Marbula One Season 2: GP7 Raceforest Qualifiers

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the Raceforest, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:30 - Q1
    8:30 - Q2
    10:38 - Q3
    12:15 - Results
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      Thank you so much for joining us today, hope you enjoyed the track! Make sure to come back tomorrow, same time, for the RACE!😃🏁 We completely revamped our Patreon with amazing new rewards, check it out:

      1. Jan Janssen

        Snap iets niet. De Mol gaat nu internationaal veel geld cashen en jij maakt er nog eens geen video over of doe je dat op je een ander account..?

      2. Duffy O'Connor

        Thank you for Marbula 1!

      3. Karuux

        really like the track design

      4. BlueFlag Alpha

        This is the prettiest track you ever made

      5. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

        I love marbula 1

    2. Kim Jong-Un

      Smoggy is so unpredictable

    3. Rush Alvarado

      Where are the OOOOOOooooo's? let me hear you say OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊

    4. Bukealicious

      Mad props to shouting out your hubby. RESPECT

    5. Jackson Buller

      Love the addition of the bells. Please keep those up!

    6. Cortland Mass

      Do you build these tracks yourself?

    7. The Speakers

      Savage Speeders are back! #SpeedIsKey

    8. Mahi89

      FINALLY we'll get to see Azure competing! It's not easy being a Kobalts fan

    9. clairereece

      May I ask when the final race is so I dont miss the next premier. Please and thank you!

      1. clairereece

        *next race may not be the final one

    10. Lorenzo Galassi

      Being a Red Eye fan is a crazy ride. But surely, a rewarding one.

    11. Kevin Barker

      Would love to see a race-off similar to top 8 for bottom 8. Some racers just aren't made for time-trial style racing, they need to be pushed.

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        They should also look into having the 16 qualified marbles do rounds of 5-lap shootouts to get pole.

    12. Galih Pandu

      as Team Momo fans, is like betrayal.

    13. Cordelia Cullen

      Wow, was not expecting Red Eye to take pole in Q 1!!!

    14. Brandon

      Get rid of the bells it's annoying

    15. Odio

      Speedy is carrying the team while rapidly has been disappointing

    16. KentoCommenT

      WAHOOOO!!! TEAM. PRI. MA. REEE!!!!

    17. exoticallyki

      As a Balls of Chaos fan, at least I won't ever be called a success fan...

    18. Peetu Makkonen

      Am I the only one who would love for the F1 casters to return for a race or two, just to hear their bewilderment in their voices again? :D

    19. Haylie McKinney

      I'm just happy the snowballs qualified at this point

    20. DarkChaosKaxi

      It's really the worst being a Chaos fan. Almost every qualifier BOC is finishing 16th or 17th. Marbula One is seriously not good for my health, and I'm just always anxious and sad every Q1. :'(

    21. ree ee

      We made not have gotten past Q2 but I'm we're all proud of Bolts performance. Cant wait to see what they do in the race.

    22. 21stCenturySchizoid-D

      I’m seriously considering selling my shares as a silent minority owner of Balls of Chaos. Let down after let down.

    23. Subway Kingdom

      I’m for bolt and we got 6th WHOO

    24. Jason Godek

      Oof smoggy what happened?

    25. Nikki

      Why I want the Try Guys to do one of their high and drunk videos watching this? Also, I can totally see Ned rooting for the Raspberry Racers or the Rojo Rollers just because they're red(ish) and it's his favourite colour, and losing it when they don't do that well.

    26. Fifi

      Where are my Pinkies 😔?

      1. Jeremiah Clemente

        They didn’t make it in.

    27. pakkmann

      The Jungle Jumpers are making the Limers look amazing. They really need to be demoted to the minors.

    28. MCLegoboy

      Yes! The Minties qualify! And in the top 4! Let's go Minties!

    29. Galactic Padawan

      Great job Speedy!

    30. TinnieTa21

      The marbles in the crowd were not socially distanced...

    31. Rice Potato

      Glad to see the minty maniacs finally qualify and with a good position too hope they don’t blow it

    32. Mykl Miller

      jesus, smoggy. after seeing that green marker I thought we were for sure going to place, but nope, he blew it. last place, ugh.

    33. Nick Davey

      The green ducks had another solid qualifying!

    34. Peter Santamaria-Woods

      This season is hard to watch for O'rangers fans. 🙄 Those sector noises in Q1 were a bit annoying TBH!

    35. theunwelcome

      love the long, winding, technical course design! should be a good race

    36. Katarjana

      Wow! I'm so proud of Red Eye. :)

    37. Jack Hirtle

      So nice to see the savage speeders back in the top four

    38. AwesomeToes

      Mellow Yellow still isn't doing great, but glad to see Yellup qualify at least. Maybe a shock upset in the race? (unlikely...)

    39. prim plum

      Primary made it first, THREE TIMES They're like my home team since I'm primplum and It's always so embarrassing how bad they do but then randomly get first

    40. Joey Cross

      Ocean using our team's momentum from the Winter Special to get a Top 5!

    41. AJ Schlemmer

      Bad luck in qualifying again for the Balls of Chaos, I guess this season isn't for us. Solid starting position though for the Wisps, here's a good chance for solid points!

    42. Ross Farqhar

      Let's go Green Ducks!

    43. Cinder Elmcreek

      Great to see Speedy back in form!

    44. Raineddrain 118

      smoggy wakey wakey!!!! That's not the smoggy we know and love #HazeAmeze

    45. Doctor Oddity

      This is a great track. Good for speed with nice passing turns.

    46. Adam Advocaat

      Mintiy Maniacs seemed to make the most of the break. Spent most of the season so far not being able to qualify out of a wet paper bag and now they share a row with Mercedes... I mean... Crazy Cat's Eyes.

    47. Dallas Fletcher

      Loved the bell chime addition. Made it even more hype watching the team and cheering throughout the lap

    48. Affan Afrizal Gani

      Well Snowstorm qualified at last, just barely..

    49. LoveNathasha

      The hosts curse strikes again!

    50. フセインさんのケバブ


    51. Tokiejoestar

      I just realized it may be cannon to the series that the announcer himself is also a marble

    52. Paladin Demo

      Why am I not surprised that team momo didn't qualify.

    53. Andrew Smith

      The surprisingly bad runs for the last few racers gave me such hope that Tumult would get through. He’s so much better in the pack than running individual.

    54. Gary Sturgeon

      What's happened the Orangin? He's been nowhere since the Marblympics.

    55. Christopher Hütten

      Oh no the Hazers. Next race they will win.

    56. Tahu Nuva

      Yesss, speeders starting strong ✊

    57. GodNephilimTV

      Orangin makes me so proud the whole O’rangers fam should feel proud. Sometimes though I wish they’d let Clem shine more

    58. Kanu Unchou

      Ouch... as a Momo & Hazers fan, this went about as badly as it possibly could have.

    59. Adrian Jayawardhana

      Told ya we'll come back stronger #SpeedIsKey

    60. Dave Buckland

      I am so proud of this community

    61. DeltaNine

      With Billy qualifying 5th overall, I think that breaks the Ducks' streak of Q3 participation. Still a great result regardless, I just hope Billy doesn't blow it.

    62. Carlos Roura

      Wow, in this circuit all the marbles seem to be moving much slower than on the other ones. Guess it's because they have to maneuver through lots of closed curves and the slope of the tracks is flatter than on other circuits

    63. My Cubing Algs

      can u pls make it a 12 race tournament, 8 seems too less!

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        This season has 12 races indeed

    64. Mockingiggs

      Waited all this time just to see smoggy in the bottom lmao

    65. Nick M

      I missed being disappointed by MY during the winter tournament. Back to normal now...

    66. Ilegenes

      Yes good job Savage Speeder you can win this season

    67. Spanky Walle

      Yes. it is back.

    68. Nathan Luke

      Proud of Speedy's run, underrated

    69. Abhinav Srivastava


    70. Abhinav Srivastava

      For the algo

    71. Abhinav Srivastava


    72. Larry O

      Go Savage!

    73. Alexander Stormdahl

      I bet on CCE and my girlfriend bet on Hazers at the start of season. I feel dirty.

    74. Dry Bones

      So Green Ducks got 5th. Still really great, considering they were in 8th coming into Queue 2. Good job anyway.

    75. Carlos Rivera

      Wooooow I can’t believe it. After an amazing start Hazers didn’t make it to qualify. What a disappointing day to watch marbula 1

    76. Mekiko Romanova

      We'll take 9th position, Lets go Razzys!~

    77. Dave McLeod

      Team Momo 4 life

    78. y ch 1

      Waste of time .

    79. Lee Fisher

      I can't be angry about the winning team. After all, they did help out Team Momo when they were in need. But I guess this year, I only need to focus on the ducks.

    80. Eli Voth

      Where are my savage speeders fans?!?!

    81. Nicholas Holz

      The good news is all 3 of my teams qualified for the race, the bad news is none of them advanced to q2. Lots of work to do on race day #limetime #buzzbuzz #yellowfever

    82. Thaqif Aqief

      Savage speeders always starting from behind and the end at the front...feels like the real life racing

    83. DJ

      It feels like CCE are the new Orangers/Speeders

    84. Stalin Mao

      From the fastest first sector to finishing dead last. I can't even. Gotta do better Smoggy #coyh

    85. DJ Jared

      Snowstorm always making it.... um...... interesting?!?!?!?!?!?!

    86. Shira Jacobi

      hey smoggy quick question what the heck?!

    87. Tiger58

      Ok Snowstorm, pretty solid, let's go Snowballs!

    88. Little Rascals

      Dangit, Billy! you had one job, and that was to keep the Q4 streak alive! #QUACKATTACK

    89. Stephen

      Team Primary needed something good. Hope they can use this as momentum going forward

    90. Mark Sherrill

      As a momo fan, I should know better than to get my hopes up :(

    91. Daniel Lukic

      At least my O's keep qualifying for finals consistently. WE LOVE YOOOOOOOOO

    92. Jack Aprill

      That feeling when your favorite team doesn't qualify ;-; #HazeAmaze

      1. Galactic Gaming

        I know #letchaosreign

    93. squaffle_

      Nice run Thunderbolts! Let's aim for the podium, Lightning Speed! #Thunderbolts

    94. I H

      This is suuuuch a good channel. Thanks man. I started your channel using it as a drinking game but now your announcing is as good as the races. Congrats

    95. Maximilian Nguyen

      yeah the series is back!

    96. Lyle Adrienne Modequillo

      finally #SpeedIsKey

    97. Alison Moore

      Can’t complain. Seventh isn’t bad. Gooo Thunderbults

    98. Sean Wallace

      Why is WOSPY still on the Marbula team?!?! Wisps......yall have got to make the right call and get him out of there

    99. iitsChaz _YT

      Classic hazers man....

    100. Jeff Redfern

      #EyesOnThePrize, you can't stop CCE