Marbula One: Hivedrive GP Qualifying (S1Q4) - Marble Race by Jelle's Marble Runs

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    Welcome to the 4th Qualifying session of the Marbula One! (Marble Race, F1 for marbles)! This weekend, our racers will have to master the course of the Hornets, the Hivedrive which includes a Gravitrax part! Held in a time trial format, the qualifying will determine the starting grid for tomorrow's Race. AFTER THE PREMIERE this will become just a normal video!
    - We will do a fix on the conveyor belt after this race to avoid dangerous situations and injuries.
    - The name "Marbula One" is copyright protected, we reached out to the F1 trademark department and they were nice enough to assure there will not be any problems with us using the name. We are NOT associated to Formula 1 or its teams in any way.
    - S1Q4 in the title means Season 1, Qualifiers 4.
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    Music: Epidemic Sound and Minos Fylaktos
    Intro: Mellacus
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    New cheering chants performed by "Time Check"
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    1. Ethan Corney

      Typical Mary

    2. Nayfus Hatake

      team galactic⚡️⭐️

    3. Shane Spencer

      (Comments made before the start of the race) Well, Vespa had a fairly poor showing last race. Only decided to put all her marbles on the table starting lap 9. Never cracked the top 10. I don't have a good feeling about the Team's chance on our home track (Yeah, Yeah, I know home team n' stuff). Gonna have to dig deep in this qualifier! Geaux Hornets Geaux!!

    4. Skyshield

      even if I don't always find them, I love looking for the hidden marbles

    5. Juuso Tiirakari

      Go Balls of Chaos Go

    6. Rahmat Farid

      i just realized crazy cats eyes are not on the race. i bet they'd got speed as hazers and would be a great competitor

    7. Daniel Sam Abraham

      Jelle, you showed Rojo Does time before Rojo Does completed Sector 2.

    8. Daniel Sam Abraham

      if you think this is perfect, why don't you see Danny Marble Racing. it has a new video called Round 3 qualifiers.

    9. The Doctor

      Did anyone else picked a random team to support in the first race and now is really into how they doing? Go Green Ducks

    10. RAPH


    11. Ivan Pellper Freely

      As a fan of O'rangers, Snowballs, and Mellow Yellow (what can I say, I love mono-colored marbles lol), this qualifier was insane! Snowflake taking the lead RIGHT after Orangin was so hype!

    12. MonkeyJedi99

      Mary! More gas, less brake!

    13. Stephen Mencik

      Should give bonus points for winning the pole position.

    14. dawangai

      Hey are you guys planning to pick up NASMAR? I mean, one-design races like Marbula One are cool and all, but some of us prefer to see what's possible to get out of an off-the-shelf stock marble.

    15. 황종훈

      snowflake's fans! cheers!

    16. Ray Lopez

      Come on Snowballs, this is it. This is our chance baby

    17. zgamer200

      Snowflake really coming through in qualifiers this time around. We haven't been doing too well there, but have managed to climb a fair bit once we get to the actual race. Hopefully this trend continues and we just have a blowout victory and make up some ground in the standings. #WinterIsComing

    18. Stephen Myers

      Last comment by announcer in S1Q4. Hope to break 10k views😀. The difference in 2 months lol

    19. Brenton Carmichael

      God I love the commentary. This is divine

    20. bones007able

      Pretty sad I came over here after watching I-nascar.....and this is more exciting....

    21. Louis Vivian

      SNOOOWWWFLLAAAAKKKEEE!!!!!!! i knew he had it in him

    22. frogsinpants

      I get so annoyed by the crowd chanting sounds panned hard left. Please don't do that.

    23. &DER36

      I can’t choose which one is my favourite racer.. they so great..😅.. BTW i like snowflakes because it’s white and clean🤣.. nice content dude.. so entertaining 👍🏼

    24. Quiwi Lin Lisolet

      While it might not be that comparative to F1 I would suggest that teams get more than one marble in the qualifying. Just keep the fastest ones in the actual race

    25. BBOY ASIST

      I'm convinced some of these team marbles are driving oval shaped vehicles. COME ON team ROJO LETS GET IT TOGETHER.

    26. thefirephoenix HD

      Best IRvisionr

    27. Pablo Martinez

      Snowflake literally carrying the Snowballs team

    28. Courtney B

      go snowballs!

    29. MrHyperVenom18


    30. Christian Synthesis_101

      Whatever happens Im still fan of Galactic team..who else?

    31. Alessandro Di Michele

      Mellow yellow💛💛💛💛💛

    32. Matteo Rumor

      So proud of Snowy, great race

    33. Pascal Blankenburg

      I am a big Snowballs fan and I'm so Happy that they are in the Lead! Love these vids btw

    34. ebJMez

      I give up on momo

    35. Evan Offord

      Intro is fire

    36. David Borgmeyer

      Is Mary hurt? She just doesn't seem to be performing like a top racer. If she hasn't gotten checked out/inspected by a specialist, she really should.

    37. Hélory

      Team snowy ???

    38. Boris Callejas

      One marble by one marble?

    39. FrankXuX

      Galactic es lo mejor que le paso a este mundo

    40. Lawrence Watson


    41. Adrián Román Mencía

      quién más viene por ibai y ander?

    42. Ian Robertson

      Let's go Green Ducks!

    43. Nick Heebsh

      About time team Snowball qualified well. They've been great coming from the back of the grid. Time to see what they can really do

    44. Goyyoxxxgaymer 007#hailsopamelapela

      Gente que venga por Ibai que Narro este espectacular deporte xD confirme

    45. Tomás Rivarola

      Your work is amazing, greetings from Argentina, you have a new good fan.

    46. Juan Pablo Peñaranda Zuñiga

      simplemente fabuloso, me encanta toda la preparación y trabajo que le dedicas un saludo de un suscriptor de habla hispana 👏🙌

    47. J

      vengo de parte de Ibai a derte apoyo

    48. Eric Simpson


    49. chrisisoncamera

      O'rangers and Mellow Yellows are definitely Darby rivals. Closest colour circle match on the grid 🧡💛

    50. Arnau García

      BALLS OF CHAOS!!!!!

    51. CMDR SilentM

      Go Snowballs!

    52. The Grand Priest

      Decent time set by my wisps, expecting some improvements after being unlucky already this year. #willofthewisps

    53. dough537

      “It’s pretty darn clear the track is speeding up as the day goes along.” Hahahaha! Love it!

    54. Aly Homewood

      I didn't know Gravitrax was German... The more you know... Also the hive part will probably get interesting in the race, I'm definitely looking forward to watching that! :) #HazeAmaze

    55. Burn Money Beats

      This is the best thing since marble run for NES.

    56. jasonike13

      I don't know why Mary even bothers to show up. She's always bring up the rear.

    57. DQQUAST

      Mary has been struggling with technique, she needs to be more smart and she needs to learn from other people on our team

    58. alfred

      Wospy is the master at figuring out the strat for tracks, it's a shame the other marbles can essentially copy his technique and steal his wins.

    59. Gavyn Cable

      Die hard Orangin fan here. Through the ups and downs🙌🏼

    60. Obscene Vegetable Matter

      Are the main track parts custom made, or can they be bought somewhere?

    61. Joshua Rubayiza

      Go Green Ducks babyyyy

    62. Patrick

      Mary is a disgrace to Team Primary. Prim is the only racer on team Primary I recognize

    63. Cameron Wielenga

      DAMN YOU HAZERS!!!! aye dios mio, why must you be so fast

    64. Killbeasting

      I feel like the Wisps only race well in qualifiers, or at least that’s the precedent

    65. Noah Gollnick


    66. Ian Dimka

      The track is speeding up as the day goes along 🤣🤣🤣. This is what we’ve been reduced to; Thanks Obama

    67. Fran

      Patos verdes al poder!!

    68. Ali2The

      With the F1 season on hold, I’m here for a fix, shout out to JE Skeets from the no dunks podcast for sending me here!

    69. BOOM TOWN


    70. PandaWagon

      What exactly does the speed boost do?

    71. kidpablo


    72. Mel Chan


    73. Lola Bunny


    74. panthera65x

      I knew Snowballs would pull through, such a rocky start to the season but the waiting as paid off!

    75. fastpace101


    76. Jørgen Børve

      The intro-segment of Marbula One is the best i have ever seen in sports, gives me chills every time. That crisp animation and majestic music!

    77. lemmo

      it's a good day to be a snowballs fan!

    78. Chubbley _Wubbley

      Is it me or do I only get the audio of the audiences in my left ear

    79. humdingercodswallop

      Team Momo beat the average time and yet were the worst team on the track. My heart aches for the Mos

    80. humdingercodswallop

      Have you considered making more MoMary merch? I would buy a poster of their historic team-up

    81. Furrett

      this qualifier is definitely up to how the racers handle the hive, if the lead marble gets a breakaway in the GP and knows how to run the hive then they'll win easily

    82. Sweetface Iradonia

      almost a minute long intro... really unnecessary and a waste of everyone's time

      1. Jelle's Marble Runs

        I (Jelle) also want it to be shorter, but the long intro is "protected" by the JMRC and may not be made shorter. There are even proposals to stretch the intro to 90 sec to fit with the full version of the music..

    83. Kim Lindsey

      I like how Gravitrax was included here - very appropriate on a track named "Hivedrive." It's so interesting how sometimes pole position makes a difference and sometimes it doesn't. :-)

    84. Ryan

      great production

    85. Eric Helmholdt

      Had a guys weekend a couple weeks ago and we actually bet money on these races. Just know you're reaching a wide audience.

    86. tommie9087

      When your intro is more complex than actual formula 1

    87. Fuedes

      On GreenDucksTV, i heard that Billy had some Troubles with the Track and the performance on the Qualifying. 11th Place will be very hard, but Billy can do this!!

    88. Mark Hendrix


    89. Account Home

      I love the new race style!!! I just hope we can still get a couple sand races whenever june/July roles around. Marbly mc marble face has been training hard during the off season!

    90. Christian Santiago

      who would of thought that a snowball would get a better time in the qualifiers then the Orangers.. This is going to be a crazy race .

    91. HEWfunkingKNEWit

      The crowd has no idea where they are

    92. Lauren Pye

      Haven’t been here in a minute. What happened to Pacific? I know they fired their coach

    93. Jeffrey Denenberg

      if the hazers track isn't called the haze maze I will feel severely cheated


      It's barely 2 years that i don't see anything from team momo, since the incident of momomomo that he's got injured in a marblelympics round 😭😭😭😭

    95. C Wood

      What would be interesting would be if the worst 4 marbles in qualifying didn't qualify for the actual race

    96. Daniel Zajíc

      Green Ducks really need to do better in Quali.

    97. ReDnAx1991

      Go Green Ducks, WOOOOOOH!!!

    98. Chad Kelley

      Smoggy showing heart putting up the fastest lap and moved up to fourth #HAZE AMAZE!!!

    99. Daud Aliyafie


    100. Jamie Tipton

      The hornets did so well in the original qualifying line up, I can't understand what happened to make them perform so poorly here.