Cravendale Last Marble Standing E5 Block Pushing - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Muscle is all that matters in the block pushing leg of the cup. Each team must knock the block as far as possible to prove their ultimate strength! There’s no room for error in this ultimate test of force and power.
    The pressure is on 👇
    - This is NOT the Marble League 2020! The first video will be on June 18, and check the Community Tab for news!
    - The editing is mostly done by the Cravendale team, so any feedback is welcome and will be used to improve the upcoming videos.
    - The Cravendale crew allows max 3 attempts in case of a fail. In ML2020, each team will get max 2 attempts in block pushing and similar events.
    - The teams in the LMS have NOTHING to do with the original Marble League teams!
    We also used different marbles compared to the original ML teams.
    "Last Marble Standing" is sponsored by Arla Cravendale
    Competing teams:
    - Team Purity (host)(transparent teal with silver white)
    - Milky Madness (solid white, like Snowballs)
    - Semi-Skimmers (green with white)
    - Dairy Dash (sky blue with white swirls)
    - Freshers (lime green with teal and white swirls, like Limers)
    - Graze of Glory (blue with light blue, like Kobalts)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics / design: Merle Driver, Becky Sumner, Thom Mill and Jamie Bryan
    Filming / Video Editing: Jelle Bakker / Jodie Horne
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    1. BlueFlag Alpha

      Bad sportsmanship by Freshers, cant just rage quit if they are losing

    2. maikel 2424


    3. Joe Schmidt

      what the hell is this redo garbage milky madness wanted a 5th place finish

    4. Idiot Tech

      Great stuff, Graze of Glory, now bring it home!

    5. Jonathan Zuege

      Why did they get not 1 but 2 redos? That's pretty unfair.

    6. Laura d

      "My biggest dream is to set up my own museum filled with marble runs and marble races where people can put in marbles and compete each other," [Jelle] said. (Source: That is SO cool! I know how much fun I'D have giving that a go; I'm quite certain all your fans share my sentiment. You're well on your way, my friend. Never give up!

    7. DragonBlaster235 on roblox


    8. Shane Spencer

      Graze of Glory = Respect my authoritah!!! ლ(`ー´ლ)

    9. West Norton

      What?!?!? That’s outrageous! Two redos? Why should the freshest be REWARDED for doing poorly???? Let’s go dairy dash!

    10. Cinnamon Sugar Courtney

      Ugh poor freshers, marbles flying out

    11. Doctor Death


    12. Miguel Freitas

      won't even bother watching the final.. Milky Madness clearly being robbed, where is the repeat round after a bad result as the freshers had?

    13. Dani Madden

      Graze of Glory that's what I like to see!!

    14. Marshall L

      Fire the Refs! The redo's were a bad call. They shouldn't get rewarded for their failure. This isn't the little leagues! This is professional sports!

    15. Ross Parker

      84.35???!! Graze of Glory must have smuggled in some Fresher, Purer, Tastier for Longer Arla Cravendale Milk and lightly coated the track! That block was sent sliding for days...

    16. Madder of the Few

      Love the little victory lap by the Semi-Skimmers at 5:17. Really shows how tense these events can be, and how rewarding good results are. Go Skimmers!

    17. Patrick


    18. Malachi Hill

      I was jumping up and down when graze of Glory won believe it or not

    19. pakkmann

      I heard the Freshers were doping

    20. Plop Adventures

      I like the freshers

    21. cmq18

      “They are truly out-standing in their field” That had to be on purpose, yeah? Sometimes a pun gets me and that one was out of nowhere

    22. Keith Bell

      This effort by Milky Madness in that first run was just galling. They came out of the refrigerator cold, cold. They clearly weren’t properly warmed up beforehand. Milky Madness needs a complete overhaul. New coach. New captain. Heck, new ownership. Rebuild this majestic club back to its halcyon days of glory.

    23. Vinay Kapadia

      Go Graze of Glory! #grazeofglory #moo

    24. Brody Hanneman

      They should not have gotten the redos numbers would not have been far off from milky madness

    25. poopikins

      The Freshers really dropped the ball on HEAT 2, but they regrouped and rolled with it.

    26. JackLTTP

      "Graze of Glory is out standing in there field" I can not believe you made that pun, and I both love and hate it.

    27. Jacky Lam

      At least we're above Milky Madness #YaFreshersYa

    28. adam taylor

      That is the most elaborate milk commercial I ever intentionally sat and watched.

    29. Merletastic

      Graze of Glory all the way!!

    30. hamlet fortul

      comon grace glory

    31. The Pip

      As a milky madness fan, I’m just crushed by their lacklustre performance.

    32. Nathanael Smith

      When is someone going to admit that Milky Madness need a total overhaul? Embarrassing.

    33. Jan Christoffersen

      Really expected more from my Dashers considering their name

    34. TigerJack 177


    35. muraalia

      Why am I suddenly so invested in a bunch of marbles? Life is weird.

    36. Dan

      I've never been this emotionally invested in marbles before.

    37. Blake Parrey

      That redo has really left me upset, ML had the worst run in the world, a chance to not look dismal and then they get 2 redos!

    38. Handige Harrie

      Ahh man thats such a BS with the re do's MILKY MADNESS HOOLIGANS GONNA RIOT!!!!!

    39. Cary Rumley

      That’s my boys Glory! Let’s go!

    40. CuriosityRocks

      My second favourite event 😁

    41. This Is My Boomstick

      Graze of Glory really out here showing why they’re the best around. Great showing. Beautiful to see.

    42. Ridwan Noer

      Oh my, The Freshers!! Medic!! Come on they gotta have a check for the whole team, the referee, and their coach. Clearly some locker room talk made a chaos in there.

    43. Tancredi Di Paola

      The Freshers DID NOT deserve a Re-Do!

    44. Gabriela Lima

      Gooooooooo GoG!!!!!!!

    45. ChickenZGaming

      I had arla cream cheese recently any it was runny AF. 2/10 would not recommend

    46. se Leon

      Out of all of the great stuff John Oliver has done over the years, getting me into Jelle's Marble Runs is by far the best one

    47. Nasir Pipkins

      yea graze

    48. Ben Jackson

      Woo, finally a team im rooting has a chance at winner the overall championship. So long as they dont come last, go on Graze of Glory

    49. Jifferson Dia

      Origami Tobiichi: I knew that the Graze of Glory, the oldest team on Cravendale Cup, has surpassed the relative supporter the O'rangers. Then here's the legend: 🎈: O'rangers 📘: Graze of Glory 🎈: 82.6 cm 📘:84.35 cm

    50. Silver Night

      To the semi-skimmers from the word of a legend: Way to go Shawn!!

    51. Semaj_502

      Ahh man. Graze of Glory are "truly outstanding in their field. " World class pun my man. Bravo bravo 👏👏👏

    52. Miguel Rosa

      It is tuff being a milky madness fan

    53. Kobe Dziuba

      Why did fresher's get to go again what a joke my milks got screwed

    54. Paige Honeycutt

      Clover is sitting behind the blue marbles on the bottom layer second row in at 4 min and 20 secs or so

    55. Alfonso Verdugo

      If Graze of Glory win this competition they should be in the leage

    56. Oli Clay

      I gasped with genuine concern when the marble went off the track 😅

    57. Max Goldstein

      The two re-dos for the Freshers are absolutely unfair!!! They must have bribed some officials

    58. joe smoe

      4:11 I found Clover! 6 rows from the top, Seventh seat from left to right in the middle section!

    59. Selsey Reclaim

      I love the sky rail system as the weight! This is just so awesome. A masterpiece.

    60. balmoraman4

      TWO replays for the Freshers?! That can't be allowed! They should not be given so many chances. I call referee bias!

    61. Dhimas CPW

      Lets go Graze of glory Lets go Lets go

    62. Justiceisahero

      This is preposterous, if you’re just handing out redos why not give Milky Madness one for an obvious misfire

    63. Ryan Stennett

      freshers first run should have been there score

    64. HG 80

      Graze of glory pulling ahead, Lets hope they can hold on

    65. Chorls BUMBKINSON


    66. Andrew

      The Freshers shouldn't get a re-do for bad technique! It gives them an unfair advantage, essentially getting 2 free practice runs in! If I'm the Milky Madness team I'd be playing under protest, they should be tied in 5th, but are now 2 points back! Opens up the door for, "Oh, if I get a bad start I'll just launch myself over and try again!"

    67. Rombizio

      Man. JJ not making to the marble league sucks. They always entertain. Now is Balls of Chaos only for me.

    68. Bradley Woodard

      Where is episode 6? I need my finale.

    69. Gamepopper101

      Here I was hoping Semi-Skimmers would take the win.

    70. ac milan 2280

      Praise the Graze!

    71. jskipper

      Dairy is scary

    72. Snake Green

      Semi skimmers is my team and they got there win stolen 😭

    73. TheWindowsCollector Windows 11

      I saw clover

    74. Lauren

      I was losing hope for the skimmers but they really showed up!

    75. Benilda Ellana

      go The Freshers! :) congrat for 1m subs

    76. 888Grim

      Go Milky Madness! #EmbracetheMadness!

    77. Michael Hilvert

      I am appalled that the Freshers were allowed a redo not once, but TWICE for their own mistakes. There’s no justice at the Cravendale Cup.

    78. Kamon Shirow

      Purity: Betcha won't jump the rail. Freshers: Hold my milk.

    79. Bless Oda

      Porque ele teve uma chance a mais sim u Verde com laranja e azul a e se ñ saber minha linha é português e porque o milk mines ñ ganhou segunda chance

    80. BleachRush

      How come there was no track inspection after the first incident? Milky madness paid the price.

    81. Martin Beberman

      Twice off the track. It’s a wonder no one was hurt.

    82. Yadisf Haddad

      C'mon Purity, at least we can still snatch second place!!!

    83. Josny13

      I have to say, well done on the sponsoring adds all over the place. Those don't just look like stickers, it looks like everything was designed to fit this theme. That's pretty cool. All those boards and the wall in front of the stands. Well done.

    84. Tim Elpunkt

      It is so relaxing to watch those marble videos. And your commentary is just great too. Thank you so much for keep doing this and thank god ive found your IRvision channel 👍🏻

    85. Silverion

      Welp, just when you thought the Freshers got a chance they make mistakes like these. Just too hot headed, you have to level off and focus! Still believe in you!

    86. Darrel Pinkston

      If you fall off the track that's too damn bad going to lose me if that keeps continuing

    87. Vampiratelycan

      Come on Graze of Glory!!

    88. CHOPP3R19

      one last push from my skimmers please!

    89. Janis Ukass

      oh my! I always pick the losing team. I am an Oceanics fan since forever even after their host fiasco. Now the Milky Madness... I am out of words.

    90. gbirtz

      My beloved Snowballs have just had a melt-down.

    91. sanmitra nath

      At 4:10 there's the lucky mascot

    92. Jed Albert Barbosa

      Jelle it's June 18! Mark the MarbleLympics a.k.a Marble Olympics & Marble League now!

    93. Dave Jackson

      I kinda want the marblelympics

    94. Lemasyanji Siame

      I'm so excited for today's marble league game!!!!!!

    95. Party Die

      The Freshers' performance was just disapointing.

    96. Michelle Oaster

      No Safety Marbles dispatched for Team Purity?! I hope eveyone was okay😲

    97. Indonesia Marble Racing


    98. Gene Waddle

      Clover sighting 4:07 Right side 5th row up in the fan section

    99. redblkgirl99

      I know it's a team effort but Blazey is just awesome!!!

    100. Steve Nesbitt

      Three re do's