Halloween Marble Race 2 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The first Halloween Marble Race where 7 LED Golfballs will compete in a long race. Only one of them can win! (it's recorded in 2017)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: "Ghost Stories", provided by Epidemic Sound

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    1. Boredy Rhodes

      i saw this on my teachers screen so i decieded to watch it

    2. DY

      2x speed

    3. Maddie Tannie

      Me: cheers for Rolly scary Rolly scary: comes in 6th

    4. Don Quarnstrom

      Gutter race, love it!

    5. Avital Alef

      I adore this 👌🏻

    6. red eagle

      0:39 i see jelle

    7. Common Sense Made Simple

      This is INTENSE!!!

    8. GlitchManMax

      Woohoo! Go Jack o' Lantern

    9. clzm90

      Will O' the Wisp must be from Oceanics

    10. MichaelAutism90526

      i hate how the blue one lost

    11. peccantis

      Enjoyable as always, but considering the theme the DNF status should have been "was never seen again"...

    12. Trains & Tronics

      Why does this have 41,578 views. People have nothing better to do than watch balls roll down a ditch. OH wait I just watched the whole thing and subscribed.

    13. Jesse de Groot

      This looks so cool!

    14. Jay Kozokas

      "Jack O' Lantern has flipped the DRS open" wow that was a great race call and had me laughing

    15. D.J. Start

      Glad the limers didn't participate so I didn't have to be let down again. #limetime #slimyblob

    16. Keith Davis

      2nd time Jack O' Lantern stole the victory right at the end. Hmmmmm...... Almost like it WAS PLANNED.

    17. jimpoppin

      my money is still on eye of the demon.

    18. flipsideroot


    19. Keovar

      With the way the skeleton was positioned, it looked like it would be easy to get stuck on.

    20. Editorial Modena

      "DRS OPEN" JAjajajaja

    21. Wombra

      🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻🎃👻~ 👋🏻🎱👄🎱🤚🏻

    22. Alan Wake

      This is some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen on IRvision, I don’t quite why exactly but this stuff is awesome!

    23. FlippyFFS

      Wauw, nog meer knikkers! En meer kleurtjes! Leuk vind ik dat zeg. Ik krijg er geen genoeg van!

    24. Tomoko Kuroki

      D O N T M I N D T H A T S K E L E T O N

    25. Monkey Jake


    26. C. Walker

      Um. Those are golf balls.

    27. Furkan Cebeci

      Arboreal race when #TeamTrees

    28. Ikhwan

      I couldn't watch this. It was too scary.

    29. Lightning Fast Racing

      Noooo Will O' The Wisp!!! This must be how it feels to be a limers and Oceanics fan😢😢😢 #LimeTime #TidePride

    30. Anthony Steban

      Jackolantern the king!!!

    31. Goran

      Jack Oooooooooooorange... I mean Lantern :D

    32. 302 Onewheel

      Neighbors: "This guy has completely lost his marbles." Jelle: "Excuse, me. Ma'am? Have you seen Will O' The Wisp?"

    33. Sergi Monserrat Mascaró

      D R S

    34. Old man huppiedos

      Een hele speciale aflevering, vind deze erg leuk.

    35. X_ Eraser


    36. Ekin Topuz

      Will O' The Wisp shouldn't give up so easily... Got stuck twice in 2 races

    37. KaysmileYY NS4L

      Need that high jump and long jump

    38. hayden muscha

      Slimy Blob fans, where we at?

    39. TIM O'Dell

      Go Jack - O - Lantern

    40. BlueUnknown

      0:00 Lets go Ectoplasm!!! 1:47 wut

    41. Mac Dege

      I placed my faith in Wisp again and lost again! XD, oh well! Thanks for a great video!

    42. DHV 47

      lol so many coms

    43. StamfordBridge

      Now I’ll have nightmares for weeks.

    44. Nihilore - Royalty Free Music

      noooo Ghoster D:

    45. Craig B


    46. Brutus M.

      Imagine peering outside your window and seeing some dude filming a couple of glowing marbles going downhill in a drain. 😂

    47. willlis13

      bro this race is scary

    48. Jaeger Swagger

      I love this!

    49. cmdraftbrn


    50. For The Republic!

      Dang, Ectoplasm look like no one would stop him at the beginning

    51. Daddyz Girl

      Will sucks im about to find a different marble like i stg i will

    52. David Brown

      I blame Pennywise for getting Will O The Wisp stuck lol

    53. Eww

      DRS! New marble tech.

    54. Apex Predator

      Jack-o-lantern for the win 🎃🎃🎃

    55. Daxton Anderson

      Have you weighed all the balls to make sure they're the same weight? I feel like Jack O Lanturn would be heavy as he would require 2 LEDs to make Orange, a yellow and a red as oragne LEDs are VERY rare. The rest of the colors can be done with just a single LED.

    56. Batuhan Tuğrul

      press f for ectoplasm

    57. Gregory Duke

      The first Halloween marble race, I wasn't sure if it was done during the daytime (and just shot as day-for-night). This one, you can see the cameraman's shadow from a streetlight! He must have been walking in the road to film this...be careful out there!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        It was along a sloped bicycle path. I was not able to avoid my shadow because there are street lights on both sides.

    58. Daniel Cimino

      I was cheering for Willo the Wisp both of these races... yeah it hasnt gone well for the poor fella :(

    59. Brian Waterman

      Thank you so much for doing this! Great idea!

    60. Emma C

      Wow, Jack O' Lantern really showed what good marble racing is in this. Stayed focused during the whole course and didn't give up even when Ghoster and Ectoplasm were both way ahead. Congrats on the win!

    61. Simon Good

      When i first saw the line-up i read the first name as Slimy Bob - so had to cheer him on.....

    62. Flo Coresi

      1:06 LOL

    63. Dan TheMan

      JACK OOOOOOOOOOO LANTERN!! Back to back! Let’s goooooooo oooooooorangers

    64. lordnagatron

      Team Jack O Lantern baby!!!

    65. Mia Daorerk

      Can you just imagine walking your dog and seeing a dude very intensely filming a bunch of glowing balls rolling down the gutter.

    66. Rajgopal Shenoy

      When is the next ep of sand rally going to come??

    67. Ratheon Hudson

      This is extra spectacular! This must be Ectoplasm's home territory but Ghoster must have used the slipstream to slingshot ahead. But twas not to be either

    68. James Watson

      Jack O' Lantern carrying that O'Rangers fighting spirit. Go Jack O' Lantern!!!

    69. Reem

      Ugh why am I so good at picking the losers?

    70. JB Loucks

      Is Jack O' Lantern distantly related to the O'rangers?

      1. NateStorm12

        Midnight Wisps

      2. TheRealTricky

        Maybe, and this result makes me think that Will-O-The-Wisp is distantly related to Oceanics...

    71. MSK ACE

      Holy cow at the move by jack-o-lantern!!! What skill!

    72. boRn_N_DA_80s

      Second time will of the wisp has gotten stuck.

    73. boRn_N_DA_80s

      Great non violent protest by the skeleton.

    74. Michal Málek

      Imagine going down the street in the dark and you notice a weird man chasing luminous balls rolling down the drain with a camera. Probably the scariest experience you can have on the Halloween night.

    75. Virna Albasi


    76. Chris Bean

      What a comeback for Slimy Blob! From 2nd to 7th back to 3rd! Well done!

    77. Green Meat

      Beautiful. Happy Halloween!

    78. Crazy Quackers

      F's for will O' the wisp... My favorite...

    79. Snowball Solis

      I rly like these Halloween runs. Go Jack-o'-lantern. 💛

    80. Arodi 536

      Jack O 2 in a row.

    81. Ryan Santiago

      #TeamDemon #Temon

    82. Justin Frazier

      Happy Halloween

    83. Bpendragon

      "Flipped on the DRS" Pllease Greg, for Marbula 1, I'm really hoping for "Lights out, and away we roll!" You know you want to.

      1. Bpendragon

        @Phoe Nix too accurate

      2. Phoe Nix

        “Ghoster, its James”

    84. TFfangeek

      "Poor soul who wandered on to the track despite our warnings." I died of laughter from that.

    85. Michael Lackey

      Go Jack Ooooooooooooooo Lanterns

    86. Mr.E

      I always cheer for my favorite color, green. Slimy blob here, slimer in the marble valley races, and liners in the marblelympics

    87. 川元優希Nsytr0

      What an overtake for the win!

    88. FlyersHC

      I finally picked a winner!!!

    89. Tsihoarana Randimbivololon

      Why am I a wisp fan?

    90. Jared Gritzmaker

      "DRS" thats funny. An F1 fan I guess?

      1. Jared Gritzmaker

        @Daniel Chong OH HA! I never caught that. nice.

      2. Daniel Chong

        The narrator's nickname is literally F1FanWoodsie. Go figure.

    91. rustblade7

      Jack o Lantern is my favorite marble. 🎃

    92. DangerSmoog

      Honestly this channel is just one that makes me smile whenever I decide to click on a video. Thank you.

    93. Julian Moody

      2 dubs for my boy jack o lantern

    94. JasonRelaxation

      wheres sand marble rally? my fav series

    95. EctiBot

      Jack O' Lantern toying with his opponents the entire race just to crush their hopes and dreams meters before the finishing line yet again. He's a strong racer and all, but to disrespect the other racers to this extent is down right unsportsmanlike....

    96. Billy Lee Goodman

      They're so wobbly!🤣😄😄

    97. Dhani Natakusumah

      Luv them marbles 😂. Happy Halloween guys .. form Indonesia 😁

    98. DONUT


    99. Luuk Torn


    100. FB3 Network

      Jack O' Lantern - Wins 1st Halloween race Jack O' Lantern - Wins 2nd Hallloween race *_Coincidence? I think NOT!_*