Most Lead Changes in a SINGLE Race?

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Race 4 of the Marble Rally 2020 only on Jelle's Marble Runs! In this traditional format, 20 individual marbles race down a course in the sand and battle for the win. Who are you rooting for? Choose a marble and ENJOY! #MarbleRace #MarbleRally #JellesMarbleRuns
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    1. Craig Timmons


    2. Climber Joe

      CCE OUCH!

    3. So Me'One

      RN3 don’t thrive in wet conditions 🥲

    4. Fiona Ford

      Nemo what happened my boy...

    5. Lightning Skeleton

      At the last part Nemo was in third but at the end Nemo finished 12TH

    6. Cars,trains and marble racer Number 1 fan

      Well done cobra

    7. Whatever Animations

      He should do an episode one day were they go through very light rain and go through tunnels 😄

    8. Mikey Guadarrama

      Still rooting for quicksilver !

    9. Abid Abdullah

      its unfair for rn3 . You cannot change one's identity . he was born with it . The cry babies are happy now. Justice for red number 3.

    10. Ðraconas

      Remove the shuffle board man it just ruins the while race

    11. Sifang Li


    12. surf247365

      The more sandy the marble the more easier for them to stop rolling

    13. Hugos Hobbies

      Did'nt know I needed Marble Races in my life. Ozzy Man brought me here. It really looks like fun to set up a course, place some bets and look what happens.

    14. Jake From State Farm

      Finally, a good day to be a Cobra fan

    15. Nitro

      Looking like the 1999 European Grand Prix

    16. mattmacd2009

      Red number 3 just can't get a break.

    17. TaigaNatsuki

      Come on Superball!! I’m rooting for you!!

    18. Sawyer Hough

      Dude after a win dragons egg? Come on dude

    19. katy Restrepo Borrero

      1:23 this marble in the sand is roldo

    20. katy Restrepo Borrero

      1:16 is this roldo?

    21. Mr. W

      Most painful race for #CCE ever. Not like this! Not like this!

    22. Luis Baltazar

      This RN3 is an impostor, please bring back the original! #justiceforRN3

    23. Neb Go

      What have you done to RN3? YOU MONSTER!

    24. Addyson Robinson

      Chi kola wing

    25. Addyson Robinson

      Chi koa wing

    26. Addyson Robinson

      Chi koa wing

    27. Markku Karhunen


    28. aubrie

      Why red number 3 why?

    29. Thor Cloninger

      Lollipop got got

    30. v luvit!

      I come to YT for this kind of content.

    31. JMartingell

      Slimer deserves some more respect for charging through the field to claim second

    32. TheChicken

      Anyone looking around for roldo?

    33. SadBoys 1996

      Ghost plasma coming in strong this year with three podiums in 4 races. lets gooooo

    34. Angus Trangmoe


    35. Rodney Johnstone Prime

      "He's Always a Marble to Me" to the music of Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman to Me" He can thrill with his style✨ He's too fast⚡for your eyes! 👀🎥 And he can renew your faith with his stellar🌠surprise! and he slyly conceals what you weren't supposed to see! He hides like a child, But he's always a marble to me!!! He can lead the whole race🏁 He can pass you then leave you! He can show you the truth and then make you believe! He'll take what you give him He's Red🔴#3 !!! Yeah he steals like a thief but he's always a marble to me!!! Ohhh, he takes ❤ care of himself He can race if he wants🏁 He's ahead of his time ⏳ Ohhh, and he never gives out⚡ and he never gives in 🚫 He just changes his line. He's won Sand Marble Rallys from the 🇳🇱 Netherlands to Sweeden He will carelessly pass you then laugh while he's leadin' !!! and he brings out the best Greg Woods commentary! He may have a hole, but I want you to know that he's always a marble to me!!! Ohhh, he takes ❤ care of himself He can race if he wants🏁 He's ahead of his time⏳ Ohhh, and he never gives out⚡ and he never gives in 🚫 He just changes his line. He is frequently 1st 🏆🏆 He is totally cool !!! He can do as he pleases! He's nobody's fool-(🍚Quicksilver!) and he can't be convicted 🏴🎱 He's earned Pedigree !!! 🕌🏆🏆 And the most he will do is throw sand grains on you But he's always a marble to me!!!

    36. Rodney Johnstone Prime

      What have you done to RN3??? Have you NERFED him? Put lead in his hole? Is this a dopleganger? What is going on???

    37. Latrodectus mactans

      Shuffleboard wrecked El Capitan. :(

    38. Cristian Giannetti

      1st cobra and 2nd slimer lets goooo

    39. Tjeu Peijs


    40. Peter McConville

      Pollo Loco is always so strong out of the gate but they need to train stamina.

    41. JTV73


    42. Venom

      Damn, as a ELC fan it was amazing to see him finally in first place but something told me he was gonna choke it up :(.

    43. Lozza

      Marbula 1?

    44. Eternal Gamer

      No one gonna mention the absolute emotional rollercoaster for us Comet fans, huh?

    45. Arbesa m

      Where is deep ocean? #DPO

    46. godnoble

      More lead changes = better race design. The same marble in the lead the whole time is so boring. This was great (and not only because my girl Marbly McMarbleface did so well).

    47. WilsonTheNerd

      Rip to the legend of RN3😭

    48. Dimon X

      Woooo go ductape!!!

    49. vazak11


    50. John Smit

      I felt like we were going to have a first time winner. I heard a hissssssss. I knew Summer Sky was taking that portion of the track too fast. What a Cruel Summer.

    51. Priest

      Come on cool moody and superball, you guys can do it!!!!

    52. Tom Phillips

      Also, peak 2020... at no more. 😂


      Really like the animation!!!! (it still feels like team galactic is hosting)

    54. Andrea Davis

      . . . . . 2:39 NEMO IN SECOND 2:45 welp

    55. MrAnQ2


    56. simple guy


    57. Raúl Anzaldúa

      Slimer began in the lead, fell to the almost last marble and then... second place, so much emotion for that marble, and for me watching it

    58. Fluffymiyster

      Aww, my Dragon's Egg didn't finish this round :(

    59. Kiran Nair

      Cobra!!!! Yeah! I kind of watching this a week after thinking cobra got beached three times in a row

    60. C.S.R

      Worst track conditions of any season! LAME!!!

    61. Erebus Von Mori

      Talk about treacherous conditions, hope noone picked up an injury.

    62. nel Ad

      Iba me dijo que viniera, jaja grande maestro

    63. David Campbell

      Come on red3. . my mortgage is on the line😁😁 I regret getting so swept up

    64. BrokenTeddyGroup

      Dat Ghost Plasma tho ❤️

    65. CreepyProduceFan 100k


    66. Aster Void

      Omg I’m soooo upset.. summer sky is in first and is on pace to win.. just to get snubbed like that.. wow

    67. Man Cave

      Cool Moody went from 20th to 4th.

    68. maggs131

      Somebody please help me 😧 all I want is someone to tell me why I find this so interesting and can't stop watching? I despise professional sports with a deep throbbing hatred but I love this... why? 😐

    69. Jamie San

      RN3 might need to think about retirement

    70. Reece

      What have you done to red number 3

    71. Bronisław Mapper

      Where i can buy that balls

    72. Brian Kohler

      Even the marble rally cant escape 2020... In other news: GREAT JOB COBRA!!!

    73. Pres Pey

      Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good job

    74. Pres Pey

      Hiiiii goooooo yay woooooooo

    75. Curtis Cruthirds

      Can we get some MMM love? Poor start and then moved all the way up to fighting for first place. Respectable 5th place finish. Much better than the previous races. Keep pushing!

    76. Sonmi 872

      For CMO, consistency is key. 😎

    77. Twifight Sparkill

      I miss the Pinkies.

    78. Maruku

      I'm still waiting for the ghost marble to actually come in first in one of these races against all odds. Lately I've just been seeing it not finishing.

    79. William Pearce

      I hope everyone in the SMR haves a great year and RN3 can't win every year like savage speeders so I wish every marble a great rally

    80. Apurbo Baidya

      I read an article about you in the newspaper. I was curious about how it works and I was just amazed to see the videos. Love from Bangladesh🇧🇩

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        Thanks! Greets from the Netherlands!

    81. Anville _

      I have faith in superball he will get the podium this year

    82. DrWhoHarvey

      I wonder if this is the equivalent of F1 when weather messes up the course.

    83. Total Nerd

      Comet never wins but he's still my favorite competitor...

    84. felonious89

      Da bomb cool moody!

    85. SD Giroux

      What an exciting track! The lane splits were very effective. Great race. Those are some tough racers

    86. TKScorp

      Lol this is awesome I missed marbles.

    87. King Munro

      Yes my Cobra finally wins let’s go

    88. Martin Teece

      We really need try a double drop . Ie woden platform raised of sand where the marbles can get extra speed then some the quote shuffle board sections to catch the marbles .

    89. Stephen Torhaus

      As an El Capitan fan, that shuffle board was a cruel trick.

    90. Sebastian Herrera


    91. levi hernadez

      yea si no inglish eeeeee

    92. BigZeeff

      Cmon Superball

    93. Regie Laguyo

      Superball for the win!

    94. Matt Hausner

      Cobra Kai never dies

    95. Seth Bettwizilch

      Peak 2020

    96. Luke Ghazal

      That fact that cool moody was in near last and brought himself up to 4th is astonishing! Gj cool moody! Win this Sand Rally!

    97. Worst Witch

      THROW BLACK KNIGHT IN THE TRASH! That’s where it belongs...always letting me down😩

    98. Makeshift Marble Runs

      Enjoyed Cobra doing a Usain Bolt at the end, slowing down to smile for the cameras!

    99. Eisen Adler

      Crazy Cats Eye: It's bwoken! Anti-stall!

    100. James 2465

      Is it a problem that my favorite marble is the ghost?