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    All the highlights, team profile and lore about the O'rangers Marble Team performing in various seasons of the Marble League (MarbleLympics).
    NOTES: (please read this before posting comments)
    The O'rangers didn't use any doping, we tested them and all results are negative (no doping found).
    MARBULA ONE: I'm still waiting until delivery of the Starting Gate, when i have the Starting Gate, then i can record the M1 races. I will upload more Team Highlights videos until the release of the first M1 race.
    The first M1 race is expected in the first half of February 2020.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    1. ThunderVolT

      Nice video orangers live on will they win 2021 who knows they might after being so close in 2020

    2. Julio Sueldo

      Vengo del video de Ibai felicidades a los naranjitas el equipo de la comunidad valenciana por el triunfo

    3. harry oof


    4. pentagon

      Imo this team is overrated but it's not a bad team

    5. RiksK15

      Much better team than Savage Speeders. O'rangers are an actually interesting team.

    6. Candyfire Games


    7. Cap'n Cheesehead


    8. Morgan Ritson

      Let's Go'Rangers!

    9. DrasticBread

      I became an O'Rangers fan from watching that 2017 run, talk about a comeback for the ages in the late stages of competition.

    10. zog zog

      Not my favourite team but I will give them a grudging acknowledgement. They are a team that works hard. Fine coaching too.

    11. Petergamer 22

      You can do that the orangers will be a spanish team of Valencia

    12. Nicholas veale

      First world champion since 2016

    13. Nytraze

      Alternate Title: Sad Savage Speeders Noises for 4 and half minutes

    14. Muthia Chairany

      Ooooooooooooorangers ML2017 winnerrrrr

    15. Electric_Bolt's Marble Runs


    16. Hats


    17. neolithic3

      I actually met the Orangers last year. I was at a restaurant and they happened to be dining there too. I asked for a photo and they really couldn't have been nicer. What a gracious lovely team.

    18. david togi

      2k likes? Is this the best a team as well decorated as O'rangers can get? This is not right! A team this good must have at least hundreds of thousands of fans. We must speak with the marketing team of the rangers.

    19. Winston Bonaby


    20. 스팀펑크

      cheering sound is so nice

    21. Diddly Davies


    22. William Mellquist


    23. nekomarulupin


    24. Justitia -Politik und Meinungsvideos

      I need this for every team!

    25. CrackedAmoeba Railfanning

      OOOOOOOO Rangers r the best team!! Orange is the absolute best color on this planet and those r the most beautiful marbles I’ve ever seen!!

    26. Horror Struck666

      Im an O'rangers fan & my last name is the same haha.

    27. kirkoscircus

      What is the audio for the cheering? Is it Oregon Ducks football audio, because that sure is what it sounds like, and it's absolutely the reason that the O'Rangers are absolutely my team. OOOOOOOOOO

    28. Roma Invicta


    29. Crystal Matthews

      My team!

    30. RebccaLee Beech

      Been an Orangers fan since they won the marblelympics!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    31. Deddy Arwin Gommo


    32. Hexproof 730

      One for Midnight Wisps! #WispNation

    33. Keaton Burns


    34. ajuk1

      I always assumed there would be real life teams called the O'Rangers, it seems like an obvious name for an orange team, but Googling it just links to Marble racing.

    35. mia naar


    36. X_Z's Channel

      OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORANGERS! Well done for the 2017 win. O'rangers first started the path to their victory in block pushing, jumping from 9th to 4th. A good underwater race and sand rally gained first place so well done o'rangers.

    37. Andy Chen

      No one: Whenever an small orange sphere runs the fastest across the line: *Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!*

    38. Latrodectus mactans

      As a new Speeder, I gotta concede: You're the best rivals a team could ever have.

    39. Rafael Belani


    40. Denzel Boks

      I'm glad you made an O'rangers highlights after asking me to remove my O'rangers highlights video :) cheers

    41. Rush Fan 2112

      After Marbula 1, Orangin has proved he is ready for the primetime. He should be a regular starter for Marble League 2020. Maybe even an eventual successor as captain when Kinnowin eventually retires (hopefully not for a long time).

    42. Angela Somers


    43. Afikku San


    44. dubs taker

      Thanks to the best fan base in the country. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOrangers!

    45. Sports Trap


    46. Johnny Kiehn

      Imagine being a Savage Speeders fan

    47. Ben Lee

      O'rangers baby!!!!

    48. Michael


    49. Erick Silva

      Fuera bueno si le pusiera alguna musica épica de fondo , así como un amv

    50. Jim Haney

      I actually have a marble that knew a marble that trained with the O'Rangers.

    51. Nick 34


    52. Digvalley

      O'rangers just earned a new fan!

    53. Efreeto

      I came to see what all the fuss is about with O'Rangers, and I was not disappointed. What a strong team. Good to see my Team Galactic in the highlights performing well too.

    54. Elijah Kisner

      These guys are from U.S.

    55. Robert Gonzales


    56. medievalmaxe

      I will always be an O'ranger fan till I die and beyond

    57. Jerson Vasquez


    58. Peter Jensen

      2017 was a special year!

    59. Paul Hollier

      I like all of the teams more-or-less because, at the end of the day, they are all just a bunch of marbles; but I have-and-always-will-have a special spot in my heart for the O'rangers, whenever I hear that "OOOOOOOOO...." cheer. I do it with them, reflexively, because (as PePe the Frog says) "it feels good, man." I'm sure my neighbors think I have lost all of my marbles, every time they hear me do it, lol. GoRangers!

    60. Simon den elzen


    61. Robert McGarry

      Oh, those crazy O'rangers!

    62. EVA_Unit_4A

      Dash! Dash! _Ohranger!_ Dash! Dash! _Ohranger!_ _Daichi no kodou ga kiekakaru_ _Isoge!_ (Dash!) _Ohranger!_

    63. Noble_ Squad

      Good memories with 2017. Need a few more

    64. dragonator


    65. Blk Flash


    66. Michaela McKay

      ***Takes a deep breath*** GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    67. Ian Lafever

      O’rangers since day one

    68. Stephanie Wonders

      I shouldn't be as invested in a video series about marble racing as I am but I can't help but love love the Orangers. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #GOrangers

    69. Neha Marfatia


    70. Larzy Cat #IStandwithBubba


    71. Josh Sexton


    72. Chan-Min Lee


    73. Rebecca Turner


    74. Danny Allen


    75. Andrew Wolverton

      Literally Nobody: Hey, what about the Oceanic's 2019 highlight reel?

    76. Chaotix Fox


    77. Robert Gonzales


    78. Manda C

      Can't wait to watch my team again, go O'rangers!!!

    79. Ryanbirdman

      My favorite team by far Love them

    80. Lincoln Rowland


    81. Subscribe to me even though I won’t upload

      O’rangers FTW

    82. John Smith

      It's not enough for me that Hazers win, O'rangers should lose. HAZEAMAZE

    83. Playebot

      Are orangers Texan? Because rangers, and orange is a city

    84. Calpis

      Poets gooooooooooooorangers! My absolute favorite

    85. Chan YY

      For the lore summary, I read the paragraph aloud and when I come across an o sound, I stop reading, play the video for a short time, quickly pause it and continue reading. I did the same thing for this comment. 🅾️

    86. yukiko347

      Will there be heavy weight marble competitions?

    87. danyori


    88. Funny Penguin

      When’s Limers?

    89. operaghost21

      Orangers! I bleed orange!

    90. Zac Peterson

      I'm only watching this video to say heck to orangers BOOOOOO!!!

    91. Kenzie Retro

      marbula one is getting closer and i cannot wait

    92. 준혁YT

      Can I Ask A Question? Can You Planed To Make More Team's Highlights In Marble League?

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I will add Team Galactic next Saturday!

    93. Ashley Griffin

      THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I’m so proud of our team! Oooooooo!!!

    94. Piet Jansen

      Hoi Jelle, ik zag je net bij Man bijt Hond. Ik vind het echt super tof dat je een heel museum hebt! Ik geniet al tijden van je filmpjes. De o'rangers zijn trouwens mijn favoriete knikkers!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Dank je wel!

    95. Strandvag Tornschure

      Marblelympics 2020

    96. Hoodie Jay

      Anybody know where the LIMERS been

    97. Paul Martin Cordero

      Kinnowin is a super athlete fo sho!

    98. Alika Ostermiller

      Im so fucking hyped!!!

    99. Jonny


    100. TFrak

      When are the next Marblelympics?