Marble League Showdown Event 4 FINAL - Balancing + ML2020 HOST REVEAL

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    The 4th and final event of the Marble League (former MarbleLympics) showdown! Now it's time for Balancing!
    Our next video will be the Sand Marble Rally 2019 Race 1!
    - The name MarbleLympics has been changed to Marble League! This is to avoid trademark issues. Please check the sticky post on for more information!
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    1. Marie Comador

      As new top 3 Snowballs,Hornets&Rojo Rollers

    2. The Post

      Sweet Victory ended up a bitter defeat!

    3. Ice blaze

      I love the turtle sl8dders but there doing so bad.

    4. Gerardo Rodriguez

      Man! A year ago the Minty Maniacs barely qualified to the Marble League Qualifiers and know they're kicking ass in the Marble League!!!

    5. Awesome Pinewood

      Who would have thought, that a team who was one medal away from not qualifying, would now be in serious contention of winning the Marble League?

    6. FTVS-CM45

      I've been curious, looking the for the one Marble League video with some angry fans, after the last I saw it.

    7. C3

      Primary for a host! Primary for a host! (P.S. bring back golden orbs)

    8. A Grosclaude-Evans

      0:11 little mistake on the standings, Bumblebees aren’t able to win the Showdown due to differences in medal count

    9. Lionel Lewis

      It's the commentary that's makes the show great job.

    10. Andy Chen

      Minty Maniacs. They are almost out of the competiton but now they are leading the official ML.

    11. nirvanija

      Why is this so entertaining I'm watching marbles, marbles......

    12. Mattquatch

      How sad that the rojo rollers went from having the record in this event to barely scoring any points this time. I'm beginning to think my boys need some new blood after their last two failed qualifying attempts.

    13. Francis Oparaocha

      When will ML2020 take place

      1. Francis Oparaocha

        @Ben Kimmel Many Thanks. Looking forward to it.

      2. Ben Kimmel

        The 18th of June is when the qualifiers are and the opening ceremony is on the 21st.

    14. Paper wwe


    15. James Bailey

      I remember when it was okay to say that you were a Limers fan, but things have changed. These days? There's some things you just don't tell your mates at the pub, they'll think somethin's wrong with you.

    16. Balry

      bzzz hornets!

    17. Cebo Khumalo

      so glad that Team Momo qualified, and so proud of Team Hornets for their stunning Performance

    18. Luiz Nunes

      I'm still Hazers but I have a good feeling about the Hornets.

    19. King Munro

      It would be cool if marbles could do tournament ringer without humans.

    20. metaljeffenc


    21. cakeules

      I'm a Raspberry fan but I have to say, the Hornets look really promising for 2020

    22. Feral75


    23. Techdeckbrisbane -

      Omg this is the best thing I have ever watched

    24. Rachel Arndt

      needs cheerleaders xD

    25. chivasgold8

      At least team rojo got 3rd overall

    26. Filipe Fialho

      Just glad to see team Momo still fighting

    27. gymnastoman1

      I’m a die hard Team Galactic fan, but the Hornets really impressed me in the showdown with their grit and drive to impress. Being one of the new teams, they had something to prove, and boy did they! I’ll be proud to support them as my number 2 team. I hope they can perform as well at the upcoming games. #ReachForTheStars 💫 #Bzzzzzzz 🦟

    28. Jeff Haas

      Team Primary!! 2020 is our year!

    29. Lukeon Twin

      Is this the same as the MarbleLympics?

    30. Todd Mercure

      Thank you John Oliver.

    31. Jis ka

      The breaking out of fans had me in tears laughing! Geweldig! Moet even een beetje landstrots uiten hoor.. goed bezig gasten!

    32. Kushina

      i dont even watch sports and im loving this!!

    33. Billy K

      The Limers, the Mets of JML, they won’t stop breaking your heart, but you can’t get enough.

    34. BM Deadrock

      Was that a child marble in the stands?

    35. Tiger58

      Winning the qualifier for the qualifier is... a win, at least. Let's go Snow!

    36. MRbossman1982

      Last week brought me here let’s go Marble league

    37. Daniel Pippenger

      With Team Galactic hosting, Marble League 2020 will be out of this world...literally!!!

    38. Bening Lintang

      Cannot wait for Marblelympic 2020!!

    39. ItzJordan19

      Watch out bois we coming for that ml2020 crown #SpeedIsKey

    40. ItzJordan19

      When is ml2020 qualifiers I’m interested

    41. grant henry panganiban

      Hoping for the O'rangers to become a 2-time winning marble team this year


      I made it to the event late. I did not see the betting window. Did I miss something or no betting yet? I know, I know, social distancing...... GAmblers aren't like those sore losers busting out of the stands. Have to bring it up with the officials for player numbers. I think it's a round about kind of idea, myself.

    43. michael sharp

      how many marble teams are there

    44. rolensmash

      As an Oceanics and Limers fan, it's been a tough few months

    45. Venkatanagaraju Bangaru

      #OOOORANGERS will win this time

    46. James Diel

      Where are chocolatiers

    47. James Bash

      Oof Kobalts

    48. J33p79

      When will ML2020 start at?

    49. Tegar Lubis


    50. Recon47

      My Minty Maniacs just got in

    51. Quentin Croft

      Just wouldn't be the same without Greg Woods' commentary. And the Crazy Cats Eyes.

    52. Dont Know

      4:39 as a big fan im dissapointed that thats not a 130!! It touched the green

    53. Jhosen Tico

      as a Limer fan, I was disappointed. But congrats to the qualified teams of this Showdown! also, press F for the Limers to pay respects

    54. [Insert thing here] Fan

      Whens the MARBELYMPICS 2020 April? May? Even June? Whill there even be a MARBELYMPICS cuz off ya know

    55. The ohm of clouds

      Spoiler... Roldo 5:44 behind first beam

    56. jocontemporary

      The Hornets mascot should've been slenderman because they're marble hornets

    57. Razu

      Hornets fan here

    58. C3

      I can't believe how addictive watching this becomes. It's like a new super drug. Is the CIA and deep state behind this? If so bravo guys you hit it out of the park.

    59. Mihawk D. Yonko

      These videos are gold.

    60. Ghost Apple Toonz

      Where my snowballs fans at?

    61. Morpho Comics

      Rojo Rollers go!

    62. Yetiman89

      Jawbreakers are the best team

    63. Todd Bill

      so when can we get another season?

    64. Lemons_

      Every friking year, the Kobalts never advance!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH

    65. Brandon Kidd

      Day 5 with no sports , found out about this league

    66. David Saint


    67. Reijie

      As a Part of the Swarm super fan club i demand that the Swarm and the Mints have a tiebreaker to see wich one advances. ( The Swarm performance this Time was actually kinda disappointing)

    68. Francesco Bianchetti

      I'm waiting for other videos like these.

    69. BlaizeV

      This is genius

    70. Rafiuddin Galib

      5:32 how was that 120? It was worst than the last 120. The judges clearly can't do math, or maybe the money had value than the right decision

    71. Joe Brown

      Dang I've been a limers fan since day one. This sucks

    72. cinnamonbeard

      I can't believe I missed this series being a huge Snowballs fan. I'm so proud.

    73. Codiisright

      What disgusting behaviour by the fans at the end. Completely classless and uncalled for.

    74. Valentina Santana Guerrero

      Only in qualifiers to see if they qualify to the marble league in may 2020

    75. Valentina Santana Guerrero

      Team momo are back in the marble league

    76. tigerqueen1112

      5:55 there were already hints of marbula one. It just goes to show how long its been in production even before we got to see the trailer. Great races so far!

    77. NosoyArkano

      Let's go Team Momo! Let's get ourselves into the Marble League!

    78. MrWhit

      Speeders are gonna win it they have been so close the past 3 years

    79. MightyManotaur22

      I'm still a Green Ducks fan at heart but hard not to root for Snowballs and Team Momo. Two classy organizations.

    80. msk33346

      Noooo! Kobalts did not qualify!

    81. Chan YY

      5:55 Where is the exit? The marbles will get stuck there and have no way to get out.

    82. Tiny Toon

      Savage Speeders fan here

    83. Goldenfightinglink


    84. Chan YY

      The fact that the Limers rammed through the stadium made me laughed my face off. 8:44 Limers fans banned from stadium 9:14 *_WHY ARE THEY STILL THERE_*

    85. Matthew Bryan

      With my 2 teams not a part of this all I can do is boo team primary

    86. Amy Williams


      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I expect in may

    87. Vincent Tjandera

      oh man what I would do to be turned into a marble and be able to sit in the marble stadium, watching marble league live... that's the weirdest comment I've ever typed out in my whole life

    88. King Munro

      The teams that failed: Have Shining Swarm considered retirement and become a collision-only team? Kobalts deserve a qualifier place as they are genuinely a good team. It's the Turtle Sliders first year, so it doesn't matter. Limers, well ...

    89. Marble Man 42

      Nobody: Not a single soul: O’rangers fans: OOOoOoOoOOOOoOOOOoOoOOOOOOOOOOOOooOOOoO

    90. Juville Glenn Agias

      Whens the Marble League 2020

      1. Juville Glenn Agias

        @Jelle's Marble Runs ok thx I searched "spring" and this came out: 20 March 2020 - 21 June 2020

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Spring 2020

    91. Melwin Mathew

      come on Limers fans , keep it together.

    92. Tom Servo


    93. Catlord

      Woohoo! Snowballs!!

    94. Rebecca O'Sullivan

      It's a good time to be a Snowball's fan!!!!!!!

    95. medievalmaxe

      The controversy that always happens is what keeps me coming back

    96. Jonathan Lunger2

      If the limers aren't in I think raspberry racers are going to have a run of the field. Limers had their number but now there's not many other teams that can compare

    97. Jackson B

      The Limers - a Legacy of Failure. In all seriousness, what a fall from grace. I think they’re just feeling their age. We need a complete rebuild. We need to just blow the shit up like the Bengals are about to

    98. Ysrael Tuan

      Go snowballs!!

    99. Nico Sotomayor

      #HazeAmaze where ya at


      *Me:see team momo* *Also me:OH NO MOMO GOING TO TAKE OVER MARBLES*