Marbula One S2: GP10 Misty Mountain Qualifiers

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements. This time we will go through the mist in Misty Mountain!
    Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    IMPORTANT: This video has been edited by Kars van Weerde, he has taken over my role in video editing to save me time and increase the production capacity. However, the video editing and sound effects can be different than you are used to. Feedback is welcome to improve our quality.
    GP11 and GP12 will be uploaded on a later date which will be announced later. In the meantime we will upload the Snow Marble Rally to fill up the wait to M1S2 GP11.
    GP10 race will be uploaded tomorrow as scheduled.
    NOTE: Regarding Q1 Release rate issue, we know that the marbles are released too close from each other, this was caused by bad control of the conveyor belt. We hope to fix this issue at the next GP. In Season 3 we will use a new releasing system to avoid interference.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Video editing: Kars van Weerde
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Crowd sounds: Time Check a capella choir + Epidemic Sound
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    Donna J Boden
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    1. Threadoflength

      Note to the production staff: Please slow down. The final times, standings, etc are on screen for like 2 miliseconds. Give us (and Greg for that matter) a minute to look over and digest them. Let the marbles do the racing, not my reading comprehension skills.

      1. Jeff Parker

        @Hirsch Vagish Your concern was spot on.

      2. Dax Shell

        @Jelle's Marble Runs yeah, that was my thought immediately. this feels like it was a new editor. more time between the races too! gives greg a chance to add lib, and also makes it more believable that the racers need a few minutes to get set up. otherwise it breaks immersion. basically, we want to watch marbles race, but we want it to feel like actually people racing!

      3. Hirsch Vagish

        I knew there would be a big red flag crash!

      4. Threadoflength


      5. David Flinn

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Hi. Love your racing league, even if my Raspberry Racers are not good at circuit racing. agree strongly with lengthening the times between actions. The video is 8:41 (about the length of a Three Stooges short) You could make it 10-11 minutes easily and give Greg more time to paint more pictures. Also, let a marble finish section one before releasing a second marble. Your videos can be longer. Thats a good thing. You wont loose any ones attention with some more spacing, track description (rumble strips next to the speed boost!) bleacher shots, stats, Keep up the good work.

    2. Martin Cloud

      Ooof, I nearly got a heart attack from the Hazers performance.

    3. MatroX - Brawl Stars

      Espero que ibai castee esto algún día

    4. My Dad Is Invisible

      I got one question to say What are my Oceanics trash?

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        The Marble League Winter Special is over, so it’s back to business as usual for the Oceanics (the usual being mediocrity mixed with low expectations, dejections, and disappointment for these M1 rookies).

    5. Kyle rigney

      Where would one buy a track like this?

    6. Luci Diebler

      Great job Clutter! Go BOC! #LetChaosReign!

    7. claude manning

      Shock is the one keeping the Thunderbolts from gaining ground on the Crazy Cat's Eyes. Bolt will do well but Shock.......can he be changed out for Thunder or Lightening?

    8. Tomás Tello García

      Marbula One is what got me into F1 this year

    9. David Goldberg

      Shock, that is disgusting. Cmon. My friends laughed at our performance this week my guy.

    10. Dan Reynolds

      Greg: "Rapidly is going to have to pull some double duty..." Me: Double nothing is still nothing

    11. Rahul Pandey


    12. Francisco Bustamante

      GO GO KAOS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    13. Ainslee McNamara

      The production/cinematography for Misty Mountain is incredible! So moody and muted and atmospheric. I felt like I was truly transported somewhere else. Well done!

    14. LucAlonso

      Clementine bottled it Q1😭

    15. mema0005

      You know Rapidly is suddenly looking pretty sharp. And they were unlucky with some slow traffic in both Q1 and Q2

    16. PhoebeRaven

      This is just a despicable performance from Hazy on the home course. And most certainly marbles in qualifying are being released too close to one another. It threw a few marbles off quite a bit. Methinks this race track needs some work in the offseason... But those tricky turns will hopefully make for an exciting race... (clicks on next video).

    17. KC Sutherland

      Who hurt Clutter? Man's suddenly racing with a vengeance! I'm here for it, but I'm still kinda surprised.

    18. Andrew Stenhouse

      Stewards enquiry required here. Orangers would have been in the top 8 if they hadn't hit the other marble in qualifying. Being punished for being too fast or should they be spaced out a little bit more to avoid this happening?

    19. ghostofabutterfly

      wow Sea great job anyway #ridethewave

    20. Sea Wolf

      WTF dudes, you are letting them hit one another??? Qualifiers should be unhindered in my opinion...

    21. Raymond Benjamins

      Two DNQs in a row for the Oceanics. That's disappointing, especially since they did so well on the qualifying earlier in the season.

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        Disappointment and sadness is the theme of the Oceanics, with some high tide bright spots, although this is their first year in Marbula One. They’re not the worst performers, but not the best either.

    22. Nick Davey

      A bit of a random point, but the channel graphics such as the leaderboard etc. are incredibly good (even if they are shown too quickly as someone else picked up). I'm assuming a professional did this and it certainly adds to the whole image.

    23. David Caddock

      Tough times to be a Raspberry Racers fan.

    24. George Hartmann


    25. MisterDrgn

      I wonder if those mountains are cold.

    26. Josh Maine

      Clementin got screwed YET AGAIN.

    27. jfuite

      I am glad the red flag came out because the safety marble was tangling with the competitors and interfering with the race.

    28. Onur TATLICAN

      Arkadan gelen miskete büyük haksızlık oldu bence çoğu kez. Tura başlarken iki misket arasında daha fazla zaman bırakılması gerekir.

    29. Dax Shell

      that was such utter nonsense. cant believe the race organizers wouldnt leave more space between the racers with such poor visibility. dangerous for the racers and botched the results.

    30. Odio

      Could Rapidly step out of Speedy’s shadow??

    31. Matt Lindley

      In Q1, I suggest staggering the starts by maybe 3 seconds. To save a little time, run them continuously, one every 4 seconds.

    32. What's A Good Username?

      Een vir die algoritme

    33. AnaIvanovic4ever

      As a Raspberry Racers fan this season has been misery

    34. Adrian Pilcher

      Future me - you think this was a shambles? Watch the race tomorrow.

    35. Alternative Avenues

      Playing with our hearts there, Hazy...

    36. D D

      Damn it Stary!

    37. Tyler Adams

      @Jelle's Marble Runs You forgot to put in Season 2 - GP10 Misty Mountain Qualifiers in the video when you posted it! You need to edit your video so that it says Season 2 - GP10 Misty Mountain Qualifiers on the bottom of the Marbula One sign! Just letting you know that!

    38. LetTheWookieWin

      Just found this channel.... absolutely hooked on the races...couldn't look away till the end

    39. twokegs1

      Orangers got screwed! Maybe a bit more space between racers would help..

    40. Christina Otto

      If limers do bad, I'm losing all hope

    41. Callum Patterson

      Gogo mallard

      1. Callum Patterson

        Damn it mallard......

    42. Mr Shotgun

      Haven't kept up on the competition but now I'm hyped

    43. Ross Farqhar

      Let's go Green Ducks! Great recovery!

    44. Mazimi

      The host curse is real, you were doing so well and then you lost almost all your speed in that one curve, all I can hope for now is that you do what Wospy did and go from last place to winning this race! #HazeAmaze

    45. LiF

      Rapidly. Please.

    46. ruben CP

      I´m doing the maths about my cats wining constructors championship, are the last races double the points gained or something similar?

    47. Mathieu Bourquin

      Clementin clearly got robbed of Q2. That is really unfair.

    48. Lily Hung

      Good old Hazey. You can do it!

    49. Ironwolf Studios

      Couple of notes, and the first one is something I've been thinking for a while watching these first round qualifiers. I realize that you mentioned this in the video description and know that it was a problem today, but it's a little more than that. 1. Send the marbles down individually in Q1. It doesn't add all that much time and it feels like the results are getting skewed somewhat by the two marbles running sometimes interacting with one another. It just doesn't seem fair, if one marble is having a bad run, and hits the marble behind it (who might be having a better run) and causes THAT marble to have a bad run as result. In Q2 and Q3 this doesn't matter because those are actual races. But Q1 is a time trial and it should be run like one. 2. The editing is crisp but the pacing is far too quick. Viewers need time to process the data as well as take in some of what is going on sometimes. Also Greg needs time to commentate. You might also consider (if it's possible to place them without getting in the way) putting some action cams for close up shots, particularly on turns that clearly demonstrate a certain level of danger, or at points where lead changes or other dramatic events are likely to occur. Just a thought. GOD my Raspberry Racers suck at this sport...

    50. Andrés Iglesias-Thomé

      Not a lot of overtaking in this circuit. It’s looking like the Monaco of Marbula One or, dare I say it, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix?

    51. Icarus

      We aren't the strongest team. We may not qualify often, we never get amazing results. But the Raspberry Racers will always race their best and that's what counts!

    52. Bone Gem

      We need snowstorm to train. He did so bad

    53. Jacques Hollands

      I feel the organizers are biased against the Orangers. Why was Clementine released so soon after Starry? We need a FIM (Fédération Internationale de Marbre) investigation.

    54. Jb Alexandre

      Why are the marbles been launched so close to each other. Not fair for Orangers and Speeders. Especially for Orangers whom didn't make the cut....

    55. Jared B.

      Anyone else play some Zeppelin during this?

    56. David 4rancibia

      i think the Q1 could me done just one marble at the time to avoid collision, we got 3 this time 3:18 - 3:39 - 4:46

    57. squaffle_

      Damn a streak of badluck for the Thunderbolts, better luck next time. #Thunderbolts

    58. Kamikik

      I don't think 2 marbles should go at once, that's really bad for the marble behind as seen in this video. Just constructive criticism!

    59. My Cubing Algs

      #ReachForTheStars Starry Fam, let's win through the mist!

    60. Saroj Maity

      Gooooorangers! 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

    61. Ptr 21

      #orangers im here for ibai and i stay for the marbels! GO CLEMENTINE!!!!!

      1. emma32ize


    62. David Hamner

      I appreciate the gimmick with the haze, but it really doesn't help the viewing. Even at your full published 1080p50 you have compression artifacts multiple times, especially on the darker marbles, making it very hard to tell where they are. They seem to slip positions as multiple frames are blurred out.

    63. RTA Gaming

      7:58 There is a clear mistake. Wispy is in third for some reason. Just pointing it out.

    64. erleena nur hassan

      Oceanics is not doing so good at GP 9 and GP 10

    65. fungeneer

      "Rapidly will need to pull double duty"??!!! How about Rapidly pulls his first duty of NOT dnq'ing or coming in 16th! Speedy should be sending Rapidly his chiropractor bills for all the carrying he's been doing. 6th is a welcome change from what this useless hunk of glass has done the entire season, but it'll take more than that to earn my faith for 18 laps.

    66. Mister Itchy

      #MintCondition forever!!!

    67. artplaya0711

      Thanks for nothing, Shock...

    68. Malin Hazer

      Thank the marble gods for that! That was almost embarrassing Hazy....🙈#hazeamaze

    69. Rahmat Farid

      i knew it from the first i saw, this ring is not ‘hazers’ typical. its longer than i realized. HARD corners evrywhere eventho there are straights. as the result they STRUGGLE a lot!!! but still well done jmr!!!

    70. Karen Lynn Goodayle

      Poor #raspberryracers never seem to do good at the races.

    71. 3fan4eva


    72. Dr Quake

      Come of Crazy Cats Eyes!!! I love you!!!

    73. jjnewbold

      I miss Marbly McMarbleface

    74. CuriosityRocks

      Come on Limers! You better bring it!

    75. Eric W

      And there goes the odds of stealing the championship from slim to nil for the T-bolts. Shock, you blew it!

    76. Doug Miller

      I feel bad for the teams that saw their marble blocked by a slower marble in qualifying. It takes away from the fun when you see your team knocked back in qualifying because they got paired with a slow rock.

    77. RanOverByATrain

      Nice job Cerulean! :D

    78. Yondering

      It’s all about turn 6

    79. kade.jackson. vii

      This is embarrassing!! How many marbles ran into the slow marble ahead. Literally ruined orangers chances at pole position. So unprofessional by jelle's to allow this to be ok. All effected marbles should have been given another run. ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!

    80. Jackson Buller

      Team Galactic performing... mediocre as per usual. So excited for the last few races though!

    81. Mekiko Romanova

      Some of the marbles need to be checked for defects, constantly being the slowest might be a sign of injury or a defect.

    82. RMD Cade

      Love the fog, the mountain, and the rest of the scenery! It's always awesome to see how each track has its unique setting.

    83. Ryan Mahood


    84. Jackson Buller

      Hey JMR team - despite some issues this qualifying, thanks for doing this. These are always a highlight of my weeks!

    85. Marie Comador

      Yes a those from cerulean

    86. Nerdroditie

      Yay, Bumblebees are back :D

    87. Natural Harmonia Gropius

      Orangers no pole position. Maybe next race

    88. Simon Hagebölling

      Ducks, please. Just this one race. Please!!!

    89. louielouie95

      GP11 Desert

    90. Simon Hagebölling

      Awesome setting!!!!!!

    91. Ivan pianoworship

      The mist is too strong! I lose track of where the marbles are! But this truly fits the GP Name

      1. Ivan pianoworship

        And yes seriously the marbles are released too close. I saw Sea and Minty Drizzle having some interference. Minty Drizzel could have went way out in front of Sea and get P1!

    92. Addison Wayne

      I saw cluter stuck at the conveyer belt.

    93. Devin Brannon

      Omg hazy got lucky also I would like to say after the performance of bumble after bad performances from both team members from the bumblebees are backkkkkkk

    94. Colin Loat

      Yeah Wisps, can it be a back to back win tomorrow?

    95. Jacob Canote

      I think Lead Zeplin.

    96. BertramTheButler

      Honestly prim should be fired from the team after that disgraceful performance. Team Primary continues to let me down!!!

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        Didn’t you guys say the same thing to Mary last year, yet she stayed on the team?

    97. Jeffrey Onemu

      Just a friendly reminder to fear the night. #willofthewisps

    98. Emil_y Caratza_s


    99. Marble Sports Films

      Yellow Eye qualifying low gives a huge bump to Speedy. If Yellow Eye repeats Red Eye's performance last week, look out for Speedy to make an effort. Based on where Speedy's season began, it'd probably be the highlight of the season. Would definitely need its own Championship Video.

      1. Ryan Mahood

        Seriously though, if Rapidly doesn't pull his weight this race, I think there will be considerable conversations about seeing him retire, and have Velocity or Swifty take his place.

      2. Michele Blouse

        The GOAT without a doubt if Speedy pulls it off

    100. Miguel Ileto

      7:56 *What?*