Marbula One Season 2: GP5 Tumult Turnpike Qualifiers

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Marbula One Season 2! The Revolution in Marble Racing is finally back, with a new qualifying system, 20 teams, 12 total races and a lot of improvements.
    In this new system the 20 teams must compete for one of the 16 spots of the starting grid. Who is going to win the pole for the Tumult Turnpike, and along with that an extra point? Please enjoy! #MarbulaOne #M1 #Season2
    0:00 - Intro
    1:00 - Q1
    7:08 - Q2
    9:03 - Q3
    10:12 - Results
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    1. Katja Niemelä

      Random note: as a graphic design student, that M1 logo is fire!

    2. K.K

      This is the last video of this season I will watch with Snowballs out.

    3. Jack Thurgood

      ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ BOOOOOLTTTTT

    4. tesk4a

      Must feel good for Prim to finally have a good result for his/her team. They've been at the back of the pack for so long and they clutched to deliver today

    5. Dominic Madrelejos

      Go go Yellowline CCE fan.

    6. Andrew Stepp

      Wow I just love being a balls of chaos fan

    7. PsychedeliCon

      After the qualifying, Hazy fok smashed his team principal Gunther Stoner's door. Might get sacked for next season. Sad moment for a Hazers fan.

    8. matt fathead

      could you tell me what kind of track that is? I might like to build a track for die cast cars

    9. Scott Busiek

      Me watching this while i work out: "Come on Hazy!"

    10. Brokegoat89

      Disappointed in Speedy 😔 that's not how the top marbleet is supposed to show up

    11. Ryan W

      Come on cats eyes

    12. Bucket Boys x3

      Is there somewhere you can go and see the points and standings?

    13. Michael Secrist

      Azure MUST be cut. Kobalts are dying because of him!!

    14. Cece Diamant

      I love how this guy really brings it to life🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the sidemen sent me here, I'm too thanful🤣🤣

    15. I play U pay

      Honestly, i have almost lost all hope for Azure

    16. FTfilm

      Green Ducks all the way! Go Mallard Go! #QuackAttack

    17. nogem1

      Hope the Snowflakes have a good junior marbles program in BB1. Snowy needs a reliable teammate.

    18. Sergio Bosco

      If nobody got me I know bolt got me 😩🙏🙏 mvp of the thunderbolts fr

    19. Sean Shepherd

      Very slow, meandering course compared to a lot of them.... Tons of what are effectively stops.... Half-wondering why the big turn even needs to be banked when the entry speed is so low.

    20. Andrea GIGI Bonalde

      JMR should do a Q and a

    21. Creative Mind

      Nice work! CHECK this FANTASTIC Marble Run -

    22. Oliveman

      Love how good the ducks are looking this season!

    23. Ysrael Tuan

      At this point, Snowy is the only one that deserves to race without his team.

    24. Italo Marcos Tamazzo de Oliveira

      Go MOMO 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    25. KC Sutherland

      Dang, Bolt has this track downloaded already!! Looking forward to seeing how he performs in the real thing

    26. PhoebeRaven

      I just have to say the intro to this season is epic. The music gives me goose bumps every time. The performance by the Hazers on the other hand does not. Can't even make it into Q2 anymore. It well and truly is time to write this season off as a loss for the Hazers and put all my weight behind Crazy Cat's Eyes.

    27. Pavel Kolář

      Snowstorm is about to lose his seat

    28. I am Bee

      Ducks so good in Qualifier

    29. AtomicG

      Me: I consider myself a fan of Savage Speeders, but will always support Momo. O'Rangers Fans: *"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"* Me: *"...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"*

    30. Jonathan Olsgaard

      why does the intro have to be so loud? and no I checked my sound settings.

    31. gdavo

      Snowstorm needs to retire, obviously well past their best, there’s no room for sentiment in marbula 1

    32. Foxbat

      Savage Speeders are making it to the race by the skin of their teeth... But if any track can boost from 16th to 1st, I think it's this one. Make Mine SAVAGE!!!

    33. Shou Taimu

      Once again, the Savage Speeders barely get by with table scraps. Honestly, I am living for them placing bottom every race...just wish they'd get pushed out altogether during the qualifiers, then it'd be even better! =D !

    34. Kass

      The life of a Snowballs fan is hoping Snowy can carry the team every single race 😭 why can't the snowballs ever get a fitting 2nd racer???

    35. blooper

      Tis' a sad, sad day for Mellow Yellow fans

    36. Getsugaru

      Minty made it! Thank the gods; I'm still worried since they seem to consistently lag behind (Have they been checked for chips or scratches?) which doesn't match with their history in the Marble Olympics. Nevertheless, I'm just glad that they'll get points. Here's hoping they can break the streak from the start of the season. #MintyStrong

    37. OutlawCarr

      Thunderbolts for the win!

    38. Enceladus

      Marbula One is by far my favorite Marble Event. And Season 2 is way better than Season 1 was. I'd love to see much more of Marbula One.

    39. 10 Kayed

      ORANGE i love u

    40. UntilThen89

      MLD with some of the most technical racing in the last lap that I myself have ever seen. Bravo.

    41. Colton Alderman

      The green ducks are incredible in qualifying!! #quackattack

    42. Ben

      Oh man Christmas came early this year!

    43. MightyManotaur22

      So ridiculous how Green Ducks continue to qualify well and disappoint in the actual races. Frustrating.

    44. citizen Jack2012

      i really dont like the knock out qualifying, no snowy? no point in watching tomorrow

    45. Buddy 713

      Between this and 3d botmaker all my racing needs are met.

    46. Bryen Graver


    47. Chatot Maestro

      The O’Rangers have really not been playing well this season

    48. Toyall1

      Good job momo on the bank. Judt neeed to get that tricky section down pat and we got this. GO MOMO

    49. Connor McLean

      Being a Team Primary fan is mostly just pain.


      4:37 Both of them are well of the pace so far. 2 seconds later bolt qualifies 2nd

    51. Lord Gong

      Excellent work by Prim when team Primary is on it is always fun to watch

    52. AlonE

      let's go bolt!!! storming in there ⚡⚡⚡🌩🌩🌩

    53. ACF Nugget

      YES the Thunderbolts got pole! Could the Bolts be turning their season around?

    54. RextheRebel

      Wait, Balls of Chaos didn't even qualify!? What's the point then?

    55. Mr.E

      I feel like the hosts should automatically qualify, because it would be weird if they didn't

    56. Maxo

      the editing is so good, the clips in the intro lining greg woods up with the music... just god tier

    57. El Duderino

      Hard season for snowballs 🤍⚪🤍

    58. ThingsareLikeable


    59. cmdraftbrn

      now we're flyin! go duckies

    60. Pookybutt3

      What’s the Vegas line on CCE taking home the win.

    61. Chris West

      I'm just stoked to see Team Primary in the top 4!

    62. PointSpecial09

      Ok, I've been an O'ranger fan for years... I'm thinking that it's time for the current crop of competitors to retire and for a new group of young oranges to rise up and take their place. Especially Orangin. The Green Ducks are my other team and it's nice having a team near the top!

    63. Jerjerbinks Jr

      Nice track, Raspberry Racers and Ball of Chaos fan here!

    64. Lee Fisher

      8:16 - This is just getting better! (Momo and Green Ducks fan, as you probably know by now). 10:09 - (the edit) - Brilliant, guys. Not perfect, but brilliant. Good luck tomorrow, both of you.

    65. Lee Fisher

      7:01 - Nice one Mallard, m' lad.

    66. David O'Meara

      Host curse strikes again!

    67. revpsycho

      Host Curse be like, “Yo, Tumult, I’ma let you finish, but it’s gonna be in the bottom four!”

    68. Ludi Wang

      Yeah! Go Bolt!

    69. Zach1442

      Me thinking these marbles got their own minds.

    70. weeks weeks

      Watching SS is like watching Man Utd nowadays

    71. Rob Philipson

      great result for the limers, hope we can pick up some real points this week

    72. alp2va

      Man, this has been a rough showing by my O'rangers. But at least they've qualified each race, so I get to cheer them on each week

    73. Colin Mueller

      This is the greatest sport ever, none of the players will take a knee or do anything stupid.

    74. mrvodik vlog


    75. Fywq

      Poetic justice that Wospy and Prim finished last in Q2 and Q3 respectively after their nasty sandwich on Sea in turn 6 of Q2.

    76. Sensei Jupiter

      I want Wospy to win 🎉 Edit: Or I would want Sea to win

    77. River Dreams

      I just wish Jelle accept marbles from around the world to compete for a world title competition.

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I like the idea, but it will take some time to develop something like this.

    78. A. Srikanth

      We are back # go thunderbolts

    79. Frederik Forland


    80. Colii

      The chicane is a lap-defining corner, I'd love to see some of the junior marble teams try this one out #M2

    81. Sean Maguire

      Green Ducks do great in qualifying, but they need to step up their game in the races. That's where the points are scored. Rooting for Mallard. #QuackAttack

    82. Gabriel Tyler

      Love the new intro, very subtle.

    83. ken smith

      Wish you guys would make individual marble shirts.... I want a red #3 shirt!

    84. dragon1736

      At least Wospy managed to qualify in not terrible position this race. Their performance in q2 has me worried though.

    85. z0ng0

      What a terrible year to be a SavageSpeeders fan :'(

    86. Murilo Dias Guimarães

      This is what the thunderbolts are all about! Let's go bolt, keep it up #rollingthunder

    87. Chris Schell

      Team Galictic only 12th feelsbad

    88. Champion SportsNation

      Did they buff flat spots on the SS marbles?

    89. Danilo Scar

      7:35 Sea: This marble is too difficult to drive, I turned around in the chicane Oceanics' engineer: understood, we are checking FIM stewards: 5 seconds of penalty for Vettel Vettel: MEIN GOTT! WARUM MUSS DAS SEIN?!

    90. Tyler Stocker

      That chicane is going to be dangerous on race day.

    91. MCLegoboy

      Let's go! Minties in 15th position! Race number two here we come! \m/ (>o

    92. Mike Hoomoedt

      Savage speeders? Weren’t u first last season or what. Wtf happened

    93. Andy SJ

      Limelime qualifying 5th and yet still managing to be disappointing is what being a Limers fan is all about. Can already see the race, down to 10th after that first chicane, back into 3rd after the first lap, somehow 15th less than ten seconds later.

    94. Ysrael Tuan

      Snowstorm: Sorry Snowy: *sigh*

    95. Ben Alsop

      I think sapphire needs to make an exec decision and pull azure for gnome or meepo bottom 4 in 3 attempts is not a slip up it’s a rut. Let azure hit the gym and get ready for 2021 qualifiers with a clear head.

    96. Nikusguy

      That chicane can literally throw the marbles that start in the bottom half to first place in like laps 1 and 2

    97. Fluffymiyster

      At least Minty Maniacs qualified this time. Barely, though. But still...barely still means we're there :)

    98. C3

      What a job by Mallard! My GreenDucks are going all the way this time. Cheap move by Bolt on the last leg of this, blocking Mallard and siphoning off his energy. Still even with that bit of cheating Mallard managed to come back from dead last to 2nd place in the final. Again ... great job Ducks!

    99. gino belv_98

      great show

    100. Kyle Yakumithis

      I've said it before, I'll say it again.Team Momo is having an amazing season! Momo really knows how to manipulate the banked corner to their advantage, but seems to struggle exiting 5 and 6.