Marble League 2020 ALL ML RECORDS and highlights!

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    The 10 most exciting moments of the Marble League 2020!
    This video also includes all the new Marble League Records!
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    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
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    === Useful Links: ===
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    Facebook: jelleknikkers/
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    1. Risa Lockwood

      the phrase , "razzy gets it" should be a meme.

    2. Akmal Nafis

      Nice season

    3. Elijah Vince Capacite

      Savage speeders comback tho 12th-1st thats a heck of an underdog story

    4. Estevan Quiñones Mosquera

      o dios mio que video tan increible, saludos de colombia popayan

    5. Mauri-Mattias Läänesaar

      Minty maniacs all the way!!

    6. Shadow_Knight

      13:32 is anyone gonna talk about how literally every marble in this race beat the WR?

    7. ClQrkos

      The best marble league teams ever are. Savage speeders at 1st and o’rangers at 2nd

    8. Cris Espinoza

      I have to thank you, Jelle for putting on such an exciting series of races with the Marble League. I hadn't been into much of anything until i watched one of your videos. All the record breaking was insane and everything as so much fun. I'll keep watching with great expectations. Awesome job.

    9. qtcycyr


    10. JFL Returns

      0:00 Top 10 Highlights 8:18 All New ML Records

    11. 구독 안하면 프사 님 미래 아들

      13:37 probably the track was set at entirely different condition (steeper by a degree maybe) compared to previous race Otherwise it doesn't make sense how all 4 of them broke the record at same time

    12. Eduardo Schmidt

      Muito booom

    13. Aidan George

      This is a real sport

    14. KexPex

      I was expecting to see the epic Team Momo overtake

    15. loli king

      School start tomorrow,get some sleep

    16. Revenn

      Well 3AM i don't know why i'm here but i enjoy

    17. Klaus Consine

      What a fantastic season, my compliments to the team! Keep rolling!

    18. Conor Francis

      Go Minty Maniacs! 2021 is our year!

    19. Balo Demo official

      I love Mahindra.. I'm from India

    20. Jed Albert Barbosa


    21. cybertree

      You know some guy lost his childs college fund because he gambled big money on this xD

    22. mo'men mamdoh

      #shaketheground there is no fans for thunderbolt ?..we will come strong next s

    23. Mr. ShinyObject

      These are some tough highlights to watch as an O'rangers fan

    24. CreepyProduceFan 100k

      There should be loads of marble tournaments Here are some of my ideas: Seasonal Tournament 1 race in each season of the year Gravitrax Tournament basically the hubelino tournament but with Gravitrax A tournament featuring teams like Yarble Yellers and Gliding Glaciers and teams that haven't been in the Marble League for a few years The fruit tournament featuring limers Orangers Raspberry racers and other fruity teams And marble wipeout that could be a marble obstacle course

    25. Curtis Mulry

      Can we bring the Quicksilvers out of retirement please, I like an underdog.

    26. Pablo Rojas Yáñez

      I´m waiting Sand Marble Rally 2020!!! RED NUMBER 3!!!!

    27. 이종민


    28. Ian Whitsitt

      I see it all over, but as always, major props to Greg Woods for being the lifeblood of the Marble League

    29. V XXIII

      I think Collision is my favorite event.

    30. DevelChunges SiKxJiNGLES

      I love your vids keep doing what u do your great at it ;)

    31. Ronny Bingham

      There were a lot of records, not just set, but reset and destroyed this season. Something seems a bit fishy. I'm thinking maybe we need to get a PEM (Performance Enhanced Marble) testing program in place, as I'm starting to think some of these marbles aren't rolling fair! Lol!

    32. T R Grady

      O'rangers were robbed

    33. Eddie Miles

      So next season we definitely should get a fantasy league going!

    34. Theepicrainbowgolem


    35. Trendom

      Here's a little comparasion of the two best teams - speeders and orangers: Most Total Records - ORangers (1st) - 7 in total, Speeders (3rd) - 2 in total. Career points - Speeders (1st) - 680, Orangers (2nd) - 642, Most medals - Speeders (1st) - 24, ORangers (2nd) - 16 Most medals in season - Orangers (2nd) and Speeders (2nd) - 7 (1st - Raspberry Racers - 8) Most consecutive medals won - Speeders (1st) - 4, Orangers and Speeders (2nd) - 3 Consecutive Top 8 Finishes - Orangers and Speeders (1st) - 8 Events Spent at Number 1 Overall - Speeders (1st) - 18, Orangers (2nd) - 9 Consecutive Events at Number 1 Overall -Speeders (1st) - 7, Orangers (2nd) - 4 Consecutive Events Spent in Top 3 Overall - Orangers (1st) - 15, Speeders (4th) - 11 Consecutive Events Spent in Top 8 Overall - Speeders (3rd) - 26, Orangers (9th) - 15 (1st - Hazers - 33, 2nd - Raspberry Racers - 32) All stats are from official Wiki. Go check it out.

    36. Christ Twitch

      I just got here and I need an explanation. What am I watching?

    37. steff pet

      I have one question for Jelle's marble runs, who is your marble suppler?



    39. Janis Keating

      When do the Sand Rallies start? Those are my favorites!

    40. Jeongmin's Marble Racing

      How are the Savage Speeders so good? ML 2016 - 1st ML 2017 - 2nd ML 2018 - 2nd ML 2019 - 5th Marbula One - 1st ML 2020 - 1st

      1. Sebastian Saez


    41. Andrew O'Neill

      Where do you buy the marbles from?

    42. Sebastian Saez

      Is it just me, or is this as good as it's going to get for the Speeders?

    43. Adarsh Hari

      @JellesMarbleRuns Could you let the teams go back to their towns during their offseason to play their local tournaments. Suppose the Savage Speeders come out of retirement play in the Le Tour de Vellis again for a single season, or the Orangers play again in the Fruit Circuit. Once their done, they can come back to the Marble League next year.

      1. Sebastian Saez

        Pretty sure the Fruit Circuit folded, that's why all of the fruit based teams moved to the ML. As for Le Tour de Vellis, that would be dope

      2. StarRocks1000

        I would love to see those events, even if the ML teams don't participate anymore.

    44. James Falvey

      This dude's on drugs

    45. Jenny Cox

      Would it be possible to do a Where’s Roldo compilation, with clip of each of Roldo’s appearances freezing to zoom in on a circled Roldo?

    46. Jeongwoo's Marble Racing

    47. Montolide Monteiro

      Please, someone, at 6:27, isn't an Oceanic still behind at the bottom of the screen?

    48. Kean Almryde

      This really makes the case for why this season was so exciting for a Minty Maniacs fan.

    49. Ba55gui

      Here's an idea: For the next Marble League they should allow fans to purchase a marble spectator for their chosen favorite team. For example I can buy a Minty Maniac spectator for like $200 dollars and they'll have my individual marble in the stands for the entire Marble League. The money could go to charities like they do at the end of events. It would be even better if we had that marble mailed to us at the end of the season. I would pay for this.

    50. Valentino Gallardo

      6:26 pero si falta un azul

    51. Michael Pittenger

      I love all the work he puts into these

    52. Roger Cox

      Don't ever use Jon Oliver Memorial Sewage Treatment Plant as a sponsor again

    53. C.J Transport and Trips and More!

      Wow I love these races, when one of your videos came on my recommended screen, I clicked on it straight away and subscribed. This channel got me into marbles, keep up the awesome videos 😀

    54. Noname Nobody

      JML: The 2020 League Highlights! Me: I'll take "Things that don't exist for Thunderbolts Fans" for $800, Alex....

    55. Chris Ludwig

      When were my Thunderbolts featured? Why, when they were edged for gold, and when they came in last, of course! That's my team, baby.

    56. Exe Ferrari

      Dale 👍si vienes de un poco de todo

    57. SLA KE

      aside from the colour, maybe the oceanics should rename themselves to something beachy. why is my favourite team only truly good at the sand events?

    58. ummemacher

      Seems nobody likes the Hazers, but their comeback at triathlon was the greates ever seen in sports history ;)

    59. Cliff Allister

      What about the inquiry into the O´rangers juicing? Any new developments?

    60. T. S. Allen

      Sad rewatching the Rasberry Racers make their slow decent after such a strong start to ML20

    61. Brave Black

      I can not live with out you!

    62. IvyTruong

      What about Momo/Galactic photo finish in the semifinals in the Triathlon

    63. Kevin Kamphaus

      Really enjoyed watching my first Marble League, this year!

    64. Preston Garvey

      The Mintys doing good gives me hope we’ll see others join them like the BlackJacks.

    65. Jetski Drummer

      #SPEEDISKEEEEY We are the champions and the BEST marble team in HISTORY!!!!

    66. CJ the DJ

      I love this show, but my favourite teams always do horrible. Team Galactic is my favourite team, but they never shine like other teams do. I also like the Bumbelbees

    67. Tolkienology

      I kinda want John Oliver to become coach for one of these teams, giving a clichée sports movie speech; “Come on Mello Yellos! You own the finish line!

    68. Luke Brown


    69. some rando

      Another year, another Marble League! So glad to see you guys get so many new fans this year-a very deserved boost indeed. This whole channel brings me so much joy. Can’t wait for next year’s League, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to more Sand Rallies in the meantime!

    70. Josh Kirkfield

      Does anyone have timestamps for Roldo? I have never once found him.

    71. Thomas Hummer

      You know what? I think either the Minty Maniacs or Crazy Cats Eyes are gonna win next year. I don't even cheer for them, but based on their performance in the 2020 Marble League, I have no reason to think otherwise.

    72. WannabeBackbencher

      Savage Speeders suck

    73. archonambroseus

      Guys check it out! They highlighted the Hornet's best finish! #Bzzzzkillmezzzz

    74. Everett Shaw

      These are gonna be some hard records to beat next year

    75. Brian Nicholson

      Great Season. Thanks Jelle and crew. Wishing the Midnight Wisps had held on to the podium in the last event, but perhaps this will be motivation to do well in qualifiers for next year. The Wisps better hope there is block pushing-- they set the bar in this event in qualifiers and in the League! #WillOfTheWisps

    76. Gus the Dog

      No one: Orangers Fans: OOoOooOOhhHH

    77. YDRN - FX

      You can watch the similar video (3D Animation) on my channel. I would be glad if you subscribe and like. I am waiting for your comments

    78. Embiggened Badger

      This was the year that got me hooked on JMR events!

    79. Hershewed

      What I wanna know is how many teams have won gold in all the years combined, there’s so many to choose from 🤔 O’Rangers are my go to tho lol

    80. LordTree87

      at the beginning of the marathon team galactic were 15th/16th and ended up nearly meadalling in 4th :D

    81. Landonian's town

      Can't wait for next year

    82. Slutty McTits

      I don't care what anyone says, Foggy's epic comeback in the Triathlon is a performance for the ages.

    83. morganjack18

      Has anyone seen Fruit Circuit Boi's Photos?

    84. Marcus Pettibone

      I find all these new records highly suspicious. I think they need to start testing for performance enhancing drugs.

    85. Elena Pic

      heartbreak in slow motion #HazeAmaze Love how in many record events the second place would have also broken the record.

    86. Ropi Bo

      I did not like the new collision event, the marathon event is to close to marbula 1... and I miss the pursuit event.

    87. Forrest Graves

      Thank you Jelle & team for another amazing season!

    88. Daniel Morgan

      Did anyone else see that the old record at 13:45 was actually broken by every single racer in that heat

    89. Aakarshit Nayak

      What's better than being a champion? Being a two-time Champions.

      1. Sebastian Saez

        Heck yeah! WE WIN THESE

    90. xMarethx

      Wow what a great season 🤩

    91. Sailor Kek

      Great, more footage of yellow doing absolute dogshite

    92. BoredBlaby

      2:50 WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?? The hazers were MILES back and they managed to beat 2 of the top 5 teams in THE WATER SECTION!! As a hazers fan watching this for the first time had my mind BLOWN

    93. NerfedFalcon

      First, second, third, and fifth all got byes into the next ML. Fourth got passed over. Sometimes it sucks being a Midnight Wisps fan.

    94. Ledgett Gaming life

      Sand rally

    95. MinatoGames

      5:48 "Oceanics beats O'rangers in Aquathlon" Don't make us suffer again

    96. Gab Maiquez

      Hazers' win in the triathlon is still the best win this season. Hoping they bounce back next year. Haze Amaze!

    97. pranay gupta

      Why orangers why... you were supposed to come firat

    98. Caden Bolt

      Congratulations to the Savage Speeders for another ML under their belt. And #TeamGalactic shunned the “hosts curse”!

    99. Igor Fernandes

      Fun fact brought to you by JMR Wiki: Records broke in 2020 by teams: 1st O'rangers: 3 ML Records 2nd Oceanics: 2 (-1) ML Records 3rd Tie between Midnight Wisps and Crazy Cats Eyes: 1 ML Record each. 4th Tie between Minty Maniacs, Raspberry Racers and Hazers: 1(-1) ML Records each. Obs. The "(-1)" means they broke the old ML Record but had theirs broke by another team the end of the event.

    100. Trevor Gillingham

      What a great season! Thanks Jelle. My Hazers need to hit the gym and get training for next year. I hope John Oliver sponsors again.