Marbula One: Midnight Bay GP Qualifying (S1Q8) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the 8th and final Qualifying session of the brand new Marbula One! (Marble Race, Formula 1 for marbles). Please enjoy, leave a LIKE and SHARE this race with our fellow sports fans who sadly have almost nothing to watch at the moment!
    This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of the Midnight Wisps, the Midnight Bay Circuit! Held in a time trial format, the qualifying will determine the starting grid for tomorrow's Race.
    Because the conveyor belt's full stop did not turn on in time, Clementin and Speedy were released out soon after one another. However, replay footage shows both marbles had the same acceleration out of the belt. Because the marbles did not collide either, the qualifier times were allowed to stand.
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - Season 2 is expected to start in late summer 2020 (under subject to changes).
    - After Ibai Llanos has narrated some races of the Marbula One, a lot of Spanish speaking fans has joined our community, but we still haven't get Spanish subtitles and translations of the videos. Please add the Spanish subtitles via the CC function.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound and Minos Fylaktos (soundtrack during qualifiers results)
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      The JMRC determined there was no cheating or interference from the Savage Speeders. See the full statement here:

      1. César Silva

        @Decisionz 1395 What about that stolen 2018 Marbelympics?! Speeders were clearly harmed there!

      2. Lekurishkun

        No way, they're deliberately release him to take advantage of Clementin's slipstream. Hazers and Galactic both qualified very poorly so they made this decision. Such a sneaky team! >:(

      3. Thomski MB

        Jelle's Marble Runs I would like to disagree, the chants heard by the orangers racer may have been off putting and gave a sense of panic. The savage speeder fans out chanted the orangers which would scare the racer

      4. kyle bob

        Ok but like I feel they went faster trying to catch up

      5. tigerqueen1112

        @phantomcyrano !!!!!!YES DO IT I WILL SUPPORT YOU!! that is what this universe needs!!! A place for us to listen and talk about this in universe /in cannon in the time between events. Greg woods does good (read excellent ) with commentary but I would love to hear a panel of 2-4 guys for and against some teams and technicalities and getting serious and arguing and extra chatter about points and who needs what. and reading the comments under jellies videos to see where the different fan bases stand and creating an off the cuff cannon for this! Not just for marbula one but also the marble lympics if it comes out in sections, and for the sand rally and for qualifications!! Yes yes yes yes yes YES!!!

    2. Fer Ferchu

      It's unfair speedy left earlier, should have left again, you suck as commissioner of Marbula One

    3. 654pedro123

      I require an investigation on why the investigation didn't conclude Speedy had to redo the qualifier!

    4. Françisco Cabrera

      my goodness, what a choke job by Hazey

    5. Luca RX . 720

      Estoy aquí por el punto ibai y no me arrepiento

    6. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before the start of the race.) Well Team Hornets, there's always next season. Ride it out for the experience.

    7. kreidas

      Savage Speeders should have been disqualified for jumping the gun. Instant 12th place.

    8. TheDarkMeme

      This is where the cheating started from the Speeders. And now Marble League has banned it and they're in last lol.

      1. firered productions &co

        a month later the speeders are 2nd and the orangers are probably cheating. IDK they have gotten a little too many records.

    9. G MinK

      It looks like Bolt slammed on the brakes at 6:05. We could have used a replay.

    10. Shawn Louden

      #GoGreenDucks Yep, changing back.

    11. Boter Bug

      Hold up, hold up. Is the Rojo Rollers chant, "Ro-jo, Ro-jo, a Roller's life for me!" That's AWESOME.

    12. Pablo Alejandro Quelal Madrid

      Why to put a pit lane that is blocked?!!

    13. BakeBreaks

      At this point I’m not even surprised that Limers polled last...

      1. Andrew

        The walls would greatly reduce their speed for a qualifying lap.

    14. IsebelleVrille

      That bridge is giving me anxiety!

    15. PadSmid

      The glass bridge has a pleasant sound

    16. zgamer200

      With a good showing Snowy may be able to get us back to 3rd, although after that awful midseason lull I'm surprised we're even in position to potentially finish in the Top 3 at all.

    17. Jane Kelly

      Nah savage speeders robbed the other marbles

    18. cantstopreading123

      The Raspberry Racers are KILLING ME

    19. llongone2

      I hate to bag on Hazy, but when everything is on the line, I'd rather have my boy, Smoggy, out there.

    20. Moo-sheep

      I want the hazers to change their slogan to : "Hazers: Blink and you mist us."

    21. Jaga

      Fucking Clementine pulling down Orangin with him..

    22. Zephyrod

      That bridge is 100% gonna spell disaster. Not sure what’s to be expected besides yellow flags

    23. Louis Vivian

      i think we're gonna lose some marbles on that bridge in the race. gonna be interesting to see how it plays out.

    24. Shelton Golden

      JMR should investigate the Savage Speeders team! They are using marble enhancing drugs!

    25. BBOY ASIST

      Rojo, ROJO, ROJO's life for meeee!🍻🍺🍻

    26. Robert TYSEC

      Ok, I officially love the fact that there was buzzing for Hive’s lap.

    27. Matthew Christofferson

      If there's a Jelle's fantasy marble league I want in! if not, there definitely should be for the next season June 21, 2020. Also, let's go SNOWBALLS!

    28. Jonathan Constant

      can we all agree that we want to see the Orangers and Savage Speeders fall off that bridge?

    29. Sebastian Rodriguez

      Idk man that play by Speedy doesnt sit right in my book

    30. Random0627

      Who's here after seeing him on Last Week Tonight?

    31. imanxc terbaik

      Speedy clearly want to win this race.

    32. Aes0m

      Really rooting for the O’rangers but that 10th place is scaring me... Also hoping that Primary can be in the top 3 just to reward Prim for all these good performances while having to carry Mary’s mistakes ...

    33. Joe Watson

      I feel like each teams crowd chant sound effects dont get enough credit!

    34. Superloc


    35. Ricardo Blasco

      Fui con Los savage speeders desde el comienzo, rayo mc caniquin estaria orgulloso de este momento

    36. Nigo Pro

      Gracias Crack, Ibai Llanos

    37. mistral rodriguez romero

      Quien esta aqui para ver antes la semifinal y luego ir a ver la final en el canal de ibai

    38. Nutria Gallery

      Gracias crack

    39. Bayek

      Gracias Crak!!!!

    40. Juan Bustamante

      Gracias. crack!

    41. Alonso Garay

      viva IBAI

    42. Ternam

      Los naranjitos quedaron terceros me quedo contento Pd: vengo por parte de ibai

    43. Ternam

      Los naranjitos quedaron terceros me quedo contento Pd: vengo por parte de ibai

    44. theoparke

      I completely lost it when I realized I was hearing duck calls from the stands as Mallard took his turn.

    45. Emmanuel De Arcos

      Y’all acting like this is regular sports and noting impressive about the track


      Where can we buy that track?

    47. Boss

      Hazy is so much worse than Smoggy #HazeAmaze

    48. Guenther Steiner

      Ah yes, Singapore

    49. Tito Yessaian

      You can make a marbula season two

    50. MightyManotaur22

      The tunnel cam is awesome. More of that (and the race gimmicks like the invisible section) next season!

    51. La Casa De los Metales

      Savage mafia

    52. Eddie VAUTIER

      Team yellow (YLP) like ! ♥

    53. the sport kid


    54. the sport kid


    55. the sport kid

      Ha mom

    56. the sport kid


    57. Justhereforcleaning

      Sure it's fine that the Speeders don't get a penalty for the false start, but why did the wisps get the disadvantage when the conveyor belt didn't work as it should have??? THAT'S unfair.

    58. matsujonen

      Still think smoggy should have raced for the hazers

    59. Pablo Darias Afonso

      speedy destroyed clementin's momentum, no punishment, it's obvious the commissioner wants him to be the champ. SUCH A DISGRACE!!!!!!

    60. Trisha Schuman

      Goooo my girl Clutter!

    61. Jifferson Dia

      Clementin: Me first Speedy: Wait 4 me

    62. Lucas Bianchi


      1. Caio Celidonio

        é verdade

    63. RetepAdam

      What a gorgeous track.

    64. KC Sutherland

      I know the Savage Speeders and the O'Rangers are rivals, but stealing their thunder by going early onto the track? That's low.

    65. NASCAR fan 2019 F1

      if this is marble f1 and this is nighttime would this be singapore marina bay

    66. Comet Vaudin

      Easily my favourite track! Love how it has different lighting, a tunnel *and* an invisible bridge! I hope more tracks have quirks like that in Season 2!

    67. SnarkAdmin

      More like savage cheaters amirite?

    68. JP Abcede

      marbula 1 is coronavirus proof. susbscribed for the second season :D

    69. Cameron Wielenga

      Haze Amaze Fail! such a slow qualifying is going to make it hard for them to win. #SpeedisKey

    70. TheRikaRena

      Very happy with that qualifying overall, extraordinary second position by Momo and even Rezzy (thanks got it’s not Razzy again) on I think it was 6th is very solid. Hopefully I will see finally a good race by the Raspberry Racers in a few minutes. PLEASE. XP

    71. HistoireDeux

      That track is awesome

    72. Utkarsh Talwar

      Speedy was just way too excited to go out there and prove himself lol

    73. C. Walker


    74. ItzBigcat

      Speeders should be starting last.

      1. Harvey Thompson

        Ikr that was blatant cheating

    75. Justin Frielingsdorf

      SavageCheaters should have redone their quals, first place pole position was like giving them MarbulaOne

    76. Big Hoodie

      So I just found out that marble racing is a sport and I'm crying? Where have you been all my life

    77. Jeff Kloepfer

      It should have been a restart at the very least; DQ or penalty for the Savage Speeders. There’s no excuse for it; Clementine was affected by the Savage Speeders jumping the gun. I hate this favoritism given to that team.

    78. Kym Organ

      Genuinely disappointed by the JMRC's decision to not penalise speedy. It clearly distracted clementine knowing there was another racer on the track when there shouldn't have been

    79. SutilPlayz99

      Why does Bolt fail at the last sector always!?

    80. Jamael Jarrett

      Savage Speeders don't ramp. Roll through.

    81. David Lara

      No action taken for speedy? Suspicious

    82. 500sls

      What did i just find😂😂😂😂 and why do i wanna watch it 🤣

    83. Steven Sullivan

      More like "Savage Cheaters!"

    84. Saul Padilla

      OMG! Is this a kind of joke? Savage Speeders woulnt strart in pole position, they strart before time and that gives them speed becase of physics 😞

    85. Caleb King

      Smoggy always takes the dub but that this point Hazy is just bringing him down😔

    86. Kim Lindsey

      This track si FANTASTIC!

    87. ChanceyBoi

      Let’s go speedy

    88. ardan.noise

      Difficult for Hazers, but I hope they'll win. #hazeamaze

    89. MeM4TEO

      Hazers and orangers deserve a redo a d the savage speeders should too😒

    90. Juleka Cofianne

      Speedy wanted to hurt clementine watch the race today

    91. James Drill

      Mallards Supporters: *qUaCk QuAcK qUaCk*

    92. Generic Channel Name

      Thunderbolt fans-we just got slapped on the nuts.

    93. Zeta Román

      Vamooo Snowy argentina te banca!!!!!

    94. Lisa Clark

      #roadofcovid#coronaviris#savage speeders

    95. GRAVISPORTS Marble Runs

      Why not Smoogy?

    96. Lisa Clark

      Who’s at the top of the individual standings?

    97. C J

      Come on Orangers!!

    98. Lee


    99. Lisa Clark

      I hate the hazers

    100. Vanilla VICE

      when that mf went early Mfers be like "oh no he didn't"