Cravendale Last Marble Standing TRAILER - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Because we reached 1 million subscribers, we will proudly announce that we will do a brand new tournament before the Marble League 2020 will start.
    Here's a sneak peek of what is bound to be the marble sporting event of the summer 2020.
    Make sure to save the date (1 June) and choose your team.
    "Last Marble Standing" is sponsored by Arla Cravendale
    This video contains strong fast flashing lights and transitions, which can cause harm to those with photosensitive epilepsy.
    Competing teams:
    - Team Purity (host)(transparent teal with silver white)
    - Milky Madness (solid white, like Snowballs)
    - Semi-Skimmers (green with white)
    - Dairy Dash (sky blue with white swirls)
    - Freshers (lime green with teal and white swirls, like Limers)
    - Graze of Glory (blue with light blue, like Kobalts)
    NOTE: These teams has NOTHING to do in relationship with the original Marble League teams!
    We also used different marbles compared to the original ML teams.
    All events of this tournament are already recorded in advance and we are close to finish this project so we will start construction of the ML2020 stadium next week. The ML2020 release dates won't be affected by this tournament.
    === Credits: ===
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Branding: Arla / Cravendale
    Team Logos: Arla / Cravendale
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    © Jelle's Marble Runs 2020: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!

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    1. Lukeyron

      Ya quiero ver otra temporada de la morbula one

    2. Marble Run

      nice trailer!

    3. Tim Manzella

      What's the difference between this and the Marble League? Also, what's the difference between the Marble League and the Marblympics?

    4. Noah Samuel

      Who's here from borderlands?

    5. komasdfg

      the editing for a marble run is unreal!!!

    6. Robert McGarry

      Great idea!

    7. Robert Schoennauer

      How do you pronounce jelle

    8. Will Johnson

      John Oliver brought me here.

    9. Travis Keena

      How can you tell when a marble is standing or not? The tension is killing me!

    10. Zane

      This man is making money off of marbles and that's amazing

    11. Itz_ShadowGaming

      I CANT WAIT TO SEE ABOUT THIS (I'm very excited) OwO

    12. Cliff Allister

      After watching "Last week tonight" I was like WTF? But then I checked it out on IRvision and... Well, after watching all the races of Marbula 1 and the sand races and the olympics and and and ... I am now a die-hard fan of the RASPBERRY RACERS and can´t wait for the next season to beginn!

    13. Jimbo Slug

      What time is the event?!? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ You know we are all waiting Jelle... 😑😂 Also, are the new teams getting shirts?? Because I want 2 of them. ✊

      1. Matientez


    14. Eva Roest

      Hi! I'm looking for today's marble run, teamed up with a couple of other newly minted fans for the occasion. Where and when today?!

    15. Anneliselhq

      This one is really for all of the marbles.

    16. T. S. Allen

      Oh man, new event with some fresh marbles! Any marbles game I guess! A lot of talk about sponsorship, definitely goes a long way but people forget how much the host team can determine the quality of matches. I'm going with Milky Madness just because! This will be a good event to get hyped up before seeing my Rasberry Racers and Pinkies in the ML!

    17. Floss Man

      Coming over from Last Week Tonight... I've watched so many racing videos and I'm bloody hooked. This isn't just the sport we need during Corona, this is the sport we *need* forever. FOREVER.

    18. EYE_TO_EYE 1696

      Make F1

    19. Sugy is actually dating his Bed for real

      Tomorrow It was Last marble Standing Starts

    20. Theodore Edison

      What happened to marbula-E?

      1. Iván Schanze

        It's 6 june xdd

    21. Flo Coresi

      Go freshers and glaze of glory!

    22. lil villa

      CADE O VIDEO??????/ TO NA ESPERA ainda.

    23. Craig B

      The moron behind this channel just supported violent rioters on Twitter. Unsubscribed.

      1. dhrdogterom

        keep your politics at home we do not want it here

    24. dhrdogterom

      lets go Dairy Dash tomorrow is the big day i hoop your ready for your debut season

    25. Athrun Jude Jimenez

      Jelle's Marble Runs. Tomorrow is the start of Carvendale Last Marble Standing.

    26. Lucas MacDonald

      You know, you watch the frist race and in the first minute you think this dumb. The second minute you start to get invested. Then by the third minute you already have your favorite team picked and are literlly shouting at the screen. Love it, love every part of this sport.

    27. javi009z

      Im here cause John Oliver sent me!

    28. BJ Buracker

      I am thoroughly enjoying this channel and find the races surprisingly tense and exciting. I cannot wait for the next round of races in both Marbula-E (go Rockit Venturi!) and Marbula-1 / Marble League (I'm now a huge Raspberry Racers fan!). Thanks for giving us some great entertainment!

    29. Shreyas N

      I never saw a more innovative channel in recent IRvision. Fucking brilliant.

    30. Efan39

      How many Milky Madness supporters we got!?

    31. Kyle Hayward

      Marbula DRINKING GAME: EACH person chooses 1 marble. EVERY LAP: 1- If your marble finishes 1st to 5th GIVE OUT 2 DRINKS, 2 - If your marble finishes 6th or 7th TAKE ONE DRINK GIVE ONE OUT 3- If your marble finish 8th to 12th TAKE 2 DRINKS END OF RACE: 1 - If your marble finishes 1st to 5th MAKE 2 PEOPLE FINISH THEIR DRINKS 2 - If your marble finishes 6th or 7th FINISH YOUR DRINK MAKE 1 PERSON FINISH THEIRS 3 - 8th to 12th - FINISH YOUR DRINK WHILE PEOPLE TELL YOU "You've lost your marbles" And you then have to GRAB ANOTHER DRINK and Act like your finding your marble by DRINKING HALF OF IT then saying "I FOUND MY MARBLES!!" Have fun!!!

    32. Jonathan

      Where is Last Week Tonight's sponsorship ?

      1. RMJ

        I think he is sponsoring specifically the Marble League. If you see in their description this is another tournament they were fortunate to host before the Marble League. Yup just went back and checked.

    33. Cesar Madrigal

      I admit it...!!! I’m here because of John Oliver...!!! And he was right, this is awesome...!!!

    34. eric jackson

      Will the races be premiered?

    35. Tgie Arts

      I thought last week tonight was sponsoring this???

      1. RMJ

        He is sponsoring specifically the Marble League. If you see in their description this is another tournament they were fortunate to host before the Marble League. The Marble League is on June 21st.

    36. Tucker Technolord

      Very exited for marblelympics 2020! Rooting for midnight whisps, as always.

    37. Michelle Horton

      These videos truly blow me away keep up the good work

    38. Sean Braisted

      My guess, it'll be a series of events. It won't matter who wins, but the losing marble/team gets eliminated each event, until there's one left to win it all.

    39. SnarkAdmin

      Anyone know what happened to Marbula-E? I thought that was going to be a few races, not just 2.

      1. dhrdogterom

        6 of june next one

    40. Jennifer Krause

      This looks so fun! I’m looking forward to the new season after reading about it here:

    41. cassieseow

      I don't know why I keep rooting for Jawbreakers....ok maybe because I'm vain...I mean, they are good-looking! Some of the best lookings of all the marbles 😍

    42. Ron P

      I am a bookie I was wondering if people are betting on this? And can you tell me about sponsors?

    43. Nic Tanghe

      I dont get it but i dfdont get sports eithor so ...

    44. Saphira X

      Amazing trailer - it needs an epilepsi / flashing lights spoiler

    45. Varun Gupta

      I bet there’s an underground betting site on all the marble racing channels, like when they do livestreams

    46. J C


    47. Álvaro dos Santos

      The Sand Marble Rally is already an established yearly event and Marbula One will become so as well... Now, what are you guys waiting for to make the 24 minutes of LeMarblens???

    48. Melissa Morris

      Now I can honestly tell my friends that I like sports.

    49. Khalil Wesley


    50. Dylan

      John Oliver brought me here. I am so happy, I hope this never dies!

    51. Walter Pouser

      How badass would that be, if it was with hootwheels...

    52. Joseph Maique

      Where is sand marble rally?!!

    53. Walter Ostrander

      Dairy Dash all the way

    54. SL Racing

      *hype dance while holding marbles*

    55. Chay Comas

      The future is weird.

    56. Chaotix Fox

      Bro, the sponsors are coming in! And the sub growth is massive!

    57. Jota Szeps

      I'm still wondering... Was Last Week Tonight's sponsorship actually true?

      1. Ruben Caballero

        yes this is a different thing before the ML 2020

    58. Jackson

      Did this channel get taken down and come back? Because this channel seems VERY familiar.

      1. alida flus

        I'm here because of John Oliver

    59. TBE Gaming

      What do you use to edit your videos? I want to edit my own using that technology

    60. Caedon18 B

      It’s awesome to see someone who has such a passion for something. Congrats on the sponsorships man you deserve them.

      1. alida flus

        The Milky Madness might secretly be the Snowballs

    61. Timothy Capuano

      How long until sports betting sites allow us to bet on this? I have a feeling pretty soon

    62. Original Name

      You didn’t really have to put “For marbles, anyway”

    63. tyvek05

      sure looks like the MARBLYMPICS to me..... WE JUST WANT SAND MARBLE RALLY BACK!!!! that is the best stuff that you do. so much better than all this other stuff.

    64. Adventure Gaming

      A million subscribers! 🥳🥳🥳 1000000

    65. bilishu aliss

      Seriously may be my favorite ever.

    66. Worried Jude Gaming

      I WAS BANNED FOR NO REASON!!!!!!!!!! ON THE DISCORD SERVER tell me why worried jude gaming#2101

    67. Pat Bernard Comedy

      what are the six events in the competition?

    68. Blasphy B

      Way to sell out to SJWs

      1. bilishu aliss

        Team Purity is gonna wipe out the rest Quote me on that oner

    69. John Colacchio

      WHERE IS THE M -PRE RACING????????????????????????????????????????????///

    70. Lemasyanji Siame

      lets get him to 1.5 mill subs because he deserves it. great content before. we gave him 800K SUBS

    71. cooldiscodan98

      Congrats to Jelle and everyone for the successes of all the hard work you've done. It is well deserved. Also, I hope you stop rigging the tracks against the Midnight Wisps. The NOceanics are done, "team" Galactic is next on the chopping block. THE NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME!

    72. Ian Lai

      Other youtube channels: **sponsored by VPN/Audible/skillshare/mobile games** Jelle: **Sponsored by pro racing league/big corporations** Well done Jelle and team! Keep 'em marbles rollin'!

    73. KONO _Ryu

      The Milky Madness might secretly be the Snowballs

    74. Hungry Fox

      I'm here because of John Oliver

    75. Saru tjc

      I love your new sign

    76. Rick Oleary

      Last week tonight

    77. Talia Loventhal

      Anyone else hoping Team Purity will break the host curse just so that #TeamGalactic won’t be nervous? #ReachfortheStars

    78. BlueRose

      Why aren’t people betting on this stuff like horse races or greyhounds it’s the same concept and people could make a quick few bucks

    79. Velazco RC


    80. Haley rose W

      Honestly it kinda is the sporting event of the summer considering everything else is canceled

    81. Mark Moncada

      Hold the boat! I thought this was sponsored by Last Week Tonight?

      1. RMJ

        He is sponsoring specifically the Marble League. If you see in their description this is another tournament they were fortunate to host before the Marble League. Marble League begins on June 21st.

    82. Alpha Sierra

      To the new people: welcome! To all old hands: welcome back! I see comments asking what team should they support, they're just marbles. To them, I say: there's kind of a personality in these marbles. So just like any other sport, keep watching, watch the old videos, watch the new ones. And when you find yourself really rooting for a marble - hold on to that, coz that's your team. That's YOUR team. That's how I found my beloved Hazers. #HazeAmaze

      1. iona

        team momo!

    83. Jimbo Slug

      Milky Madness about to come in guns blazing. ✊✊

    84. Sacredhouse inTrees

      It would be nice to team up with Wintergatan's Marble Machine X for your music.. It would make an awesome halftime show!

    85. Luca Wi

      Team Purity is gonna wipe out the rest Quote me on that oner

    86. Deebubya

      Eyyyyy, on my birthday!

      1. alida flus

        They need to make a whole hockey league just them playing hockey I just got done watching the Winter Olympics

    87. hezky90

      I was gone for a month and suddenly I see that Jelle has blown up all over the place. I am so happy!! All that hard work and dedication to creating a wonderful sport has paid off. Thank you Jelle!!

      1. alida flus

        I learned about your channel from John Oliver. I don't like sports, but I love your races and Olympics. (I like the sand tracks the best.) Can't wait for 2020 races!

    88. WonderMarbleRuns

      The marble-lympics 2.0

    89. Jonny Corry

      Is there going to be a Marbelympics 2020 by any chance, if so I cant wait and Go Thunderbolts!

    90. Wouter _nl

      I like it

    91. YukoValis Sword

      I thought John Oliver was the main sponsor?

      1. RMJ

        He is sponsoring specifically the Marble League. If you see in their description this is another tournament they were fortunate to host before the Marble League. Marble League is on the 21st.

    92. OurCognitiveSurplus

      I’ll unsub if there’s no O’Rangers.

    93. MockingBert

      as marble masters, it would be nice to see a collab with wintergatan :-)

    94. Brian Barry

      Hello, is there a betting/wager system? Im very interested.

    95. mikea hiooi

      Another event to look forward to as the wait for the 2020 Marble League happens? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! 😄 🥛

    96. Connor Isham

      Check out the channel Racing Marbles. Learn how to create your own race tracks and support the creator to expand their marble track production!

    97. Michael Cameron

      Let's go team milky!!

    98. hey you

      The next Marblelympics shoud be held at the lego stadium. He really should have a Lego sponsorship

      1. mikea hiooi

        Can....can you do a Le Marbles 24 hour race though? That would be so cool.

    99. Janis Keating

      I learned about your channel from John Oliver. I don't like sports, but I love your races and Olympics. (I like the sand tracks the best.) Can't wait for 2020 races!

    100. Enera Pierce

      They need to make a whole hockey league just them playing hockey I just got done watching the Winter Olympics