Marbula One Season 2: GP2 O'raceway RACE

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    The O'raceway is a classic track that we already visited in the first season. There are some slight changes and adjustments, to make the race even more exciting! Who will get the win today? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:40 - Race
    10:45 - Results & Podium
    11:13 - Highlights
    11:48 - Standings
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    1. LA Hopkins

      I am not sure how I ended up here but I am glad I did.

    2. jinxpieface udu

      Imma change my team

    3. jinxpieface udu

      Wispy as usual dissapoint

    4. John Conlan

      everytime orangers gets mentioned by Greg, we drop positions :((( #OOOOORANGERS

    5. Twice Chaeyoung

      Bruh rapidly is so garbage we need speedy

    6. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Good job Mimo

    7. ••

      Everybody do be like Orangers vs Speeders yet they get 15th and 16th 😂

    8. Hlankima

      What happened to oranger

    9. litmanens

      dónde se pueden comprar estas pistas?

    10. mohd syamsyir

      Crazy cat eyes were my fav marbles in race...

    11. Low6 MAZ3

      I forgot who I used to support so I need a new team any ideas??

    12. Ochoa great wall of Mexico

      Team galactic are always robbed

    13. Annoying Little Brother

      my fav team is in 2nd yay

    14. Art Thingies

      Catsssss! Let's gooooo!

    15. ThaGr1m

      Ow man roght off the bat I thought Wispy was putting in too much effort, every lap in the sand he'd lose position and I think he put too much effort in the qualifiers, I lost a lot of hope for the MW's when he jumped half the leaderboard down, well maybe next year

    16. Mathieu Parmentier

      7:40 that triple overtake by Wispy tho !! :o

    17. Molly G

      Being a mono fan and an orangers fan at once like 🙃

    18. Fab-Man Jr.

      Ah, it’s a bad day for the oceanics 😫😫

      1. JeremiahC99

        If you though that race was bad, you should check out their next outing at Honeydome.

    19. CornHub Premium

      Go primary

    20. BubbleBas

      Snowstorm and Ocean let me down again 😩✨

    21. Eduardo Barbosa

      Team mimo is cheating lol???

    22. • Kidder

      How does mellow yellow not make it

    23. Dovid Bulgatz

      Nice Star Wars reference to open the race!

    24. Joris Hutchison

      2:11 Wispy: its gain 4 positions time

    25. Julian Serrano

      I think that the location of the O raceway has to be in a desert area.

    26. Declan Wharry

      I’m confused, I’m new to this and I’m a hazers boy, where they at

    27. CARS 22

      Esperando a que Ibai y Ander empiecen a narrar la segunda temporada de la Marbula One!

    28. Michael MacCracken

      Crazy Cats Eye! WOOOO that comeback!

    29. Charlie

      Very sad end as a green ducks fan. Glad to see the investments in the youth division are paying off though. Billy you did us proud! Shame his inexperience cost us a podium. #Quackattack

    30. k榊原浩一

      I more like this than real formula 1

    31. Pedro Jesus

      Some yellow mellows fans here?🆙

    32. Kuwi

      any bumblebee fans?

    33. DMT51

      POST RACE INTERVIEW INTERVIEWER: Great race win today. You seemed in control for most of the race. Give us your thoughts. MIMO: Well I was lucky there at the end. Red Eye really gave me some pressure those last few laps but I was able to hold it together and pull out that win. The sand was tricky but I handled it the best I could and Im just glad to get that win. INTERVIEWER: Well congratulations on a marbelous victory today and we'll see you at the next GP. MIMO: See you all then!

    34. GodsButtMonkey

      Team Galactic was robbed!!!!!

    35. Christopher Lowe

      WOW. Althought I would have liked Red Eye to take the #1 spot but man. That climb from 10th to 2nd? Inspiring. As expected from the team captain.

    36. Joe The Juggalo

      Awesome come back by the Crazy Cats Eyes

    37. Lucas Thorne

      Where do you get the track

    38. Ishaan Panaser

      Razz fan : unhappy that we didn’t qualify

    39. MarloSoBalJr

      I'm thankfu to see my O'rangers living up to my sports fandom as a lifelong suffering Orioles fan.

    40. Carter Clarke

      Seeing Billy fall back on the last lap hurt for sure

    41. Zander Holdorf

      That's what I love to see from Balls of Chaos. Great race from Tumult

    42. Zachary Mabb

      Being a momo fan is usually so tragic, but today i weep tears of joy!

    43. Ðraconas

      What an insane last few laps by red eye there to finish 2nd after he was stuck in 8th for most of the race

    44. Entertain Me Lo

      I like the pace of this course 💪🏿 seemed more intense than a few other but all around great content

    45. Duky

      god this is so interesting to watch

    46. Nathan Murray

      I just watched a sideman video reacting to you and I loved it.

    47. RandoGamer 123

      Any razzers fans here

    48. Kees

      CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT MOVE BY SNOWSTORM 5 PLACES IN 1 MOVE Edit: Snowstorm is so slow on the sand its ridiculious

    49. Skyfighter64

      Dang Pulsar, went from second in qualifying to 13th. Couldn't even muster a solid effort to get around Skip most of the race.

    50. Lord Mayor of Oofington upon the Oofus

      i'm starting to get a bit concerned about the midnight wisps. i don't think we can justify wispy dropping from 1st to 8th. we may have an aging team here...

    51. Ze Rubenator

      You have to be a total masochist to be a Team Galactic fan, honestly. What a shambles. Anyway, go Team Galactic!

    52. piano music

      Where's the lime???? >:( Edit: oh its not their race.

    53. JCstock

      Cat's Eye's better keep this going. I wanna see gold!

    54. AwesomeToes

      Really thought Yellup was going to be in the top 5 at least after the start of the race, disappointed but oh well, hopefully Mellow Yellow's come back at the Honeydome

    55. Matthew Clifford

      Team Momo 🙏

    56. OddKoopa

      I remember the Winter Marblympics, when Mimi filled in for Momomo, such a good story.

    57. Quartz 99

      Me, a Kobalts fan: Beginning: YEAH!!!!!! Middle: AWWWW!!! End: eh, 6th is ok.

    58. Try not to get angry

      Yessir let’s go rima

    59. byfede07 stalker

      It was awesomw how team primary was 16th in the minute 2:48 and finished 4th

    60. Elivio

      Orangers lost it in the last round, back to back :(

    61. StijnEM

      Oh Galactic, you're not what you used to be. #ReachForTheStars #TeamGalactic

    62. Jason King


    63. Nugget

      Man...Billy really gave it away

    64. Lukas Frankowsky

      Me as a Mimo fan since the first race of the first season I am so proud :P

    65. Brandon Wheeler

      Go Team Momo!!!

    66. Thomas Greene

      billy constantly blowing good positions, he's a strong qualifier but has no bottle when it really matters. If the quack pack ever wants to progress they'll have to sign a new marble. still we go again #flapthosewings

    67. Rifki putra Pratama


    68. Manuel Moya

      Horrible performance by Orangin and the O'Rangers.. what's the strategy?!?! They think they'll win it just by being hosts? Something's got to change and fast. It's too early to have the season go to waste.

    69. Anthony Moncada

      Lets go naranjitos de Valencia

    70. Wiksolop72

      After finding out the Minty Maniacs are hosting this season, it's a good thing I have a backup team to root for in case of a host curse lol. Let's go Haz.....oh.....oh noo. It's going to be a rough season 😅

    71. samuel barnes

      Rapidly I love you man but you need to handle those turns you took every turn you came across like it was a corner cmon man tour better than that

    72. Shellewell

      Hard to watch the Savage Speeders in this one. I think Rapidly may be slightly shaken by Speedy's nasty accident in the last race. Hope they get their form back soon!

    73. Jessie Yates



      Supporting snowballs is just pain. Terrible start, then from p16 to p2 and when i thaught he would be in the podium he falls to p11. And he loses fastest lap

    75. LurkMoar101


    76. Danillo Dias

      Wow! Such an effort by Red Eye to get from 11th place at lap #6 to 2nd place at the end. Secure that cat pride, RDI! #GoCrazy

    77. JDO

      You should do like a 24 hours of Le Mans but it is marbles and it could go for 24 minutes or something

    78. Adem

      My man Snowstorm makes me cry :(

    79. Rafael Escudero

      Wtf are the wisps doing man, at least they are not the savage speeders or o'rangers

    80. Bennett A

      Mimoooooooo!!!!!! Oh man, I got nervous when they didn't do very well in the qualifier, but brought it back for the big win!!!!! I have been a fan of this team for like four hours now, but I would maim for those two round pieces of glass. Let's go Team Momo!!!!! We got the momoves!

    81. Diego Ybarra

      Billy, that´s it, that´s the comment

    82. Krenko H2

      Momo battling for the top spots? what kind of dark time line im in?

    83. Stuart Gordon


    84. Lilith Matriarch

      I caught that Star Wars joke ;)

    85. Hassan Selim

      Wispy was doing so well up until the last few laps :(

    86. Jefry Quiros

      STM Lap 8: *Teleports behind you on sand part*

    87. Jonathan Constant

      whenever mello yellow gets me sad, I'm going to come back to watch that first lap.

    88. FailurezProduction

      I've been waiting for a Momo's victory since S1, so hyped right now!

    89. Edfiki86

      First I lol'd Then I serious'd

    90. Kecleo

      I’m just sooo disappointed in the O’rangers.. they were doing relatively well until they suddenly dropped 4 places. .. well, at least we finished before the speeders

    91. Ysrael Tuan

      Pinkies: I know we're gonna qualify next sea- Other teams: Nope, not a chance. Pinkies: *cries*

    92. Tstormer

      Theory the heavier the marble the faster they go oranges sad performance

    93. Skuggan

      Been a fan of the channel since 2016 so its good to see the Kobalts show up in a meaningful event again

    94. Cris Espinoza

      Nice going Billy. Keep at it. Y'all find that First Place podium soon. Go Ducks!!

    95. Hugo Fernandez

      Im so f****** dissapointed with Savage speeders this is so humilliating. Still 0 points and is going even worse, last and over 15 sec of the winner. Someone needs to get fired.

    96. Zehan Azani

      O'rangers = Williams f1... C'mon last season you have a great season and gained a lot of fans

    97. Thomas Marcum

      lots of movement during the race ...good one

    98. Ian Lai

      The Savage Speeders and O'rangers are first and second again... but from the back lol.

    99. Paul McMaster

      Omg when Red Eye appeared from nowhere to catch a couple seconds in a single lap late on I was horror struck!!! Well done Mim for holding on for a well deserved win!!!

    100. Mark Goulet

      Me: maybe Wispy will do better than Wospy this time. Qualifying rounds were promising. Wospy: well yes, but no.