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    An epic sand marble race with 10 unique handmade animal marbles! They roll down a long 408 feet course (same course as the 2019 Marble Rally Race 3 and 4). This race is an extra race for those who cannot wait until the Marbula One, the first M1 upload (qualifiers) is next Saturday 15 February at 13:00 (1:00pm) UTC. The M1 first race is at Sunday 16 February at 13:00 UTC.
    For those who are interested where I get these marbles: They are available at the House of Marbles:
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Team Logos:
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    1. rio rio


    2. rio rio

      Turtel 4

    3. Makeshift Marble Runs


    4. Hazman Noor

      This is one of the Best Rally Track I've seen. Perhaps, in 2020 Sand Marble Rally, JMR Team can use this track. Perhaps, introduce top 2 or 3 from Animal Marble Race in the Race in Group A?


      starfish and ghost plasma out 1:16

    6. ISupposeThis IsMyNmw

      RIP Ghost

    7. MrSilverFox

      Best commentator to have ever lived.

    8. Rayden Nguyen

      I See Seal Blocked Dragon Fly that is Trying to get First Place

    9. Courtney B

      literally screaming for seal. yayyyyy!!!!! my boy

    10. 85aksiznarf

      I hoped for spider to win the race. Too bad it didn't work.

    11. Ralph Reagan

      Red number 3 is an animal!

    12. Radegastx0

      SEAL all the way!!!

    13. Rodney Johnstone Prime

      Sand Marble Rally races are the best!

    14. Eidenhoek

      so this is where those guys in the stand came from!

    15. Baby Steps

      Ever the lucrative octopus!!! I'm dying, hahahaha

    16. Pipster

      Guess who picked Starfish? (facepalm)

    17. maxximmc

      "Starfish maybe able to grow a new arm or body, but not new momentum..." what a diss 🤣🤣🤣 Honestly, everyone involved in this channel is a gem.

    18. Paradoxx

      I vote spider Edit: damn

    19. Jaden Chen

      I chose Starfish because I related to the drawing. I also relate to how Starfish held 2nd for a while, then just gave up...

    20. Kahvinen

      Yes! Deserved victory for Seal!

    21. Jack Smith

      can we talk about how ladybug knocked seal out when stuck and then blocked dragonfly at the end to help seal win what a marble

    22. Brotha Mar

      I knew Seal would seal the deal!

    23. Neetu Sharma

      Why is nobody from 2018 marbles not there

    24. Luke MoonWalker

      Poor Spider, it had a great first half of the race, but it hit that wall so hard :C

    25. Mohd. Fahd

      I almost always support the red marbles. Go Dragonfly!

    26. HereIgoAgain

      Great fun! Thanks!

    27. RealCoolGuy

      That doesn't look like a moonfish...

    28. Howie Thao

      Damnit Starfish! You gotta stop sprinting outta the gate. This is a marathon, learn to pace yourself. You got winded not even halfway through.

    29. Grovesie35

      💪 Wadda move by Drgon Fly!!

    30. Travis Keena

      Dragonfly 😢

    31. Cheese4G

      Are we ever gonna see that Bug Cup they talk about in the Bumblebees and Hornets pages on the wiki? I kind of want to see the other teams from that.

    32. luis lopez

      Are they remote controlled

    33. williemccool

      Man the red marbles are always good at making a comeback. Go Dragonfly!!

    34. DarthMohammed

      Was going for Octopus, with Spider as my "backup." Thoroughly disappointed, needless to say. :\

    35. LifeUntilLove

      GO SEAL!!!! Nothing feels better than being loyal to your champion and have them come out on top. You will always be my favorite Seal!

    36. Mish M.

      tfw you pick Dragonfly at the start: :( tfw at the end: :')

    37. nein danke

      i always root for the marble that doesnt finish...what is wrong with me

    38. Spatial

      when you pick starfish

    39. gymnastoman1

      My boy dragonfly sending me on an emotional rollercoaster. Why is it I always pick the marbles who give me anxiety? Anyway, good race all around.

    40. Kgcopper

      No~~ Moonfish, why?

    41. James Stewart

      Should do the tortoise and the hare.

    42. Soren Carpenter

      Is anyone going to tell him that arachnids and insects are animals

    43. chaos

      That music was TENSE and the race was epic

    44. 0zziefan

      Spoilers!!! My name means "baby seal" (Ronan - an Irish name) so I'm pretty happy about the result!

    45. Jamie Hampton

      *Picks starfish* 00:48 Yes, YES!! 01:15 "Somebody's stuck back there..." Damn.

    46. What videos to watch today?

      I love seal!

    47. Kevan McEntee

      Good for Seal, but I hope Octopus does better next time

    48. Marijn v.d.Sterre

      Thought to follow Dragonfly, because the red is easy to follow. It was an... interesting choice :D

    49. Sam Spade

      Ah yes, my favorite animal, the ghost

    50. David Oliver Aguilar Pujol

      gosh, this was exciting

    51. Robert Siemon

      Ok i saw turtle finish before dragonfly.

    52. Miguel Baptista

      Damn octopuss. Damn you.

    53. Lune Vermeil

      How could Dragonfly lose!! Such a promising lead lost to a spin in place..

    54. Ian Stuckey

      When your'e creative, all you need is dirt and marbles to make something amazing.

    55. flipian86

      I chose SEAL in the beginning and I literally cheered loudly when SEAL won. Wow

    56. Aeron Shade

      I wonder if Greg ever found that species ladybug eating seals

    57. Lakshmi Narayan V

      Nice commentary, Deadpool! ;)

    58. Zac


    59. Phaota

      Excellent race.

    60. BiologicalClock

      I audibly gasped when Seal overtook Dragonfly.

    61. Nucleric N

      I dont like sports much but this is great!

    62. Cien Fuegos

      Yes! Always had faith on Turtle!

    63. 강준하

      We need a penguin (and a unicorn)

    64. Eric Minch

      Well, what happens to Starfish now? Does it get shot? Or maybe put out to stud?

    65. justin Williams

      John Oliver sent me here....and I’m impressed 😂

    66. Team McDolphin

      We actually have a "Moonfish" marble in the 16mm size, it races in our races as "Crazy Ocean"

    67. Mayonnaise 00

      As always! The turtle never wins


      *Tom Nook Created this*

    69. 90JoeVandal

      Fantastic Finish!

    70. Aarron Van Buren

      Starfish chokedd

    71. Debbie Bee

      Even when things do go back to normal, I'll still watch this!

    72. Cute_Canadian_ Redhead

      This is the best thing ever. Ladybug Forever!!!

    73. xtraplayer

      The Animal team needs to be in next Marblelympics !!

    74. Repelit DW

      I believe you dragonfly!!! GO DRAGONFLY

    75. Tristan Tran

      Damn, Octous did so bad, Greg accidently called them a Ghost marble

    76. Big Hoodie

      I'm loving the little animal facts and comments!

    77. Sunny_ Stonefurry

      Gooo seal

    78. Sunny_ Stonefurry

      R.I.P. starfish

    79. Andrea Herrero

      The public needs more animal marble races!!! This race has been exciting !!

    80. Braeburn Hilliard's Channel

      I think that's cool that you had an animal Marble Race! I was thinking that you didn't have any horses, but I guess the seahorse counts!

    81. Cris Espinoza

      this was fun to watch. thanks ya'll.

    82. ElJorro

      I think I've been spoiled by Marbula One.

    83. Jason Jason

      I hope all of them make it onto the Sand Marble Rally someday

    84. Arseniy Lytvynenko

      Guess I'll bee last

    85. Cason Zephyr

      I was really rooting for dragonfly there

    86. unlimiteddj

      *throws laptop when starfish wiped out. We coulda won!!

    87. Royal Joker

      Looked like dragonfly tried to slingshot ladybug in for the win

    88. nmcdwhatchaaaa

      Been watching these for a few months when recommended, It’s the marbles that bring me here but it’s the courses, the thought, and mainly the Grade A commentary. I am sorry to deny you a sub for so long, I am subscribed sir, keep em coming, we appreciate your hard work. Question it, but appreciate it nonetheless. ;)

    89. Suz Bart

      3:29 “Ever-deliberative Octopus”😂🤣😂

    90. joshua matthew

      Ladybug with those blocking skills daaaamnnn

    91. Noé Manfred Becerra García

      Qué narración tan mala, parece documental de animal planet

    92. 9some

      but starfish dont move, no wonder it went last

    93. ZacksQuest

      SPOILERS: With his impressive comeback technique and ability to zip through the helixes, I want to see Seal compete in the big Marble Rally leagues on his own by the 2021 season, or at least challenge one of the champions like Dragon's Egg or Red Number 3 to a one-on-one for the opportunity to join the roster. You can't just keep talent like that in gimmick matches

    94. Billy Bones

      INCREDIBLE! I was on the edge of my seat!

    95. Blueberry Gasterblaster


    96. Zylem


    97. Cyrus Barnard

      I had a good feeling abt seal i backed it, i cant believe how excited i got for that speed boost 😂😂

    98. CHUNG TO HOI鍾陶愷

      Ooooooo... Whenn iis Marble Rally 2020....?

    99. sarai

      this made me realize there’s no seahorse emoji!

    100. Lexi Taylor

      Oh come on dragonfly I know you can do better than that, you had it!