Marbula One: Savage Speedway GP Qualifying (S1Q1) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The first Qualifiers of the brand new Marbula One! (Marble Race, F1 for marbles) This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of the Savage Speeders, the Savage Speedway! Held in a time trial format, the qualifying will determine the starting grid for tomorrow's Race. AFTER THE PREMIERE this will become just a normal video!
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound and Minos Fylaktos & Mellacus (soundtrack during qualifiers results)
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Jelle's Marble Runs

      The race will be tomorrow at the same time, 3pm EST / 20:00 GMT! See you there 🏁🏆

      1. Волшебник Эклер


      2. Milad Eskandari

        Hi. Can you please design an event to be like football(soccer)? And thanks for your great videos!

      3. Zaku Kaiser

        Just saw the latest John Oliver show about this and I am all in. I can't wait for the upcoming season.

      4. Addison Wayne

        @mrpinch88 yes i pretty happy you said f1 to m1 fans

      5. Addison Wayne

        #jellesmarblerunjmr greg maybe they savage speeders have lot of throphy of m1 championship in the world i like green ducks!!!

    2. MrLuigge

      team o'rangers for ever wooo goo o'rangers goooo

    3. Andrew VanHook


    4. Violeta Cerezo

      Man The Logo Is Disgusting-Really excellent no one can defeat logo and especially my favorite team savage Speeders-savage speedys

    5. Boosted Revo

      can someone please let me know where he got the racetrack and other parts for this raceway

    6. the Dominican godfather anims

      God has shown me this glorious channel

    7. Elfoni

      Finally, something to watch while there’s no F1

    8. Judah Sh

      I say my Hazers, but where the Mintys???

    9. maikel 2424

      Omg Is these real?

    10. Tomas Cc

      Que crack de parte te ibai

    11. Katsuma Cast

      Seansosn 2

    12. Maddie Tannie

      This is the first time hearing other cheers besides O'Rangers... 1. I can hear why O'Rangers have the loudest/most distinct one 2. Waluigi is a Raspberry Racers fan

    13. Shane Spencer

      I can't believe my Hornets blew the qualifier!.

    14. Mr Kommentator

      To me Marbula One is the best format on this channel

    15. broceratops1337

      Green Ducks fans getting into it!

    16. zéwir

      where buy all the pieces to create your ball racing circuit? (Google translate)

    17. AcE_Duskz

      Lime Raceways S2?

    18. Tanner Gobel

      I can't help but chant those team chants

    19. mesman 7

      Come on orangers!!🟧🟧🟠🟠🟠

    20. olga roque

      The last thing i saw from him was the 2019 marblelympics

    21. Diesel Dawg

      Do your races take place in Marblaysia?

    22. Lee Mcmanus

      No Pole Position garbled “Prepare to Qualify?” Fail

    23. Viinis

      Vau, Pinkies didn't even enter Marbulas... Disappointed

    24. lord spriggan

      How did you get the parts

    25. Big-O

      Would love a return to Marbula one without all the big advertising from the actual F1 that recently killed the fun.

    26. Pootasaur

      The crowd chanting is the best part

    27. Sean Plant

      It’s late at night and I have been sick thank you for entertaining me as I fall asleep

    28. 888Grim

      Awesome event, and wow that intro is killer! Let's Go Galactic!

    29. Sxid Nx


    30. Daniel Souza

      This would be amazing with the Marbula E format (real teams and the new qualifying)

    31. maxmel17

      I'm a big Minty Maniacs fan but they haven't been in any tournaments recently

    32. Russ McKell

      any idea where this track comes from??!! i love it and want to create my own with my grandson!

    33. Kyle Flounder

      "Marbula" gave me quite the chuckle I gotta say. I love how cute that is

    34. Katie Garretson

      I absolutely LOVE the new crowd chants!! Your videos have given me such joy--thank you for all of your hard work in putting them together and making such quality content!!

    35. Alexandre Laguardia

      where are oceanics???

    36. Stephen Stokes

      Any other oceanic’s fans? 😢 Tidepride!

    37. Sara Schwind

      is this live

    38. Sara Schwind


    39. Sara Schwind

      ive never done this :l

    40. Fkez05

      no F1 so this is all i have rn XD

    41. Malicia the Octoling

      If the 107% rule was put into action, the 107% time would be 30.07. Rojo Uno, Shock, Sublime, Clutter and Speedy would fail to qualify. :)

    42. Daniel alejandro

      laik si vienes por ibai xd

    43. Henrique Pereira

      To think Savage Speeders would win the season😂😂😂😂😂😂

    44. DaMonique J

      I found the marble Olympics a few months ago and I started watching it with my brother. Then my dad came in the room and made fun of us for watching it, but then he got sucked in too😂

    45. Somewhere Upthere

      Why has YT NEVER recommended this for me??!?!? like WTH

    46. Anthony Kneip III

      Rojorollers got this! It was just nerves from the qualifying round!!

    47. Micaela Gibson

      Tfw the Pinkies don't get to participate :(

    48. Mike Lewis

      The Orange team is in front. I feel like there's a Max Verstappen metaphor in here somewhere.

    49. The Popcornpassport

      new to the channel...looks good!

    50. NotTheRealJubeNube

      my cat's name is momo

    51. David Smith

      Thanks 2 John Oliver for mentioning this.! I wonder if they will have national teams?? That would be funny!

    52. Big Orange Country


    53. Sean Snyder

      Aw, no Pinkies? That's probably for the best, actually... #PinkiePower

    54. Leonardo David Solis Rodriguez

      this is really well made

    55. Ricky

      I love the background noise of people lol

    56. Holy Guacamole

      What is the actual name of the music? I looked up Epidemic music and it was the name of a channel

      1. Holy Guacamole

        Epidemic Sound*

    57. Alec Colwell

      So I have a question, are the marbles represented by real people or is this more like a self-contained universe/lore?

    58. Alex Nöfzinger

      The number one sport right now

    59. BBOY ASIST


    60. G S

      cant wait to start watching my 1st active season

    61. IHIavok

      Who's here after watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver? :D

      1. ARGONAUTS 56 AU 1KERA

        Good, you get to enjoy this now and I’m thankful that he endorsed & aided this amazing championship!

      2. David Smith


    62. Summer Shepherd

      I’m so invested in this holy crap!!

    63. ethreldur

      I just had to check this out after John Oliver brought it up on Last Week Tonight, and I was not disappointed.

    64. KILLROZE

      This is one of the coolest, most genuine adoration for competition that I've seen is so long LOL!

    65. Zed

      Last Week Tonight with John Oliver brought me here.

    66. Jan Rupert Alfeche

      I didn't even know I wanted this but HERE I AM.

    67. DXGypsy

      In honor of my orange cat, my orange president, and my hero Walker Texas, (and for the awesome crowd chant), I declare myself an O'rangers fan!

    68. Nermin Huseinbašić

      This is amazing first time here after John Oliver mentioned you.

    69. Ascalis

      Thank you LWT tonight for pointing me to this glory.

    70. cvni_1981

      People in quarantine:

    71. wesley rodgers

      This is a sport?.

    72. Aes0m

      Hi I love all your videos, I just don’t get how M1 competing teams were chosen ? Is there a qualifying vidéo for enter the competition somewhere ?

    73. A R

      I'm new to this. What's the best way to choose a team?

    74. K Johnson

      who's here from vlogbrothers?

    75. Hemlock

      I may be in the minority but my hazy boys are close to my heart

    76. Natalia

      everyone’s talking about the limers but what about savage speeder fans 😞✊

    77. JohnHardcore

      Im saying before watching the event I support Team Galactic , GO GALACTIC GO!!!

    78. Jaziah 1123


    79. krowking123

      What’s wrong Ducks, why so far behind??? >w> ~A Razz fan Also a depressed Rojo fan...

    80. wenedy paulino

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    81. Ayman Ahmed

      Haven't been to this channel in 2 years!i am glad to be back watching this channel.

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      The Galacticos #GalacticTeamFans

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      Where can i buy this Tracks?

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      We need the pinkies

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      I'm here for the hot race girl marbles.

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      Haha RIP limers fan

    87. Hyper

      I will always and I mean always be a speedy fan

    88. nacho jimenez

      @Jelle's Marble Runs brutaaaaaaal, it's amazing

    89. JokeDindonChannel

      I'll be honest here I didn't know this was a thing... And I love it! Incredible job!

    90. Casandera Steiner

      My son (11) loves watching your races. Where can I find race tracks for beginners? Thank you!!

    91. Jay Lorbeer

      I just found this channel five seconds ago and I cannot believe it, I'm ready to find my team my marble my people MY PASSION

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    93. Electric Energy

      In the words of star platinum: ORAORAORAORAORAORA

    94. Marco Monaco

      Ehi! I love this race ahahah Where do you buy the track and the marbles? I will buy immediately for let this quarantine pass easily :)

    95. Lachlan Williams

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    96. Black GOLE

      I've always stuck with the O'Rangers

    97. Black GOLE

      I don't know why but I'm obsessed with this stuff

    98. Seth Smothers


    99. Robert Downes

      So happy to see the O'Rangers beat the first-ever record in Marbula 1

    100. Nightmares On Review Street.

      I love how the crowd cheers differently for the racers.