drug test Yellow after that. GOTTA BE JUICING!!

    67. Steven Sherry

      Disappointing how Mellow Yellow have their best qualifying ever, and all greg talked about was yellow eye qualifying second. This is a great day to be a mellow yellow fan, and those don't come too often

    68. Andrew

      11th is probably the best qualify spot Rapidly has gotten all year which is really saying something... At least he actually qualified this time.

    69. Uldihaa

      Mellow Yellow got pole position... I'm delightfully shocked.

    70. ValeraShan

      I am a Raspberry Racer supporter for life, but oh boy Marbula One is definitely not their competition. Maybe they'll work at it in the off season. Ruzzy still looked like they had fun though, which is always good to see during a competition like this.

    71. Inaren Commander

      I'm satisfied with the Oceanics' performance so far. Just need to ride the wave through the qualifiers and make it to the real thing.

    72. Theo Workman

      How are the Jungle Jumpers so consistently bad? I've never seen them, or the Turtle team (which I can't even remember their name since they never qualify for anything) do well at all.

    73. Nur Aziz Ardiantono

      Woooww Never Expect Mellow Yellow and Snowball doing great like this in Qualifier. Hope the best for the race #KeepItMellow #SnowMuchFun

    74. artplaya0711

      Thunderbolts start from the rear -- not good... You shock me, Shock...

    75. Brooks Faucette


    76. Ka'ron Anderson

      Mellow yellow 🟡

    77. Desi Chang

      Mimo almost gave me a heart attack!!! But he qualified in 16th, Team Momo’s favorite spot! Let’s go, Mimo!

    78. rverse


    79. Jeigh Tee

      Dang it, Shock! That first lane splitter really threw him off his game.

    80. The Marble World

      Where did you get your marbula one tracks

    81. Hootini 15

      So glad mimo got through. Comon momo let's get a good place this race make up for last race. GOGO MOMO

    82. Joseph Stalin

      M E L L O W Y E L L O W

    83. My Cubing Algs

      #ReachForTheStars Prediction:Galactic will get first place in the main race They have to, it's a fact in season 2 Whenever Galactic starts towards the end of the pack, they climb up atleast 10 spots but when they start at the top, they fall tremendously! O'raceway: 3rd to 13th ,, Aquamaring: 2nd to 7th Always somehow, the green ducks cross galactic, right at the finish, tumult turnpike The hive seems to be our speciality, Season 1: Hivedrive: 1st, season 2: honeydome: 2nd

    84. Stevi Roy


    85. Tucker Farce

      No Raspberry Racers, no “like”!

    86. Abhinav Srivastava

      Come on Speeders what has gotten into you.😡😡😡 #SpeedIsKey

    87. Atreyee Mitra

      Hop just silenced all the JJ haters with that eighth place.

    88. CuriosityRocks

      Glad the hosts get to race 😁

    89. Ivan Henley

      YES!! Mellow Yellow gets pole! Yellow ran an aweseome qualifier! I can't wait to see THIS race!

    90. si3gnal

      *sigh* Rasperry Racers are going to have to make some serious changes...

      1. si3gnal

        @Jeremiah Clemente Ruzzy actually my choice in this situation. Ruzzy may be a better track runner. I'm no sport analyst, but I recently stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...🤔

      2. Jeremiah Clemente

        They just replaced Rezzy with Ruzzy, even though Rezzy got more points that Razzy last season. Do you have a suggestion on what changes they should make to the roster?

    91. Robert O'Brien

      Has to be time for a change in management for the Raspberry Racers right? Just not getting it done right now 😔

    92. butterskutz

      Let's go Yellow!!! Bring in the gold woooo #KeepItMellow

    93. Dominic Leung

      Wtf did I just watch

    94. OneTwoFreeForAll

      Congrats to Hop on the top 8 qualify!

    95. 333Tonberry

      Is it weird that I support 3 teams (CCE Hazers and Chaos) Going to be a good race for me :D

    96. Kyle Lambie

      Yellow mellow gonna be running the board this season

    97. Panthera Leopon

      Won't CCE clinch the title if they win tomorrow?

    98. minabaIIerina

      this whole season has been so embarrassing as a raspberry racers fan. they just perform poorly race after race 😔😔😔

    99. Jan Rupert Alfeche

      I'm just happy Yellow Eye didn't get P1. Here's hoping they don't win this GP. They're too far out for anyone to catch up and it's frustrating ahahaha

    100. Andrej Borotovsky

      Is everyone into the full 20 or 26 marble grid as in Formula One with PQ with both marbles starting for a team in one race? And make a feeder series Marbula 2 and Maybe for subscriber entries Marbula 3? Because i see we have 20 Teams now... So there is possibility to do Marbula 1 with 13 teams of 26 marbles (Maybe do it 15 teams for PreQ as now, 10 teams for Marbula 2 (12 if PreQ) and 10 teams for Marbula 3 (again 12 pro PreQ) Then based on Teampoints, last 3 will be relegated to lower tier, top 3 promoted to higher tier (Based on Team Championship) :) I hope you consider to buy a starting grid for 26 marbles (or create one). And to be honnest, i want to be a subscriber for Team Momo and enter a new team called "Minardi" (The beloved minnow of Formula 1). Collor of marbles: Full black with white and yellow stripe. Names: Minardi(5th Marble, leader), Mark (Webber), Michele (Alboreto), (Pierluigi) Martini,(Gianni) Morbidelli.

      1. Andrej Borotovsky

        And maybe a special Event 24 Heures DuMarb, but i have no clue, how to make substitutions.