Halloween Marble Race 3 with Hubelino Tower- Jelle's Marble Runs

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    The 3rd Halloween Marble Race where 8 marbles will compete in a tall Hubelino Tower. Only one of them can win! (it's recorded in 2018)
    === Credits: ===
    Commentary: Greg Woods
    Music: Minos Fylaktos

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    1. Freakin Pekin

      fun fact: you are watching WAY before halloween but i am.

    2. Taylor Pickering

      Already waiting for this year’s Halloween and Christmas races!!

    3. Jackson Williams

      First elimination: Oozer falls victim to the spider! 1:48 EaT uP My ChIlDrEn

    4. Candyfire Games

      Did anyone notice in the first race,Eyeball came back from last to first

    5. Brady Power

      this was very very vunny

    6. Morjax Plays

      Sight unseen, I'm rooting sulphide all the way!

      1. Morjax Plays


      2. Morjax Plays

        Okay NOW I'm rooting for skeleton as the tower starts.

      3. Morjax Plays


    7. Mooga Mooga

      Greg: Eat up, my children. Me: O.o

    8. Connor Haber


    9. Connor Haber

      the spider bite

    10. Mark Thomsen

      I legit had Zombie Brain as my favourite pick from the first race because of the obvious irony in a zombie brain being the best :^)

    11. red eagle

      omg that scary voice killed me

    12. gymnastoman1

      Glad I don’t have a heart condition cause vampire would have caused a stress induced heart attack. Up and down the whole time

    13. RufioRush

      Eyeball.....man I believed in you and you let me down.

    14. PoeticPursuits

      Thank the lord Eyeball made it to safety.

    15. PoeticPursuits

      Good God this is so nerve racking.

    16. Devas 29

      3:40 why is there Minty Maniacs

    17. Joseph Lucas

      I choose vampire yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Drew Bakka

      Man this was graphic

    19. the sport kid

      Comets can spoil

    20. Ujuani Abelsen

      1:01: That's a pretty nice plastic tarantula, there. Looks a bit like a Brachypelma Vagans.

    21. lilman JR

      dammit skeleton!

    22. Zulu

      yo i hope you see this. put a marble next to the cam as a cameraman you're welcome

    23. sarai

      “they pass right on by, indifferent to his plight” lmfao

    24. doinkr

      Most lit thing ever

    25. Alex NAICKAR

      Great rhyming

    26. Ja Boi

      Skeleton is such an underdog.

    27. Dora Gonzalez


    28. Jadeishifter

      i chose a marble they got eaten i chose another afterwards got eaten m y c h o i c e s a r e c u r s e d

    29. gmac Wizard

      god damnit soul orb

    30. Slimeball BG

      3:39 I see the Minty Maniacs

    31. Erik Skole

      Aww crap. Now I'm addicted to watching marbles roll. 😀 the announcer is a nice touch. Makes this compelling to watch, oddly compelling.

    32. Just Jimbo

      Eye ball let me down

    33. alex miz

      Should have placed a bet. In all halloween races the marble/ball I chose was the one who won!

    34. Heather Van Hattem

      Am I the only one who shakes the screen hoping it will dislodge the marbles?

    35. Hepzhibah De Guzman

      Cool 👹👺

    36. SpookyAL

      AHHHHH YES there's my favorite Purple Phantom!!!!!! If you ever want to sell that beauty, let me know!

    37. Keisija Jursevska

      I’m sorry I cannot watch this video because there’s spiders everywhere and I’m super scared of them

    38. Rishabh

      3:51 *Countless Souls have perished on this course* $pooky😖😈😈👿

    39. Steven

      It would be cool if you could put mini cameras in that tower to get a close up view of them xD

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I did that, but the footage was bad and blurry.

    40. Gatchastudio 4life

      2:25 poor little eyeball decoration

    41. Sam S

      Dracula with a couple hundred years to kill

    42. Jason Nelson

      WOOOOOOO! Zombie brain all the way!!!! This was a lot of fun, thanks for all your hard work!

    43. BabyCakesPeach

      I have zombie brain

      1. BabyCakesPeach

        SPOILERS! Let’s go he won

    44. D.J. Start

      Oozer reminds me of #limetime :(

    45. Guillermo Colocho

      Every marble I chose either was eliminated or it was stuck :( Soul orb Purple phantom Skeleton

    46. Kay

      I picked vampire..... Graaahhhhhh!

    47. Sarah Barr

      Ahhh why do the ones I choose never win

    48. Jay Kozokas

      The Halloween race calls are the best!

    49. Sweetface Iradonia

      and mute.

    50. ShiftyDog

      Nothing like a bit of marble blood sport to get you ready for halloween

    51. Keith Davis

      F for all the Marbles lost in this race

    52. Jamie Tipton

      The ending with the skeleton was excellent.

    53. EarlOfMaladyCrescent

      As soon as you introduced that (amazingly well built) tower in to the video, the level of awesomeness jumped up several notches!

    54. A wild Filing cabinet

      Those are some really cool looking marbles. I like them

    55. Ammar Syed

      OMG I remember when you first uploaded this video and lost it since everything got deleted. I'm glad you could get it back and re-upload it for Halloween time. Thank you so much, I like all your videos, but I really like this one! 🎃

    56. E. Andrews

      Go Sulphide!

    57. jimpoppin

      I always put my money on the blood red ones..

    58. Nestor Custodio

      I was with you the whole way, Skeleton... ... even after it became clear your ribs were going to get you hung up at every possible turn. R.I.P

    59. TunaMasterFish

      3:45 I hate jump scares

    60. ᴋʜᴜғᴢʏʏʏシ

      I love eyeballsss i allways use eyeball

    61. Rini Tahir

      I got goosebumps when he said "Eat up my children".

    62. DusTV

      Hi! Im Dustine! I am just a 10 yr old boy that have no power to donate to #TeamTrees ... so instead ill spread the word go to teamtrees.org/ and donate a dollar! $1 = 1🌲 Lets Go!

    63. Arthur Mckeever

      When there's a new marble race, and every marble you pick gets put out immediately 😣 (bar one round)

    64. noah the thinker

      The dancing skeleton at the end 😂😂😂

    65. Two Thumbs

      My wife hates you but i LOVE YOUR DEDICATION.

    66. Ottone III

      skeleton looks like a cantaloup

    67. Rinnie Day

      rip skeleton my boi

    68. Denis Charbonneau

      1.4 million people liked this video. 34 dislikes ? Probably the... spiders who were left hungry....!

    69. Ratheon Hudson

      Short, sweet, and unpredictable fun!

    70. Glen Tight

      Eyeball should get a run in sand marble rally 👁

    71. first1name KNOWS

      I got my eye on eye ball🏁

    72. John Smit

      I thought I was already scared with the course but then came .........the Tower!

    73. Jonathan Cragle

      Go Vampire!

    74. TIM O'Dell

      C'mon Eyeball

    75. Mark Wilson

      When you win a heat only to be eliminated in the next one without a chance to be helped by the Ball Bearings

    76. Ori Cardomay

      This is the goofiest and I love it.

    77. Gunthixkid02

      First, I wanted Oozer to win. Then he lost so I was like, "ok, now I'll root for Soul Orb". Then he lost. Finally, I said " ok, Sulfide you're my man". Then he lost. I give up.

    78. Andrew Blechinger

      Bigger news: Quercetti has released the first officially licensed Marble League set!

    79. snif22

      as an orangers fan i choose any orange marble in all races well done on third eyeball

    80. Tori C

      this is the first time ever that the marble I rooted for actually won!!! Congrats Zombie Brain :)

    81. Jc Serquiña

      And who says marble racing isn't dangerous? Marbles get eaten by spiders if you lose in this race! MARBLES DIED!

    82. OmegaBabylon

      I picked Zombie Brain, because zombies are awesome.

    83. CapricornNJ

      Another great race! Thanks JMR!!! And, am I the only one who wonders what Greg looks like? LOL

    84. Mia Daorerk

      Aw damn I was rooting for Purple Phantom if only for the lit name.

    85. Atheist Edge

      "Someone stole that off my desk."

    86. Children's Dreams Toys


    87. Antonius Britannia

      Definitely team Zombie Brains!

    88. Jacob Plamer

      Why can green marbles never win?!!!?

    89. Areally Stupidguy

      Love this one and love Hubelino. Would love to see another Hubelino tournament next year.

    90. FlippyFFS

      Zo, dat was heel erg spannend! Die toren was wel hoog hoor! Ik wist even niet of ze nou omhoog of omlaag moesten. Schrok ook wel een beetje van die skelet op het eind, maar wel leuk hoor! Groetjes.

    91. pontus lindahl


    92. BuzzerZero

      Cute spider bite :3

    93. boRn_N_DA_80s

      Waiting on the winter marble run setups...

    94. Mark Dowdy

      What a spooooky race!!

    95. C. Walker

      (slow clap of approval)

    96. melted cheetah

      ...and then the camera pans up the Tower 😳😬

    97. RaiKageRyu

      That some convenient ball bearing at the end. *wink *wink

    98. Hawk

      Putting quite a menacing look on this ones commentation hey?

    99. Omar Khaiyyum Rafi Khan

      How come this awesome piece was recorded in 2018!! Wow!

    100. Nivram Smith

      Soul Orb is where it’s at!