Sand Marble Rally 2019 Race 4 - Jelle’s Marble Runs

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    The 4th marble race of the Marble Rally 2019 where 20 colored marbles will chase down each other on a 408 feet long sand marble run course.
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    Cameras used: 2X Sony RX0 + 1X Sony RX0 II + Feiyu tech G6 gimbal
    - This video is recorded in NTSC at 60fps
    - Race 5 upload is expected on 7 december.
    === Condition score: ===
    This is determined based on weather and sand conditions include:
    - Weather type: Cloudy is most favorable
    - Temperature: 10 to 20 degrees celsius is most favorable
    - Wind direction: Low wind is most favorable
    - Sand condition: Wet sand after rain is most favorable
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    Terry Hankamer, FrostFlareon, Dave Knox, Lord_Gatte, Alejandro Tejada (Alayjo)
    and Quinton Franks
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    1. krushna ratnaparkhi

      3:23 Have you seen why we can expact boost from RN3 any time till the end.. Look at his tachtics during twists and turns and how easily he manages to overtake others during turns..

    2. 07U

      What is the reason for the change in scoring? In previous races it was 14, 17, and 20 points to the top three marbles.

    3. me18guy

      LeL for the first time ever i found roldo 0:34 (i think)

    4. Curtis Mulry

      Quicksilver always letting me down!

    5. GoNicoGo

      H2 Blue, you were in such a good position and you were in last place in the standings

    6. Ralph Reagan

      Red number 3! Forever

    7. ping


    8. DethstruXioN ™

      Nice, all my favorites are lined up from 5th to 9th, oh... and the one there on the bottom with 5 points :|

    9. maria13401340

      What's with the ghost marble?

    10. Joe Nash

      So frustrated as a Black Knight fan. Two DNFs in a row.

    11. AleisterMeowley

      If you could bet money on this, I would have lost my shirt on Dragons Egg

    12. Luke MoonWalker

      Dragon's Egg is climbing up the ladder :)

    13. Sebastian Jacques

      GHOST PLASMA! All the way! Go go go :)

    14. CommandoDude

      Yo imagine if ghost marble wins one of these some day.

    15. Greg M

      I wish they did more back stories and after race interviews. I would love to hear a marble reporter ask the top three how they felt going into the race and how they felt after. Especially Slimmer, that must have been so disappointing to be so far ahead in the beginning to end up 2nd place.

    16. John F. Rivera

      I just discovered this through John Oliver. This shit is great!!!!!

    17. 9Blind_Guardian7

      ohh nooo RN3 is 4th T_T

    18. Josue Hernandez

      Dragons egg!

    19. Shubh Garg

      What is the scientific reason of the wining the race of ball. Plzz explain

    20. Dnaref 84

      Roldo spotted on 0:34 !!

    21. Aes0m

      I feel like even though Blizzard Blaster is doing weel, all light are on Red Numer 3 and I am not cool with it... And is that ghost marble related to the Oceanics ? Cause it damn sucks, it's not even an official player but it's loosing every time

    22. Nathan

      2 DNFs in a row for Pollo, not a great look.

    23. Robert Smith

      This sport is much dangerous ..what if someone loses their eye?

    24. pakkmann

      oh man, Greg Woods slayed the commentary on this one. I WAS HYPED!

    25. Antony Efobi

      Top 4 favourite balls 1 Super Ball 2 Red Number 3 3 Ghost Marble 4 Ghost Plasma

    26. Round the World Kid

      My man Comet finally getting his top 10 finish

    27. José Bezerra

      Nunca tinha visto isso kkkkk que resenha👏👏👏👏👏👏

    28. Samira Peri

      This needs to be an Olympic sport.

    29. FuzzBeed

      Why the hell do I have to watch this for fuckin online school

    30. Srg. Dic's

      Comets weighted yo

    31. Aj

      Go slimmer

    32. Ed Crago

      Haha, awesome stuff!!

    33. Hey I'm a Maker

      I am amazed at how many marbles he has, I have tried to find some just to use with games and it's nearly impossible!

    34. Arnau García

      Lets go Capitan!!!!

    35. Katleho Aubrey Mohlokoane

      as a Comet fan this race started so well, my heart continues to break*

    36. roller booy

      Wiered competion

    37. 135jec

      I guess this will do during this quarantine time

    38. Rafael Ventura


    39. Xom9k

      я чет прям переживал

    40. Master Stumpy

      Red Number 3's win a couple races ago was a fluke! LOL!

    41. Nicole Raffelsberger

      I think slimer is doped ....

    42. sailormercuryLSR

      I'm HUGE college basketball fan un great pain over our cancelled tournament. Finding these has been the BEST part of my month. Thanks for making these.

    43. Jacob de Cerqueira

      Comet fans, rise up

    44. The O Zone

      Day 6 of no sports; I’ve resorted to watching marble racing

    45. &dee B

      Pollo loco has the worst luck

    46. Vato9

      El Capitan! Que buena carrera

    47. Juan Morandini

      Blizzard blaster 1 after bad race Quicksilver out.. but 8 Reflektor amaizing recovery 6

    48. Brennan’s Name

      H2 can’t catch a break lol

    49. Ivor Scrotumic

      I see Red3 in the thumbnail & that's me hooked. :-)

    50. Steve Cuomo

      Red Number 3 really needed a podium to get back in the championship hunt, but a 6th is good damage control, coulee been worse.

    51. Disc Golf

      anyone hate the limers?

    52. mawande kolele

      Blizzard Blaster having a remarkable season while Comet continues to break my heart

    53. thach nguyen

      This is the same track rn3 got stuck lasr race, seemed like he’s had some improvements

    54. Colin David

      GREG WOODS is awesome!!!

    55. J. Reynolds

      Subtle fade, if you will.......Lol!!!!!

    56. K Asih

      In a row

      1. K Asih


      2. K Asih


    57. K Asih

      2 championship for RN3

    58. Nicholas Stewart

      Me: a RED NUMBER 3 fan😆😆😆😆

    59. Musculus IV

      Good to see Dragon's Egg getting back his momentum. Well done battling back after missing the top lane as well!

    60. Walter Johnson

      Cce always starts so good then the mid race cheese kicks in. Needs to work on his defense.

    61. stickworldmayor

      superball and red no 3 lets roooool out

    62. everyone

      Friend: what's yoir favourite sport? Me: _it's complicated_

    63. HEWfunkingKNEWit

      You completely missed the epic moment that elcapitan got to 2nd place 😋🌴

    64. Viso308 _OMG


    65. yeetboy 4000

      lo siento

    66. Pedro Hernandez

      Cobra! Pls... It's hard out here being your fan when you come out with these lackluster performances! Step it up!!

    67. thismightbeyou

      God damn this is so fucking interesting.

    68. TTV5

      Ghost plasma has no podium finishes so far this season, but continues to rack up points with near-podium finishes. Creeping up the tables

    69. Mr. Cub Fan 415

      4:14 Are tiebreakers decided by medals?

    70. Tim Segar

      Do DNF marbles in alphabetical order Dnf:Black Knight ---Ghost---- H2 Blue Pollo Loco Quicksilver

      1. Tim Segar

        But I like how you did that in 2016

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        We will order DNF'd marbles based on distance from start.

    71. Aaron Nowak

      I feel like Black Knight has been getting black balled. There is definitely something going on behind the scenes.

    72. Ariadel

      Go Team Blizzard Blasters!! #BBL

    73. bon bon

      Where is race 5??

    74. Ethan Ertl

      My boy dragons egg can get past 4th this year

    75. Old Guys Rock!!

      Marble racing keeps my attention! I like it! I look forward to watching the races! My wife thinks I am crazy! Wait until I buy a hoodie with my favorite Marble Racer!

    76. Brenzie Lim

      Goo dragon egg!!!

    77. DG Styles

      No mames Pollo Loco!!

    78. olixbob

      This is surely one of the best Sand Marble Rally events so far. It had everything!

    79. Casey McMurtry

      Commentator did not mention the excellent draft slip that Slimer pulled on Reflektor at race time 2:27. That move brought them tied in points at the end of Race 4. Excellent use of fundamental techniques, I'm sad that it wasn't even commented on when Slimer pulled into 2nd, and then held Reflektor off for the rest of the run.

      1. olixbob

        Slimer quietly gets the job done, with no fuss. It's why he's one of my favorites.

    80. Michael Galvan

      Tough year being a black knight fan

    81. Caleb Jordan

      love how consistant GhostPlasma is!!!

    82. SS

      First: oh it's a stupid video After: *_AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH I'LL QUIT TO BE A FAN OF QUICKSILVER OMG_*

    83. 241hnd

      Please bring back the Red number 3 t-shirt.

    84. TIM O'Dell

      Go Red Number 3 and Slimer

    85. Def Stamina

      Unfortunate to see Cool Moody struggling in his first season. Would've loved to see him succeed in his debut season. He's got time to get better though.

    86. Shenlock's Art

      Please do the next race soon.

    87. R C

      When's the next one?

      1. olixbob

        @Jelle's Marble Runs That is marbelous news!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Expected first week of december (depending on weather conditions)

    88. Rhys

      This is really addicting

    89. Zamal Hossain

      Let's go for El Capitan,Slimer and RN3.Also,this can be a successful season for Ghost Plasma and Reflektor.However,Oh no for Summer Sky and H2 Blue.

    90. Antoine Darbon

      When will be the next race ???

    91. Chill x Retro Gaming

      Red #3 have got to be the most talented marble of all time for him to be able to come from 20th place to 6th of such hard competition that was in this race.

    92. Dante Ugalde

      Ghost Plasma redeeming himself. #TheComeBackIsREAL

    93. Mikhael Pieter

      What happened to SMR 2019? Will it continue?

      1. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

        Jelle's Marble Runs yay

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Yes, it will continue in early december 2019

    94. Patrick Newlands

      Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for H2Blue. Heartbreaking.

    95. JSRTheTigerWhisperer

      No Deep Nocean this year?! :(

    96. Daj Piniondz

      #POL Polska biało-czerwoni!

    97. finisher3x

      Red #3 is consistently on it's game ( if it can finish the race ).

    98. Cameron Angus

      0:35 seconds. I FOUND ROLDO I think

    99. iamihop11

      Marbly McMarbleface may not be good at racing, but I love that name.

    100. Jose Arbos

      For when the 5????.. Red number 3.. Go Go go!!!