Block Pushing | Marble League 2020 E7

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    Welcome to the fifth edition of the Marble League #ML2020, sponsored by Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and Event 7: Block Pushing!
    The classic test of teamwork returns as a three-way race for the championship emerges! Marbles must push the block forward as a collective while avoiding bumping into each other. Will the podium belong to former champions like the Midnight Wisps, or to an upstart team? And will a three-year Marble League Record belonging to the O'rangers fall? This one's for all the marbles!! #marblelympics #marblerace #marblerun
    The next event will be the Triathlon, we made a change in the schedule because we discovered a mistake in a pre-recorded event but we have still plenty of pre-recorded events in stock.
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos
    Graphics: Anton Weber, Tom Cui, Trevor Sayre
    Editing: Bart Stoffels, Jelle Bakker
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    1. Hyein Clifton

      I loved Midnight Wisps for 3 years.

    2. Hyein Clifton


    3. Jack does stuff

      when you watch back marblelympics 2017 and when the tunderbolts and the oceanics and doing really good

    4. Noah J


    5. H3nye

      Me: In 2019 nobody got close to breaking the record there’s no way anyone is getting close to that. Midnight Wisps: Observe

    6. Oliver Runciman

      i'm a thunderbolts fan ):

    7. Parker Erich

      I'm... Going to need a 4th team to barrack for. Jawbreakers, Hazers, and Thunderbolts just aren't cutting it. Go Midnight Wisps!!

    8. TDJ

      Cant remember what brought me here! IM OUT!

    9. BizKwikTwist

      The work...I mean....the fact that the marbles move around a cheer. Amazing. Not that they wouldn't cheer, they are real of course.

    10. Stephanie Shah

      Savage speeders forever

    11. Jugoo Jaman

      I would like to say Momo Momomo Momomomo Mo

    12. Dickmeiss

      Go Green Ducks

    13. Caston Young

      I don't understand when do the marbles need to stop pushing? Like why don't they just keep pushing the block slowly until they reach the end of the track?

    14. Best Johnny

      I'm a fan of the orangers and I dont know why they get so much hate

    15. Mickey Stone

      I'm a green duck fan, and it's not going to well

    16. WALIO 7999

      CCE doing pretty good this year

    17. Persiah 777

      Nighttime is the right time baby!

    18. Dane Tattersall

      As a Hazers fan...whuff.

    19. J C

      Midnight Wisps showing flashes of that 2018 championship season

    20. Maria Barros

      raspberry racers are on steroids

    21. Silver Solver

      Worst camera work of the series so far. The sudden switch from the run to the hit requires a refocus, by which time the event is over. Wonderful series all told, brilliantly done, kudos to all involved.

    22. tim maacqi

      Rasberrys are doing good. This is exactly how they won last time. Consistant good finishes with the odd medal. and no bad finishes.

    23. Susana Minguez

      Luigi: go weegee

    24. Ace Gallon

      Hes a legend

    25. Master Builder

      As a dead heart hornets fan I have to say one thing “come on guys....”

    26. Binh Nguyen Dinh

      Like if you love Midnight Wisps

    27. ObiWantheGOAT

      I'm a hazers fan and I just want to be put out of my misery. Relegate us😓

    28. Sir_Palm_Branch

      It's tough being a Hazers fan this year..

    29. Thomas Baumbach

      I'm going to call it: Midnight Wisps are juicing.

    30. Jord Wylde

      I love watching these videos, but out of curiosity because of the nature of the event being the same and the weight of the marbles being the same(teams), if you repeat the same marbles doing the same thing a few times, do they repeat the same/similar or very different results? Because my brain says "same start, same weight, can't be different" So i'm genuinely curious about repeated outcomes.

    31. Will Bright

      Go Green Ducks!

    32. Crap Poop

      Go Raspberry Racers! Good effort today by getting 6th! #RaspberryRobust

    33. Daniel Bode

      SPOILERS 8:07 Social Distance be like...

    34. RenaldoSeguin

      Hazers need to do a hard rebuild. This is pathetic. Or at least new management.

    35. FullerGoEasyOnTheComics

      Where my Ducks at?! QUACK QUACK QUACK!!

    36. Tstormer


    37. Muneer Cloete

      it's tough being a green ducks fan rn

    38. Jon Demus

      “Marble league record! Marble league gold!” 🏆 go MW’s!!!

    39. Steve Hinkle

      Hey! The track for this event was right next to the Balancing track from Event 1! Isn't that weird? Maybe Jelle wants to make the stadium a bit smaller so the cameras can cover more of it?

    40. Ʀē-ƤŁāƳ

      Como vim parar aqui ? Isso e muito bom 😂

    41. Denin Koch

      My Green Ducks are the disappointment of the year. Runners-up last year and favored to take the title and now we are basement dwellers.

    42. BlueFlag Alpha

      Team Galactic did well..... Just missed out the 3rd place

    43. Brynn Kennedy

      Tone down the team chants.

    44. AlexRunsRed

      He puts so much time in building this its crazy

    45. The KayBae69

      I’m so excited to see the Midnight Wisps move up!!! Aaaaah!

    46. Tigerhawk30

      1:35 - Eh, that wasn't chaos. The Thunderbolts were just showing off....wiggling their booties, as it were. Perhaps they DO need a touch more discipline though...... Also, maybe the Midnight Wisps need an entrance song after crushing that distance record. I suggest the Vincent Price portion at the end of Thriller..."Darkness falls across the land, the Midnight Hour is close at hand..."

    47. Idiotic Lifter


    48. Ev an

      Wouldn’t it be fun to put some metal ball bearings in as a team ? They would do excellent in some events , but terrible at others.

    49. Mackenzie McGovern

      Raspberry Racers are holding strong at 5th overall but they need to push hard now or they’re going to start losing ground!! #RaspberryRobust

    50. Gzehoo

      Midnight Wisps became an expert in Block Pushing

    51. Davide Sclosa

      Hazers what's going on? :(

    52. Xtreme Dude Adam

      Goooo Wisps!!! Champions of the night!!! #FearTheNight #WillOfTheWisps

    53. Richard Webb

      This should be a game sold in stores...

    54. Jack Gorczyca


    55. Arindam S. Roy

      Go Crazy Cat's Eyes!!! ❤️💙💛💚

    56. Mohd Ridhuan Md Kamal

      Ah, such a shame. If only Team Momo had that anchor hit properly at the end.... would have been a close one.

    57. Azad's World

      i love u #marblerecord

    58. NerfedFalcon

      Midnight Wisps got a gold medal. Even if they bomb the rest of the ML, we take those.

    59. Majoris239

      I can't pick between #HazeAmaze or #WillOTheWisps. So i'll cheer for both

    60. Nathan Z.

      Yeah! Team Momo finally get a medal! #MomoStrong

    61. Aaron

      He grew so fast. I swear it was just a month ago that he was at 20k

    62. Ebose Arhuidese

      my favorite teams came 1st and 2nd :D

    63. Seven L

      Go Midnight Wisps !! Go!! :)

    64. Mike Curtin

      Go Minty Maniacs! Thumbs up to crush a troll.

    65. Marlon_J Ceballos

      Ive been a fan of oceanics sinse the first one and Im so disappointed of them last year but its worser this is year

    66. NiGHTcapD

      Yay, Gleaners! They'll know exactly how to put that money to use: feeding the hungry. I should know.

    67. Jonathan Baker

      Honestly, the thunderbolts ain't doing great. Go Bolts

    68. Adam Lowe


    69. Mrpapayaheadrulesall

      Greg: No one's happier than the Midnight Wisps Uh yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm 1000% more excited about Momo getting silver than Midnight Wisp fans are about getting gold.

    70. Christian McGlothren

      As an orangers fan I’m somewhat dissatisfied that we got knocked down by team momo; however congratulations are in order!

    71. Zed R

      balls of chaos what are you doing this hurts

    72. CuriosityRocks

      Yay! Well Done OOOOOOOOOOOO’Rangers, step it up Raspberry Racers, you can do this 🥳🥰

    73. Kingpin Kent

      Can we just appreciate them using the metric system for measuring?

    74. Marley Griffin

      Jelle can you do mvm for the best marble/player of a season

    75. David Cardona


    76. Victor Leon

      I am very dissapointed in the performance of the hazers. Hazers performed exceptionally well in past races, and fairly well in passed Marble leagues. I don't what happened but Hazers have thoroughly dissapointed me.

    77. Jacob Rengen

      Came here for last week tonight stayed because it’s interesting

    78. Freizeitpark Junkie


    79. patedwar

      We need weight stats on these marbles! #nodoping. Same teams always lose in events where weight matters!

    80. Janet Moran

      good good good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Janet Moran


    81. Punic Wars

      OOOrrrngers!!! good to be back in 1st after last year. very strong team this season.

    82. BleedingRaindrops

      Good job Momo

    83. Hoseok Jo hin

      Could you do a endurance race

    84. Emm Kay

      I've always heard that Olympic Village runs out of condoms in the first week. I wonder what it's like in the Marble Village...

    85. Tincho Ramos

      #KeepItMellow #GoMellowYellow

    86. Logan Northrop

      YES! That's what I'm talking about baby!!! The O'Rangers have done it again! They've taken the lead! Great work guys, I knew you had it in you. The ML is ours!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'RANGERS!!!!!

    87. The-Trustees

      GO CCE!

    88. Rondell Winston Jr.

      when is marbula one season 2 coming?!

    89. William McGilberry

      "Anytime the energy is going up or sideways it is not going forward." Yup

    90. Vincent Öhlander Rice

      Up the O'Rangers!

    91. MissSaintG

      FOR THE NIGHT!!!!!!

    92. Julianmt

      idk why but this isnt rng like some teams are just better its wierd

    93. Abbi Kinghorn

      MIDNIGHT WISPS...... May the full moon be with you this month... My many blessings.... CCE fan. LUNATIC! A few months back I saw a rainbow halo around the moon. Magical midnight wisps.... My very blessings on you... 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌙🌚🌛🌜

    94. Brian Behrens

      My roommate is a Minty fan and I'm for the Cat's Eyes. This is keeping us sane in these trying times. # EYES ON THE PRIZE

    95. Abbi Kinghorn

      Team momo...... Bless you! Don't give up..... Momomomomo! Ohhhhhh! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Congrats on the medal.... CCE fan. Love you. X

    96. alexleomar moreno

      The crowd goes wild every time. O'rangers: ooooooooooooo. That is all I hear. Congrats to the Wisps.😁👏 #FearTheNight

    97. The Winged Hussar

      White Widow for free agency! #WWD4M1

    98. Marklemagne

      All other variables being equal, the only reasons I can think for one set of marbles beating another are imperfections in the marble or unequal amounts of friction. Would a fan tell me what I'm getting wrong?

    99. Seen Under Cygnus

      Aw man, my Crazy Cat's Eyes went too crazy! Go team MoMo-- ah, damn.

    100. Plevy

      Minty maniacs rise up 😤😤😤