Sand Marble Rally 2016 Race 10 - Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 10th marble race of the Sand Marble Rally 2016 where 20 marbles will compete on a long sand course. The starting lineup of this race is randomized.
    NOTE: The 5th race of the 2019 Marble Rally is expected in early december.
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos / Epidemic Sound
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    1. dystopian sunflower

      people who dislike these videos have no concept of joy

    2. Kyla B

      The fact that Rastafarian isn’t rasta colors is deeply confusing to me

    3. Levin Dunker

      I think Pollo Loco tried to go for the shortcut here. But when he stranded, a part of me did too...

    4. omgwtfkthxbai

      Not a great finish for #teamplasma T_T

    5. Untro

      If slimer can podium ill sacrifice my first born marble

    6. Xylex Rayne

      Who else is here because of John Oliver?

    7. Georgina Longoria

      Need instant replays of when they get stuck 😄

    8. Lil Nuggy

      Why am I thinking that summer sky sacrificed herself for slimmer so he could win

    9. Mark B

      Noo! Such a great start for Summer Sky, all the way ahead with top speed and then she goes out not even halfway through the race. Smart strategy by Slimer though, letting the high speed starters rush out or down the wrong paths, taking all the smart routes and fending off any attacks by the only one who could keep up, Silver Bolt, across the final stretch for the win. Fantastic race

    10. Wolf Beaumont

      Slimer proved himself a champion today. Well done, son. Well done.

    11. Valentin Münch

      This race was so amazing and spectacular! Please more of this! 👌❤

    12. Syed Reza Syed Abd Rashid


    13. Flutterguy96

      No Oceanics? Go Momo, I guess...

    14. mawande kolele

      I love you Pollo Loco

    15. A Mackey


    16. Diego Cabral

      Best youtube channel ever

    17. Jboy 126

      Dragons Egg was doing so good in the beginning of this year :,(

    18. hollenbeck89

      Pollo Loco nooooooooooo

    19. Juhaliza

      Noooooooo! Pollo Loco was looking to gain points :(

    20. Kervin Infante

      Noooo pollo loco!!! I was for him from the very first race damn.. good race pollo I still love you man #polloloco

    21. a e

      aaand it’s lights out and away we go

    22. Phead128

      dafuq did i stumble upon.

    23. TheWinterOwl

      Silver Bolt starts dead last, launches out the gate into fifth before the first corner, moves up into the lead for quite a long time, and finally finishes second! I love that marble. Too bad his brother Quicksilver couldn't be here too.

    24. Eric Rains

      Rastafarian. Love it!

    25. Eratic Humidity 3

      Hi, please make a sand marble rally for the marbles of the marble league.

    26. Angus MacGowan

      Ghost plasma baby!

    27. Armani Cunningham

      This is my favorite channel

    28. Albert Pringle

      Well at least my H2 Blue finish the race coming in last place

    29. metalmichew2

      Jellesknikkers? your not telling me your dutch are you?

      1. metalmichew2

        @Jelle's Marble Runs Crazy to see that! I love it! It's really nice to see a great entertaining channel from my homecountry! Great work!

      2. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I'm Dutch indeed!

    30. Duarte Lacerda

      Dragon's Egg lost some speed lately, but I bet it's just recharging the batteries to come back stronger! Let's go, mate, you can do it!

    31. Jules Reny

      Super !

    32. W4V3MAKER wave

      Slimer was juicing before the race!

    33. Beats By Bm Xu

      Do you sell team merch?

    34. Link The Hero Of Time

      Uhg. My boy Pollo went out of bounds!

    35. Cjohn316 O

      I had this strange smile on my face the whole race! Don’t think I’ve ever seen that!

    36. Haley Faragalli

      Some of the good ones didn't even finish

    37. scp1471 「」

      There should be a team called *Neon Tigers.*

    38. Arq. Alejandro Martelo

      Pollo Loco vale verga! 😑😠

    39. Casey McMurtry

      I've said it before, Slimer is still one of the best technical racers out there. This is the second race in a row where he made a definitive draft-and-charge to overtake. His ability to move through a pack is near unmatched. Like my coach used to say, "fundamentals fundamentals fundamentals!"

    40. Spit Ch33s3

      Try sea games marbles

    41. JustALeaf

      whos watching this at 3am for no reason?

    42. 謝翔宇

      Feel depressed by the failure of Summer Sky

    43. A.J.C Stomp

      Who came here because of fact fiend

    44. Luky Candra

      Hahahaha marble race

    45. SMTrules

      I wasn’t rooting for ghost plasma at first, but their consistency and ability to fight for placing despite being seeded lower at starts is inspiring

    46. TIM O'Dell

      Go Ghost Plasma

    47. Cheeky Bear

      Back before red number 3 came into this and destroyed everyone #RN3

    48. cowscrazy

      This older courses seem so much more creative and amazing. I love how many lines there are for marbles to take.

    49. YourBoyKuz

      LET'S GO GHOST PLASMA AND STARMAN! (Mostly Ghost Plasma though)

    50. Jchengcc

      Can I sponsor a team please?

    51. Otarr

      Sensational track!!!

    52. Megan Elizabeth

      I dont know what it is, but I absolutely hate ghost plasma!

    53. hi i'm emily


    54. John Smit

      I love the multiple paths. That must have taken a lot of planning and testing.

    55. GSP hunter

      I love these videos, but why are you re-airing the 2016 episodes?

    56. Droitzel Glaedr

      I heard a rumor that this was a thing so I had to come see. People are amazing. Keep it up, it's really cool to see something like this getting so much effort and passion.


      Any Transgender marbles/?


        Good 1

      2. Trisha Schuman

        Well, Summer Sky was called 'he' a couple races ago. I think she used the publicity from her win to get the courage to officially come out

    58. rphnick

      I hope COPPA won't affect this channel- it's one of the best!!!!

    59. Samuel Davy

      Sliiiiimerrrrr my g

    60. Hale98

      Oh no! I was rooting for pollo loco. It's ok. Come back strong next time!

    61. Bright.Light.Sights

      Bro. When slimer took the lead was dope af

    62. Andres Tapia

      How many people are here from FactFiend?

    63. Dion Prescod

      My heart sank when Pollo Loco got beached 💔

      1. Teague Jelinek

        same here. he went from starting in 19th to 5th then got himself beached... I can't believe this 😔

      2. statement leaver

        Meanwhile a Slimer fan was celebrating lol

    64. bunchesofsticks

      Wait, how did The Flash get 6th. He got stuck near the beginning of the race. Did he get knocked back in the race by another marble?

      1. Cooper Clarke

        Um, because he’s The Flash?

    65. The Wolfpack Filmzzz

      I will not stop asking for pollo loco merch !!!

    66. Joe Lavelle

      Starman had a horrendous start; he went from the first position immediately to last. It's impressive that he made up the space to finish in 7th. Near the end he was sitting pretty in 4th, but those weaves 3/4ths the way through really destroyed his momentum.

    67. Abby Bane

      I love Jelle's Marble Runs, no one does marble racing better and the commentary is perfect!! I binge watched all the videos when it was on the other channel ( I think if I remember correctly) and now (somewhat) patiently await new races! Would love to see more of the Marbleympics style with multiple hours together, I watch those repeatedly when I can't sleep or need to unwind. THANK YOU FOR THIS CHANNEL!!

    68. Pm Clh

      Dang... ghost plasma was sick this time, 9th is the result... dang! Hang on GP i'm for ever your biggest fan !

    69. noga - aviator

      wht does it says "2016" in the title ?

      1. Norbert Kocsis

        Because this is the 2016 SMR

    70. SpaceDragon 621

      The commentary was right on! Now it's slow in catching things but still good

    71. DZLzz

      comet gets a front row start at the left side :) "sharp turn right" -_-

    72. Mega MindyLou

      Love these videos! Would love to see a behind the scenes, the making of, video of how you do this. So simple, yet entertaining! Everyone loves marbles! ❤️

    73. pizzapharmer

      My two least favourite both DNF and my #1 got in the top 10. Today is a good day.

    74. 241hnd

      Who was the one that got beached at 0:37?

      1. The Bourne Network

        Cooper the BFB Kiwi and Luca_NoOne; literally both of you are wrong considering both Rastafarian and The Flash finished the race lmao. It was Wisp of Darkness.

      2. Cooper Clarke

        No, it’s The Flash.

      3. Luka_NoOne

        @The Bourne Network Nope. Wisp was way behind there. Rastafarian was the one beached if I am not mistaken.

      4. The Bourne Network

        Wisp of Darkness

    75. LogicalWaste

      #SlimeTime represent!

    76. MythsolverMercy

      I was so worried about Pearl starting in the back row and then being middle ground but that 4th place finish making her 2nd overall. I’m so proud!

    77. NCS Association

      Always been A H2 Blue Fan. We are so bad...

    78. CG Marble Runs

      Go El Capitan!!

    79. Linkofhyrule565

      Silverbolt is best. What team is he on?

    80. Darren Nakamura

      Yay Slimer! Love to root for the underdog and then have good things happen.

    81. DAGATHire

      Can't believe El Capitan went from fighting for the lead in race 1 and 2 to 14th starting here. But great run from last to 3rd here. ....


      Never disappoints. Love this channel and love that it’s growing! Well deserved!

    83. Jimmy Donohoe

      A humbling performance from ghost plasma. He controls his own destiny if he can just stay in the top 5, as he has been doing so consistently. Go ghost!

      1. FrostyBotz _

        Jimmy Donohoe he’s one of the best

    84. Daniel Cimino

      Thunderbolts get into Marbula 1 and Silver Bolt with a great 2nd place finish. Thats what I call a good week!

    85. Khell

      I liked the race, too bad my favorite didn't. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    86. Cody Taylor

      Seen where the person ask what They just watched and I had to comment what He watched way BETTER THAN NASCAR.

    87. Cody Taylor

      Finally a Win for SLIMER,moving up 2 places.

    88. Seesaw41

      Pollo loco almost made it over that wall

      1. Link The Hero Of Time

        Rooting for my boy Pollo!

    89. JoGo Studios

      Pollo Loco, Summer Sky, and Wisp of Darkness fell off the platform! They failed because they threw theirselves off the stage! :O

    90. Zeuseus6609

      Congratulations to El Capitan on the third place finish and getting back into the top ten overall. Good to see them back on form today.

    91. Peter Zombori

      Pollo Loco lost this tournament here😭

    92. cikif

      Slimer started really slow but managed to get good results in last few races. The only marble to have come 1st multiple times so far! Go Slimer!

      1. Jimmy Donohoe

        cikif phrasing

    93. Brad Griffin

      I watch these in the slim hope that I find mine in the crowd during the League events. None of my marbles were athletes. I thought I saw some in the opening shots of this video: But no, I was mistaken.

    94. Samuel Diem

      what have i just watched

      1. Cody Taylor

        The most awesome races of all time,BETTER THAN NASCAR BY FAR

      2. Zeuseus6609

        Better commentating than most sports events, is what.

    95. Old man huppiedos

      Weer een leuke race.

    96. benji

      Yoooooo de la France

    97. Green Meat


    98. Tommy M

      This channel has to be the best on IRvision. The time and effort put in to it by the creators is just amazing. Love it.

    99. KRAUXAR

      what about 2019 any sand marble race?? Rednumber3 waiting for another domination from you...

    100. Children's Dreams Toys